Get a Same-Day Walk-In Appointment at These Global Entry Enrollment Centers!

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No one likes waiting in airport security lines, especially lately!

Although there’s been recent good news that Congress has approved funds to add more TSA screeners, many folks are looking for ways to get through security faster.  Like with Global Entry, which gets you into the faster TSA PreCheck lanes at US airports.

However, you often have to wait months before you can get at interview at your nearest Global Entry center.  But did you know many enrollment centers accept walk-ins without a reservation?

Get A Same Day Walk In Appointment At These Global Entry Enrollment Centers

Don’t Want to Wait Months for a Global Entry Interview? You Might Be Able to Get a Walk-In Appointment Sooner!

I’ll share the current walk-in policies of most enrollment centers.

Centers That WILL Accept Walk-Ins

Link:   Addresses of Global Entry Enrollment Centers

These centers said they will accept walk-ins.  However, you’ll probably have to wait — sometimes hours — and there is NO guarantee you will be seen.


Nogales, Arizona Enrollment Center

  • Very welcoming to walk-ins, though you may need to wait

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

  • Expect a long wait

Tucson International Airport

  • Come after 5:00 pm and they will try to fit you in


San Francisco International Airport

  • Only accepts 6 walk-ins per day, and you must be in line before 8:00 am.  Most start waiting in line very early.  You can expect to wait anywhere between 45 minutes and 7 hours.

District of Columbia

Washington, DC, Enrollment Center


Miami International Airport

  • Come after 6:00 pm for shorter wait

West Palm Beach, Florida, Enrollment Center

  • Only accepted between 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm daily


Atlanta Port Office, US Customs House

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport


Grand Portage, Minnesota Enrollment Center

  • Walk-ins are often seen.  Call ahead for best availability.

Warroad, Minnesota Enrollment Center

New York

John F. Kennedy International Airport

North Dakota

Pembina, North Dakota Enrollment Center


Pittsburgh International Airport

Puerto Rico

San Juan – Luis Munoz Marin International Airport


Doha, Qatar, Enrollment Center


Laredo, Texas, Enrollment Center

San Antonio International Airport

  • Must call ahead to be placed on the wait-list schedule.

Centers That MAY Accept Walk-Ins

At these centers, you’re less likely to be seen as walk-in.  It might just depend on the officer’s mood!


Boise Enrollment Center


Baltimore / Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport


Boston – Logan International Airport


Detroit Metropolitan Airport

  • Needs managerial approval.  Try early Friday morning around 6:00 am to 8:00 am.

Sault Saint Marie, Michigan Enrollment Center

  • Must have a future appointment scheduled with this site to be considered.


St. Louis, Missouri, Enrollment Center

  • Needs managerial approval


Sweetgrass, Montana, Enrollment Center

New Jersey

Newark Liberty International Airport

New Mexico

Albuquerque International Sunport Airport

  • Depends on cancellations

North Carolina

Charlotte – Douglas International Airport

  • Depends on cancellations.

New York

Champlain, New York, Enrollment Center

  • They may take you early if you have an appointment that very same day


Hidalgo, Texas, Enrollment Center

  • Must have a future appointment scheduled with this site to be considered

Houston Central Library

  • Rare, but possible

Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport

  • Inside terminal E, requires boarding pass
  • Policy states no walk-ins, but they often make exceptions


