The Easy Way to Check Your Chase 5/24 Status

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It’s now tougher to be approved for most Chase cards if you’ve opened ~5+ cards from any bank (except these business cards) in the past 24 months.  This new stricter application rule has been dubbed the “5/24” rule.

So if you want to apply for a Chase card, can you check to see how many accounts you’ve opened over the last 24 months?

Yes, and it’s simple!

Check Chase 524 Status

It’s Always Good News When You’re Approved for a New Card. But With Chase Cards, You Need to Know How Many You’ve Opened in the Last 24 Months!

I’ll show you how to check your 5/24 status!

 Step-by-Step:   Check Your 5/24 Status

Link:   Credit Karma

Chase has some of the best travel credit cards, but they also have stricter application rules.  And if you’ve opened ~5+ cards from any bank (except non-Chase business cards) in the past 24 months, it’s unlikely you’ll be approved for most Chase cards.

There are 6 Chase cards that are not restricted by these new requirements.  But some of the best Chase cards, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve, ARE restricted by these rules.  So it’s important to know how many cards you’ve opened in the last 24 months.

The good news is, it’s easy (and free!) to see how many credit cards you’ve opened with Credit Karma.

If you don’t already have a Credit Karma account, it’s easy to sign-up.  It takes ~2 minutes, because they will ask you a few questions to confirm your identity.  Otherwise, you can sign-in to your existing account.

Credit Karma uses information from your Equifax and TransUnion credit bureaus.  But it doesn’t matter which credit bureau they use because new personal credit cards show up on all three of your credit bureaus.

Step 1 – Sign-In

Click “Log In”  at the top right-hand corner of Credit Karma’s homepage to access your account.

Check Chase 524 Status

The Login and Sign-Up Buttons Are Somewhat Hidden on Credit Karma’s Homepage

Enter your email address and password, then click the “Log In”  button.

Check Chase 524 Status

Enter Your Credit Karma Login Information to Sign-In

Step 2 – Go to Your Credit Reports

After you’re logged in, you’ll be able to see your scores from both TransUnion and Equifax.  But to see the details of the reports, click the “Credit Reports”  tab.

Check Chase 524 Status

Click the “Credit Reports” Tab to Find the Detailed Information on Your TransUnion and Equifax Reports

Then scroll down to find your accounts information.

Step 3 – Find the Number of Credit Cards on Your Credit Report

Scroll down to the Accounts section, and click on “Credit Cards.”  

The number of credit card accounts shown should be similar between the 2 reports.  If they aren’t, check both reports to make sure there isn’t any bad information on 1 of the reports.  Usually this just means 1 credit agency is reporting new accounts quicker than the other.

Check Chase 524 Status

Click “Credit Cards” to See the Details, Including the Opening Date, of the Credit Cards Appearing on Your Credit Report

Step 4 – Sort Your Cards by Open Date

Click “Open Date” twice to sort your cards from newest (opened most recently) to oldest.

Check Chase 524 Status

Sort the Credit Cards on Your Credit Report by Open Date

Step 5 – Count the Number of Cards Opened in the Last 24 Months

Once your cards are sorted, you’ll be able to count the number of cards you’ve opened in the last 24 months by scrolling through the list.

Check Chase 524 Status

Million Mile Secrets Team Member Meghan Has Opened 7 Credit Personal Credit Cards Over the Past 24 Months. So Unfortunately, She’s Over 5/24

Keep in mind, if you’ve opened a card in the last ~30 days, it may NOT show up on your Credit Karma report.  And even if a card is closed, it WILL count against 5/24.

Do Business Cards Count?

Also, these business cards do NOT count against the 5/24 rule.  That’s because in general, business credit cards usually don’t appear on your personal credit report.  However, if a business card appears on your credit report, it will count against the 5 card limit.

Also, Chase knows how many CHASE business cards you have.  However, most of the evidence suggests that Chase doesn’t count there own business cards towards the 5/24 rule.

And don’t forget, will give you a free credit report from all 3 credit bureaus once every 12 months.

Although it won’t include your actual FICO score, it will show you the date each of your accounts were opened.  Here’s my post on how to easily found out credit card open and close dates.

Bottom Line

With Chase’s stricter application rules, dubbed “5/24”, if you’ve opened 5 or more credit card accounts from any bank (except for these business cards) in the past 24 months, it’s VERY UNLIKELY that you’ll be approved for most Chase cards.

