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Best of Million Mile Secrets – April 2016

1.   I shared the news that all 3 Southwest cards are offering 50,000 point sign-up bonuses., making it a great time to earn the Southwest Companion Pass!

We don’t earn a commission for these cards, but we always share the best deals!

Best Of Million Mile Secrets - April 2016

Take a Friend or Loved One With You Wherever You Go for (Almost) Free With the Southwest Companion Pass!

2.   The Starwood and Marriott merger finally became official after a bidding war!  And now that it’s official, I let you know your Starwood points are likely safe until 2018.

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News You Can Use – New Monthly Option for Amazon Prime, 750 Free Virgin America Points, $50 Off Hampton, 750 Southwest Points for Marriott Stays

1.   Monthly Amazon Prime Membership for ~$11

Link:   Amazon Prime

Via SlickDeals, Amazon now offers month-to-month Prime membership for ~$11.  Previously, you could only purchase yearly memberships for $99.

News You Can Use New Monthly Option For Amazon Prime 750 Free Virgin America Points 50 Off Hampton 750 Southwest Points For Marriott Stays

If You Only Want Amazon Prime for a Month or Two, You Can Now Pay ~$11 per Month. Or Get Amazon Video for ~$9 per Month

A friend of mine likes the free unlimited 2-day shipping he gets with his Amazon Prime subscription.  And he likes streaming Amazon Music (included with your membership), which works overseas.

The monthly option is a sweet deal if you want to order lots of items within a month or two (like around Christmas).  Or if you want to try out the service before committing to a full year.

Amazon also added the option for ~$9 monthly Amazon Video subscriptions, which is comparable to Netflix.  However, there’s a limited selection and it does NOT work overseas.  Although you may have luck with a VPN service.  I’d rather pay the extra $2 and get free 2-day shipping + the extras of a full Prime membership.

2.   Earn 250 Free Virgin America Points (or 750 If You’re a New Member!)

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News You Can Use – Starwood Adds New Airline Transfer Partner!, Meet Minimum Spending Paying Rent, New Hyatt & Starwood Promos

1.   Transfer Your Starwood Points to Virgin America

Link:   How to Use Virgin America Miles

View From the Wing reports you can transfer Starwood points to Virgin America at a 1:1 ratio.  The option isn’t listed on the Starwood partner transfer page yet, but you can make a transfer by calling Starwood at 888-625-4990.

News You Can Use Starwood Adds New Airline Transfer Partner Meet Minimum Spending Paying Rent New Hyatt Starwood Promos

Want to Fly Virgin America or Their Airline Partners? Now It’s Even Easier With 1:1 Transfers From Starwood!

This could be handy for folks to visit Hawaii or Australia with Virgin America miles!

The representative I spoke to said the transfer would take 7 to 10 business days.  And the names on both accounts must match for the transfer to clear.  Once the transfer is complete, it can not be reversed.

The 1:1 transfer rate is double what you’ll get when you transfer AMEX Membership Rewards points to Virgin America.  And as with all Starwood points transfers to airlines, you’ll get 5,000 bonus miles for every 20,000 Starwood points you transfer!

Here are more ideas to use Virgin America miles, including flights on Singapore Airlines and Emirates.

2.   RadPad Will Raise Fees to 3.49%, but Plastiq Lowers to 2% for MasterCard Payments

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News You Can Use – 10% Off Restaurants, Netflix, Movies With Discover, Save $15 at Amazon, 25% Virgin Atlantic Bonus, $10 Off Carrabba’s

1.   Activate Discover it 2nd Quarter 5% Categories – Restaurants and Movies (Including Netflix)

Link:   Discover it

Link:   Discover it Activate 5% Cash Back Bonus

Folks with the Discover it can now activate the 2nd quarter 5% bonus cash back categories of restaurants and movies.  You’ll earn 5% back in these categories between April 1, 2016, and June 30, 2016, on up to $1,500 in spending.

