Chase Sapphire Reserve: What Emily Learned From Her Banker

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This week, Emily spoke with her Chase banker to ask about the Chase Sapphire Reserve.  Her banker said most Chase branches have been swamped with folks looking to apply for the card.  And that Chase is surprised by the overwhelming demand!

I understand why folks are so excited about the Chase Sapphire Reserve’s 100,000 point sign-up bonus offer!  Because it’s the highest public sign-up bonus I’ve ever seen on a card that earns valuable Chase Ultimate Rewards points!

Chase Sapphire Reserve In-Branch

Use 100,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards Points From the Sapphire Reserve Sign-Up Bonus for Big Travel! You Could Transfer Points to Hyatt for Free Nights at Hotels Like the Park Hyatt Sydney

I’ll share what else Emily learned about the Chase Sapphire Reserve In-Branch

Applying for Chase Sapphire Reserve In-Branch Could Help Your Approval Odds

Link:   Chase Sapphire Reserve

Link:   Chase Branch Locator

Chase has thousands of branches throughout the US.  And many of their bankers are extremely helpful!

Emily’s chat with her Chase banker indicated applying for the Chase Sapphire Reserve at a local branch might help your odds of getting approved.  This is especially true for folks affected by Chase’s tighter application rules who’ve opened 5 or more credit cards in the past 24 months.

That’s because Chase’s system in-branch flags certain folks for credit card pre-approval.  

While it’s NOT guaranteed you’ll automatically get a card with a pre-approval, the bankers at Chase hint there’s a higher probability.  Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing how Chase decides which folks are pre-approved.

Chase Sapphire Reserve In-Branch

If You’ve Had Lots of Credit Cards in the Past 24 Months, Applying for the Chase Sapphire Reserve In a Branch Could Increase Your Chances of Approval

If you haven’t had lots of cards recently, Chase has the same requirements online and in-branch to review applications for the Sapphire Reserve.  Having Private Client Status can help overcome of the criteria. 🙂  Your application will be based on:

If you’re not approved for the card online or in branch, it’s possible your Chase banker can contact the reconsideration department on your behalf.  But I can’t promise this will get you approved.

So Popular, They Ran Out!

Because of the unexpected demand for the Chase Sapphire Reserve, Emily’s banker said there’s a 3-week back log on getting the cards delivered once you’re approved.  The card has the same metal material as the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase didn’t have enough metal cards in stock to print them!

I don’t know if this is true or not.  But now you know the gossip. 🙂

Given the demand, I’m curious to see how long Chase will offer the 100,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards point sign-up bonus.  Chase didn’t put a deadline on the current offer.

We’ve seen other premium cards like Citi Prestige and AMEX Platinum offer higher sign-up bonuses, but only for a limited time.  Or on a targeted basis.

I hope the current Chase Sapphire Reserve offer lasts.  Because it’s the most exciting card to come around in a long time!

Bottom Line

The demand for the Chase Sapphire Reserve has been off the charts!  There’s even a delay in getting the cards shipped once you’re approved.

If you’ve had lots of new credit cards in the past 24 months, you might have a better chance getting approved for the Chase Sapphire Reserve in-branch.  Because sometimes there’s a pre-approval notated on your account.  Or a Chase banker could help you contact the reconsideration department.

Did you apply for the Chase Sapphire Reserve online or in-branch?  I’d love to hear about your experience!

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62 responses to “Chase Sapphire Reserve: What Emily Learned From Her Banker

  1. I applied last night online, and was approved on the spot. Question: Given a delay of up to 3 weeks to ship the card, on what date will the three month minimum spending period start?

  2. Applied online, auto approved. Four existing CC accounts with Chase and 4/24 plus one business. Surprised at the approval but Thank you very much.

  3. Had 3 High limit Chase credit cards (freedom, IHG, Ink plus). Applied online. Pending… Called Chase lending department. Recommended to borrow 15k credit line from Chase IHG for CSR, which will be my 4th Chase card. Approved. Question: Am I still going to get the signup bonus?

  4. Applied last night and was auto approved with a hefty $32,500 credit line. However, I was at 3/24.

    Seeing that I have two young kids, and one of my applications will drop off in January, I plan to apply for no new cards until I can get the Southwest cards again in March, 2017. I can’t explain how it felt to book tickets home on January 1, 2017 and not have my kids fly for free! Need that Companion Pass back!

