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Success! Family of 6 to Europe, First Class to Maldives, & More!

I love when folks use their miles & points to earn Big Travel with Small Money!  I thought I’d share recent reader success stories!

Success Family Of 6 To Europe First Class To Maldives More

Congrats! It’s Great to Hear About Using Miles & Points for Family Trips!

Amazing!  This family of 6 used miles and points for flights to Europe AND hotel stays!

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“I Think I Got My First Delta Account When I Was Around Age 12”

Welcome to the next installment of our interview series where folks share their thoughts about Big Travel with Small Money!

Miles & Points Interview:

Gilbert Ott is the creator and writer of God Save The Points.  He writes about tips and tricks on how to earn miles.  You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

God Save The Points - Interview With Gilbert

Flying British Airways’ “Baby Bus”, Their Direct Flight From New York to London City With Only 32 Seats, All Business Class!

How and when did you start collecting miles and points?

I was young!  I think I got my first Delta account when I was around age 12.  I don’t quite remember why I was so hell-bent on it, but I was.

Perhaps I read an in-flight magazine talking about the places it would take me.  I got everyone in my family an account too.  They were NOT miles people…

Why did you start your blog?  What’s special about it?

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Planning a Trip to Asia? The New Cathay Pacific Credit Card Could Be a Good Deal!

Via Reddit, Cathay Pacific will be partnering with Synchrony Bank to offer a US credit card in early 2017.

This is potentially good news for folks who like to use miles & points to fly to Asia (and beyond!).  Especially because Cathay Pacific is one of the world’s best airlines.

Planning A Trip To Asia The New Cathay Pacific Credit Card Could Be A Good Deal

You Can Use Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles to Take a Luxurious First-Class Flight to the Vibrant City of Hong Kong!

Here’s more about earning and using miles for Cathay Pacific flights.

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Sweet Spot: British Airways Avios Points to Europe Using Chase & Starwood Points!

Here in the 2nd entry of my Sweet Spot series, I’ll show you how to use fewer miles to get to Europe in coach!  

These tips are especially useful for those of y’all near Boston, Chicago, Fort Myers, Hartford, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Newark, Orlando, San Francisco, or Washington, DC.

To make the most of this Sweet Spot, it’s best if you have (or will have!) a collection of any of these points:

  • British Airways Avios
  • Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • Starwood
Sweet Spot British Airways Avios Points To Europe Using Chase Starwood Points

You Can Transfer Certain Points to British Airways. And Then Use Those Points to Fly on Aer Lingus to Dublin for Less Points Than With Other Airline Programs!

I’ll show you how and why to transfer points to the British Airways Avios program to get a great deal on coach award flights to Europe!

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How to Get $875 in Free Flights With 1 Card’s Sign-Up Bonus WITHOUT Searching for Award Tickets

Through August 20, 2016, when you sign-up in-branch for the Chase Ink Plus and meet the minimum spending requirement, you can earn 70,000 bonus points. 

Or you can earn 60,000 bonus points with our link, if you prefer online applications or don’t have a Chase branch nearby.  It’s still a great deal!

How To Get 875 In Free Flights With 1 Cards Sign-Up Bonus WITHOUT Searching For Award Tickets

If You Can’t Find Award Seats to Europe During the Busy Summer Months, Consider Using the Chase Travel Portal – Where You Can Use Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Book Tickets On Nearly Any Airline, Almost Anytime!

I’ll show you how you can use the limited time in-branch sign-up bonus to save $875 off nearly any airline (or $750 off with our link).  Without having to search for award tickets or worry about blackout dates!

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