Seattle – Tacoma International Airport

  • Must have a future appointment scheduled with this site to be considered

Centers That Will NOT Accept Walk-Ins


Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport


San Luis, Arizona Enrollment Center


Calexico, California, Enrollment Center

Los Angeles International Airport

Otay Mesa, California, Enrollment Center

San Ysidro, California, Enrollment Center


Denver International Airport


Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International Airport

Orlando International Airport

Orlando – Sanford International Airport

Tampa International Airport


Honolulu International Airport


Chicago O’Hare International Airport


Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport


Detroit, Michigan, Enrollment Center

Port Huron, Michigan, Enrollment Center


Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport


Kansas City, Missouri, Enrollment Center


Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

New York

Bowling Green US Customs House

Niagara Falls, New York, Enrollment Center


Cleveland, Ohio, Enrollment Center

Port Clinton, Ohio, Enrollment Center

Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport


Portland International Airport


Philadelphia International Airport

Rhode Island

Warwick, Rhode Island Enrollment Center


Nashville Enrollment Center


Austin – Bergstrom International Airport

Brownsville, Texas, Enrollment Center

Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport

El Paso, Texas, Enrollment Center


Salt Lake City International Airport

Seattle, Washington Enrollment Center


Birch Bay Enrollment Center

Seattle, Washington, Enrollment Center


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Enrollment Center


Derby Line, Vermont, Enrollment Center

Cards That Offer Free Global Entry

Global Entry costs $100 and is valid for 5 years.  But the fee is refunded if you pay with one of these cards:

With these cards, you’re eligible for the fee reimbursement once every 5 years.

Bottom Line

Many Global Entry enrollment centers will accept walk-ins, though some have special conditions.  Bring a book, because you’ll probably have to wait!

But if you have a Global Entry center nearby, or are traveling through an airport with a location, it’s worth checking for a walk-in appointment if you’d otherwise have to wait months for a spot.

Let me know about your experience obtaining a Global Entry interview as a walk-in!

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42 responses to “Get a Same-Day Walk-In Appointment at These Global Entry Enrollment Centers!

  1. The Canadian NEXUS costs a lot less than Global Entry and affords the same PreCheck and U.S. entry benefit as Global Entry. Are there U.S. credit cards that reimburse card holders for applying to the NEXUS program? Do you have tips for applying to NEXUS and getting a quick interview?

  2. I was waiting at the JFK Airport Global Entry center when a family of four came in and signed up as walk ins. One of the officers came in asked them why they haven’t put in an appointment time on the sign up list and when she found out hat they are walk ins she told them that they do NOT accept walk ins. The family argued that they have relatives who walked in the previous week and were seen as walk ins but the officer didn’t budge. The more they argued the more annoyed the officer got. At the end the family got thrown out and yelled at that they must follow rules! I should me run that this was about 9:30am and there were only three of us waiting for scheduled appointments. So I would say JFK is a hit or miss at best! I should also add that my appointment was on time and the officer was efficient and very pleasant.

    • I just tried to walk in at JFK today (my appt is next week, but I’m flying through JFK today), and was told that it was by appointment only, NO walk ins. Maybe they allowed it before, but they don’t seem to now.

      • Same experience here, officer was a real jerk. NO walk ins at JFK. Huge waste of time, effort, and money. What a joke.

  3. Great list. Any info on Long Beach, CA?

  4. San Antonio may take walk-ins if you call but I haven’t been able to reach anyone there to ask. I get the recorded message. But, San Antonio opened up some additional slots last week, I was able to change mine from end of July and my wife from mid-August to both this Friday. Watch for emails for more times opening up if you’ve already set an appointment. They will tell you what days they will be having additional interviews and what day they will begin allowing you to sign up. The system starts accepting new appointments at 12:00AM that day, I suggest being on the system at midnight exactly for best choices.

  5. IAH INSIDE the terminal was a great experience last week – in and out within half an hour. Moreover, the guy working the one desk was very agreeable and pleasant. As I was being “interviewed” a family of four arrived – the father had apparently received his interview as a walk-in and was told by the interviewing officer that his family could do likewise. The father bought four fully refundable tickets, his family passed through security, and they were being interviewed as I left. The earliest appointments in centers on my travel routes were in either August or November, so this was a huge save for me. If you’re based in Houston and have a long wait, it is worth a try via a refundable ticket.

  6. Interesting that Portland, OR says they do not accept walk ins. When I was there for my appointment (I waited at least 6 months to get) a family came without an appointment and were whisked right in after my interview!

  7. I have a free pre-check thanks to Orbitz platinum. I can’t use it because I’m a visa-holder. I’d love to give it to my wife. Has anyone had experience with paying for pre-check using the Orbitz platinum promo code? I know the terms say it cannot be transferred but I was curious as to the experience of others – can it be transferred?

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  9. I was able to get a walk up at PHX. Wait time 4hrs

  10. FYI, once you have your interview, assuming all is OK, your Known Traveller Number goes active immediately. My interview was yesterday. I plugged it into my profile on United and got TSA-precheck on my boarding pass for my trip today.

