We’re Part of a New Family!

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Five years ago, Emily and I started writing Million Mile Secrets during the nights and weekends so that we could share the world of miles and points travel with others.  We consider the blog as our baby.  And as our baby grew, we realized we couldn’t do everything ourselves!

So we brought on a few super-terrific folks to help us find the best deals, so we could tell you more ways to get Big Travel with Small Money.  And it’s worked!  We’ve been able to post more news faster.

But we found the technical demands of maintaining a quickly-growing blog too much to do ourselves.  We wanted to partner with folks who had technical and administrative resources (so we wouldn’t have to do everything!)

And we’re thrilled to share that Million Mile Secrets is now a member of the Bankrate family.  (They own creditcards.com.)

We're Part Of A New Family

Emily and I Are Excited That Million Mile Secrets Is Part of the Bankrate Family!  We’ll Continue to Tell You About the Best Deals.  And Now We’ll Get Great Support From Their IT Folks!

A crucial part of our decision was the ability to keep our complete independence in publishing content.  We made it absolutely clear that we’ll write about whatever we want, as we always have!

We’re Freed Up to Write About More Big Travel With Small Money

The folks at Bankrate support the Million Mile Secrets philosophy of writing about credit cards which don’t pay us a commission, but which readers should know about!

Unlike most acquirers, Bankrate has been terrific!  They have left us alone to manage the blog and we have no revenue, profitability, or growth numbers to hit.  This was very important to us when we decided on a partner.

And we can take advantage of their technical resources to ensure that the blog has more uptime than it did when we were responsible for the IT and administrative aspects of the blog.

During the transition, over the past many months, you may have noticed that nothing has changed on Million Mile Secrets.  And we don’t intend to change anything in the future!  Except…now that we have technical help, you’ve probably noticed we’ve had time to publish more posts, with less down time!

Thanks again for reading Million Mile Secrets over the past 5 years.  And we look forward to many more years together!

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30 responses to “We’re Part of a New Family!

  1. Sherlock Holes

    They also own thepointsguy. Conspiracy!!!

  2. Congratulations to you both! Keep up the great work!

  3. Michael H.(oldfox)

    Congratulations to you guys from a longtime reader and supporter. You have provided great info to this community.

  4. Congratulations to you both! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog everyday.

  5. So are you rolling up under the creditcards.com umbrella then?

  6. Complete conflict of interest no matter how you spin it.

    I am a state tax consultant for businesses. This is like telling my clients that I am going to work for the state now but not to worry because I will still find them the most savings possible. Whatever, you work for the state now. Not the client.

  7. Sell-out!

  8. @Jessica, your concerns are a good caveat, but the relationship is different. A consultant has important legal responsibilities to his or her paying clients. We aren’t clients of Daraius, simply interested readers who should expect full disclosure of relevant relationships as we make our own decisions on how to respond personally to the information he presents. It is appropriate we have this information, but it probably has little impact on how I read the blog. I think it’s been evident for some time that his work is monetized through credit card referrals, so that has long been a factor to bear in mind for a careful reader. I find the blog is helpful to me in generating information and ideas concerning travel opportunities, and I expect this will continue to be the case.

    • @ Michael H.(old fox) @Marina I am very touched and grateful to read your support!

      @Nick @ Personal Finance Digest – Nope! We are completely independent. Heck, we have (and will continue to have) a fraction of the cards which are available at credit cards.com

      @Ryan – Thanks for your feedback!

  9. I still check this blog everyday, but around the time of the divorce the blog seems to have gone 90% toward credit card promotion (how many possible ways are there to transfer Chase Sapphire points?!).

    Which is fine as I understand it’s a business, but this step seems to move the blog one step further away from offering ideas for points and miles chasing and towards straight-up credit card promotion.

  10. Great photo of the two of you!

    I’m happy for you about your new deal and even more happy that the two of you continue to work together.

    I wish you guys the best and will continue to read your great blog!

  11. I love how people go to a website for free information and then complain about how they don’t like the way the website is operated…if million miles secrets charges you one dime a day, would you still come here?