News You Can Use 10 Off Restaurants Netflix Movies With Discover Save 15 At Amazon 25 Virgin Atlantic Bonus 10 Off Carrabbas

Use Your Discover it Card to Earn Bonus Cash Back When You Dine Out Between April 1, 2016, and June 30, 2016

And your Netflix subscription counts as movie tickets!  Remember, new cardholders (or folks who previously registered) will have their cash back doubled at the end of their 1st 12 billing cycles.

So you’ll effectively earn 10% cash back on dining out, Netflix, and movies!  Even on purchases outside the US.

Save on Netflix All Through 2016

Unfortunately, there’s no way to pre-pay Netflix, so you’ll get 5% back each month.  But here’s a tip to continue saving 5% or 10% later in the year.  Purchase a Netflix gift card through from July 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016, when Amazon is a Discover it 5% bonus category!

Remember, the Discover it doesn’t add foreign transaction fees, so it’s a good card to use while you’re traveling overseas!  Discover cards aren’t accepted everywhere, but you can look for the China Union Pay, Discover, Diners Club, or JCB logo at places you can use your card.

2.   Citi ThankYou Virgin Atlantic 25% Transfer Bonus

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Best Two-Card Combinations for Big Travel With Small Money

I’ll show you credit cards that work well together to help you get Big Travel with Small Money!

Best Two Card Combinations For Big Travel With Small Money

I’ll Show You Which Card Combinations Earn the Most Points for Your Everyday Spending Like Shopping and Dining Out

Here are 3 great combinations for earning more miles, points, or cash back!

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News You Can Use – 850 Free American Airlines Miles, 3,000 Free Virgin America Points, Airline Adds Free Wi-Fi, $200 Gift Card for Your iPhone 5

1.   Get Free Miles With American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Southwest, & More!

Via Reddit, you can earn miles or points with lots of different airlines for free when you sign-up for a Quickbooks Pro trial membership.  You’ll get a 1-month trial for free.

Some folks say you don’t have to enter credit card details.  But it asked me for mine, so don’t forget to cancel before the trial is up if you don’t want Quickbooks Pro.

I wrote about this deal to get free Southwest points.  But there are other airlines participating!

News You Can Use 850 Free American Airlines Miles 3,000 Free Virgin America Points Airline Adds Free Wi-Fi 200 Gift Card For Your iPhone 5

LUV to Fly Southwest? Get 700 Southwest Points for Free When You Sign-Up for a QuickBooks Pro Trial!

You can earn:

700 Southwest points are worth between ~$10 and ~$12 toward award flights on Southwest.  Even better, the points you earn from the Southwest shopping portal count toward the Southwest Companion Pass!

Shopping portals are a terrific way to earn more miles or points.  And extend the expiration date on your existing miles!

2.   Get 500 Free Points When You Join Virgin America’s Loyalty Program

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Visit Hawaii and Australia With 50% Virgin America AMEX Transfer Bonus

Through March 10, 2016, you’ll get 50% more points when you transfer AMEX Membership Rewards points to Virgin AmericaYou can redeem Virgin America points for award tickets on Virgin America and several partner airlines, including to Hawaii and Australia!

You’ll get 150 Virgin America points per 200 AMEX Membership Rewards points you transfer.  The usual rate is 100 Virgin America points per 200 AMEX Membership Rewards points.  So this is a nice bonus!

Remember, you’ll pay an excise fee of 0.06 cents per point (to a maximum of $99) when you transfer American Express Membership Rewards points to US airlines, including Virgin America.

Visit Hawaii And Australia With 50 Virgin America AMEX Transfer Bonus

Visit Sydney, Australia, for Fewer Points With the 50% Bonus on AMEX Membership Rewards Transfers to Virgin America

But keep in mind, Virgin America imposes high fuel surcharges on some international partner award tickets.

I’ll show you the best deals!

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