Is It Harder to Get Chase Airline, Hotel, and Small Business Cards Now?

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Million Mile Secrets reader, Jamie, tweeted:

Jamie is asking about rumors that Chase will not approve folks for any of their cards if they’ve opened more than 5 cards with ANY bank in the previous 24 months.

This rule is in effect for Chase cards that earn valuable Chase Ultimate Rewards points, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the new Chase Freedom Unlimited card.

But so far, it seems Chase small business cards (like the Chase Ink Plus) and their airline and hotel cards (like the Chase United MileagePlus® Explorer and Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card) are exempt from this rule – at least for now.

Is It Harder To Get Chase Airline Hotel And Small Business Cards Now

Green Means Go! So Far, Chase Airline, Hotel, and Small Business Cards Seem Safe From Chase’s New Rules. Get Them While You Can!

However, reports are mixed.  And Chase could change their rules at any time, so proceed with caution!

What’s Going On?

Link:   These Airline & Hotel Cards May Soon Be Harder to Get!

For a while, there have been rumors Chase would apply stricter rules to Chase small business cards like Chase Ink Plus and Chase Ink Cash.  And to co-branded airline and hotel cards, like the Chase Hyatt, Chase IHG Rewards, and Chase United Explorer, starting April 2016.

Is It Harder To Get Chase Airline Hotel And Small Business Cards Now

Figuring Out the New Chase Rules Feels Like a Game of Telephone! But Lots of Folks Say Chase Airline, Hotel, and Small Business Cards Don’t Have Tighter Approvals Yet

April came and went, and lots of folks on FlyerTalk report being able to get Chase airline, hotel, and small business cards – even with 5 or more new cards in the previous 24 months.

And folks in the comments of this post say similar things, with new Chase cards opened as recently as this month!

Chase hasn’t put anything in writing one way or the other.  Until they do, we have to rely on reports and speculation.  And even though some folks have had success opening new Chase cards, others have been denied.

Should You Try to Get a New Chase Card?

I’ll always do my best to tell you what’s right.

It seems, for now at least, you can get a new Chase airline, hotel, or small business card even if you’d had more than 5 new cards in the past 24 months.

Is It Harder To Get Chase Airline Hotel And Small Business Cards Now

The Sign-Up Bonus on the Chase United Explorer Card Is Enough to Fly to Rome One-Way in Coach! If You Have Good Credit and a Positive Relationship With Chase, You Might Decide to Apply for Another Chase Card

Friends of mine report success with opening new Chase cards recently.  But, lots of factors go into an approval, including your credit history, relationship with Chase, and annual income.

If you have good credit and a high credit score, it seems safe to put in an application.

It’s tough to make a decision based on hearsay.  But because we don’t have a firm answer, you’ll have to decide what’s best for you.

That said, if you decide to apply for a new Chase card, I’d do it sooner rather than later.  Because Chase could change their rules any time.

If you’ve had an experience recently, please tell us about it!

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19 responses to “Is It Harder to Get Chase Airline, Hotel, and Small Business Cards Now?

  1. I applied for the Marriott Business card on 04/25/2016 and was auto approved. I have 5 personal cards and one other business card with Chase. Also for the record I have FAR more than 5 accounts opened within the last 24 months.

  2. In a rush to apply for another Chase card before April 1st, I applied for the Southwest Premier and was approved. I applied on March 30th I applied on March 31 (after midnight ) for the United Plus and was declined reasons due to Recent approval – the Southwest card. But, I was in the airport in ATL and a rep asked if I wanted to apply for the Southwest Plus and with hesitation I did. Boom! 9k sl… I do have a relationship with Chase Sapphire approved July 2015. I’m okay with the denial for United because I love Chase. I applied for Sapphire and Freedom -originally but was declined the Freedom and approved for the Sapphire. Go figure! I really think if you have a relationship with Chase they will consider that in approvals. By the way Sapphire is only 5k limit. Good Luck

  3. I forgot to mention that same point Josh made. I opened 28 trade accounts in the last 12 months. I love Chase!

  4. I have applied for and received about 8 cards in 24 months. Excellent credit. Applied for Ink business. Despite reconsideration call, I was denied in writing based on “too many cards” in a 24 month period. This was my first denial of credit that I recall.

  5. I have a significant relationship with Chase which was meaningless in their decision to deny the Ink, btw. I talked to the rep at length, tried for ink or Sapphire–nope. Bottom line was 5/24.

  6. I opened up the Chase Southwest Premier card on 5/4/2016 and was approved. Also applied for the Chase Southwest business card the same night and was denied due to too many credit cards opened in the past 24 months. I have far exceeded Chase’s 5/24 rule. Determined to get the companion pass, I pressed my luck for the Chase Southwest Plus card on 5/12/16 and was approved!