  12. Good Luck with your new venture!

  13. i understand its a business, and the rationale behind the IT need, but cant help but to think what is bankrate getting out of this deal? since it wasnt mentioned, i cant help but think something else is going to be changing – like a buyout/transaction of sorts. either way, the website has been pretty informative and if you guys sold it off, good for you, cant say i wouldnt do the same.

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  15. I hope Emily got half of the stock/options.

  16. Congrats! Good luck!

  17. Congrats to you and Emily! I have to admit that it was your blog that a new world of travel and hotel rewards that I was not aware of. It was through your blog that set me on this course of discovery. Good Luck to you and Emily on this new adventure.

  18. Awesome!! Change is good, can’t grow without it!

  19. Angela Nicholas

    Congrats to you both 🙂

  20. Sell out.

  21. Expected Value

    Congrats to you and Emily! It sounds like you probably scored a nice payday, and you both totally deserve it. To those who say there is a conflict of interest…come on guys… We’re not his clients, just readers. This is a completely free service supported by advertising (and thus there already was a conflict of interest anyway). Emily and Daraius have put a ton of work into this blog, and they deserve to reap the fruits of their labor.

    Also, I want to thank you for making my travel dreams a reality. I’m a medical student and without you I would have had to wait many long years to take some of the trips I’ve taken. For the past 3 years I’ve paid no domestic airfare, I’ve traveled to Japan, China, Italy, France, Switzerland, and the UK, and I’ve stayed in amazing hotels including the Park Hyatts in Tokyo and Paris. I even spent my honeymoon in the teodolinda suite at Eremo Gaudio thanks to your advice!

    Btw, love the beard and bow tie. All you need is a monocle and you’ll be the monopoly man of miles and points.

    • @Mike – Thank you! We’re very happy that we can continue to work together and look out for each other. And to have awesome readers like you. 🙂

      DaveS @Gene @a$]-[u @gt @Cory @Donald @Mike @Fred – Thank you SO much for your support and for taking the time to leave a comment. We’re so lucky to have y’all read the blog and comment!

      @Expected Value – I feel very happy and warm to read your delightful words of appreciation. And to know that you stayed at the Eremo Gaudio (hope you had a terrific stay there!) I love hearing success stories and reading about your happy and exciting travels!

  22. I am very happy that all the hard work you have put into making this blog amazing is paying off and that you are growing this business. Congratulations. P.s. nice tailored suit! STUNNING dress!

  23. LongtimelistenerFirsttime

    I’m going to be perfectly honest with you as a long time lurker. I’ve obviously not paid for your *free information but used your links on numerous occasions. Even if the formatting has stayed the same, your content is slowly deteriorating. Simply flooding your page with CASH fare deals is something that’s done on many many other sites. Knowing that now you are bankrolled by the same credit card interest you are suppose to be reviewing is like asking Exxon about climate change. Good luck and goodbye. It was good while it lasted.

  24. Congratulations to both of you. I was introduced to this “game” by your website 4 years ago and as a result I have enjoyed numerous amazing vacation with my family of five. You and Emily have helped countless people enjoy their lives more through travel. I hope you were rewarded handsomely in your deal. Well deserved. That’s the American dream right? Work hard to build up your business and if you get lucky, you get paid!
    It is sad to see those who post such negative comments out of jealousy. The more success you find in life, the more “haters” you will find.
    Thanks again!

  25. Congrats!!! Look forward to many more years of reading your blog…

  26. Christopher J

    Congratulations! I like many others got into this a few years back by reading all of the helpful information that you and Emily have shared. Your blog has litterally helped me see the world. Keep it up and great job for making such a deal that allows you to opperate by your own terms.

    It was great meeying you two at FTU as well.

  27. Sounds great and happy for you two. Have benefited greatly from your information over the past several years (can you say Companion Pass anybody – twice!). Hope everything works out as continued.

  28. Please send me an email. I have a very interesting story and would like your opinion on it.