    As an aside, I wanted to thank you for all you do. Having my kids fly for free over the past 18 months has been amazing, and we will be joining my wife’s family in Italy using frequent flier miles next year. I’m also going to get several thousand dollars cashback from the Discover It Apple Pay bonus in a month or two. Truly appreciated, especially since we decided to become a single income family.

  5. Got my card yesterday after applying in branch on Monday. Other than the color and shading, it isn’t all that much different from the CSP. I charged a Global Entry application fee and saw the refund almost immediately in the pending charges web page. Going to cancel my CSP today and make this my go-to card. Amazing benefits.

  6. I was wondering the same thing. If it’s taking up to three weeks to arrive, does that count towards the 3 months you have to spend the $4000?

  7. I applied online on Monday and was originally given “pending decision” status. I was nervous because I was at 4/24 (by my count) and just got the Sapphire and the Marriott cards in the last 3 months. By late Tuesday night, the Reserve was showing up in my Chase account and I was surprised to find out my card was overnighted to me yesterday! I’ve already used it! Nice touch for a prestigious card with a high annual fee!

  8. I got
    Approved instantly in the morning and got my card the next day. My husband however still hasn’t recieved his he applied same day but later in the afternoon. I had 2/24 he’s at 1/24

  9. Question to those who have applied and been approved for the new Sapphire Reserve card, and who also currently have the Sapphire Preferred card……Are you cancelling or keeping your Sapphire Preferred card now that you have both cards? What is the best strategy?

  10. @Wayne
    You may downgrade your card to a no fee card like Chase Freedom. This way the age of your credit history won’t be affected and this downgrade doesn’t show on your credit report at all.

  11. I just need the sign up bonus to last a couple of more weeks!!! I’m 5/24 until next month.

  12. Patricia Eachus

    Applied online, accepted within a minute. Very easy. Hope the card comes quickly as I have the $4000+ purchase I need to make immediately.

  13. I’m way over 5/24 and got the “7 – 10 Day pending message”, but after pulling my EX (750 FICO), they pulled my EQ (730 FICO). I have 3 Chase cards (Slate, CSP, and Marriott) all about 18 month’s old. After calling, it’s still says my application is still being reviewed, going on day 5. Guess I’ll try calling again today. I’m hoping I can move some of my Chase CL’s around and still get the Reserve. I’ll post back with the outcome. I’m still expecting 5/24 to cause a denial, but I was surprised to see them pull a second credit bureau.

  14. Does 5/24 apply only to Chase products or any products? I’ve seen conflicting info across blogs. Thanks!

  15. It supposedly means ANY CC’s, from any bank, not just Chase. So if you’ve opened more than 5 CC’s or became an AU, in the past 24 month’s, you’ll be declined. But there seems to be a few approvals that were over 5/24. I’m waiting to see my outcome as I’m wayyyyyyy over 5/24. I’m expecting a denied.

  16. @Doug – Congrats! The minimum spending requirement usually starts from the day you were approved for the card.

    @Barry – Awesome news! Thanks for sharing.

    @Ming – You’ll be able to earn the sign-up bonus as long as you meet the minimum spending requirement.

    @Brian – Thanks for reading the site! So happy you and your family are enjoying Big Travel With Small Money!

    @Jonathan – Congrats on getting the Chase Sapphire Reserve!

    @Kim – The minimum spending requirement typically starts from the day you were approved for the card.

    @Erin – Awesome!

    @Jake – The “5/24” rule includes credit cards from any bank. But it excludes certain small business credit cards that don’t appear on your personal credit report:

  17. I’ve had the CSP for many years and it’s my go to card, also just got the CSR. The annual fee for my CSP is up in January and when that happens I plan to product change it to another CSR, then when the annual fee for the first CSR hits next August, I’ll product change that to a freedom.

    Why this plan? Why not just PC the CSP to a Freedom now? Well I have travel coming up in December that’s booked on the CSP and I want the travel protection and customer service of the CSP. Plus, when I PC to the CSR, I’ll get another $600 in travel credits in the first year. Also, my CSP is one of my oldest active accounts so I want to continue using it. I plan to eventually get another Chase card like the Fairmont and will probably have to cancel the freedom to do that since I’m currently at 4 chase cards + 2ink. Don’t want to be canceling my oldest account at Chase. So by changing the CSP to CSR I’m preserving an old account that I want to keep and by changing the CSR to a Freedom, I’m only canceling my newest account when the time comes.

