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New: AMEX Membership Rewards Points to Pay at

There’s a new way to use your American Express Membership Rewards points.  But it’s NOT a good deal.

Starting today, July 30, 2015, folks can use their AMEX Membership Rewards points to pay for purchases at

You can use points to pay for all or part of your purchase by entering your American Express card number at checkout.

New AMEX Membership Rewards Points To Pay At

Starting Today, You Can Use AMEX Membership Rewards Points at to Pay for All or Part of Your Purchase – but It’s NOT a Good Idea!

While this is a convenient way to use American Express Membership Rewards points, it’s a very poor value.  I’ll explain!

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How to Get Big Travel With Current Big American Airlines Card Bonuses!

There are great sign-up bonuses on each of the American Airlines credit cards.  If you apply for 2 of them, you could earn over 100,000 American Airlines miles.

That’s enough for a a round-trip Business Class ticket to Europe or South America.  Or 4 round-trip coach tickets to anywhere in the continental US & Alaska!

How To Get Big Travel With Current Big American Airlines Card Bonuses

100,000 American Airlines Miles Can Be Your Ticket to Big Travel, Like a Round-Trip First Class Flight to Explore Patagonia in South America!

I’ll share some ideas about how to use American Airlines miles for Big Travel!

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Southwest International Flights From $99 1-Way (Ends Tomorrow!)

Southwest has international flights on sale from $99 1-way until July 23, 2015 (tomorrow!).

Southwest International Flights On Sale Ends Tomorrow

Fly Southwest to Colorful (and Sunny!) Puerto Vallarta for Some R&R

I’ll let you know which cities are included in the sale.  And give you some ideas about how to book these fares!

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What’s the Best Card to Use for Paid Flights?

When you book a paid flight it’s best to use a card that earns extra points for airfare purchases, like the American Express Premier Rewards Gold, Chase Sapphire Preferred, Citi Prestige, or Citi ThankYou Premier.

But what if you have more than 1 of these cards?  How do you pick which to use?

What's The Best Card To Use For Paid Flights

Which Card Is Best for Purchasing Paid Airfare?

The answer depends on your travel plans.  And if you want to use points toward award flights or paid airfare!

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How to Earn Big Travel With AMEX Charge Cards!

Certain American Express charge cards have terrific sign-up bonuses and spending category bonuses which can quickly get you Big Travel with Small Money!

Most major banks issue credit cards, which allow you to carry a balance (not that you should!) as long as you make a minimum payment each month.

But some lenders, like American Express, also offer charge cards.  These cards have no pre-set spending limit, but you have to pay the balance in full each month.

How To Earn Big Travel With AMEX Charge Cards

AMEX Charge Cards Can Get You on the Road to Big Travel Sooner Than You Think!

And because charge cards do NOT count toward American Express’ 4 credit card per person limit, you can safely apply for them even if you have lots of other AMEX cards!

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