Can You Apply for Different Versions of the Chase Southwest Card and Still Get the Bonuses?

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Million Mile Secrets reader, AC, commented:

I was approved for both the personal and small business versions of the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card this past December.  The problem is, one 50,000 point sign-up bonus posted in late December 2015.  And the other card’s bonus posted in January 2016.  So, I can only use the bonus that posted in January 2016 towards the Companion Pass (because you must earn 110,000 Southwest points in one calendar year).

I still want to try and earn the extra points I need for the Companion Pass.  Can I apply for the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card and get approved if I still have the Southwest Premier (personal version) open?  Or should I cancel the Southwest Premier (personal) first, even though it has only been open since December?  Any advice would be helpful.

Great question AC!

I understand why AC is interested in the Southwest Companion Pass.  Because I think it’s the best travel deal!

Can You Apply For Different Versions Of The Chase Southwest Card And Still Get The Bonuses

When You Have the Southwest Companion Pass, Your Best Friend Can Fly With You for (Almost) Free for up to 2 Years!

I’ll explain if AC should apply for the Chase Southwest Plus Personal Card, because he already has 2 other Chase Southwest cards.  And other ways AC might be able to qualify for the Companion Pass.

The Southwest Companion Pass

Link:   How to Fly (Almost) Free for 2 Years on Southwest!

Link:   8 Easy Steps to Big Travel With the Southwest Companion Pass

With the Southwest Companion Pass, your companion flies with you for (almost) free on both paid and award tickets for up to 2 years.

This has saved Emily and me thousands of dollars!

To get the Southwest Companion Pass, you must earn 110,000 Southwest points in a calendar year.  And once you’ve qualified for the pass, it’s valid until the end of the following year.

So if you qualified for the Companion Pass now, you’d have it through 2016 and all of 2017!

Can You Apply For Different Versions Of The Chase Southwest Card And Still Get The Bonuses

Take a Friend or Loved One on Vacation for (Almost) Free With the Southwest Companion Pass.  Once You’ve Qualified, It’s Valid Until the End of the Following Year!

So, AC had the right idea when applying for the personal and small business versions of the Southwest Premier card at the same time.  Because sign-up bonuses are the easy way to get most of the required points for the Companion Pass.

But timing your applications and spending on the Southwest cards is important to be sure your bonuses post to your account in the same calendar year!  

The Easiest Way to Qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass

Link:   Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card

Link:   Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Business Credit Card

Link:   Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card

It’s not too hard to earn the 110,000 Southwest points required in a calendar year to qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass.  If you plan appropriately!

That’s because the sign-up bonuses from the Chase Southwest Premier (personal and small business) and Chase Southwest Plus cards count toward the total 110,000 point requirement.

And these 3 cards are currently offering increased 50,000 Southwest point sign-up bonuses when you complete the minimum spending.

We don’t earn a commission for these cards, but we always tell you about the best deals.  Because it’s the right thing to do!

Otherwise, you’d need to fly 100 one-way or 50 round-trip Southwest flights (within a calendar year) to qualify.

Can You Apply For Different Versions Of The Chase Southwest Card And Still Get The Bonuses

You Can Earn the Companion Pass With 2 Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses and Collecting 6,000 More Points.  Or by Flying 100 One-Way Southwest Flights Within a Calendar Year.  Hmm…I’ll Choose the Cards!

But remember, the 110,000 points MUST post in the same calendar year.

So AC can ONLY use the sign-up bonus that credited to his account in January 2016 to qualify for the Companion Pass this year.

Should AC Apply for Another Southwest Rewards Card?

In the past, folks have had most success by signing-up for a personal and a small business card at (or around) the same time.

But because AC already did this (by applying for both the personal and small business Southwest Premier cards last December), AC is wondering if it’s possible to earn the sign-up bonus for the Southwest Plus personal card.

Million Mile Secrets reader Lina commented that she applied for the Premier and Plus cards and was approved for both.  And received both sign-up bonuses a few weeks ago!

Close an Existing Southwest Card First?

As for AC closing the personal Premier card, I generally don’t suggest closing cards unless you feel the annual fee isn’t worth it.  Because many times, if a bank denies you a new card, you can ask them to shift your credit line around to allow for the new card.  Or, you can then offer to close the other card so you can get the new card.

I also recommend keeping a card for at least ~10 months to evaluate whether you like it.  And because closing cards with a significant credit line can impact your credit utilization, which can affect your credit score.  

When the Bank Asks Why You Want 2 Personal Southwest Cards

If the bank is wondering why AC needs 2 personal cards, a legitimate reason is to keep different types of expenses separate.  Or to use 1 card overseas.  Because the Plus version charges foreign transaction fees while the Premier does not.

The good news is that AC should eventually be able to earn the bonus from both cards because the Plus and Premier are different card products.

Chase Is Making It More Difficult for Some Folks to be Approved

But AC should remember that Chase has been tightening their credit card application policies.  And they may soon stop approving folks for airline and hotel cards if they’ve opened ~5 or more credit cards (from any bank) in the past 24 months.  So if AC wants to apply for the Plus card it should be very soon!

