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Is it Worth Earning a British Airways Travel Together Ticket?

[Disclosure: Emily and I get a commission for links to the cards in this post.  You don't have to use our links, but we're grateful when you do!]

Million Mile Secrets reader GLG commented:

Hi Daraius,
I am spending $20,000 to get the British Airways 100,000 miles.  Is it worth an extra $10,000 in spending to get the ‘companion cert.’ ?  I’m stuck only using it on British Airways flights.  Can I use it with British Airways Avios points on British Airways flights?  What have you two done with your Companion certs.?

Is It Worth Earning A British Airways Travel Together Ticket

Emily & I Used Our Travel Together Ticket to Fly British Airways First Class From Boston to London

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“After the 100,000 British Airways Card I Was Officially Hooked”

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Welcome to the next installment of our interview series where folks share their thoughts about Big Travel with Small Money!

Miles & Points Interview:   Wander The Map

Jenna is the creator and writer of Wander The Map.  Her husband Micah is the photographer and videographer.  Through blog posts, photos, and incredible videos they hope to inspire folks to get out and see the world.

Wander The Map - Interview With Jenna

Micah and Jenna at the Grand Canyon

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10 Ways to Use 50,000 Alaska Airlines Miles!

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I don’t earn a commission if you are approved for the 50,000 miles Alaska Air card.  But it is one of the best cards (in my opinion) available right now.  And the highest bonus which I’ve seen on the Alaska Air card.

Not only is the minimum spending low at $1,000 within 3 months, but it is issued by Bank of America which means that you’re not applying for another card from banks like Chase, American Express and Barclays.

At the very least, 50,000 Alaska Air miles could get you:

  • 2 domestic round-trip coach flights on American Airlines or Delta within the US
  • 1 round-trip coach flight to Hawaii
  • 1-Way to Asia in Business Class on Cathay Pacific
  • 1-Way to India or Africa in Coach on Cathay Pacific
  • $100 off an Alaska Air ticket of $200+ for 10,000 miles
How To Use Alaska Air Miles

50,000 Alaska Air Miles!

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100,000 Points British Airways Card Is Back!

[Emily and I do NOT get a commision if you are approved for the British Airways 100,000 mile credit card using the link in this post.  But we always include the best offer for a card even if it doesn't pay us a commission.  You don't have to use our links, but thanks for your support.]  

The 100,000 Avios points British Airways card is back!

This is better than the 50,000 point offer which pays us a commission, but the mother-in-law rule says that I share better offers regardless of whether or not they pay a commission!  So I’ve removed all links to the other 50,000 point offer over the weekend.

100,000 Points British Airways Card Is Back

The British Airways 100,000 Points Card Is Back!

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100 Free Hertz Points, 250 Free Virgin America Points & 390 Free Avios Points

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1.   100 Free Hertz Points

Hertz, the car rental agency, has a free days promotion where you can earn 250 Hertz points for every rental of 2 days or more up to December 15, 2013.  You have to register before renting a car, and here’s the link to register.

100 Free Hertz Points 250 Free Virgin America Points 390 Free Avios Points

100 Free Hertz Points

But you can earn 100 free points for free – without renting a car!

You get 50 bonus points just for registering.  And you’ll get another 50 points after you answer a quick survey.   Continue reading