Today’s Daily Getaway: Save on IHG Points for Cheap Hotel Stays!

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Today, April 6, 2016, at 1:00 pm Eastern Time, Daily Getaways is offering discounts on IHG points!

You can use the points for award stays at any IHG hotel.  Depending on how you redeem them, you could save a lot of money!

I expect this offer will sell out in minutes!  Set a reminder if you’re interested in these deals.

Today's Daily Getaway Save On IHG Points For Cheap Hotel Stays

Use IHG Points to Splurge on an Award Stay in Europe, Like at the InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam

Let’s review what you get with today’s Daily Getaway!

Discounted IHG Points

Link:   Daily Getaways Travel Deals

Link:   Daily Getaways IHG Deals

Link:   My Review of Daily Getaways IHG Deals

Daily Getaways is a promotion offered every year for 5 weeks by the US Travel Association.

Each day, there’s a different deal for discounts on travel, like hotel points, vacation packages, and theme park tickets.

With today’s deal, you can buy deeply discounted IHG hotel points, from ~0.57 cents per point to 0.6 cents per point:

  • 15,000 IHG points for $90 (0.6 cents per point)
  • 25,000 IHG points for $150 (0.6 cents per point)
  • 50,000 IHG points for $293 (~0.59 cents per point)
  • 100,000 IHG points for $565 (~0.57 cents per point)

Redeem your points for stays at any IHG hotel, which include Candlewood SuitesCrowne Plaza, EVEN Hotels, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn Resorts, Hotel IndigoIntercontinental Hotels & Resorts, and Staybridge Suites brand hotels.

This could be an excellent bargain if you redeem your points at pricey hotels, or spend 5,000 points a night at PointBreaks hotels.

As always, do the math to make sure you’re getting a good deal.  And remember, you’ll need an IHG loyalty account to redeem the points (it’s free to join!).

Here’s my full review of the Daily Getaways IHG deal.  Let me know if you snag one!

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12 responses to “Today’s Daily Getaway: Save on IHG Points for Cheap Hotel Stays!

  1. I usually just swipe past your articles in my RSS feed and laugh – but this time I felt the need to comment. This is just BAD advice. I can’t figure out why you would write this post and mislead your audience like this. I could at least understand it if you were getting some kind of referral payment or something – but you aren’t (are you?). Does the incremental traffic + incidental credit card applications from a post with bad advice really make it worth it?

    IHG points are available every day for 0.6 cents per point (posting instantly). That means the MOST you can save here is $30 on 100k points. As such, it doesn’t make sense to purchase them in this “deal” except in very specific circumstances:

    – You have an immediate use for 100k points and are sure availability will still be around in ~10 days when the points post, and are willing to risk it for $30 in savings (if you’re talking PointsBreak nights, you’re saving a whopping $0.67 per night!)
    – You have 0 points to start with (as far as I know, purchasing them at 0.6 cents per point requires 20,000 points in your account to start with)

    Otherwise, you’re laying cash out there speculatively without any real financial incentive to do so.

    You don’t even bring up these two “good uses” of the deal in your post! Your lame “do the math” statement (dwarfed by the rest of the post extolling what a “deep discount” this is) does your readers a disservice. Someone even brought this up in your first IHG post and all you said was “do what’s right for you” – that’s crazy talk, why wouldn’t you explain this in your post to give people all the information they need to “do what’s right”?

    I’m posting this hoping some less informed readers read the comments rather than just going out and buying these deals (which are unlikely to sell out quickly, despite what you say – last year they hung around for quite a while…I’m not sure, but they may not have even sold out by the end of the whole promotion).

    PS: Now for one ‘rant’ for which there isn’t really any tangible benefit to your readers, but which I wouldn’t otherwise post on its own. Why, oh why, do you frequently use the number ‘1’ rather than writing out ‘one’ in your posts? You don’t do it in this post (congrats), but I see it frequently on other posts. It is super annoying (to me, anyway, maybe nobody else cares). Basic grammar would say to write out all numbers from zero to nine (some stipulate zero to 100, but I think that’s a bit much). At the very least it is accepted to write out one, especially when it is just part of a sentence (i.e. “This is 1 of the best deals ever!”).

  2. I just checked two locations on IHG that I plan to travel… Buying the points for both locations is more than paying for the room…

    You should an example of a location that actually works as evidence of actually being a deal, and not bait click 3rd party referral marketing.

  3. I posted last week that MMS was going to post incessantly about Daily Getaways as we’ve been only getting rehashed info lately. Haven’t been proven wrong….. (Count down to the apologists telling me not to read, when I’m only hoping this site improves).

  4. Bill from Maine

    Same points as last year; same price as last year; points did not sell out and in fact were continually offered on email solicitations after Daily Getaways ended. So why do you expect this years offering to “sell out in minutes.” That’s hype and actually not close to being accurate.
    It’s your blog and you can write what you wish. I’ll never criticize you for that as long as the information you provide isn’t a true representation. This post just doesn’t do that.