So if you’re considering applying for one of Chase’s travel cards, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve, it’s important to know whether you’re over 5/24.

Luckily, there’s a free and easy way to check the open dates of your cards with Credit Karma.  And you’ll be able to check your 5/24 status by counting the number of cards you’ve applied for over the last 24 months.

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45 responses to “The Easy Way to Check Your Chase 5/24 Status

  1. This is for transunion and equifax but does not show inquiries on experian correct?

  2. The credit report shows even those cards for which I was added as authorized user. Will they also be counted under 5/24?

    For example:

    Last Reported Sep 06, 2016
    Creditor Name CHASE CARD
    Account Type Flexible Spending Credit Card
    Account Status Open
    Opened Date Oct **, 2015
    Closed Date —
    Limit $**,000
    Term —
    Monthly Payment $0
    Responsibility Authorized User

  3. An easier way is to use a spreadsheet to track your credit cards with the date you opened them (among other things), and then use a formula that counts how many cards have been opened within the past 24 months. That’s how I do it.

  4. Do store cards, Synchrony/Lowes, for instance, count toward the 5/24 rule?

  5. Icemule1.. could you please share your formula?

  6. This method of checking your accounts will not show business cards taken out by you — and Chase does count Chase business accounts you have taken out under the 5/24 rule. SO, if you have any Chase business accounts taken out in the last 24 months, you will need to add them to the total of accounts calculated under the above.

  7. Very useful, thank you!

  8. Credit Karma did not work for me. It showed only two accounts as being opened! Not accurate in my case. 🙁

  9. When I get cards for my kids who are 18 and 20 but are in school–I ask for another card for me–does this count against my 5/24 with chase–thanks for all your work

    • ​o0o0o0o0o0o...Points

      Yes, that adds another card to 5/24, but you can call Chase and inform them they are authorized user accounts, it may help.

  10. Priyanka Juneja

    Do store cards count? Victoria’s Secret, Limited, etc?

  11. Do cards I am an “authorized user” on count against the total?

  12. @Vishal

    I have read several places that if you are denied under the 5/24 rule that you can call them and explain that those accounts you were an authorized user and they might reconsider.

    • ​o0o0o0o0o0o...Points

      This is true.

      Chase reconsideration line:

      ​888-270-2127 (Personal Cards)
      800-453-9719 (Business Cards)

  13. @Vishal,
    I have first hand knowledge regarding the authorized users accounts. They count in the 5/24 rule and you will get an automatic denial if with their inclusion to your own accounts you are over 5 accts in 24 months. You can call reconsideration and ask that they not be included in the consideration of a new account with Chase. They will delete the authorized user accounts from your total and send to a supervisor for further evaluation provided you are then under 5 accounts in 24 months. In my case, I was approved when authorized accounts were deleted with the above procedures.

  14. To those asking and answering regarding authorized users:

    The three credit bureaus will remove the AU accounts from your profile within a month (quicker for the TU requests done right through Credit Karma) if you simply ask them to do so, stating that you’re not longer an AU on the account. I did this when I closed out my AU cards and they no longer show up. This is better than just trying to deal with it through recon.

  15. My husband was right at 5/24 if you count that he had been an authorized user on my Marriott card – we both applied for this card near year-end when the bonus included 7500 points for an AU – I got mine a month before him. I cancelled him as an AU on my account about 2 months ago and was assured by Chase that this would be removed from his accounts. I was anticipating getting him under 5/24.

    He applied online yesterday for the CSR and his application went to review. We called the recon line because we are Chase customers for over 30 years, have a large deposit account, FICOs in the 820 range, etc., etc. The recon rep told him he was was being denied for too many recent apps, including the AU account. This rep was very inflexible, citing 5 opened cards and our Chase HELOC, even when we explained that the Marriott AU account was closed because my husband had his own Marriott card. The rep knew we knew the rules, and we went over everything in my husband’s report, but he just kept saying he could not do anything. He conceded that all other factors considered we should be approved. Ooh, so we felt we had a strong case for getting an approval and we appealed to a supervisor for further re-evaluation. The supervisor could see on his credit report that the Marriott AU account showed as closed, and noted our extensive relationship with Chase, credit history et al. We offered to shift some credit lines and the supervisor re-evaluated and approved him. Pays to be persistent if you have good information to back you up. Wasn’t fun, but we were very patient, polite and peristent throughout – it took an hour, but time well spent.

