Best Offer Ever! 35,000 Starwood Points With AMEX Starwood Cards (Limited Time) [OFFER EXPIRED]

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Update: This offer for the Starwood AMEX cards is no longer available but check Hot Deals for the latest offers!

Huge news!  Until March 30, 2016, you’ll earn 35,000 Starwood points on both the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express personal and small business cards after completing the minimum spending requirements.

This is the biggest bonus there’s EVER been for these cards!

35,000 Starwood points is enough for an award night at the most luxurious Starwood hotels, like The St. Regis Princeville Resort in Hawaii.  Rooms there can easily cost ~$600 to ~$800 per night!

Best Offer Ever 35,000 Starwood Points With AMEX Starwood Cards Limited Time

Where Will You Go With 35,000 Starwood Points? It’s Enough for a Night at the Best Starwood Hotels in the World, Like The St. Regis Princeville Resort!

And there are lots of other excellent ways to use Starwood points.

I’ll explain if you should consider this offer!

What’s the Deal?

Link:   Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express

Link:   Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express

Link:   How to Fill Out an American Express Business Card Application

Link:   How to Use Starwood Points

In summers past, the bonus on the AMEX Starwood personal and small business cards has been as high as 30,000 Starwood points.  That’s 5,000 points more than the usual offer for 25,000 Starwood points.


10,000 Extra Starwood Points Gets You 2 Weekday Nights at Category 2 Starwood Hotels, Like the Four Points by Sheraton Orlando Studio City

I explained why 5,000 extra Starwood points is a big deal.  So 10,000 extra Starwood points is even better!  

In fact, it’s more than enough for 2 weekday nights or 3 weekend nights at Starwood Category 2 hotels, like the Four Points by Sheraton Orlando Studio City.

Apply before March 30, 2016, to earn the increased bonus on both cards.  You’ll get:

Note:   American Express only allows folks to get the sign-up bonus ONCE per person, per lifetime on ALL their cards.

What Can You Do With Starwood Points?

Here’s my series on the best ways to use Starwood points!

Best Offer Ever 35,000 Starwood Points With AMEX Starwood Cards Limited Time

Take the Kids to the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel With Starwood Points. You Might Run Into Mickey and the Gang!

Starwood points are very valuable because they’re hard to earn apart from staying at Starwood hotels.  And there are lots of great ways to redeem them, including:

And if you transfer them to partner airlines, you’ll get a 5,000 mile bonus for every 20,000 points you transfer.

That makes the Starwood small business card worth 50,000 airline miles! 

Because with the Starwood small business card, when you meet the minimum spending requirement of $5,000, you’ll earn at least 5,000 Starwood points.  That’s in addition to the 35,000 Starwood point sign-up bonus.  Then you can turn your 40,000 Starwood points into 50,000 airline miles! (20,000 Starwood points yields 25,000 airline miles X 2)

Of course, you can do this with the personal Starwood card too!  Spend $5,000 on the card and the math is the same.

Who Should Sign-Up for This Offer?

If you’ve never received the sign-up bonus on this card, now is an excellent time to apply!  That’s because the bonus likely won’t ever be higher than this.

And it’s uncertain if AMEX will continue to issue this card after Starwood’s merger with Marriott.

We don’t yet know what will happen to your Starwood points after the merger is done.  So if you want to get a terrific sign-up bonus to lock-in some future Big Travel, I highly recommend this offer to get 35,000 Starwood points!

Bottom Line

Through March 30, 2016 (just a few weeks!), you can earn 35,000 Starwood points on both the AMEX personal and small business cards when you sign-up and meet the minimum spending requirements.

I’ve never seen the bonus this high.  And it’s likely the last time it will ever be this much.  So if you’ve never had either card, right now is a fantastic time to apply.

Will this new offer tempt you to get an AMEX Starwood card?

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28 responses to “Best Offer Ever! 35,000 Starwood Points With AMEX Starwood Cards (Limited Time) [OFFER EXPIRED]

  1. I just got my AMEX SPG Card a few weeks ago 🙁

    You think I can call them and see if I can get the adjusted bonus points?

  2. I applied and was denied due to already having 4 AMEX cards. Can i cancel 1 of my current cards and reapply?

  3. Can a personal SPG card holder refer a business card to a friend and get bonus?


  4. I just got my spg card about a month ago. I called amex and now waiting to hear back if my request was approved to match new offer.

  5. My wife and I both had the old red version of this card years ago (3-4 years?). we did get the 25k bonus at that time? Is it out of the question that Amex will give it to us again?

  6. Was just approved for the SPG Personal card 2 weeks ago with the 25,000 point offer. Initiated a chat with American express and asked for the higher bonus. The initial representative denied that they were able to do it. After speaking to a supervisor I was credited an additional 10,000 SPG points.

  7. @Rob, did you say anything in particular? Have chatted 3x now, and all reps and supervisors have denied my request 🙁 I was approved for the SPG personal 2 weeks ago as well. Thanks!

  8. I also just received my SPG Personal card at the 25k bonus and I have attempted multiple chats and both the reps and supervisor have shut me down claiming there is nothing they can do as offers are locked in and cannot be modified. Very frustrating that they will not match. Had something similar happen with Chase last year and it was no hassle at all for them to match. Might have to try my luck calling into customer service.

  9. I was just approved for the business card. [My business is not yet profitable.], but I honestly filled out the application indicating my business made $0-49,000 a year. I got a pending application message and called Amex. They told me they just needed me to call for security reasons and immediately approved me for the card. – Edited

  10. Do you recommend signing up for this card over the CSP? I will become eligible for Chase cards next month (I’ll no longer have 5 cards opened in the last 24 months) and was contemplating getting the Sapphire Preferred and Freedom. But I’m intrigued by getting this SPG Amex with the highest bonus ever that might not ever be offered again, plus I have the Aaviator from Barclays so I could use it to get 50,000 AA miles with the transfer bonus. If I get this card, I’d have to wait longer to become eligible for the Chase cards. Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks.

