Southwest Companion Pass Glitch! Did You Get an Email From Southwest Today?

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Oops!  Via Reddit, Southwest sent out an email today by mistake, congratulating folks on receiving the Southwest Companion Pass for 2017.

Their Twitter account has been inundated with tweets about whether or not the email was valid.  And Southwest has confirmed that the email was, in fact, a technical error.

Southwest Companion Pass Glitch

Did You Get an Email From Southwest This Morning?

That’s too bad, because a free Southwest Companion Pass would have certainly been the best New Year’s gift ever! 😉

Southwest Companion Pass Email

According to Southwest’s Twitter feed, LOTS of folks received an email about earning the Companion Pass for 2017.  Unfortunately, Southwest has confirmed that those emails were sent in error.  

There’s no word yet if Southwest will do anything as an act of goodwill for anyone affected.  You never know!

A few of the tweets are from folks who are very upset about the mistake.  But other tweets had a good sense of humor about the mix-up.

Between the recent changes to the Companion Pass program and today’s email debacle, some folks aren’t feeling warm and fuzzy about Southwest.

If I were Southwest, I’d offer everyone 2 free checked bags on their next flight.  Oh wait… 😉

Bottom Line

Tons of folks received an email from Southwest stating they had earned the Companion Pass for 2017, even if they hadn’t actually qualified for it.

Unfortunately, Southwest has confirmed that the emails were sent by mistake.  So ignore the email if you receive one.

Did you get an email from Southwest about earning the Companion Pass?  Let me know in the comments!

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26 responses to “Southwest Companion Pass Glitch! Did You Get an Email From Southwest Today?

  1. I got one today. I pretty quickly figured out that it was a mistake, so I DMed Southwest just to be sure on Twitter where they confirmed the mistake. While it was a bit of a let down, I didnt earn the Companion Pass, so I dont fee entitled to same.

  2. I got an email about the companion pass. Called them, was told sorry, it was a mistake, nothing we can do. The rep did not seem to care at all how I felt about it. :)))

  3. SW should give everyone who got an e-mail 10K points and make them count towards CP!

  4. Got one this morning as well. Also showed my account had 23,000 more pts. Not so lucky.

  5. Got it too. I got my hopes up for a minute until I checked my acct. 🙁

  6. I received the email this morning! I was a Companion holder last year (and was trying to renew via spg/Marriott). I called and they said it was a mistake. And I agree w/Red! 😉

  7. Yup, I got the email too. I did have the pass for 2015-2016. I agree with Red, we should should get some bonus miles for the emotional roller coaster:) 6000 free miles would be just right to top off the 104,000 from the 2 credit card bonuses.

  8. Got one too! At first was surprised and logged into my SW account to verify. No such luck.

  9. I received the email as well. My companion pass expired 12/31. I would love to have it continued though. I was hopeful for about 3 seconds.

  10. Same here. Mine expired 12/31/2016. Got the email this morning

  11. Got the e mail as well, thought I was mistaken and that I had one more year on my companion pass! Not the best news!

  12. I got it this AM as well. Looked like it showed my points balance from early November

  13. I received an email welcoming me to A list. I was A list last year but didn’t earn it for 2017. I guess that was a mistake too… boo

  14. I got the email too. Knew it wasn’t accurate but I logged in to my account just to make sure. No dice.

  15. I got the email. I was skeptical upon receiving it so not too disappointed to find out it was a mistake.

  16. Just got SWA “apology” email. They appreciate me understanding when they make a human error, but no mention of accommodation. Jerks!

    Would transfer my business elsewhere, but that would hurt me more than it hurts SWA since I fly for free. However, if my points run low and I need to pay for domestic flights, I won’t be flying in a cattle car.

  17. Breaking news… Hotel points transfer WILL count towards the pass until March 31, 2017

  18. Yes, we received an email apologizing and explaining the glitch. Yes, it would have been a nice New Year’s gift, but really, I know I didn’t earn it or qualify so I can’t complain!

  19. Got it but read the one about it being a mistake first. Too bad…my companion pass used for my husband expired on the 31sr.

  20. I got the email also. I knew it was a glitch because mine just expired. I got the apology email as well. Oh well!

    I am happy they decided to give hotel parner points until 3/31/17 for anyone who has been planning on earning it that way! I love Southwest!

  21. I got one and tweeted my excitement to southwest who then advised it was an error.

  22. What a wonderful surprise it was, but we mostly all knew it wouldn’t last. 🙁

  23. Did not receive that email, but received one saying I was A-List Preferred when I was only qualified for A-List. Sent them a note about this and used it as an opportunity to comment about the sudden Companion Pass change on New Year’s Day. Many probably also did the same and as you said, it’s good to see that Southwest listened.

  24. I have the companion pass and it’s great. We went from New Orleans to DC, DC to Chicago, Chicago to Denver (wanted to see snow), Denver to Phoenix, and Phoenix to New Orleans. The only drawback is getting enough time off with my career to maximize the companion pass for the year. Plan is to use the remaining vacation time in the summer to visit 7 new cities.

  25. I did and quickly planned a trip we needed to take. only to be upended by the award then the retraction several hours later. As a member of the Rapid Rewards for several years I would thin SWA would barratrously all those RR members affected a mileage bonus. Thats goodwill not just talk of customer consideration and service.

  26. Some people just love to be offended…sure this was a big PR mistake on SWA’s part, but how could people really expect to have a Companion Pass when if their point level wasn’t nearly high enough? Exciting email to be sure, but obviously sent in error. Perhaps a bonus 5000 miles might be a nice gesture from SWA, but 10000 is over the top. Still the best rewards program in the industry!