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Folks in These 6 Cities Can Do Well With the JetBlue Cards

Earlier this year, Barclaycard introduced 3 new JetBlue cards with new sign-up bonuses and better perks.

While I’m not a JetBlue flyer, I have friends who are die-hard JetBlue fans!  They love the spacious seats, complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi & entertainment, and free snacks and drinks.

If you live in certain cities frequently served by JetBlue, the JetBlue cards could be an excellent deal for award flights within the US and to the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America.

Folks In These 6 Cities Can Do Well With The JetBlue Cards

Folks in JetBlue Focus Cities Have Lots of Award Flight Options to Terrific Destinations in the US, Caribbean, Mexico, and Central & South America

I’ll share the best cities for JetBlue flights and help you decide if you should apply for these cards!

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Which Hotel Program Is Best for Value and Comfort?

Million Mile Secrets reader, Leslie, commented:

Which hotel points program do you like the most for value, as well as enjoyment of the hotels themselves?

Thanks for the question, Leslie!

I LOVE Hyatt!  They have incredible hotels all over the world.  And Hyatt points go further than most other hotel points.

Which Hotel Program Is Best For Value And Comfort

Hyatt Has Breathtaking Locations All Over the Globe!

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Family Travel: Use Miles to Visit Study Abroad Students in Europe

Are you planning a family trip to visit your son or daughter studying abroad in Europe?

There are many ways to use rewards credit cards to save thousands of dollars off regular airfare prices for your trip.

Family Travel Friday Part 1 How To Use Miles To Visit Your Child Studying Abroad In Europe

Use Miles to Visit Your Son or Daughter Abroad in Florence and Take in the Panoramic Views

I’ll give you helpful hints and ideas for making a family trip to Europe possible using miles and points.

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Can You Open 3 Chase Southwest Cards or Combine Points to Get the Companion Pass?

Million Mile Secrets reader, Jon, commented:

Is it possible to sign-up for the Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Premier card AND Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Plus card, then have your spouse sign-up for the Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Premier Business card (or another personal card) and link them all to one Southwest loyalty account so you can get 150,000 Southwest points?  Because someone said it is almost impossible for one person to get approved for all 3 cards.

Excellent question!  Unfortunately, you can NOT link someone else’s credit card to your Southwest loyalty account because the names must match.

And transferring Southwest points from someone else’s account into yours won’t count toward the Southwest Companion Pass.

Can You Open 3 Chase Southwest Cards Or Combine Points To Get The Companion Pass

Want to Fly With a Companion? You Can Open 2 Chase Southwest Cards and Earn Nearly Enough Points for the Southwest Companion Pass. Or, You Could Try for Three. But There Are Some Things to Keep in Mind!

You could try to open all 3 cards yourself.  I’ll help you make the best decision!

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We Always Tell You the Best Offers — Top 10 Cards With No Commission!

Emily and I want our readers to always get the best offers when they sign-up for a credit card – even if it means we don’t earn a commission.

I’ve written about how I always list the best credit card offer I’m aware of, even if we don’t earn a cent from it!  

And I’m always grateful when readers bring better offers to our attention!

We Always Tell You The Best Offers Top 10 Cards With No Commission

We’ll Always Tell You About the Best Deals, So You Can Relax Knowing You’re Getting the Most Miles, Points, or Cash Back!

I’ll show you the top 10 cards that do NOT earn us a commission but DO earn you Big Travel with Small Money!

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