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The Trick to Travel Flexibility: Transferable Points

One of the best tricks miles and points enthusiasts use is concentrating their efforts on collecting transferable points to use on award tickets, hotel stays, and more!

Instead of focusing on earning points in a specific frequent flyer or hotel guest program, folks who collect transferable points have many more options for how they use them!

That’s because you can choose to transfer your points to dozens of different programs.

The Trick To Travel Flexibility Transferable Points

The World Awaits: Transferable Points Give You Many More Options for Big Travel With Small Money

Let’s look at why transferable points are a great deal along with some of the best ways to use them!

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Who Should Sign-Up for CLEAR Instead of TSA PreCheck?

Did you know TSA PreCheck is NOT the only way to skip long security lines at airports? 

You could save time and aggravation by signing-up for CLEAR, which lets you enter dedicated (shorter) screening lanes at certain US airports.

And folks with Visa Signature cards can try CLEAR free for 6 months!  Plus, you won’t have to wait in line with over 1 million travelers who’ve registered for TSA PreCheck!

Who Should Sign Up For CLEAR Instead Of TSA PreCheck

You and Your Family Could Get Through Airport Security Lines More Quickly With CLEAR

But CLEAR is NOT for everyone.  I’ll explain!

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5 Fun Places to Get Big Travel With Small Money This Summer in Canada

If you’re looking for a frugal destination for your summer travels, you could stretch your vacation budget further by traveling to Canada!

That’s because the exchange rate between the US and Canadian dollar is very good right now.

It’s like saving ~20% everywhere!  And you could get there cheaply if you can drive, take the train, or fly from cities near the US / Canada border.

5 Fun Places To Get Big Travel With Small Money This Summer In Canada

Instant Discount! You’ll Get ~1.22 Canadian Dollars for Every US Dollar

There are lots of Canadian destinations Emily and I would love to visit but haven’t seen yet.  Here are 5 on our wish list.

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~5% Discount Shopping Online With These 2 Cards When You Use Points to Fly American Airlines

You can get ~5% back (or more) for online shopping when you use the points you’ve earned towards flights on American Airlines.

The trick is to combine the best benefits of 2 Citi cards that currently have interesting sign-up bonuses.

5 Discount Shopping Online Using These 2 Cards When You Use Points To Fly American Airlines

If You Have the Citi Prestige and Citi AT&T Access More Cards, You Could Get ~5% Back for Online Purchases When You Redeem Points for American Airlines and US Airways Flights

I’ll explain how to stack discounts for online shopping.  But if that seems like too much work, I’ll show you an easier way!

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Should You Apply for the Citi Prestige, Premier, Both Cards, or Neither?!

Now that there are improved sign-up bonuses on both the Citi Prestige and Citi ThankYou Premier cards, folks have asked which card is a better deal.

These are both excellent cards with a 50,000 Citi ThankYou point sign-up bonus after completing minimum spending requirements.  That’s enough for at least $625 in Big Travel (or more) with each card!

Should You Apply For The Citi Prestige Premier Both Cards Or Neither

Both the Citi Prestige and Citi ThankYou Premier Cards Will Get You Lots of Big Travel – Which Should You Choose?

But each card has different perks!  So the best card for you depends on how you like to travel!

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