  16. In my case, I have 3 AU card and 4 new card opening including a store card. Denied for online submission, called for recon. First called the chase number, rep was inflexible. Then called the recon number, after reviewing with the rep, shifted some credit line, closed one card, I was approved.

    • @Dave – That’s correct! But open cards appear on all 3 of your credit reports.

      @ Brian @Priyanka Juneja – We’l have a post on that soon.

      @ robert – There are mixed reports on Chase business cards counting towards the 5 card limit.

      @mark bander @AJ – I believe that being an authorized user does count.


  17. Ha-too bad. I just did this and I am 36/24. I guess I am a bot over the limit

  18. Does anyone have information about the effect Chase private client status has on the 5/24 rule?

  19. My wife had to go through reconsideration after being initially declined. I had added her as an AU on my CSP and Hyatt for 5k bonuses. Chase asked on the recon call if she had ever used the AU cards (she had not as they were only added for the bonus points) so they reconsidered the app and approved her. YMMV…

  20. Thanks. Your article helped a lot.

  21. Excellent article, very very useful. Thanks for bringing this to us, Dear. Just a quick question.

    Are both and safe websites/companies? One will have to enter person info like SS NO. etc right?

    Just being curious and paranoid before i join…

  22. I can see my cards opened by following the instructions above, including ‘being an authorized user”…………But how to find out what card it is for? Any way to see the last 4 digits of the card or all digits on this website, if there is any confusion about which card it is?

  23. @anthony

    When disputing your chase AU accounts on your credit karma transunion report…which “dispute reason” did you use from their list of choices? Thanks

  24. @DARIUS……………On creditkarma, I can see my cards opened by following the instructions above, including ‘being an authorized user or Individual card holder”…………But there is not information of card number except it is a chase/citi/AMEX card…………how to find out what card it is for? Any way to see the last 4 digits of the card or all digits on this website, if there is any confusion about which card it is?

  25. I opened 2 AMEX Cards in May, on same day. One was Hilton AMEX FOR 75K Bonus and other was the Amex Mercedez Benz card for 75k Bonus.

    However both cards show as 2 different inquiries on my credit report, showing 2 different hits.

    I thought they both would be merged as one inquiry on my credit report……………

    Is this normal? Anything i can do to remove the 2nd inquiry since both were applied for on same/single day with instant approval?

  26. Hey everyone, I’m looking to sign up for the new Chase Sapphire Reserve card and I have a few questions about the 5/24 rule.

    I tried applying for the card when it first came out, but was rejected because of 5/24. I don’t live anywhere near a Chase branch, so going into the bank to apply (like some people have suggested) wasn’t an option.

    The good news is I signed up for one of the cards in November 2014, so if I did the math right, it falls off next month.

    So what I’m wondering is: 1) What are my chances of getting the card come November when my 5/24 period ends, considering I was already rejected by them once for this card? (Note: I have a good credit score).

    2) The card that is coming off I signed up for in late November, so does 5/24 apply until that exact date, or does it end on Nov. 1? I obviously don’t want to be rejected a second time because of 5/24, particularly if I would be approved just a few days later. At the same time, I want to apply as soon as possible.

    3) Do I have a better chance of getting the card if I submit an entirely new application, or should I call Chase’s reconsideration line?


    • Tim, Did you get an answer to your question? I have the same question since my fifth oldest card started in mid-february 2017 and I want to know if I need to wait until March 2017 to apply or can I apply in late february.

  27. I converted (Product Change) my 4 year old “AAdvantage AMEX” into Costco Visa today/ I have 2 questions.

    1. Since the new card is Visa, I will get a new card number. How will chase view this from a 5/24 perspective
    2. Since this is a Product Change (Even from AMEX to Visa), will my history be carried over in my credit report

  28. How does credit karma make money?

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  30. This is so incredibly helpful, thank you. I can’t believe I haven’t signed up for Credit Karma until now!

  31. Hi,

    I would like to see how many cards I opened in last 24 months. I am following this article but my credit karma screens are completely different from yours. I am not able to sort credit card accounts based on opened date. my sample screens are attached below.

    Any help is appreciated.

    • Rahul,

      You need to click into the details for each report then on the credit cards link in there. Hope that helps

  32. After doing this, I found that I had more accounts than expected; the reason is that I would see entries for “authorized user” for cards in my name on my wife’s account. Do those count towards the 5/24?