  18. Can you apply with a business EIN?

  19. I applied Monday afternoon, about 4:50pm EST, in a branch. I’m not a CPC. I was pre-approved so I said let’s do it. I’m sitting at 15/24, approx., so I didn’t expect approval. To my surprise I was approved. She said “Chase is only looking at how many Chase cards you’ve had in the last 24 months”. Hard to believe with all the other Data Points. Still no notification from UPS.

  20. Chase looks at all your cards. You got it because you were pre-approved. That’s the question to ask your banker.

  21. I am curious what Chase will do with the 3-week back log in regards to 4K in 3 months spend.

  22. I’m frustrated by the fact that people over 5/24 (and that are NOT private client) are getting approved…this means that Chase is not being consistent in following their own rules. Here’s my tale:
    -I’m at 7/24, but only 2 of those are Chase cards. My credit score is impeccable. My utilization was showing 0% (I pay my balances every month). My income would more than qualify me.
    -I went into a branch and my banker said I was one of the most qualified applicants she should think of, and that she saw no reason why I wouldnt get the card. But I was not pre-approved.
    -The banker submitted my application and sure enough it was denied.
    -She called the reconsideration line, and they said it was because, and I quote, “too many accounts opened in the last 24 months”.
    -She tried to get them to revisit my situation because I’m very qualified. Nope
    -She tried to get them to take from the credit lines of my other 2 cards instead of giving me more credit. They still said “no”.
    -She asked to speak to an underwriter, who said, “There is nothing we can do. They system will literally not let me override it once it sees the too many accounts opened in 24 months”.
    -She escalated again, to no avail.
    -She apologized profusely and gave me a number to call when I got home to see if I got someone else if they’d reconsider, which I did. They wouldn’t even listed to my situation. As soon as they looked at my account they said “sorry, too many accounts opened in 24 months, this is not a point that allows for any reconsideration, there is nothing I can do”. So I hung up.
    -Then I tweeted @Chase and they asked me to DM them with my info, so I did. They got back to me and said that they could still not approve me for the same reason as before. I told them they need to consider exception for highly qualified applicants who are existing customers, and they said “Thank you for the feedback. We will pass it along to the appropriate people for future policy considerations”, which we all know is the equivalent of a huge middle finger in my face. So at that point I gave up. No CSR for me.

  23. I called Chase CSR on the time limit for reaching $4k and was told the 3 months starts from when you activate the card.

  24. Does Chase Ink Plus Sig VI count for 5/24? I read conflicting reports

  25. @mwwalk – Congrats on getting the Sapphire Reserve! And thanks for sharing your plans on the product change. Makes a lot of sense!

    @Srikanth – The Sapphire Reserve is a personal card. So you’ll need to apply using a social security number.

    @Phil – Great to hear you were approved!

    @Adam – I agree the rule can be frustrating.

    @James W – Thank you for sharing!

  26. I applied for the Reserve online and got the 7-10 days response. I am 4/24 and have the Freedom, CSP, Hyatt, SW Plus, and SW Premier. I went into the branch a few hours later, they submitted my application and called the recon line. It was a long process (took about an hour overall), but they were able to negotiate with the recon people. Ultimately, I had to close one of my SW cards and reduce the credit line from my CSP card, and with that they approved me for the Reserve.

  27. I’m at exactly 5/24 with my oldest of that bunch hitting 24 months in November. Chase denied me, even though I’ve had a car loan through them and credit cards dating back to 2010, a very high credit score, and high income. The agent on the recon line said the 5/24 is a new auto-denial policy and there is nothing they can do about it. Frustrating, I would have never got the Citi and Amex Hilton cards (whose points are seriously of so low value, I will never use these cards again) had I known about this.

  28. I applied at the branch & got approved !!
    Am way beyond 5/24 .. More like 12/24 ( all banks put together)

  29. If people stop applying for Amex cards because of the once in a lifetime bonus policy, they will eventually change the policy…. when you get denied at chase for being a good credit worthy customer with more than 5 cards, tell them you will start your card consolidation by cancelling all the chase cards you have (preferably the ones you have collected the bonus on and have no further use for), also close your accounts with chase and take your money out of their unreasonable bank…(you can get 1 checking bonus per calendar year, so it makes sense to close it yearly) and tell the banker the reason is 5/24 qualification has made you feel like an unwanted customer….if bankers report losing business and accounts closing maybe this policy will go away eventually too.

