Daraius’ Diary: You Can’t Vote “Wrong”

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Daraius:  We’ve got a great team at Million Mile Secrets helping with posts.  But I miss writing as much as I did in the old days!  So here I am writing about stuff that I really care about (and which isn’t all miles-and-points related).

Left.  Or.  Right.

Republican.  Or.  Democrat.

Independent.  Or.  Spaghetti Monster. 🙂

There is no “wrong” choice, as long as you VOTE.

You Cant Vote Wrong

Left or Right – as Long as You Vote – There is no “Wrong” Candidate

 Yeah, I suspect that many folks aren’t thrilled with the choice of candidates.  And that perhaps folks feel a sense of helplessness, disappointment, and disgust when they switch on the TV, or scroll through their Facebook feed or browse the internet.  So folks would rather not venture out to vote.

There Is No Perfect Candidate

But in my opinion there has NEVER been a perfect candidate for president.  And there has never been an unblemished leader either.  The folks we elect and trust in leadership positions, always have their scandals, petty feuds, and chinks in the armor.  I have my faults.  And I see having faults as part of being human!

I feel sad when I hear folks and the media demonize candidates.  Sure, I do have a candidate I prefer.  But I categorically refuse to believe that the other candidate and his/her supporters are weak, bigots, unpatriotic, close-minded, etc.

I’d like to think that we all have the same needs.  For example, we’d all (regardless of political affiliation) like safety, compassion, belonging, peace, etc.  BUT we have different strategies (folks who we entrust with our vote) to achieve those needs.

Not showing up to vote also means that you don’t get to vote for candidates to Congress, the Senate, sheriffs, county, and state officials.  Folks who may impact you much more than the President!

We Inspire Much of the World

In my experience traveling, I know that voting is a HUGE privilege which we often take for granted in the US.

Regardless of who is elected President in the US, there are no coups, no riots, and no torture.  The previous President gracefully fades out and the new President and Congress take over.

I was very touched when I read this letter which former President H. W. Bush, on leaving the Oval Office, left former President Clinton.

You Cant Vote Wrong

“Your Success Now Is Our Country’s Success. I am Rooting Hard For You”

Much of the rest of the world sees elections in the US as a source of inspiration.  By feeling disgusted and not voting, I beleive we are as much culpable for the malaise as the politicians we disdain.

Bottom Line


Vote because it matters.

Vote because we’re all responsible.

Vote because truth, liberty, equality, and a just and fair society are a direct outcome of your vote!

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24 responses to “Daraius’ Diary: You Can’t Vote “Wrong”

  1. “..At stake? A working Supreme Court, expanded health care, international security, nuclear non-proliferation, climate change, world peace. Little stuff like that.
    That Trump was “uniquely unqualified” to be president, as President Obama says, barely begins to sum up the damage his candidacy has done — and will do – to the fortunes of the United States of America.
    God bless us, every one.”


  2. Exactly! Our country’s future greatly depends on the vote today.

  3. Why even write this post there’s only downside for you? Anyways there absolutely is a wrong vote in this election, it’s just that approximately 50% of the country disagrees with which one it is.

    Luckily, “getting out the vote” only benefits one of the two candidates.

    • Why write the post? Because it was alive in me. And I felt a bit sad and disappointed seeing the bitterness around the election. An election process that much of the rest of the world admires and would love to emulate.

  4. Darrius, thank you so much for taking a stand here – a stand to take our privilege and responsibility seriously. There are many items on the ballot, along with the Presidency, and our future is expecting us to take a stand on these issues. Potential voters, vote for the choices you care about and understand. And if that isn’t all of the choices, leave the others blank but do vote! Help to steer the direction of your life, and that of your family, community, state and country. It is empowering to do so.

  5. Some folks view voting as a right. I view it as a responsibility that we fought hard for. No love lost for those who refuse to register but then complain. Shame on you. People have died to get the vote. It is the essence of our democracy.

  6. Grow a pair. There is a wrong choice. Hint: it’s the unqualified orange madman.

  7. Before this turns into a political fight (hey, everything is these days), I do agree that we Americans are getting too spoiled by our right to vote. We travel hackers have the opportunity to visit other parts of the world, where voting might not be a given right. Don’t take this day for granted. Our election process may not be perfect, but do exercise your rights as an American citizen and pick the candidate that you think is qualified to lead the country and the best for your and your family’s future. There will NEVER be a perfect candidate, but you can always exercise your rights to vote to send a message.

  8. Other commenters have already made this partisan, so I feel at liberty saying there is only one candidate who is crooked, corrupt and criminal, and I’m not voting for her.

  9. Thanks for your post. As we sit on our lanai on the Big Island it’s easy to be reminded how lucky we are as Americans. All candidates flaws are more exposed then ever in our times, but no matter which way you vote, it’s important to get out and vote.

  10. Thank you to those who don’t vote. That gives my vote more power. I hope you like the government we voters give you.

    If you want to participate, you must first show up.

  11. Vote for me, not one of the other bozos!

  12. Please tell all of this to the unconscionably-presidential-vote-skipping governor of Massachusetts.

  13. wow enjoyed the above letter from one prez to another and 2 different parties,,,,I hope the same happens now on this transition… Good unbiased article above…Bravo