  5. So much criticism! Who is forcing you to read this blog?!! It will only take you a single click to delete the MMS bookmark or as a favorite site. The blogger is providing information which may help some readers. If you have alternative methods, then by all means share them. But if you honestly feel that Million Mile Secrets is “lame”, “bait click”, etc. then why waste your time (or ours) by reading it? Simply go elsewhere and don’t annoy others with your frustrations. Or, even better, start your own blog. The only things “incessant” here are complainers who come back because they have nothing better to do.

  6. Oh, Nick…here, here…I whole heartily agree…it’s beyond tiresome!!

  7. @Nick, @Margy –
    If you are referencing my post (and it seems you are), I will point out that it includes important information and not just criticism. In fact, the original post should have had that information if it was trying to truly help readers. I never post here complaining about the generally poor quality of the typical post because I AGREE with you. What would be the point in that?

    In this case though the post was not only poor quality, it was missing key information which could mislead less informed readers. Providing that information (yes, along with criticism) seemed like a useful endeavor. Perhaps more useful than complaining about criticism. But I will leave that to the reader to decide.

  8. People are here for information. And I don’t speak for anyone else but myself. However, I could care less about your judgments of what is “poor quality”. Where is YOUR blog that you devote hours to every day? What makes YOU the expert that you have the right to judge? And if it’s poor quality (in your opinion), then please move on. You aren’t discouraging anyone else from reading MMS because of your whining.

    I think the biggest problem is assuming other readers are unintelligent. I use information from a variety of sources in making my decisions. I can compare the information here with other places and make my own choice.

    It is also irrelevant to me if a blogger makes a commission. I have gotten dozens of great tips from this site.

    So please don’t treat other readers like they’re stupid by playing the role of the expert. We can evaluate information without your judgments. And if you feel so superior, start your own blog. I’ll be more than happy to respond to what you write on it without acting like I know more than you do.

  9. @Nick
    I said less informed users, not unintelligent. I think it’s fair to say there are a spectrum of users – some of which are newer and less informed. You apparently aren’t one of those. We’re all super impressed.

    I believe that all information should be shared when known – and MMS knows everything I posted, and for some reason chose to ignore the most important pieces of information for someone to make an informed choice here.

    Your message is heard though – no color commentary or having an opinion other than yours or the author’s, or it is whining. Don’t post things which would help others, because Nick already knew that information anyway. Instead, just delete the bookmark. Criticism is totally undeserved and unnecessary in today’s touchy-feely world. Unless you’re commenting and whining about and criticizing other commentators. Then, it’s totally legit – you don’t even need to post anything helpful!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  10. @Baqa – I’m one of the misinformed and I appreciate your taking the time to point out what is obvious to you. This is all new to me and everything sounds so exciting and fun(!) but at the same time, confusing and sometimes overwhelming. So thank you to both you and MMS for sharing your knowledge.

    As for @Nick and the other defenders, I can understand your point(s) and respect that. I don’t have a fraction of the knowledge that most of you do, (in regards to this game of points) since I am a total rookie, so please don’t beat up those like Baqa who would point out what is obvious to you.
    Thanks everyone. I enjoy reading the comments almost more than the articles. ;o)

  11. I purchased 3 x 100,000 points in this deal. Will redeem them at the InterContinental in Cannes during the Film Festival. Here are my reasons for buying the points:

    – Standard room rate normally is about €600-€800. During the Film Festival, it is close to €1500-€2000 per night.
    – I can only buy 120,000 points per year. With this promotion, I was able to get 300,000 points plus I can buy more during an IHG sale if I need to.
    – I bought the points with my Citi Prestige card, giving me 3x points for travel category. IHG point purchases are through so only 1x.
    – Room booked with points are flexible for date change and cancellation unlike the regular rate. And the Flexible Rate is much higher.
    – I get a 10% rebate by being an IHG credit card holder.

    For me, this deal makes sense in two scenarios
    – Very long stay during points break, so need more than 120,000 points.
    – Upcoming stay at a very high end, 55,000-60,000 property for several days.

    Daraius and Emily have done a great job with their blog and have given a lot of valuable information. In fact, their information is so good, that I blame Daraius for killing the Emirates First Class with Alaska and stopping multiple Alaska credit card signups with Bank of America at once.

  12. @Baqa – I appreciate your comments. The post does say “depending on how you redeem them” and not everyone is comfortable using the IHG cash + points trick.

    @John – It’s not a good deal for everyone.

    @Bill from Maine – Most deals have sold out very quickly in the past.

    @BB @Nick @jay @margy – Thanks for the input!

    @Shubhayan Mukherjee – That’s a terrific way to use the points! Enjoy your trip!