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How to Start Applying for Miles & Points Credit Cards

Million Mile Secrets reader Michael emails:

I have a friend I’m trying to bring into the miles game.  He has good credit (740), but only has … wait for it …. just ONE credit card, which he’s had for years.  Only a $2,500 limit.  100% pay on time.

Is he ready to apply for the big bonuses?  Or should he get a few more cards and a little more cumulative credit limit by starting with cards like the Chase Freedom, and other beginner cards?

Basically, is a 700+ score and only a single card enough to swing for the fences and apply for 4 or 5 cards with 50,000+ bonuses right out of the gate?

This is a great question!   What should you do if you want to start applying for miles and points cards, but only have ONE long-established credit card currently (with a good credit score)?


What’s the Best Way to Start Applying for Miles & Points Credit Cards?

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Limited Time Credit Card Offers for the Month of June

Update:  A credit card offer in this post, may no longer be available, but check the Hot Deals for the latest offers!

If you’re thinking of applying for credit cards this month, there are some limited time offers you may want to consider.  Several cards are offering an increased sign-up bonus, but they won’t be around for long!

These cards are all from different banks, so you could get all of them if you want.  But remember, if you’re new, it’s best to start slow and just apply for 1 or 2 cards to start with.  That way you’ll see what the impact is on your credit score.

Limited Time Credit Card Offers For The Month Of June

Tick, Tock:  Don’t Forget These Limited Time Offers!

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Do You Know Someone in the Military? These Credit Cards Will Waive Their Annual Fees!

Disclosure: Emily & I get a commission for links on the blog. You don’t have to use our links, but we’re very grateful when you do. We don’t write about all the credit cards available in the US, but only the ones which get us miles and points or cash back for Big Travel with Small Money!

I interviewed Andy from Military Money Manual and he mentioned that American Express waives his credit card fees under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.  However, American Express isn’t required to do this.

Do You Know Someone In The Military These Credit Cards Will Waive Their Annual Fees

American Express Waived Andy’s Annual Fees Because He’s Active Military

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Credit Cards for New Immigrants

[Disclosure: Emily and I get a commission for some, but not all, of the links to the cards in this post.  We let you know about the best offers even when they don’t pay us a commission!  You don’t have to use our links, but we’re very grateful when you do!]

Million Mile Secrets reader Alex emails:

My parents-in-law recently moved to US and obtained Social Security Numbers and Green Cards.  I want them to start a credit history, so they can enjoy sign-up bonuses as we are.  Are there any credit cards they can apply for without credit history?  Do you think I should add them as authorized users to my credit cards (will it help to obtain credit history)?

Alex’s in-laws will have a hard time getting approved for most miles and points credit cards because they don’t have a credit history.  Banks are reluctant to lend to those with no credit history, including students and folks new to the US.  But there are ways they can establish and build credit!

Credit Cards For New Immigrants

Alex Wants His In-Laws to Build Their Credit History so They Can Get Big Travel With Small Money!

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How to Find Out Which Hotel Card Is Right for You!

Now that you’ve earned airline miles for your flights, it’s time to figure out your accommodations.

How To Find Out Which Hotel Card Is Right For You

Enjoying Our Free Nights at the Grand Wailea

How to Find Out Which Hotel Card Is Right for You Series:

Have a Goal

You should have a destination goal in mind such as Hawaii, Florida, or Italy before you apply for a hotel credit card.  This way you get the right card so that you can get your accommodations for free (or mostly free)!

Most hotel redemptions are actually free because you don’t pay any taxes and fees.  In some cases, you might pay a few dollars in taxes if there is a local tax or fee. Continue reading