  11. Has anyone tried Nashville. I know it is on the list for absolutely no walk-ins.

  12. FYI, there is a 2 day temporary event setup in October in Birmingham. October 4 and 5. Several openings.

  13. Has anyone had success as a walk in at O’Hare? I know they are on the list as not accepting walk-ins. My appointment is not until October. They do not answer their phone or return calls left on their voicemail.

  14. SFO Appears to be a 24-hour facility. We showed up at 5:30 AM on a Wednesday, and there was a line, and there was a CBP individual taking names and adding people to the waiting list. You really can’t get there too early in the morning. 🙁

  15. So, SFO is on a 24 hour schedule through Aug 10. Apparently your best bet is to come around 10 – 11:30 PM, and be there when people who thought they had an appointment at 2 PM, not 2 AM, don’t show up for their 2 AM appointment

  16. Unfortunately missed my original appointment date at JFK because I was stuck in another country. When I was returning I had a long layover In Houston’s IAH Airport. I tried to go to the main global entry office that was outside the terminals that told me they could accommodate me because they had 100+ interviews for that day. So seeing as I had a ticket to actually enter the terminal I saw there was another global entry office located at terminal E. I rescheduled my appointment for that office even though it was for about a week after I just figured atleast it was for that office they may accomadate me. I walked in the office and there was only one person there. I told the officer my situation and he gladly assisted me and conducted my interview. Greatly appreciate that officer and that global entry office. Would definitely recommend them.

  17. Does anyone have any experience with the Newark Global Entry Center? Thanks.

  18. @Susan,
    My son and I attempted a walk in this morning at Newark. The guard I talked to was pretty rude, but said they weren’t accepting walk in’s today. I guess it’s a hit or miss there.

  19. Has anyone had any experience with the enrollment center in DC (on Penn Ave)? Since it’s the CBP headquarters I’m hoping walk ins move smoothly.

    • Followup – Went to DC enrollement center. Quick and easy for walk ins (on a Saturday morning at 9:30am). Nice officers. Out in 20 minutes, with 3 other people waiting with us.

  20. I just applied in Charlotte, NC, and it says “there are no appointments available at this time.” And of course, they already have my $100. I will try to do the walk-in thing, but I have three kids so I don’t know how long I can wait. Does anyone have experience with a center that you can’t even make an appointment at?

  21. Does anyone have experience with CVG? Just applied but they don’t have appointments until August 2017.

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  23. For what it’s worth, I got my conditional approval from GOES this morning (11/15) and was able to schedule an appointment for Phx Sky Harbor as quickly as this Saturday (11/19).

  24. JFK AND EWR do NOT accept any walkins and are pretty nasty about it. there was nobody there was waiting for 30 min!; all positions were clear but business as usual with the people at the administration doing nothing and bragging about being overwhelmed with loads of work

  25. Soonest appointment in Minneapolis is April 7th. They don’t start the 5 year countdown early do they? More like 4.5 years.

  26. Miami international Airport had next day appointments. Went in the day after my conditional approval. The interview took no more than 5 minutes.

  27. Hello, I just finished up our Global Entry Interviews at SEATAC Airport this past month and I hope this helps other people with families trying to schedule interviews on the same day and walk-ins. I applied for Global Entry for our family of 4 in August and was approved within a week. I scheduled interviews for December 8th as that was the earliest date that had 4 appointment slots consecutively for a family with children. Then we found out that we would have to send our passports in to the Italian consulate for visas before our GOES interviews. I had to look for earlier appointments for my husband and I so that we could get GOES approval as well as be able to send our passports away for visa approval. So I frantically, searched the GE appointment schedule daily, two or three times a day, said prayers (to St. Expedite if you are wondering) and managed to get an appointment for my husband at 5 pm and one for me at 12 pm on the day before Thanksgiving. I arrived for my interview at 11:45 am was seen immediately by a very delightful and pleasant Customs & Borders Officer. The interview took 10 to 15 minutes. I was approved and got an email 30 minutes later stating that. It took longer by train to get to the Airport than the interview. I told the officer that my husband was coming in later that day at 5 pm and my kids two weeks later. He said why didn’t I bring them with me. He said they like it when families come in at one time as it saves them work. He said to just call them and let them know the situation and they can try to fit everyone in at one time. They know what a hassle it is to schedule appointments for a family. Granted it was very quiet there the day before Thanksgiving. It may be a different story if it is very busy. It seems that they will accept walk-ins if you have an appointment scheduled already. So the advice is to pray, to be persistent and check the site for opened up appointments, and call to see if they will accept walk-ins particularly if you have a spouse or a family with children. Our cards came in about a week after our successive interviews.