  30. Just spoke with a chase brqanch…they say I am “preapporved” but that is a generl statement, not a specific preapproval for the reserve card. Is that consistent with what others have heard?

  31. I am at 5/24, was denied for approval online on Monday, called reconsideration line and was told that I have too many accounts opened in the last 24 months. Went into Chase branch on Wednesday, asked for any cards I was pre-approved, was already pre-approved for CSR, told the banker my situation and he said its worth a try, and was approved instantly!

  32. Card arrived today. Will open when I get home. @John, yes. @Adam, completely agree. Was approved myself via in-branch preapproval, but Fiancee did not get preapproval and not approved with higher credit score, similar income, and less cards in the last 24 months than I.

  33. I’m fed up with Chase.

    Husband makes six figures, has a FICO of 847 and is 4/24 (3 are Chase) but his application for the CSR online has been pended. We don’t have Chase banks in our area, so this isn’t an option.

    Despite several comments on this website to the contrary, they refused to upgrade my signup bonus when I got a new Marriott card 1 year ago. (Pended my approval for a business card despite a six figure income and FICO of 840, then the day I was approved per the recon line they refused to give me the better offer that was active the day I was approved!) Over 10 months later, I canceled the Mariott business card and they threatened that all my Marriott points that I had earned from the card would expire within 30 days of canceling the card, however since I have a Mariott personal card I was then told the points would remain active per the usual Marriott rules. WTF???

    Has anyone else had this kind of horrible customer service, or am I just being targeted for some reason? And we both have had Chase freedom accounts for over 20 years with no late payments!!

  34. If I downgrade my Chase Sapphire Preferred to Freedom – do you keep the same credit card number or is a new one issued as if you get a new card? Believe someone mentioned that this doesn’t count as a closed/new card on credit report and doesn’t affect aging average. Has someone done this and can confirm?

  35. Thanks for this article. I got approved today.
    After reading this article, I checked Chase website to see if I am preapproved for any Chase cards but no cards showed as pre-approved. I took a chance and applied for this card and was approved immediately with 10K credit. I have 5 chase cards already and I think I applied for 2 Chase cards (Hyatt/United Explorer within 24 months (only United Explorer got approved). I am very surprised by I got approved immediately.

  36. @Sherri – It sounds like it took some extra effort to get approved. Congrats!

    @Brian – I understand the frustration. Perhaps you can try again in November after you’re beyond the “5/24” period.

    @Akshat – Congrats on your approval!

    @John – Usually folks are told they’re pre-approved for a specific card.

    @Joe – Congrats on getting the card!

  37. @Mo – From my experience, Chase won’t match customers a better offer starting this summer because too many people are asking for it. They did match 2 years ago.

    On a side note, from reading other blogs, I’m quite surprised that many high income earners went crazy over this Reserve card, while in fact, they can more than afford a vacation.

  38. “I called Chase CSR on the time limit for reaching $4k and was told the 3 months starts from when you activate the card.”

    That is incorrect. Please do not listen to clueless CSRs. The date begins once card is activated.

  39. ^^

    I ment to say once approved, not “activated”

  40. Then I won’t waste my money. If they are taking up to 3 weeks to send the cards then in reality you only have a little over 2 months to spend 4K. Not easy to do for a lot of people. They should be accommodating people for their delay in getting the cards out.

