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11 Airlines That Allow You to Share Miles

At some point you may want to share miles with someone, whether it’s your significant other, family member, or a friend who’s traveling with you.  Sharing miles comes in handy when you don’t have enough miles in your account for an award ticket.  Remember that you can usually always use the miles to book an award for a friend of family members without transferring the miles.

But sometimes you don’t have enough miles in your account.  So why not just transfer miles when you want them?  Because airlines usually charge a fee to transfer your miles.  But some frequent flyer programs allow you to share miles.

Frequent Flyer Programs That Allow Mile Sharing

Here are 11 frequent flyer programs that allow sharing miles (pooling of miles under 1 account) between family members.  Most of these programs are not US-based, and other than JetBlue, Hawaiian Air, and British Airways, may not be very practical for US readers because they charge fuel surcharges when you use your miles for an award.

11 Airlines That Allow You To Share Miles

Sharing Miles Lets You Travel Together More Often

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Use British Airways Points on the Eurostar Train

Did you know you can use British Airways points (Avios) to book Eurostar train tickets between London, UK, and continental Europe?

You’ll pay as few as 9,000 Avios points for a round-trip coach class train ticket between London and:

  • Paris, France
  • Lille, France
  • Brussels, Belgium

There’s also seasonal service to Disneyland Paris and destinations in the Alps, but those tickets cost more.

And you can connect onward to other cities by regular train (but will pay more Avios points, depending on your destination).  But 1 of the best things about this deal is there are no taxes or fees!

Use British Airways Points On The Eurostar Train

Use British Airways Avios Points for Eurostar Train Tickets With No Taxes or Fees

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Secret Way to Get Travel Deals Meant Only for UK Residents, Set Up a UK Avios Account

If you live in the US and collect British Airways miles (called Avios), most likely you’ve signed-up in the British Airways Executive Club frequent flyer program.  That program is open to folks worldwide, regardless of where you live.

But there’s another Avios program that is open to UK residents only.  And sometimes they run different promotions and sales from the British Airways Executive Club program.  But to take advantage of these promotions, and transfer Avios from your British Airways Executive Club account, you’ll need to jump through a few hoops.

I’ll show you how to sign-up for UK Avios so you can get the EXTRA deals shown only to UK residents!

Secret Way To Get Travel Deals Meant Only For UK Residents Set Up A UK Avios Account

Sign-Up for UK Avios to Take Advantage of Their Promotions

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British Airways Card Now With NO Annual Fee for the 1st Year

When you sign-up for the Chase British Airways card and complete the minimum spending, you get 50,000 British Airways miles.

But you used to have to pay a $95 annual fee, which is now waived for the first year.

British Airways Card Now With NO Annual Fee For The 1st Year

You Could Save Yourself $95 by Signing-Up for the British Airways Card Now

The British Airways card is 1 of the cards with a 50,000 points (or more) credit cards available.

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Can You Get More Than 1 Chase Ink Plus Card?

Update:  The Chase Ink Plus 70,000 point offer is no longer available, but check Hot Deals for the latest offers!

Some folks who have the Chase Ink Plus card have asked if they can get a 2nd card and get the 70,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards point sign-up bonus.

Note: The Chase Ink Plus 70,000 point bonus offer ends on October 19, 2014.

Can You Get More Than 1 Chase Ink Plus Card

70,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Gets 2 Business Class 1-Way Tickets to Hawaii With 10,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Spare!

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