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Tired of Long Security Lines? New TSA PreCheck Enrollment Centers, Get the Fee Refunded!

Good news!  Via USA Today, United Airlines is teaming-up with the TSA to open more TSA PreCheck enrollment centers.  And soon, you’ll be able to pay for TSA PreCheck with United Airlines miles.

I’ll also show you how to get the $85 TSA PreCheck fee refunded!

Tired Of Long Security Lines New TSA PreCheck Enrollment Centers Get The Fee Refunded

Having TSA PreCheck on Your Boarding Pass Saves Time Going Through Security Lines

I’ll show you where a few of these new TSA PreCheck centers are opening.  And discuss whether it’s a good idea to pay for TSA PreCheck with your miles.

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How to Get Big Travel With Small Money Using the JetBlue Cards

JetBlue often gets less attention than other airlines in the miles and points world, partly because they’re not part of a traditional alliance to redeem miles to as many exotic, far-flung destinations.

But they’re certainly getting miles and points enthusiasts’ attention now with their recent Virgin America mileage matching promotion.  And Barclaycard now offers 3 JetBlue cards which can help you earn lots of JetBlue points!

How To Get Big Travel With Small Money Using The JetBlue Cards

Use JetBlue Points to Fly to Terrific Destinations in the US, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and More!

I’ll show you how to get the most out of your JetBlue points, especially if you have one of the JetBlue credit cards.

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9,800 Southwest Points Winner!

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the 9,800 Southwest points giveaway!

9,800 Southwest Points Winner

Are You the Winner of 9,800 Southwest Points?

Find out who won!

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Viva Cuba! Part 5 – Flights to Cuba

Emily:  When I learned about America’s more relaxed policy towards travel to Cuba, I jumped at the opportunity!

Cuba has a lot to offer.  My friends and I were drawn to the classic cars, the Art Deco architecture, and, of course, the friendly people!  We also love music and dance, which is one of Cuba’s specialties! Rick Steves recently produced an excellent video on Cuba that’s fun and informative.

The US and Cuba reached an agreement for direct flights.  Flight availability to Cuba from various US airports and search engines is ALWAYS changing, so be sure to try multiple search engines and cities, if possible.  Readers have reported that some flights to Cuba from the US may be opening up.  When I went to Cuba in December 2015, flights were not scheduled yet. My friends and I flew via Cancun, and continued our journey to Havana.

Note:  Regulations surrounding US travel to Cuba are always changing, so make sure you check the current rules before planning your trip.  There are limited opportunities to use miles & points, but you can save some money.  I’ll show you how later in this series!

Viva Cuba Part 5 Flights To Cuba

Cuba Was Even Gorgeous From the Sky

My travel partners included many of the same friends who accompanied me to Croatia!

Robbie (pink hair) is a professional dance instructor who teaches salsa, kizomba, and bachata.  Sarita is also a dance teacher, as well as a graphic designer.  Gissell teaches fitness classes and loves rock climbing.

On this trip, I went with 3 new friends – Diana, a local art teacher, Chelsea, who manages a hostel, and Antonio, who works in IT design.  Traveling as a group of 7 was fun, but definitely challenging at times!  We had a great time together, and can’t wait to return!

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“I Still Remember How Exciting It First Was to Pay Nothing but Airline Taxes and Fees”

Welcome to the next installment of our interview series where folks share their thoughts about Big Travel with Small Money!

Miles & Points Interview:   Club Thrifty

Holly writes Club Thrifty to share tips on how to save your money and travel the world.  You can also follow her on Twitter and Pinterest!

Club Thrifty - Interview With Holly

Stingray City in Grand Cayman Earlier This Year!  Stingrays Feel Like Wet Portobella Mushrooms, Yet Act Like Puppies

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