  28. I have been approved for interview but need to get walk in appointment if I want this activated before my flight on Sunday morning. Will they take a walk in appt for an application that has been approved?
    How long can I wait to complete the interview? Is 6 months too long?

  29. Is there a phone number to call and ask questions?

  30. Such a pain getting an appointment….I keep trying my local Global Entry office (LAS) which has zero openings available and they don’t accept walk-ins!? Might have wasted my $100 app fee.

  31. I live 5 hours’ drive from the nearest Global Entry Enrollment Center. I tried a walk-in at PHX during a long layover, but didn’t get in after a 2 hour wait. A gentleman who signed the walk-in list ahead of me did get an interview. If anyone is waiting who has an appointment any time that day, they go first. However, the customs officer said that if you’re traveling through an airport with an interview office, start as soon as possible and keep checking for an appointment for the day you’re traveling. There are often cancellations on the same day, and you can nab one of those openings. ~Still trying . . .

  32. Does anyone have experience walking into Utah; I know it says no, just curious. Thanks?

  33. Does anyone have any experience with Charlotte? The “choose your locations” has 2 listings for CLT but they have the same address. The first one did not have any appts at this time. The second listing gave me first available 2 months out. Does anyone have experience as a walk in here?

  34. Just took my 9 month old twins to the Houston Central Library as walk ins & were in/out in an hour. We got there a few minutes after 10 am, he saw all of the people with appointments first & a woman with her 2 year old daughter (who were also a walk in). Once we were in it took all of 5-10 min! Definitely recommend.

  35. I tried to walk in and get my new passport updated for my existing global entry ,i was told to get an appointment .You can not sign up for an appointment once you already have Global entry and you cant get anyone on the phone to talk to .
    Any suggestions please!

  36. Fri 5/26/17 at 1:30pm at Boston’s Logan Airport, I was taken as walk-in in less than hour. 2 TSA agents greeting those w/ & w/o appointments very friendly, helpful, encouraging to all walk-ins, saying they always try to fit in everyone daily but give appointment holders top priority. There were ~12-15 walk-ins during hour I was there and only 1-2 with appointments, even tho day was supposedly booked solid. When I was notified late Feb my renewal application (first membership had expired early Dec 2016) had been approved and to schedule interview, first available in Boston was late July, too late for my Ireland trip in early July. In fact, ONLY apptmt I could get at that time in all of New England within 2-3hr driving distance of Boston was Hartford CT on 6/19/17. I booked it and started calling/writing, even asking 2 political reps for help (to no avail). 1 walk-in told me next open apptmt at Logan is now Jan 2018! Really screwed-up system, since this mandatory interview was NOT an interview, like first one – instead very nice agent spent 10mins typing into computer from printout of approved application I had brought with me! Bottomline, if you’re in Boston, go to Logan as walk-in as soon as application is approved and forget making an appointment. Also, consider downloading Mobile Passport and also applying for TSA Precheck , which costs $85 for 5yrs, sometimes called “Global Entry Lite,” and interviews are available immediately and in more areas than Global Entry. If you have Global Entry, however, TSA Pre-Check isn’t needed/is included, but Mobile Passport app allows you to avoid manually filling out Custom forms reentering US, etc. Happy Travels!

  37. Chase Sapphire Reserve also refunds the $100 application fee. You should add that card to the list!

  38. because of the influx of so many applicants coming in as walk-ins, seattle now does not take walk ins on a regular basis.

  39. No walk-ins at JFK today.
    Wasted a lot of time.
    If you wanna try, don’t ask any officer. Just sign the sheet and wait. Who knows?