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Budapest on Sale! 5 Cities Round-Trip Starting at $509

Visit historic Budapest, the capital of Hungary, this spring for under $600 from 5 cities!

I found cheap round-trip coach tickets on British Airways, Norwegian Air, United Airlines (and its partners) on sale through April or May from Boston, Chicago, New York City, Toronto, and Washington, DC.

Budapest On Sale 5 Cities Round Trip Starting At 509

Budapest Is a Fun City! Take a Dip in the Famed Thermal Baths. And See St. Stephen’s Basilica

You can search for these fares using ITA Matrix or Google Flights, then book directly on the airline websites.

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Can You Convert the AMEX Blue Card to an AMEX Everyday Card to Transfer Your Points to Travel Partners?

Million Mile Secrets reader, RS, commented:

Can I convert my American Express Blue card (10 years old) to an AMEX EveryDay card?  Currently the points are not much value to me other than cash.  I have collected a lot of points from Costco purchases and would love to be able to transfer them to airline and hotel partners.

I would lose history if the card is converted right?  What happens to my points?

Yes, you should be able to convert your card!

Can You Convert The AMEX Blue Card To An AMEX Everyday Card To Transfer Your Points To Travel Partners

By Switching to an AMEX EveryDay Card That Earns Transferable Points, You Can Get Big Travel With Small Money!

I’ll explain what happens to your points & your credit when you get your new card!

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News You Can Use – 45,000 Point Hotel Card Expires Soon, AMEX Transfer Bonus, $50 Off Airbnb, 20% Off Amazon With This Code

1.   3 Nights of Luxury at Wyndham, Offer Expires Tuesday

The Barclaycard Wyndham Rewards card is 1 of the top 10 offers that do NOT earn Emily and me a commission!

According to Wyndham, this great deal is expiring on December 8, 2015.

News You Can Use 45,000 Point Hotel Card Expires Soon AMEX Transfer Bonus 50 Off Airbnb 20 Off Amazon With This Code

Get 3 Nights at ANY Wyndham Hotel (Including All-Inclusive Resorts) With the Barclaycard Wyndham Rewards Card!

Here’s how to get Big Travel with Small Money using the sign-up bonus!  (Hint:  Stay at an all-inclusive in the Caribbean or at luxury resort in Hawaii.)

2.   AMEX Transfer Bonus Makes It Easier to Get Cheap Short Award Flights

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Save 4,000 British Airways Avios Points for Short Flights With This Trick!

I wrote that British Airways will be eliminating 1 of their best award deals by increasing the cost of short-haul (under 650 miles) partner flights in North America.

Currently it costs 4,500 British Airways Avios points for a 1-way, short-haul coach award flight on Alaska Airlines and American Airlines in the US.

After February 2, 2016, this will increase to 7,500 British Airways Avios points each way. Many folks are looking for an affordable substitute for award travel on flights under 650 miles.

While British Airways Avios points are still a good deal, there’s an alternative!  By transferring British Airways Avios points to their partner, Iberia, you can book short-haul, round-trip coach award flights in the US for fewer points!

Save 4,000 British Airways Avios Points For Short Flights With This Trick

Hooray! There’s Still a Way to Get a Cheaper Deal on Short-Haul Award Flights in the US Using British Airways Avios Points!

I’ll show you how to move your British Airways Avios points to Iberia to book cheaper award flights!

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Don’t Pay Fuel Surcharges, Save Money When You Book Award Tickets

Million Mile Secrets reader, Robert, commented:

Hello Daraius!  Could you do a post or list here all of the airlines that don’t assess fuel surcharges for award tickets?  Thanks for all that you do.

Hi Robert!  That sounds like a good idea!

Some airlines add fuel charges to their award tickets.  These extra charges can add hundreds of dollars to your “free” award seat!

Don't Pay Fuel Surcharges Save Money When You Book Award Tickets

Fuel Surcharges Are Money Down the Drain! I’ll Tell You Which Airlines Have NO (or Low) Fuel Surcharges!

But some airlines have NO (or low) fuel surcharges.  Let’s take a look at the programs that save you money!

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How to Avoid British Airways Flights When You Search for Award Seats

Million Mile Secrets reader, airgypsy, commented:

Thanks for the reminder about how to save American Airlines miles to Europe during the off-peak period.  Can you recommend what city pairings I can search from the West Coast to Europe, so I don’t get too many British Airways search results on the American Airlines website?

Thanks for the question!

Airgypsy wants to avoid British Airways flights to Europe because of the huge fuel surcharges they add to their flights (including award tickets!).

I’ll show you how to do this no matter which part of the country you’re flying from.

How To Avoid British Airways Flights When You Search For Award Seats

Want to Visit Europe Using American Airlines Miles? Here’s How to Avoid British Airways to Get the Best Deal!

I’ll show you a couple of tricks to get the best flights in your search results!

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Use Fewer American Airlines Miles to Visit Europe Through Next Year

Now through May 15, 2016, you can fly to Europe with American Airlines miles for 10,000 fewer miles each way, including on partner airlines!

Save 20,000 American Airlines miles on a round-trip coach award flight to Europe with off-peak awards!

Use Fewer American Airlines Miles To Visit Europe Through Next Year

Visit Budapest (or Any City in Europe) With Fewer American Airlines Miles Through May 15, 2016!

I’ll show you how it works!

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