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Which Are the Best Cards to Keep for Everyday Spending?

Million Mile Secrets reader, Gia, writes:

Which card(s) have the most benefits for annual spending?  I spend more than $5,000 a month on credit cards these days, but I feel like I ran out of options for sign-up bonuses as I’ve had most of the cards in the past.

What do you use as your default credit card for everyday purchases to build points?  Could you give me couple of suggestions?

Which Are The Best Cards To Keep For Everyday Spending

Which Card Should Gia Use for Her Everyday Purchases?

When I’m not working to meet the minimum spending requirements to earn sign-up bonuses for Big Travel, there are 2 cards I keep in my wallet for everyday spending.

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How to Use AMEX Membership Rewards Points for United Airlines Award Flights

Million Mile Secrets readers, Gary Rees and Alan, started a discussion:

Gary commented:

Is there a service that can help me maximize my bank points?

I am new but have over 300,000 AMEX Membership Rewards points saved up and want to do something over-the-top for my 10th anniversary.  What about transferring to Air Canada Aeroplan at the 1:1 transfer rate, and then to United Airlines?  Is that possible?

And Alan replied:

Did you ever come up with a way to transfer AMEX Membership Rewards points to United Airlines?  Like you, I like United Airlines and was thinking about using Air Canada Aeroplan as the middle step.  I haven’t figured how to move Air Canada Aeroplan miles to United Airlines miles.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you both for commenting!  I thought I’d jump in to help.

You can NOT transfer Air Canada Aeroplan miles to United Airlines miles.  In general, you can not transfer airline miles to another airline. 

How To Use AMEX Membership Rewards Points For United Airlines Award Flights

You Can’t Transfer Miles From 1 Airline to Another. But It’s Still Possible to Book an Award Ticket on United Airlines With AMEX Membership Rewards Points

But you CAN book United Airlines flights with AMEX Membership Rewards transfer partners.  That’s because a few of them have access to award seats on United Airlines.

I’ll explain your options and point you in the right direction if you need more help!

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The Ultimate Guide to American Express Membership Rewards Points: Part 2 – All the Ways to Get to India

American Express Membership Rewards points are 1 of the most flexible types of points.  That’s because you can transfer them to certain airlines and fly to many countries, including India.

Emily and I visit India once a year.  We’ve even taken Emily’s mom to Indiatwice!

The Ultimate Guide To American Express Membership Rewards Points Part 2 All The Ways To Get To India

You Can Visit the Taj Mahal in India Using American Express Membership Rewards Points

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Which Hotel Points Transfer to Airline Miles (But Is It a Good Idea?)

Million Mile Secrets reader, TB, commented:

 Hi Daraius,

There are some hotel and airline chains in which you can transfer points/miles to points/miles and vice versa for 1:1 or 1:2 or better ratio.

What site can I go to to know what hotel or airline accepts transferred points/miles from other hotels or airlines?

Thank you.

Great question!  You can NOT transfer airline miles from 1 airline to another.  And you can NOT transfer hotel points between hotel programs.  But it is possible to transfer hotel points to airline miles.

Let’s 1st look at transferring hotel points to airline miles.  And later we can take a look at transferring airline miles to hotel points.

Which Hotel Points Transfer To Airline Miles But Is It A Good Idea

You Can Transfer Hotel Points to Airline Miles. But Should You?

I’ll explain how to do it.  And if it’s ever a good idea to make the transfer!

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A Stopover in Vibrant Hong Kong: Part 5 – Eating in Hong Kong

Daraius and I took my parents on an around-the-world trip to the MaldivesIndia, and Hong Kong.  My step-dad, Mark, had never been outside the US, and my mom had only been to India.

We had a free stopover in Hong Kong with our Cathay Pacific flight back to the US.

Daraius and I thought it would be a great experience for them to see Hong Kong because it’s such a dynamic city!  It’s also very different from both India and the Maldives.

Eating In Hong Kong

We Tried a Couple of Local Restaurants During Our Short Stop in Hong Kong

We only spent a few days in Hong Kong during this trip.  So if you want more details about sights, shopping, and restaurants, check out the trip report from our longer stay in Hong Kong in December 2013.

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