  11. @Jad – It sounds like some folks are having success. Good luck!

    @Arnold – Did you speak with an agent? AMEX only allows folks to have 4 personal credit cards open at 1 time. You might try calling and offering to close 1 of your cards. Let us know how it goes!

    @Julian – I don’t believe so.

    @Lynn – Good luck! Please share your experience when you hear back!

    @Charlie – Despite the different color, it’s still the same card product. So you aren’t eligible to earn the bonus again, unfortunately. However, if you held the personal card, you can still earn the bonus on the small business card (or vice versa).

    @Rob R – Terrific! Congratulations!

    @jess – It sounds like it could depend on the agent you speak with.

    @Ryan – Please let us know how it goes when you call again. Good luck!

    @Scott – Folks who are just starting their business can be approved for small business cards. Congratulations!

    @G C – It really depends on your travel goals. I like the Chase Sapphire Preferred because Chase Ultimate Rewards points are so flexible. But this is a terrific offer for the AMEX Starwood cards that will likely never come again, as you said.

    You could always get both if you’re comfortable meeting the minimum spending requirements:

  12. Great news. Thanks Daraius! Do you know if we can do referrals for the higher sign up bonus??? (If I have the spg personal card, can I find a link to refer my friends, so they’ll get the 35k and I’ll get the 5k bonus???). Thanks again!

  13. My wife just got her last small business card (AAdvant. citi card) on January 8. Do you think she has a chance of approval for the SPG Business card if it’s been less than 90 days since her last business app (~82 days)? Is it worth a shot?

  14. Just an FYI, the Four Points by Sheraton Barcelona Diagonal is a Category 3 so free nights are 7,000 points. I stayed there last year when it was a Category 2 but has since moved up a Category.

  15. @Cory – Yes, you can!

    @Mike M. – The cards are issued by different banks so I think it’s worth trying!

    @Tom – Thanks for catching that! You’re right, it recently switched to a category 3 (but still appears on the Starwood category 2 list for some reason!). I’ve updated the post.

  16. I’ve had a SPG Amex before, a few years back, but I cannot recall if it was a personal card or a business, is there a way to find out for sure?

  17. My husband and I both have SPG personal, can we refer each other for the business version to earn bonus? Do we keep the same SPG member number for business account? Thank you!

  18. @Karen P – You could always call AMEX and ask them to check for you. They should have it in their records.

    @Tara – You can only refer the AMEX Starwood personal card if that’s the only 1 you have.

    If you open an AMEX Starwood small business card, you can use the same Starwood loyalty number.

  19. I can’t complain, I got both the personal and business spg cards TWICE each between 2011 and 2014, and my wife got the personal and business cards once. I also referred her for both of her cards. That’s 160k starwood points which is like miles/point gold.

  20. If I have 2 different businesses can I receive the bonus points on each business account?

  21. Before the category jump I was able to get 3 Westin/Sheraton nights in Maui with this offer (12k/night). Now just 1 night 🙁 (20k/night).

  22. I noticed we cm applex AMEX p. Once lifetim now. But, the last time I had that card was back in ’07. Wondering would I get approved for it. Anyone? Does, calling AMEX help me to verify?

  23. If my wife got the card would this have any impact on her getting a true Amex card Bonus i.e. Gold,green,platinum with a normal bonus?

  24. I never applied for an SPG card before… is it possible to apply for the personal card and the business card on the same day?

  25. Received my SPG card today. Signed up for 25,000 points offer. Call Amex
    and requested an additional 10,000 points and a rep said he would send
    my request to the marketing dept. Requested to speak to a Supervisor and
    the request was approved right away and points posted today as well.

    Always ask to speak to a Supervisor as initial rep is not authorized to grant
    your request.

  26. I just got my SPG card a week ago. I activated it and hit the mandatory spend for my kids summer camp. I saw the 35,000 bonus and have repeatedly called and each supervisor denies my request for the additional 10,000 Starpoints. I then called Amex Biz Platinum as I carry that card for my business for the last 18 years to see if they could put in a request after spending a hefty $450 annual fee for almost 2 decades (plus my employees have that card.) Their supervisor could not help. I see that others on your blog have received their additional 10,000 point bonus by getting the right rep on the phone. I am unbelievably frustrated as I finally sign up for the card and it’s a week too early. The supervisor did not greet me on the phone by thanking me for my business. I cannot believe that Mrs. Davis who was the supervisor could even work for American Express. She was rude and said she was tired of the calls. A far cry from the treatment I get as an Amex Platinum cardholder. I will make sure that I put this card in my drawer and only use it for SPG stays and will cancel the day my annual fee is due.

  27. @Alexandros – Sounds like a nice haul! Congrats! 🙂

    @mike – I don’t believe so. You can only get the sign-up bonus 1 time, no matter how many business cards you open.

    @John D – There are still lots of great deals. And lots of ways to earn extra Starwood points. Don’t give up hope just yet!

    @John w. – If you’ve already earned the sign-up bonus, you can’t earn it again.

    @Dan – Not at all. They’re considered 2 different cards.

    @Chrissy – You can apply for 1 AMEX card per day.

    @pepe – Excellent tip! Thank you for sharing!

    @barbara jones – Sorry you had a negative experience. Hopefully you can get good use from your Starwood points to make up for it!

  28. why malaysia are not reconmmanted for the SPG Member I tried to apply but the is no malaysia websit for SPG Americia Express