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Save Miles on Award Flights to South Africa Using AMEX & Starwood Points

Million Mile Secrets reader Aaron asked:

I have been looking to take the family to South Africa.  It appears ANA has the best mileage, but taxes and fees are terrible.  Do you have any thoughts?

Aaron is mostly correct.  ANA Mileage Club can save you tens of thousands of miles for flights to South Africa.  But it also adds fuel surcharges to most of its partners.

If you collect AMEX Membership Rewards or Starwood points, you can transfer them to ANA to book award flights.  Or move Marriott points to Starwood and then to ANA.

Using airline miles on award flights to South Africa is a great idea, because paid flights are expensive and rarely discounted.  But fuel surcharges can be very high.

ANA stopped collecting fuel surcharges on most of its own flights in Spring 2016, but it keeps adding them to most of its partners.

How To Book Award Flights To South Africa With ANA Miles

Planning a Trip to South Africa Like Million Mile Secrets Team Member Keith? You’ll Use Fewer Miles (but More Cash) Booking With ANA Miles

I’ll show you how to save miles and money, and pitfalls to avoid for award flights to South Africa.

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Ultimate Guide to Big Travel With American Express Membership Rewards Points Part 9: Africa

You get lots of travel flexibility with AMEX Membership Rewards points.  Because if you don’t have set travel plans for a future trip, these transferable points give you the option to choose from multiple airline partners when you’re ready to book.

Folks in the miles & points hobby know earning transferable points, like AMEX Membership Rewards points, are the best way to get Big Travel.  

The AMEX Membership Rewards program has 17 direct airline partners.  Plus, you’ll get access to other indirect partners as well, which gives you many choices for flights to Africa!

Or you can save time and points by using AMEX Pay With Points to book flights through the Membership Rewards travel portal.

American Express Membership Rewards Points For Flights To Africa

Use AMEX Membership Rewards Points for a Flight to Beautiful Cape Town, South Africa

I’ll show you the best ways to use AMEX Membership Rewards Points for flights to Africa!

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New (Better!) Way to Use Starwood Points to Fly United Airlines

With the new way to transfer points between Starwood and Marriott accounts, folks can get a better ratio converting Starwood points to United Airlines miles by first transferring to Marriott points.

For example, if you transfer 10,000 Starwood points directly to United Airlines, you’ll only get 5,000 United Airlines miles because there’s a 2:1 ratio.

Instead, you could convert 10,000 Starwood points to 30,000 Marriott points (1:3 ratio).  Then, transfer the Marriott points to United Airlines and you’ll get a much better deal for your points.

Transfer Starwood Points To United Airlines

Now You Can Get a Better Ratio Converting Starwood Points to United Airlines Miles!

I’ll explain the math behind the points conversion and why United Airlines miles are great for Big Travel!

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10 Secrets to Better JetBlue Travel

Emily and I love to share secret ways to help ya’ll get Big Travel with Small Money.  And there are plenty of secrets I have to tell you about travel with JetBlue!

Folks love JetBlue because there are never blackout dates for award seats.  And they have extra legroom in coach, free in-flight Wi-Fi, and awesome snacks.

But, there’s so much more to know about JetBlue!

10 Secrets To Better JetBlue Travel

From Choosing the Best Seats to Pooling Your JetBlue Points, I’ll Share 10 Secrets to Enhance Your JetBlue Travel Experience!

I’ll share 10 secrets to help you make the most of your JetBlue experience!

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Hot! $465 to Asia, Fly Between Dallas & Orlando for $80, Miami & New York for $96, South Africa for $594

Here are some fare deals for folks looking for a getaway!

Secret Flying reports cheap tickets from Los Angeles to 5 cities in Asia starting at ~$465 round-trip in coach on China Southern.

And via The Flight Deal, American Airlines has fares between Dallas and Orlando for ~$80 round-trip.  Or between Miami and New York for only ~$96!

Hot 465 To Asia Fly Between Dallas Orlando For 80 Miami New York For 96 South Africa For 594

Bangkok, Thailand, Is 1 of 5 Cities in Asia You Can Visit for Under $500!

The Flight Deal also let us know about fares from New York or Washington, DC, to Johannesburg, South Africa, for ~$594 round-trip on South African Airways!

You can search for these fares using ITA Matrix or Google Flights, then book them on the airline websites.

These are fast-moving deals, so book soon!

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The Ultimate Guide to United Miles: Part 15 – All The Ways To Get To Africa

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While United only flies to one African destination (Lagos in Nigeria) themselves, they have several Star Alliance airlines which fly to many cities and countries in Africa.  United miles are the best miles to use for flights to Africa!

United Miles To Africa

United Miles are the Best Miles to Use to get to Africa!

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