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Keep Your AMEX Membership Rewards Points Active With No Annual Fees

Million Mile Secrets reader, Karen, commented:

One question which I haven’t seen addressed anywhere is what card you recommend to keep from having our AMEX Membership Rewards points disappear.  My understanding is that if you don’t have an active AMEX Membership Rewards card, the points are forfeited.  Once the Costco AMEX disappears, what should we replace it with to keep our AMEX Membership Rewards points active?  Thanks.

Great question, Karen!

You need at least 1 card that’s linked to your AMEX Membership Rewards program number or you will lose ALL your points.

Having the Costco AMEX won’t help you because it does NOT earn AMEX Membership Rewards points, only cash back.  So Karen must have another card that DOES earn AMEX Membership Rewards points.

Keep Your AMEX Membership Rewards Points Active With No Annual Fees

You’ll Lose ALL of Your AMEX Membership Rewards Points Unless You Have at Least 1 Card Linked to Your Membership Rewards Program Number

The best way to keep the points active and transferable is to open an AMEX EveryDay® or AMEX EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card.

I’ll explain!

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Don’t Pay Fuel Surcharges, Save Money When You Book Award Tickets

Million Mile Secrets reader, Robert, commented:

Hello Daraius!  Could you do a post or list here all of the airlines that don’t assess fuel surcharges for award tickets?  Thanks for all that you do.

Hi Robert!  That sounds like a good idea!

Some airlines add fuel charges to their award tickets.  These extra charges can add hundreds of dollars to your “free” award seat!

Don't Pay Fuel Surcharges Save Money When You Book Award Tickets

Fuel Surcharges Are Money Down the Drain! I’ll Tell You Which Airlines Have NO (or Low) Fuel Surcharges!

But some airlines have NO (or low) fuel surcharges.  Let’s take a look at the programs that save you money!

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Which Are the Best Cards to Keep for Everyday Spending?

Million Mile Secrets reader, Gia, writes:

Which card(s) have the most benefits for annual spending?  I spend more than $5,000 a month on credit cards these days, but I feel like I ran out of options for sign-up bonuses as I’ve had most of the cards in the past.

What do you use as your default credit card for everyday purchases to build points?  Could you give me couple of suggestions?

Which Are The Best Cards To Keep For Everyday Spending

Which Card Should Gia Use for Her Everyday Purchases?

When I’m not working to meet the minimum spending requirements to earn sign-up bonuses for Big Travel, there are 2 cards I keep in my wallet for everyday spending.

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Better Offer: 50,000 Miles With the Hawaiian Airlines Card

Via Free Frequent Flyer Miles, you can now earn 50,000 Hawaiian Airlines miles when you sign-up for the Barclays Hawaiian Airlines card and complete the minimum spending. (I’ll show you how to find this deal!).

That’s much better than the usual sign-up bonus of 35,000 Hawaiian Airlines miles!

We don’t earn a commission on this card, but we’ll always tell you about the best deals!

Better Offer 50,000 Miles With The Hawaiian Airlines Card

Find Out What You Can Do With 50,000 Hawaiian Airlines Miles and If You Should Take Advantage of This Deal!

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10,000 Miles From Winner!

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Thanks to everyone who left a comment and tweeted to win the 10,000 miles from Golfmiles giveaway!

10,000 Miles From Winner

Did You Win 10,000 Miles?

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