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5 “Secret” Unofficial Chase Transfer Partners for Big Travel!

Officially, Chase Ultimate Rewards has 7 airline and 4 hotel transfer partners.  But did you know you can access dozens of other airline and hotel options indirectly with Chase Ultimate Rewards points?  

5 Secret Unofficial Chase Transfer Partners For Big Travel

Emily Flew on Air Berlin to Croatia. And You Can Too, With Chase Ultimate Rewards Points – Even Though Air Berlin Isn’t an “Official” Transfer Partner!

I’ll give you ideas on how you can use your points with partners for more Big Travel!

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What Do the Major Changes to the Virgin Atlantic Award Program Mean for You?

Virgin Atlantic is changing the way members earn and redeem miles, starting November 13, 2016

Earning miles and tier points for status is getting harder if you usually fly in coach on deeply discounted fares.  And getting an Upper Class (First Class) award flight is becoming more expensive, too.

However, some award flight prices for coach and Premium Economy are being significantly reduced, which is good news!

Virgin Atlantic Award Flights

Big Changes Are Coming to How You Earn and Redeem Virgin Atlantic Miles

I’ll show you how the changes affect your future Virgin Atlantic award flights, so you can decide whether you want to stick with the program or move on.

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Award Ticket Change, Cancellation, and Hold Policies for 25+ Airlines!

Folks in the miles & points hobby are usually diligent about planning their travels.  But sometimes life happens and you have to change or cancel your plans.

In that case, what are the fees for changing an award ticket?  And do any airlines allow you to hold an award reservation while you firm up your plans?

To help y’all out, I made a chart that shows the award ticket fees and policies for over 25 domestic and international airlines!

Award Flight Change Fees

Tracking Down Award Ticket Fees Can Be Tricky, So We’ve Made an Easy Table Showing Award Ticket Change & Cancellation Fees for Over 25 Airlines!

Let’s take a look!

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Save With New AMEX Offers – ANA, Home Depot, Hulu, & Undercover Tourist

I love AMEX Offers because you can save money or earn extra points on purchases you might make anyway!

And AMEX is always adding new offers!  To take advantage of these deals, just add them to your card.

Save With New AMEX Offers ANA Home Depot Hulu Undercover Tourist

Fly to Hong Kong on ANA and You Can Earn 20,000 AMEX Membership Rewards Points With a New AMEX Offer! Check Out the Ju Ming Figures During Your Visit!

Here’s a look at the new offers!

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New (Better!) Way to Use Starwood Points to Fly United Airlines

With the new way to transfer points between Starwood and Marriott accounts, folks can get a better ratio converting Starwood points to United Airlines miles by first transferring to Marriott points.

For example, if you transfer 10,000 Starwood points directly to United Airlines, you’ll only get 5,000 United Airlines miles because there’s a 2:1 ratio.

Instead, you could convert 10,000 Starwood points to 30,000 Marriott points (1:3 ratio).  Then, transfer the Marriott points to United Airlines and you’ll get a much better deal for your points.

Transfer Starwood Points To United Airlines

Now You Can Get a Better Ratio Converting Starwood Points to United Airlines Miles!

I’ll explain the math behind the points conversion and why United Airlines miles are great for Big Travel!

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~$53,000 Around-the-World Honeymoon for ~$6,700! Part 4: Making Airports More Enjoyable

One of the best ways to use miles & points is to make unforgettable memories with loved ones.  And even better if you include once-in-a-lifetime experiences most folks normally wouldn’t be able to afford.

Million Mile Secrets team member Keith recently returned from a 25,000 mile around-the-world honeymoon to Amsterdam, Cape Town, Dubai, Bali, and Singapore.  I’ll let him tell you about it!

Keith:   Thanks Daraius!  My wife Liz and I built up hundreds of thousands of miles from credit card sign-up bonuses and bank promotions that we used to visit 5 countries on an around-the-world honeymoon.

53,000 Around The World Honeymoon For 6,700 Part 4 Making Airports More Enjoyable

We Were Amazed With the Service and Restaurant Quality Menu at The Private Room Lounge at Singapore Airport

Due to work commitments, we only had 17 days to circle the globe.  This might not seem like enough time for such a trip.  But, I’ll explain how we made the most of our time and enjoyed a romantic dinner at one of Amsterdam’s top restaurants, rest and relaxation in Bali, a beautiful hike and Afternoon Tea in Cape Town, cultural experiences in Dubai, and much more!

I’m happy to share how I paid ~$6,700 for a trip with a retail cost of ~$53,000!

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Won’t Last! $365+ Round-Trip to Southeast Asia From 4 Cities

Via The Flight Deal, you can fly round-trip in coach from New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, to Jakarta, Bangkok, or Ho Chi Minh City for ~$365+.  You can even fly into one city and leave from another with this deal, so you can see 2 Southeast Asian cities for cheap!

I found a flight from New York (LaGuardia) to Ho Chi Minh City on September 20, 2016, and returning from Bangkok on September 27, 2016, for ~$429.

And a ticket from San Francisco to Jakarta on October 5, 2016, returning from Bangkok on October 12, 2016, for ~$395.

These fares are valid for travel on ANA from September 2016 through early December 2016.  

Won't Last 365 Round Trip To Southeast Asia From 4 Cities

Fly From 4 US Cities to Southeast Asia for ~$365+ With Sale Fares on United Airlines!

Here are the details.  And how to search for these deals!

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Beginner’s Guide to Using Flexible Points for Big Travel With Small Money

In our interview series, we always ask, “What do you now know about collecting miles and points which you wish you knew when you started out?”

The most common answer interviewees give is that they wish they would have started sooner.  Even if you’re unsure of your travel goals, starting to earn transferable points now will give you lots of options for your future trip plans.

Because transferable points programs have dozens of airline and hotel partners, you’ll have the flexibility to choose where to move your points when you’re ready to use them.

Beginner's Guide To Using Flexible Points For Big Travel With Small Money

Dreaming of Big Travel? Transferable Points Give You the Most Flexibility When You’re Ready to Plan Your Trip!

Let’s take a detailed look at the 4 major transferable points programs.

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Use Miles to Book and Upgrade to Singapore Airlines Premium Economy

Starting May 24, 2016, you can use Singapore Airlines miles to book a Premium Economy award ticket.  

And starting June 1, 2016, you’ll be able to use miles to upgrade a paid coach ticket to Premium Economy or a paid Premium Economy ticket to Business Class.

It’s easy to earn Singapore Airlines miles because you can transfer points from all 4 flexible points programs.

But in most cases, using Singapore Airlines miles to book Premium Economy award tickets is NOT a good deal.

Use Miles To Book And Upgrade To Singapore Airlines Premium Economy

Starting May 24, You Can Use Singapore Airlines Miles to Book Premium Economy Award Seats

I’ll explain if this new option is a good way to use miles!

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New AMEX Membership Rewards Partner! Save Miles on Flights in the US, to Europe, and Asia!

Great news for folks with AMEX Membership Rewards points!  Via View From the Wing, you can now transfer your points to Etihad.  And there are some award flights that are great deals!

For example, you can use Etihad miles to pay fewer points on airline partner American Airlines for a Business Class or First Class ticket to Asia or Europe.  And, you’ll save miles on First Class flights within the mainland US and Canada!

New AMEX Membership Rewards Partner Save Miles On Flights In The US To Europe And Asia

Etihad Is the Newest AMEX Membership Rewards Transfer Partner. Use Etihad Miles to Get Great Deals on Certain Flights, Like on Airline Partner American Airlines

I’ll explain how it works!

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