  7. On hearing this 5/24 news I decided to go to my local branch in April and apply in person since I have a strong relationship with Chase. I was approved for a Sapphire card, and so was my wife. Glad we bank with Chase!

  8. I just applied for the IHG card last week and was auto approved -long relationship with Chase. That brings my total chase cards to 6 (5 personal and 1 business). My last card prior to obtaining this one was the Freedom card last summer and had to call to get it approved and re-align credit lines. I hesititated to apply for the one figuring it would be the same thing, but wasn’t.

  9. I got 5/24’d as well on Sapphire. The funny thing is on two of my three credit reports I have 0 and 1 inquiry and on the one Chase pulls where I live I have 21 inq’s. If only I could get them to pull another CR but they’re dead set against pulling anything other than Experian where I’m at.

  10. I got auto-approved for Marriott but Ink Plus went into pending and got rejected

  11. Another perspective worth 2cents. Maybe the details of the rumor didn’t include individual characteristics.

    I was turned down for a Chase Hyatt last year around August and the reason was INQUIRIES. Now before the FINAL decision, during my conversation in reconsideration mode (another circumstance that might pull one out of the “5” rule because the CSA could be persuaded by the details shared by the cardholder), I could not persuade the CSA that my high credit score and record with Chase (besides the good record held with other banks, too), was enough to grant me the Hyatt card. And, that was despite an credit line realignment possibility. She just was not buying it.

    I have closed 2 Chase CCs in the past few months (in 2016) and am waiting til my “inquiry” year anniversary to play it safe but in the meantime I got a SW Plus only a few months (2015) AFTER the Hyatt turndown. I can’t say why I got another Chase card when I had so many open accounts with Chase except my inquiry number perhaps decreased by that point.

    My biggest problem has been the MULTIPLE inquiries Chase did on a so-called Apporama in July 2014 when I applied online for 3 different cards believing only one inquiry would be the norm. When one isn’t auto-approved, one gets whatever reps do when they work the application queues.

    I think individual circumstances/characteristics applied to many instead of the 5/24 that caught fire.

  12. My applications for both personal and a business Southwest cards were denied last November due to too many inquiries, despite the fact that I have a credit score over 800 AND am a Chase Private Client! After a couple of attempts with the reconsideration line, I gave up, and have been resisting any new applications this year, hoping to try again in November.

  13. I sent in a comment on this topic which wasn’t printed, so I will just say that I was unable to get the new Freedom card without trading in my long term old Freedom card. Despite an credit rating of 800 for years, I do have many credit cards, and I was told that was that! Too many =no discussion, good bye!

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  15. I’m wondering if Chase will continue to leave the door a crack open on reconsideration calls or start enforcing 5/24 on co branded cards.If they start enforcing my wife and I are both locked out. We just got a couple of new Chase cards 2 months ago with existing credit realignment.We probably should lay low and apply with other banks for 6 months or more. But we don’t want to pass if we might be locked out. We also worry about the danger of a Chase accounts shut down if we push it too far.I have 8 Chase and my wife has 4.

  16. Nope for me. Tried to apply for Chase United Business card in March and was denied citing too many accounts. Chase didn’t approve any business card for me for quite some time now. Though I’ve got IHG and Hyatt and BA with Chase recently… My bf has new Hyatt, BA, United and United Business recently. Go figure!

  17. I have obtained 6 new cards (2 Chase, 2 Barclay, 1 AmEx, 1 Citi) in the past 15 months and wasn’t sure if I could get the Chase Freedom or Freedom Unlimited. So, I applied for both simultaneously (separate computers, different browsers). The Freedom was approved immediately (with a crazy high credit limit) but for the Freedom Unlimited I got a message to call in to Chase’s credit fulfillment center. They asked about why I had acquired so many CCs recently and I said I was just responding to the promotions sent me and I wanted to try out the different features of each. They said that was fine, but they could only add this one if they took some of the credit limit from another card. So, I chose another card (United Mileage Explorer) to take a few thousand off that credit and put on this one. Voila! I was approved for two more Chase cards.
    Not sure if this would work for anyone else, but figured it was worth sharing.

  18. I was denied when I applied for the Marriott Rewards® Premier Visa® Card from Chase Canada. The “official” reason was that I already have a card with Chase (which is true)…

  19. Darrius, I have a question. I have recently been targeted for both the United Mileage Explorer card and the SW rapid rewards visa for 50,000 points. Currently I have 7 new cc accounts in one year including CSP and Hyatt. My question is, if I apply for and receive the SW card, can I transfer Amex SPG points into Southwest to help me reach the companion pass? I have read that I cannot do that with CSP. Thanks!