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Why You Should Choose Your Barclays Cards Wisely

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Thanks to Million Mile Secrets readers for letting me know about their recent Barclays card applications.

I’ve written about Barclays becoming much stricter about approving folks for more than 1 or 2 credit cards per year.  And some readers have had existing accounts closed down when they’ve called the Barclays reconsideration line to ask for approval.

You Might Only Get Approved for 1 or 2 Barclays Cards

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Book by Thursday: Frontier Flights 10% Off

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Via Wandering Aramean, Frontier is having a 10% off sale. 

You can get 10% off flights on domestic Frontier Airlines when you book by March 6, 2014.  Enter promotion code “USWINSGOLD” and travel before June 12, 2014 to get the discount.

Book By Thursday Frontier Flights 10% Off

You Can Save 10% on Flights to Places Like Ft. Lauderdale and San Diego!

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60,000 Points Chase Ink Ends Soon [Expired] – 55,000 Miles Delta Platinum, 50,000 American Airlines Miles & 40,000 Frontier Miles

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Don’t forget to leave a comment by 9:00 pm CST on June 23, 2013 (not on this post) to win 22,000 Hyatt points, a $500 gift card, and show tickets in Las Vegas.  

1.   60,000 Points Chase Ink Bold & Chase Ink Plus Ends Monday

Update:  This offer has ended.

The 60,000 point sign-up bonus on the Chase Ink Plus® and the Chase Ink Bold® and the 25,000 point sign-up bonus on the Chase Ink Cash® and Chase Ink Classic ends very soon.

You have to spend $5,000 within 3 months on the Ink Plus and Ink Bold and $3,000 on the Ink Cash & Ink Classic to get the sign-up bonus.

I don’t know the exact time when the offers will end, so apply by tomorrow (Saturday) if you’re interested in the offer.  See this post on how to evaluate limited time credit card offers to see if it makes sense to apply for the cards sooner or later.  Banks are offering limited time offers and increasing and decreasing sign-up bonuses because they don’t want to be predictable. Continue reading

News You Can Use – Free Hilton Gold Status, 1,000 Free Frontier Airline Miles & More

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1. Free Hilton Gold Status

I’ve written previously that you can get free Hilton Gold status (free breakfast and internet!) with the Hilton Reserve credit card or by a virtual move to Australia.  MileQuest reports that this offer is good through May 31, 2013.

Hilton Gold

Free Hilton Gold Status Still Lives!

The offer technically requires you to be a Visa Infinite cardholder and stay in Australia.  But MilesQuest explains a workaround to generate an address and a credit card number.

Emily and I both have the Hilton Reserve card, so we’ll have Hilton Gold status (and free breakfast and internet) for as long as we have the card. Continue reading

How To Keep your Airline Miles From Expiring Without Flying!

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Airline Miles Expiration

Readers often ask how to keep their airline miles active if they don’t fly on a particular airline.  Miles expire in most US based airline program after 18 months of no earning or redemption activity.  Award Wallet is a good tool to track your miles and points balances and expiration dates.

Expiration Policy
Alaska Airlines24 months of no earning or spending miles
American Airlines18 months of no earning or spending miles
British Airways36 months of no earning or spending miles
DeltaMiles Never Expire
Frontier Airlines18 months of no earning miles
Southwest24 months of no earning or spending miles
United18 months of no earning or spending miles
US Airways18 months of no earning or spending miles

But it is really, really easy to keep your miles active WITHOUT flying!

Sometimes, all you need to do is earn or redeem 1 mile to reset the mile expiration clock.  You can easily do this by buying a $1 iTune, making a $1 donation from the airline’s online shopping mall, downloading the airlines’ shopping toolbar and making a few searches, or using a credit card to keep your miles active! Continue reading