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Conference Presentations!

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Emily and I were at the Chicago Seminars this weekend and loved meeting everyone who attended the conference and folks who stopped by the Million Mile Secrets table!

At the Million Mile Secrets Booth!

Did You Stop by the Million Mile Secrets Table!

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Vena’s Last 3 Lessons

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Emily’s grandmother, Vena, passed away last week.  She was 89 years old and had a very long and happy life.  Because Vena was a retired teacher, it is appropriate to remember her with three mile-and-points lessons.

Vena's Last Lessons

Vena’s Last Lessons

1)   Use Your Miles How YOU Want

I can’t stress this enough.

Some people always say how you should use your miles and point only for First or Business Class travel.  Or how you’re not really using your miles and points well if you use them to travel within the US instead of visiting some far-away exotic land.  Nonsense! Continue reading

Points Envy Delivers 2013 State of the Points World Address

Note: This post is satire and you shouldn’t follow any of Points Envy’s suggestions, nor should you break the law.  Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental.

Also note: The following is a transcript of Points Envy’s 2013 State of the Points World Address, delivered February 14 at our local JPMorgan Chase branch.

Mr. Morgan-Chase, Mrs. Teller, fellow points fiends and miles junkies:

More than forty years ago, a man employed by Western Direct Marketing, a small advertising firm looking for a way to build customer loyalty for its client United Airlines, had a vision that would forever change the world of travel.  Relying on his G-d-given creativity and breakfast whiskeys, he had the revolutionary idea of rewarding customers in direct proportion to the number of miles they flew.

Over time this idea spread to other airlines and even to hotels.  As customers started building accounts with the new rewards they received for traveling, banks saw an opportunity to reward their customers with the same luscious non-currency in return for the customer accumulating debt.  And so reward credit cards were born, working with modern loyalty programs to comprise what we righteous points fiends refer to endearingly as “The Game.” Continue reading

Lord of the Points

Note:  This post is satire and you shouldn’t follow any of Points Envy’s suggestions, nor should you break the law.  Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental.

If we learned anything from our recently-deceased Uncle Ryan, it was not to discuss religion in company.  That, and not to drink too much (which, by the way, is why we generally stick to champagne).  At the risk of violating this wisdom, we at Points Envy got ourselves high school drunk before authoring this week’s Billion Mile Secrets column, which details how some of that ol’ time religion can potentially raise your points balances to the high heavens.

Several months ago, while en route to Frankfurt, a polite young man knocked on the door of our Singapore Airlines Suite and asked if we were interested in living life to the fullest.  Naturally, we assumed he was selling high-quality drugs, but instead he told us about a man-god named Zubard.  As it turns out, Zubard possesses a unique ability to communicate with Earth’s long-lost ancestors from the planet Zubard. Continue reading

Billion Mile Secrets Lands, Gives You Free Stuff

Update 12-26: Thank you to everyone who entered our contest. Congratulations to commenter Cat, who won a free United Club pass, and to Fred Sobotka, whose tweet won the $50 Amex gift card!

Apologies to folks who saw this post earlier – it was posted earlier than intended!

Note:  Billion Mile Secrets is satire and you shouldn’t follow any of Points Envy’s suggestions, nor should you break the law.  Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental.
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Greetings Million Mile Secrets readers and future Points Envy stalkers! Christmas comes early this year, as we are thrilled to announce the arrival of Billion Mile Secrets, an exciting new weekly column here at Million Mile Secrets written by the award-winning bloggers at Points Envy.  Think of us as hired guns, paid in points and alcohol to protect your points balances from the inferior earning and redemption strategies of other points blogs.

Points Envy hardly needs an introduction, but just in case you have been on an extended bender (with or without us), we are currently the third and a half biggest travel blog in the world, and we will almost certainly occupy the top spot in the near future.  Our website regularly features timely coverage of the biggest stories in the points world, the airline world, and the world world.  For good measure, we also sprinkle in riveting flight reviews and the occasional human interest piece. Continue reading