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British Airways Card Now With NO Annual Fee for the 1st Year

When you sign-up for the Chase British Airways card and complete the minimum spending, you get 50,000 British Airways miles.

But you used to have to pay a $95 annual fee, which is now waived for the first year.

British Airways Card Now With NO Annual Fee For The 1st Year

You Could Save Yourself $95 by Signing-Up for the British Airways Card Now

The British Airways card is 1 of the cards with a 50,000 points (or more) credit cards available.

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Get 20% Off Your 1st Airbnb Booking of $200 or More!

Until November 1, 2014, new Airbnb users can get 20% off their 1st booking of $200 or more.  Use the coupon code 20off to get the discount.


Get 20% Off Your 1st Airbnb Booking of $200 or More Until November 1, 2014

Airbnb is a website that connects travelers with owners renting rooms, apartments, or entire houses.  It can be a cheaper (and very different!) alternative to booking paid stays in hotels, especially in expensive cities.

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Get a Year of Amazon Prime Membership With American Express EveryDay and Blue Cash Cards

Could you use Amazon 2-day shipping, plus streaming music, e-books, videos, and early access to sales?

Now you can get a 1-year Amazon Prime membership when you sign-up for the American Express EveryDay Preferred, American Express EveryDay, American Express Blue Cash EveryDay and American Express Blue Cash Preferred card and complete the minimum spending requirements.

This is in addition to the regular sign-up bonus!

But they’ve reduced the sign-up bonus on the Blue Cash EveryDay and Blue Cash Preferred by $50, so those cards aren’t that good a deal.  Especially if you already have an Amazon Prime account!

Normally, Amazon Prime membership costs $99 per year.  This is a great deal, especially if you shop at Amazon frequently.  You could save a lot of money on shipping alone!

Get A Year Of Free Amazon Prime Membership With American Express EveryDay And Blue Cash Cards

Get Free 2-Day Shipping, e-Books, Unlimited Music Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, and More With Amazon Prime

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How Will the American Airlines and US Airways New AAdvantage Program Affect You?

American Airlines explained how they’ll combine their AAdvantage frequent flyer program with US Airways Dividend Miles today, as part of their merger with US Airways.  And it’s generally good news, because not a lot is changing.

Some folks were worried there would be major negative changes, like award tickets costing more miles, or transitioning to a revenue-based program (where you earn miles based on the cost of your ticket and not the distance flown) like Delta and United Airlines have done.

I’m happy to report that American Airlines is not changing their award chart or making any major changes to how you earn miles!  Most of the changes will impact folks with elite status.

How Will The American Airlines And US Airways New AAdvantage Program Affect You

The New AAdvantage Program: Good News for Most Folks!

Let’s look at what’s changing and what it means for you.

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What Does Dark (Root) Beer on Tap, a Comedian, and a Stuffed Toy Stingray Have in Common? The Chicago Seminars!

Daraius and I went to the Chicago Seminars, an annual miles and points event to geek out on our hobby!

What Does Dark Root Beer On Tap A Comedian And A Stuffed Toy Stingray Have In Common The Chicago Seminars

Ready to Geek Out on Miles and Points at the Chicago Seminars

The Chicago Seminars and Frequent Traveler University events bring the online community to life.  I get to see old friends and make new ones!

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