Do Chase’s Stricter Approval Rules Now Apply to All of Their Cards?

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Last year, Chase stopped approving many folks for some of their cards, like the Freedom and Sapphire Preferred, if they’d opened ~5 or more credit cards (from any bank) in the past 24 months.

Via Doctor of Credit and Reddit, these stricter rules now apply to more of their cards.

Do Chase's Stricter Approval Rules Now Apply To All Of Their Cards

If You’ve Opened 5+ New Credit Cards in the Last 24 Months, You’ll Find It Tougher to Be Approved for Certain Chase Cards

While there’s no official word from Chase about this change, I’ll share what I know and what this means for you.

What’s Going On?

Last year, Chase started making it more difficult for certain folks to be approved for Chase Ultimate Rewards earning cards, like the Freedom and Sapphire Preferred.

Dubbed the “5/24 rule,” if you’d opened ~5 or more credit cards (from any bank) in the past 24 months, it was very unlikely that you’d be approved for these cards.

There were rumors that the 5/24 rule would soon apply to Chase small business cards like the Ink Plus.  And to co-branded airline and hotel cards, like the Chase Hyatt, Chase IHG Rewards, and Chase United MileagePlus® Explorer cards.

Unfortunately, this now seems to be the case.  But only for their small business cards and SOME of their co-branded cards.

Folks are reporting the changes probably went into effect on May 22, 2016, based on when Chase started denying more applications.

Which Chase Cards Are Affected?

According to Doctor of Credit, the 5/24 rule now also likely applies to the following cards:

But NOT to these cards:

What Does This Mean for You?

Chase has some of the best points and miles cards.  Especially cards which earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points, because they offer lots of flexibility.

If you’re new to our hobby, consider getting cards like the Sapphire Preferred or Ink Plus first.  Because they are some of the most valuable cards for Big Travel with Small Money.

And the Chase Sapphire Preferred is my favorite card for beginners.

Folks who’ve been collecting miles & points for a while generally open more than a few new credit cards each year.

Do Chase's Stricter Approval Rules Now Apply To All Of Their Cards

Folks Who’ve Been Collecting Miles and Points for a Long Time Probably Have More Than 5 New Cards in 2 Years

If you haven’t kept track of your past credit card applications, read my post on how to find credit card open and close dates.

Bottom Line

If you’ve opened ~5 or more credit cards (from any bank) in the past 24 months, you probably will NOT be approved for certain Chase credit cards.  This includes the Ink Plus, Chase Marriott cards, and Chase Southwest cards.

If you’re new to miles & points, consider applying for the valuable Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink Plus before other cards so you don’t get shut out from getting them later!

Although this is NOT official news from Chase, folks are reporting more denials.

Have you recently been affected by Chase’s new stricter application rules?

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23 responses to “Do Chase’s Stricter Approval Rules Now Apply to All of Their Cards?

  1. I got denied for the Chase IHG card earlier this week after apply two weeks ago for it.

    I have 4 cards open right now (Ink business, Sapphire, Feeedom and United Club).

    Reason stated was too many requests for cards. ( I applied for United Club Card and IHG card around same time (within a few days).

    What gives?

  2. @Chris – Looks like you applied to too many Chase cards within 30 day period. That’s different than 5/24. Most people have difficulty getting a third card within 30 days.

  3. I was denied the Freedom + but was able to convert a card I never use (Sapphire) to the Freedom +. No bonus points but going forward, I have the chase cards that work for me. Won’t be renewing my Barclay Arrival + card this fall.

  4. @Chris – Yup, definitely too many cards within 30 days. I can confirm that the 5/24 rule does not affect Chase IHG. Have opened six cards in the last 24 months and was just approved for Chase IHG this week.

  5. last time it was rumored to happen beginning of never happened and the bloggers who yelled “the sky is falling”, (like DOC) sold lots of umbrellas. Your list of affected cards is nonsense, you cant possibly tell from 3 days which are under the 5/24 rule if any at all. Wait for the data points to add up and don’t believe what the umbrella salesmen say.

  6. You is this even a post Doctor of Credit already wrote about this yesterday. Your not telling anything new

  7. If you are an authorized user on another persons account does that count towards the 5?

  8. I got approved to the Chase United Explorer card today and I also have applied more than 5 cards in the past 24 months (including Chase Sapphire Preferred, Amex Platinum, Amex Hilton etc..), though it was thru a targeted 50,000 sign up bonus email..