  41. I do a lot of business with Chase but sort of feel this time I’ve been pushed back to the last middle seat in coach with no recline and next to the restrooms! Let me explain why….
    After reading about this card on MMS and other travel blogs there is no doubt that I wanted it from day one, but decided to wait and learn more since I knew I had pressed my luck with 2 new Chase hotel cards, cancelling a BA card after one year and a new Citi Prestige a year ago. I’ve earned millions of miles through sign up bonuses and spending thru my business, and no question this tops them all and are among the most valuable! So with all my new found knowledge of what would be best for me (at least I thought), I decided to bite the bullet yesterday and go in and have a chat of my own with my Chase Banker (have every kind of account with them including my mortgage, plus a credit score of over 820, but I am not a Chase Private Client). First off, I was not pre-approved, and neither was my wife. So we then discussed my current situation, card accounts, which ones had been closed, ones I wanted to close (Citi), best way to proceed, but somehow I still felt my Chase banker was not that well informed. Thinking to myself I said “what do I do? This is not going to be as easy as it has always been in the past! Do I apply with him like most blogs are recommending or hop in my car and go home and apply online?” YIKES! Decisions, decisions!!?! After all, he has helped me get new promo cards in the past, and even expedited them to the branch so I have them in hand within 48hrs. Yet blog advise seemed to be clear – in my situation I would have a better chance to apply in branch, so I did! After my Chase banker punched in all my info on his PC, bang! My application was in! Oddly enough though he jumped up from his desk and said he’d be right back. When he returned he handed me a printed hard copy for me to sign. I have never remembered having to sign an application before. Maybe I have, but I just didn’t remember. Of course I signed and then waited for the usual “Congratulations, you have been approved”, but not this time. I kept waiting for a “yea” or “nay”, but it didn’t come. So I did some small chatting with him, educating my Chase rep on how he could best maximize his own Chase Ultimate Rewards points by transferring them to BA for an upcoming AA PHX-PVR non stop flight, thinking my approval was just taking a little longer than usual. In this case, not so. I finally had to ask if I was approved. I was sort of shocked but he told me the decision would come in the mail within 7 days. I said “Really?” He said “Yes”. I said “In the past I always been instant”. He said “Not so with the Reserve”. I said “What about online applications, I thought … ?” He said “They are not doing online instant approvals for this card, everyone is notified by mail. I can’t even call the reconsideration line to see if you are approved or not, you have to wait for the letter in the mail.” By this time I was dumbfounded…. I just said “thank you” and took my departure. Ouch! It was painful. I think I would have rather just applied on line and got the answer for myself instantly.
    So Darius/Emily can you chime in here? I am just wondering if things have tightened up even more so within the last 24/72hours with the overwhelming response Chase is getting with this card (1000 applications per hour!?), and therefore are no longer giving instant decisions for online applications? Perhaps my Chase Banker just doesn’t know what he is talking about, but in any case, having to wait is painful! And yes, this I feel like I’m sitting in the last row of coach in the middle seat, no recline, no legroom and that oh so familiar blue odor from the toilet is drifting my way! Hopefully I will get my letter soon and find out yes! I have been upgraded to 2A, that would make it all so worth it!

  42. Just a quick poll …

    How many folks who’d rec’d for the CSR will keep the card after the first year?
    Or would it be a hit-n-run kind of scenario with any cards having high/heftly annual fees?


  43. @JD – Folks are still reporting instant approvals for online applications. Perhaps you can call Chase to check the status of your application.

  44. I only apply for cards I plan to hold on to for year’s to come, unless the benefits change substantially. But I’d bet they’ll be alot who cancel this card immediately before the anniversary date and 2nd year AF,unless they can justify the costs vs benefits. With the airline credit, the AF drops substantially and makes it alot more affordable for most, myself included.

  45. JD, I know the feeling. I’m in “7 – 10 day review pending” status myself. It sucks, plain and simple. But Chase has the 5/24 rule and I rolled the dice. I haven’t been officially told I’m declined and I’m holding out hope, but the signs don’t look good. Best not to dwell on it. Just move on. In your case, your canceling of the CSP and another Chase CC recently was probably a significant issue with their decision for your CSR application.

  46. My wife and I were approved online. We both have low 800 fico. We also have used the British Airways card for all of our spending for the last two years; we earned the travel together certificate this year.

  47. @MMS- I did call my Chase banker yesterday about something else. He said “and hold on, I want to check the status of your application”. When he came back he said ” just spoke to them and the underwriters have not yet had a chance to review your app., so still pending. I spent all day yesterday putting a spreadsheet together of all our accounts we have opened and closed over the years, also recent cards in the last 24 months. Close to 2mil points/miles in just the last 5 years, and I have been doing this since I left working for the airlines eons ago– Yikes! I think they have my number.

  48. I was denied because I have opened 3 credit cards in the last 2 years and was added as an authorized user on three of my wife’s cards. Was told this counts as six new cards. Doesn’t seem right.

  49. Followed some others’ advise on here. I applied on 8/25 and was pending. I have the CSP and SWA cards. My wife also has the SWA card and we are authorized users on each other’s accounts. I called the reconsideration line and they approved me by simply moving some of my unused credit. Essentially, I had too much available credit with Chase that i was not using. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new card.

  50. Thank you – thank you – thank you!

    I have many more cards than the 5/24 Chase rules “allow” I was recently turned down for a Chase Southwest and a Chase United card for having too many cards. I was in my local Chase branch today and thought to give this idea a try. I sat with a banker and found out I was “pre-approved” for this card. I disclosed the turned down cards to my banker and we both just said what the heck, lets give it a try. INSTANT APPROVAL. $35k credit limit. I have several domestic and international trips over the next year or so and this card will be perfect for that travel. I never would have thought to try this without reading this blog. Next time I need a card, I will use your links to pay you back. Thanks again.

