Effective Today: This Way to Meet Minimum Spending Requirements No Longer Works

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I have bad news if you’ve been thinking of opening a Citigold checking account and funding it with a Visa or MasterCard to help meet minimum spending requirements.

Via Reddit, many folks are reporting that Citi will NO longer allow you to fund your initial Citigold checking deposit with a credit card.

But you can still earn 50,000 American Airlines miles (or 40,000 Citi ThankYou points) when you open an account by March 31, 2016, and meet certain conditions.

Effective Today This Way To Meet Minimum Spending Requirements No Longer Works

Citigold Checking Account Funding Is NO Longer a Way to Meet Credit Card Minimum Spending Requirements

Congratulations if you were able to get in on the deal before Citi changed their policy!  This is a good reminder that great deals don’t always last!  So it’s important to jump on them while you can!

What’s Happened?

Link:   How to Meet Minimum Spending Requirements (and Earn 50,000 Bonus Airline Miles!)

Link:   Citigold Reddit Thread

Until recently, Citi has allowed folks to fund a new Citigold checking account with a Visa or MasterCard (up to $100,000).  As long as your credit card didn’t treat the transaction as a cash advance, this was a terrific way to meet minimum spending requirements and earn miles, points, or cash back.

According to numerous reports on Reddit, Citi will no longer allow account funding with a credit card.  Instead, you’ll have to fund your initial deposit with another method, like a mobile check, or over the phone with a checking account and routing number.

Effective Today This Way To Meet Minimum Spending Requirements No Longer Works

Don’t Cry! Some Folks Can Still Earn Bonus American Airlines Miles or Citi ThankYou Points From This Deal If They’re Eligible

I spoke with a representative from Citi and they said this change took effect today.

That said, new account holders can still earn 50,000 American Airlines miles (or 40,000 Citi ThankYou points) when they open a Citigold checking account by March 31, 2016 and meet certain requirements.  This is technically a targeted offer, so check out this post for all the details.

And if you’re looking for other ways to meet credit card minimum spending requirements, this post has lots of ideas!

In our hobby, good deals come and go frequently!  But I’ll always let you know about the next great deal!

Bottom Line

Effective today, you can no longer fund a new Citigold checking account with a credit card.  But you can still earn bonus American Airlines miles or Citi ThankYou points when you open a new account by March 31, 2016, and meet certain conditions.

Some folks fund new bank accounts with a credit card to help meet minimum spending requirements.

Great deals don’t usually last long.  But I’ll be sure to let you know when there’s a new one!

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10 responses to “Effective Today: This Way to Meet Minimum Spending Requirements No Longer Works

  1. Wow. Just got in under the wire. Maxed out my Barclay’s Arrival World Mastercard for initial deposit last week. Maybe I was the straw the broke the camel’s back!

  2. Dang! I didn’t even know this was an option. Opened up the Citigold Checking last week to get the discount on the Prestige card. Took $100 out of another account and put it into Citigold. Will close the citigold acct within 60 days, no way I could or would put 50K in said account.

  3. I was able to fund my account on Monday (Feb 8th) … just barely made it! Used a Barclays AA card to fund with no issues.

  4. Bummer – i tried to fund last week but my large purchase clearance expired before the charge came in. It was rejected and was going to re-attempt again today. It was nice while it lasted. Managed to get 2 accounts with funding (checking and savings). Was going for account #3. I recall the same thing from a few years back. They stopped it suddenly, then allowed it to continue till now. Maybe it will recycle once again…

  5. My husband had his bluebird shut down last week by AMEX. He was having great success loading Simon Mall gift cards but AMEX said too much unusual activity. ☹
    What’s next, any new ideas?

  6. Well, now I’m thankful I at least decided to pull the trigger on the new Citigold account in December w/ credit card funding. Had been dragging my feet on doing it for quite a while.

    (BTW, a heads up to others who open the Citigold account: If you decide to use the checkbook they send you, be aware that it requires activation before the checks can be used. Found that one out the hard way.)

  7. Im looking for new ideas too. Need about 40k more arrival points to pay for a trip im taking in July. Any pointers?

  8. Dang, I got caught in the middle of this. Ready to fund my new CitiGold checking today Feb. 11 with Virgin Atlantic Mastercard (12K), only to find that the credit card option disappeared. I complained to a funding supervision, and he said, “No exceptions, no appeals.” My welcome packet promises that I can fund by credit card. Anyone think this would be worth taking to a banking regulatory authority (not sure exactly who–maybe you can suggest)? It could be seen as a bait and switch. They promised in writing that I could fund my new account with credit card and then withdrew that option.

  9. Does this include funding a Citi savings account too?

  10. BobG. I also fought the fact my welcome packet said you can fund with a credit card. And my rep TOOK my credit card and I only asked to put 7000 on it (nothing crazy). They accepted the card and took all the info, I got my welcome packet but noticed my balance was zero and my card was never charged. When I called they said their policy had changed and the rep should not have taken my credit card. I was transferred to a ia higher supervisor twice. Always told, “sorry, you cannot use a credit card”. Finally was told my case went to appeals. Just to get a letter a week later saying, “sorry, you cannot use a credit card”.
    Beyond frustrated. Planned to use this account after downgrading. Now, just gonna wait until I get my bonus points, then downgrade, and then close a month later. I’m done with citibank. Also cancelling my costco card they are automatically sending me. And closing the rest of my citi cards. Chase is just so much better to do banking with.