Reports from other readers suggest that these new rules from Chase haven’t yet gone into effect on their airline and hotel cards.  And my friend was approved for the Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card in late March 2016.  She has opened well over 5 cards in the past 24 months.

Ultimately, it will be up to Chase to decide if and when they’ll approve AC for another card.

Want More Southwest Points?

Getting the sign-up bonuses on the Southwest credit cards is the quickest and easiest way to earn the Companion Pass.  But there are lots of other ways to earn more Southwest points.  

For example, AC could take more flights on Southwest, transfer certain hotel rewards points to the Southwest rewards program, and earn points on car rentals or hotel stays.

Can You Apply For Different Versions Of The Chase Southwest Card And Still Get The Bonuses

You Can Earn More Southwest Points Through Their Car Rental Bonus Offers

Or, maybe AC will be approved for the other personal Southwest card this year!

Bottom Line

I consider the Southwest Companion Pass to be one of the most lucrative deals in the points & miles hobby.

Unfortunately, AC’s Chase Southwest Premier personal and small business card sign-up bonuses posted in different calendar years.  Sign-up bonus points MUST post in the same calendar year to qualify towards the Southwest Companion Pass.

The good news is that AC should be able to get the bonus from both the Plus and Premier cards because they’re different card products.

But Chase has been tightening their credit card application policies.  And they may soon stop approving folks for airline and hotel cards if they’ve opened ~5 or more credit cards (from any bank) in the past 24 months.

So if AC wants to apply for the Plus card it should be soon!

Emily and I don’t receive a commission from these Southwest card offers, but we’ll always tell you about the best deals!

Have you been approved for both the Southwest Plus personal card AND the Southwest Premier personal card at or near the same time?

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7 responses to “Can You Apply for Different Versions of the Chase Southwest Card and Still Get the Bonuses?

  1. Good tips for southwest miles! Actually flying them today. Even better w the rental car option too.

    I don’t think on average you need as many miles for reward travel w southwest as you do w other airlines no? Seems affordable when I look sometimes.

  2. A lot of the terms have changed for Chase since then, but I was approved for both personal cards (Plus and Premier) in January of 2015. We got the Companion Pass and have used it several times since then, and will continue to use it through the end of this year. I did apply for both cards in the same day.

    Again, a lot has changed with Chase regarding how generous they are with approvals, but I can confirm that it has worked in the past.

  3. AJ, I like you pointing that!

    Daraius, what are the chances that Chase approves for one card and not for the other one? That will ruin the whole purpose of applying for a Southwest card for companion pass, wouldn’t it?

    In my case, I applied for many cards last year (which is when I started this game), in the order: Citi Platinum AAdvantage, Amex SkyMiles, Citi Visa HHonors, Chase British Airways, Citi ThankYou Premiere, and got approved on all of them.
    However, before the Citi ThankYou (December 2015) I tried to apply for the Chase Sapphire and did not get approved, so I went with Citi… That was the last card I opened. I obtained the bonus and then focused on spending $10,000 to achieve the extra 25,000 miles with the BA Chase (which I just did).

    I was thinking to apply for both Southwest cards, but I’m afraid that I won’t get the approval by Chase…
    Am I right to believe so?

  4. What if anything can I do to increase the likelihood that I will receive a targeted offer for the Chase Southwest BUSINESS credit card?

    e.g. the 60K targeted offer that existed last year for the Business card or the 50K + $50-100 statement credit offer that was targeted this year for personal cards and may at some point in the future exist for the Business card

    Or just the 50K offer for the Business card — but targeted rather than just a standard public link

    thank you in advance

  5. I applied to a personal card and a business card on the same day and was approved for the personal card from rejected for the business card. I called lender services and they said when one applies on the same day, one card will automatically be rejected. So I guess the lesson is don’t apply on the same day. I decided since it was getting late in the year I would cancel the card and wait until the end of this year to try again. They didn’t cancel the card and I had to call back when I got my first bill with the annual fee.

  6. @Keith – The amount of Southwest points you’ll need is tied to the cost of the flight you want. In general, Southwest points are worth 1.43 to 1.7 cents each toward Southwest flights:

    You can certainly get a good deal with Southwest points, especially if you find a low fare!

    @AJ – Thank you for sharing! Hope you enjoy your Companion Pass! 🙂

    @Klaus – It really depends on your credit and how many other cards you’ve recently applied for. I’d say if you haven’t opened a lot of cards within the past 24 months, and you have good credit, you stand a good chance of being approved:

    Good luck!

    @Jake – You can always call Chase and ask if they’ll give you the offer!

    @Brian – I hadn’t heard that before. Thanks very much for sharing that information!

  7. So here is what I did…I applied and received the Southwest Personal Plus CC in late April 2016 and soon thereafter tried to get the Southwest Business card in order to get the additional 50K points towards the companion pass. The business card was rejected because of too many lines of credit being applied for or something. I haven’t got the official rejection letter, but when I spoke to the guy at Chase on the phone he said that it was too soon for me to apply for another card, but was very adamant on not recommending how long I should wait to apply again.

    But then in the same day (today) I got an invitation in my email to apply to their Premier Personal card. Should I apply to that Premier card? Or is this going to hurt my credit score/ability to get a card later in the year? Really want that companion pass !! 🙂 Thanks!