  51. 5/24 DENIAL

    I have a H700 FICO, six-figure salary and have had the CSP for 3+ years with no late payments. I was at 5/24 with 2 of the 5 being Chase cards and one card rolling off in 30 days.

    I applied in a Chase branch and forgot to ask if I was pre-approved, partially because they were asking me to set up an appointment for a couple weeks away to discuss becoming a Chase Private Client (I guess I figured something was already highlighting me as a good candidate and thus was a sure thing for approval). The banker also was talking as if I was assuredly going to be approved and that the delay was just due to the overwhelming demand for the card. I called a couple days later to check on the status and to even pre-preemptively offer to re-arrange credit if there was an issue, but was simply told that it just had not been reviewed yet. After a few more days I received a notice in the mail stating that I was denied due to too many new cards within the last 24 months. I will be calling the reconsideration line with little hope…otherwise I guess I can try re-applying in a month or two. The hit to my credit score definitely sucks though.

  52. @MMS – just got the dreaded letter in the mail – denied even with a squeaky clean 800+ FICO score… Reason given, “too many credit cards opened in last 2 years.” I’ll put a call in to my banker but doubt it will do any good. If all else fails I will try to call the reconsideration line in a few days. Do you know if there is a special reconsideration line just for the Chase Sapphire Reserve?

  53. @MMS – My Chase banker just called me back. He informed me that as of approx. 2 weeks ago they cannot even call in to the reconsideration on behalf of a client any more, not even if you just want to adjust some credit lines on existing cards. I am wondering if it would be worth calling myself just to see if I get a sympathetic ear. Any suggestions are appreciated!

  54. Was just approved for CSR card this morning, called customer service to get a rush on the delivery and she said they are unable to rush these cards. She also said that they ran out of metal cards so the card will be shipping on a plastic card until they can get more metal ones.

  55. It’s not a straight 5/24. I applied through branch with pre-approval. FICO 798 and over 6 figure income. Been with chase over 10 years with freedom and 2 plus saving+1 premier checking and safe box. Had CSP before, didn’t work out and closed. I have 8/24 due to Costco switching to visa(+2) for me and authorized user, Citi prestige, CSP, Barclay, SPG, Capital One Venture. Surprised got approval instantly, spoke with banker and a friend who underwrite who told me it’s not a simple 5/24 issue. They look at your overall asset with Chase as well and ur credit card usuages to determine profibility of lending to you. I would not bother to apply if you don’t have pre-approval or strong business relation with the bank. Good luck

  56. If I only have credit card accounts with Chase, should I go to a branch to see if I am preapproved? Or is this only for people with checking/savings/loan accounts?

  57. Received my card today after applying online a few days ago shipped overnight. It’s plastic. I guess they did run out of the metal stock. Oh well.

  58. I applied for my Chase Sapphire Reserve @ 5:00PM 8/31/2016 at my local Chase branch. UPS delivered it 2 days later, on 09/02/2016. It is the temporary plastic card, but why is everyone talking 3 weeks to get your card.

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  60. Hello,

    Thanks very much for your blog.
    I am curious about your and anyone’s input on the following re denied application for the CSR card:
    Denied due to 9/24. Credit score 765. Income 120K.
    Already have CSP, Mileage Explorer, and Freedom by Chase.
    Will drop to 4/24 by Jan 2017. Will re-apply for CSR then.
    Any insight whether closing the CSP (with a 50K credit line) would be an advantage?

    Thanks – Mark

  61. Applied online on 9/20/16 and was instantly approved for $20.7k CL
    Credit Score: 750
    Income: $70k
    Current Cards (CL): Chase Freedom ($10k) & Wells Fargo ($6k)
    It is true about having to wait for the cards. I called to see if they could expedite my card since I have a trip I wanted to book, but they will not rush deliver anyone and they are still out of the metal cards. I was told that once the metal is back in stock, they will be sending out new cards to people who got plastic.

  62. @Mark Seelig – Instead of closing your Chase Sapphire Preferred account, you might consider asking Chase if you can move some of the credit limit to the Chase Sapphire Reserve card when you re-apply.

    @Chase – Congrats on getting the card! Thanks for sharing your data point!