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How to Eat Meals and Earn Miles

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Next time you’re out to eat, finish all your food and don’t leave any miles on the table!

Here’s how:

  • Sign-up for the free Rewards Network
  • Enter your credit card information
  • Automatically get miles in your frequent flyer account when using your card at 1 of their ~10,000 restaurants, bars, and clubs
How To Eat Meals And Earn Miles

After a Big Meal We’re 1 Step Closer to Our Next Trip (and a Nap!)

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40,000 Alaska Air Miles!

[Disclosure:  Emily and I do not get a commission for the link to the Alaska card in this post.  We let you know about the best offers even when they don't pay us a commission!]

There’ve been a lot of new credit card offers this week, including the 100,000 Citi Executive card and the $250 American Express SimplyCash card after completing the minimum spending.  But here’s another one, via The Points Guy.

You can get 40,000 Alaska Air miles with the Alaska Airlines credit card after spending $10,000 in 6 months!

Update:  It looks like the last 15,000 miles is only if you’re an Alaska Air elite member!

40,000 Alaska Air Miles

40,000 Alaska Air Miles!

You get:

  • 25,000 miles on approval
  • Another 15,000 miles after spending $10,000 within the first 6 months

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20,000 Alaska Air Miles Winners!

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Thanks to everyone who left a comment and tweeted for the 20,000 Alaska miles giveaway!

Blog Giveaway: 20,000 Alaska Miles

Who won 20,000 Alaska Miles?

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Blog Giveaway: 20,000 Alaska Air Miles

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Thanks for being the best blog readers!  This week we’re giving away 20,000 Alaska Air Miles!

Blog Giveaway: 20,000 Alaska Miles

Do You Want To Win 20,000 Alaska Miles?

There was a 50,000 mile signup bonus on the Alaska Air credit card, but this deal died within a few days.

Alaska Air miles are very useful because you can redeem them for flights on many airlines.  Here’s my post on 10 ways to use Alaska Air miles!

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10 Ways to Use 50,000 Alaska Airlines Miles!

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I don’t earn a commission if you are approved for the 50,000 miles Alaska Air card.  But it is one of the best cards (in my opinion) available right now.  And the highest bonus which I’ve seen on the Alaska Air card.

Not only is the minimum spending low at $1,000 within 3 months, but it is issued by Bank of America which means that you’re not applying for another card from banks like Chase, American Express and Barclays.

At the very least, 50,000 Alaska Air miles could get you:

  • 2 domestic round-trip coach flights on American Airlines or Delta within the US
  • 1 round-trip coach flight to Hawaii
  • 1-Way to Asia in Business Class on Cathay Pacific
  • 1-Way to India or Africa in Coach on Cathay Pacific
  • $100 off an Alaska Air ticket of $200+ for 10,000 miles
How To Use Alaska Air Miles

50,000 Alaska Air Miles!

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