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10 Things I Wish I Knew About Miles & Points When Starting Out

A key to faster achievement is to learn from the mistakes of others.  That way you save time by not having to make those mistakes yourself!

Each Friday I post an interview with a miles & points blogger.  And 1 of the questions I ask is, “What do you now know about collecting miles and points which you wish you knew when you started out?”

I went through the interviews and picked out the top 10 things folks wish they had known from the beginning.

I’m So Grateful for Everything I’ve Learned About Miles & Points!  Here I Am With My Dad in the Maldives on a $27,000 Family Vacation That Only Cost ~$4,300

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Best Credit Cards to Build Your Credit History and Score

Miles and points can open a world of travel for folks who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it!  But you’ll need good credit to get into this hobby.  Because the fastest way to miles and points is by earning credit card sign-up bonuses.

If you’re new to this country, are a recent graduate, or have never signed-up for a credit card in your name, the lack of payment history can bring down your credit score.  But there are ways you can start showing the banks you know how to handle credit responsibly.

Best Credit Cards To Build Your Credit History And Score

Whether You’re a New Immigrant, Young Adult, or Just Never Had a Credit Card in Your Name, Don’t Let Your Lack of Credit History Lock You Out of Earning Big Tavel With Small Money!

I have tips to help you build your credit history and boost your credit score so you can start traveling!

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Will Hotels Start Renting Private Residences Like Airbnb?

This could be interesting!  Hotel News Now reports Choice Hotels plans to expand their vacation rental options to more 3rd-party management companies as soon as this month (they currently have listings in 3 US destinations).

And, they’re considering person-to-person vacation rentals (like what Airbnb does) in the near future!

Will Hotels Start Renting Private Residences Like Airbnb

Choice Hotels Might Open a Platform for Person-to-Person Vacation Rentals. They’ve Already Started With Rentals From 3rd-Party Companies in 3 US Destinations

I’ll share the details.  And what this could mean for your hotel points!

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Effective Today: This Way to Meet Minimum Spending Requirements No Longer Works

I have bad news if you’ve been thinking of opening a Citigold checking account and funding it with a Visa or MasterCard to help meet minimum spending requirements.

Via Reddit, many folks are reporting that Citi will NO longer allow you to fund your initial Citigold checking deposit with a credit card.

But you can still earn 50,000 American Airlines miles (or 40,000 Citi ThankYou points) when you open an account by March 31, 2016, and meet certain conditions.

Effective Today This Way To Meet Minimum Spending Requirements No Longer Works

Citigold Checking Account Funding Is NO Longer a Way to Meet Credit Card Minimum Spending Requirements

Congratulations if you were able to get in on the deal before Citi changed their policy!  This is a good reminder that great deals don’t always last!  So it’s important to jump on them while you can!

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News You Can Use – $40 Off Hilton, $200 Off KLM, $15 Off Flowers, 2,000 Southwest Points With Hertz

1.   Save $40 on a $200+ Hilton Garden Inn Stay

Link:   How to Sign-Up for AMEX Offers

Via Running With Miles, there’s a new AMEX Offer to save $40 when you load the deal to your AMEX card and spend $200+ at Hilton Garden Inn hotels by April 11, 2016.

News You Can Use 40 Off Hilton 200 Off KLM 15 Off Flowers 2,000 Southwest Points With Hertz

Save $40 When You Stay at a Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, Like the Hilton Garden Inn Times Square, and Spend $200+ by April 11, 2016

This offer only applies to hotels in the US.  And you must book directly with the hotel via the website, Hilton HHonors phone app, or by calling directly, to earn the statement credit.

Enrollment is limited, so add this offer to your card if you’re interested!  Check your AMEX account for the deal, or tweet @AmexOffers including hashtag “#AmexHgi” with your synced AMEX account.

This is an easy way to save money if you have a hotel stay coming up in the next couple of months!

2.   Get $200 Back After Spending $1,000+ on KLM Flights

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What Will Happen to Your Starwood Points After the Marriott Merger?

Marriott has an upcoming merger with Starwood hotels.  And while details still aren’t clear, there are hints about what might happen to your Starwood points!

What Will Happen To Your Starwood Points After The Marriott Merger

The Marriott-Starwood Merger Is a Real Nail-Biter! I’m Hoping for the Best Outcome for the Future of Starwood Points!

I’ll share a couple of things I found so far about Marriott’s plans for Starwood!

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Citi Is Inviting Folks to Convert Their Cards. But Should You?

My friend recently received an email inviting him to switch his Citi Diamond Preferred card to the Citi ThankYou Preferred.

And he isn’t the only 1 who’s received an offer like this.  Citi is contacting certain cardholders about converting their cards.  For example, some folks who have the Citi Dividend card (no longer available) have been invited to switch to the Citi Double Cash.

Citi Is Inviting Folks To Convert Their Cards But Should You

Has Citi Offered to Switch You to Another Card?

I’ll help you decide if moving to a new card makes sense of you!

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