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The Trick to Travel Flexibility: Transferable Points

One of the best tricks miles and points enthusiasts use is concentrating their efforts on collecting transferable points to use on award tickets, hotel stays, and more!

Instead of focusing on earning points in a specific frequent flyer or hotel guest program, folks who collect transferable points have many more options for how they use them!

That’s because you can choose to transfer your points to dozens of different programs.

The Trick To Travel Flexibility Transferable Points

The World Awaits: Transferable Points Give You Many More Options for Big Travel With Small Money

Let’s look at why transferable points are a great deal along with some of the best ways to use them!

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Who Should Sign-Up for CLEAR Instead of TSA PreCheck?

Did you know TSA PreCheck is NOT the only way to skip long security lines at airports? 

You could save time and aggravation by signing-up for CLEAR, which lets you enter dedicated (shorter) screening lanes at certain US airports.

And folks with Visa Signature cards can try CLEAR free for 6 months!  Plus, you won’t have to wait in line with over 1 million travelers who’ve registered for TSA PreCheck!

Who Should Sign Up For CLEAR Instead Of TSA PreCheck

You and Your Family Could Get Through Airport Security Lines More Quickly With CLEAR

But CLEAR is NOT for everyone.  I’ll explain!

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News You Can Use – Increased Bonus With Virgin America Cards (Targeted), $50 Off, 500 La Quinta Points, & More!

1.   Better Offer for Virgin America Cards (Targeted)

Via Flyertalk, some folks may receive a better sign-up bonus for the Comenity Bank Virgin America cards.  So check your email and keep an eye out when you fly Virgin America.  One commenter noted they received the offer while using the Wi-Fi in-flight.

With this deal, you can earn 30,000 points when you complete the minimum spending on the Virgin America Premium Signature account.  Or sign-up for the Virgin America Signature card and earn 20,000 points when you complete the minimum spending.

These cards have a respective $149 and $49 annual fee that’s NOT waived the 1st year.

This deal ends May 31, 2015.

News You Can Use Increased Bonus With Virgin America Cards Targeted 50 Off 500 La Quinta Points More

You Can Earn Double the Publicly Available Sign-Up Bonuses for the Virgin America Cards, If You’re Targeted

Check out my full review of the Virgin America cards for more details on these cards and tips on how you can use the points!

2.   $50 off $350 at for Memorial Day Weekend

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Act Fast: Save 10% on Virgin America Flights!

Today only, you can save 10% on all Virgin America flights!  But you have to book by 11:59 am Pacific Time!


Save 10% on Virgin America Flights Until 11:59 am Pacific Time TODAY

Virgin America is offering the discount to celebrate their new service to Branson, Missouri.

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Best of Million Mile Secrets – March 2015

1.   You learned there’s a new prepaid card that’s better than AMEX Bluebird & Serve!

Best Of Million Mile Secrets - March 2015

You Can Load the Target Prepaid REDcard Directly With a Miles or Points Earning Credit Card!

2.   You can get 5 nights and 2 airline tickets to Disney World from 2 cards!

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