  9. Does the 5/24 rule apply to Chase Slate?

  10. Not sure about this. I am not even close to passing muster on the 5/25 rule (20+ new cards in past year alone) and was just approved on 5/23 for both the Marriott and the Marriott business. On the same day, my wife (who also has 20+ new cards in past year) was denied for the Hyatt for too many recent applications.

  11. @ Lee Ann Yes

  12. I applied for the Sapphire Preferred and was turned down for “too many cc applications in 24 months.” Got the Turn Down letter within a week after my online application. Bummer.

  13. Yes my husband and I have both been affected by this and we both have FICO scores over 800. Going forward we’re not using Chase cards. The only two cards I kept is my freedom and my IHG.

  14. I got denied chase saphire preffered under their new idiotic 5/24 rule………….have chase relationship since 14 yrs, have $400K in their bank accounts……….wrote and complained to their corporate/executive office, and CEO…….they will not budge…………..bottomline, closing all chase accounts, gave them a piece of my mind of what kind of rascals they are with rascalish rules, and closing my relationship with chase………


  15. Do retail credit cards for use only in the issuing store (e.g. Macy’s) count towards the 5/24 rule?

  16. I wonder if we all ganged up and submitted complaints to the better business bureau. Since most of us have excellent credit, their is no reason that they should not let us get the credit card. It wont hurt to try. Plus with them having too many complaints, weather justified or not, they may have to let us get the card with the promised points. Plus having to justify with the government over and over and over etc… you get my drift?

    Also, on their application and terms, (correct me if I am wrong) their is nothing on any of their applications stating that they will limit us to only 5 of their credit cards per year. If we knew this earlier, we may have chosen more wisely (such as the people that now cant get Chase Saphire Preffered, or me who is waiting on getting the southwest cards.

  17. A postcard from Chase (after I had almost earned the 100k bonus on the BA card) said I was no longer eligible for the premium bonus. What?!! I only have the Chase BA and Chase United cards. I inquired and it took more than a week to respond but Chase finally wrote that their postcard was in error. Anyone else get this?

  18. Question:

    I have just completed spend bonus on Chase Ink, points should post next statement.

    If I do not spend point immediately and I cancel a prepaid hotel reservation made with the INK card (about $400 of $5K spend) will Chase pull the Bonus out of my Thank you account so I need to do more spend on the card to cover the refund BEFORE I cancel the prepaid hotel booking.

    The hotel says they can only refund to card purchase was made on.

  19. Please clarify how “targeted” offers bypass the normal restrictions on approval. I have seen mentioned that if you are targeted you will not be further evaluated; but your latest blog touting the 70000 mile United “targeted” offer says it is subject to the 5/24 rule. How can I determine which “targeted” offers are real?

  20. R.B. Andersen

    I waited the 24 months to churn the Marriott 80,000 points deal. I was denied due to the 5/24 rule. I have Platinum status with Marriott. I just wrote a letter to Marriott explaining that the denial is a very negative impact on my Marriott experience. Marriott wants their Platinum members to feel like Kings. Kings don’t get denied for credit cards. I also hinted I’d be switching loyalty to SPG. Marriott needs to know their relationship with Chase will cost them Elite Business Travelers Chase. The way to put pressure on Chase to change their ways is to complain about 5/24 to the Sponsoring Company.

    I also canceled every Chase Card my family uses. We stayed at the Kauai St. Regis on SPG points & it was wonderful. Looks like I’m an SPG guy now! I just applied for SPG cards for everyone in the family!

  21. I just got denied for the Freedom Unlimited because the Chase rep. said I had too many new cards in the past 2 years. He gave me an address to write to for reconsideration. Has anyone had success with writing a letter and being reconsidered given the new stricter rules?

  22. Hi Daraius – As always, thanks very much for all the great info!
    3 questions re: the Chase 5/24 rule…

    1 – I know you’ve mentioned that generally (at least some) business cards don’t count against the 5/24 rule. Do the CHASE BUSINESS cards (Ink Plus and/or Ink Bold) count against the 5/24 rule?

    2 – As you know, AA recently (past year or 2), converted some accounts (from US Airways to American Aviator); I believe that shows up on my credit report as a “new” account, even though I opened the original account nearly 20 years ago. Will Chase view that “strictly,” and, since it shows as a “new” account, count it against me? (If so, I realize I might be able to work around it by calling the reconsideration line after a denial, but I’d rather try to avoid getting flagged/rejected if possible.) Thoughts???

    3 – If I can figure out when I’ll next be “free” from the 5/24 rule’s shackles, how long should I wait after that before applying for a new card or 2?

    Thanks so much!

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