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Why You Want These 50 Free Iberia Avios Points!

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You can get 50 free Iberia Avios points from “The Great Avios Conquest” before August 31, 2014.

Get 50 Free Iberia Avios Points

You Can Get 50 Free Iberia Avios Points by Answering 4 Questions in “The Great Avios Conquest”

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How to Enter Shorter Airport Security Lines Without Elite Status, Flying in First Class or Credit Cards!

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Airport security lines often have long lines of people waiting to go through.

There are usually two lines – one line for folks who have elite status with airlines, or who are traveling in first or business class, or who need assistance. Usually your boarding pass is noted with “Priority Access” or “Premier Access” or something similar.

The other – usually longer -line is for regular folks who are traveling in coach.

In the US, I’ve been able to go through the airport elite status line just by showing a card – sometimes a regular frequent flyer card which I got for free just by signing up for a program -  to the agent manning the shorter elite lines!

Emily With Our Frequent Flyer Cards

Sometimes it is just a regular frequent flyer card for an obscure foreign airline which you can get for free, sometimes I show my Southwest Companion Pass card and get access to the shorter lines for Southwest business ticket holders and A-List members, and sometimes I show my American Airlines gold card and get access to the United (or other airline) elite lane! Continue reading

Book American Airlines Award Flights Like a Pro: Part 9 – Finding Iberia (& European) Award Availability using the Qantas Website

Book American Airlines Awards Like a Pro:

qantas Award Website

The Qantas website is easier to use than the British Airways website and lets you see a 30 day calendar of award availability for American Airlines, British Airways, and Iberia flights.  This makes it a bit easier when searching for awards to Europe.

But it is quirky in that it doesn’t show Japan Airlines award availability (use the British Airways website for that) and that it sometimes shows award availability for Cathay Pacific (better to use the Japan Airlines website) and other airlines, which can’t be booked by American Airlines (also known as phantom availability). Continue reading