Last Chance! ~$56 to Stay at Almost Any IHG Hotel

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Time is running out to earn an award night at almost any IHG hotel with the IHG Priceless Surprises promotion!

Entries must be postmarked by February 15, 2016 (next Monday).  For the price of stamps and envelopes, you’ll win enough IHG points to stay at nearly any IHG hotel in the world.  

Last Chance 56 To Stay At Almost Any IHG Hotel

By Entering the IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion, You Could Earn Nearly Enough IHG Points for a Stay at the Gorgeous InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa!

I’ll show you how to enter!

Here’s How to Enter – Get Your Pens Ready!

Link:   IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion

Link:   IHG Priceless Surprises Rules

With the IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion, you can win 500 to 1 million IHG points per entry!  And you can enter up to 94 times (via mail-in or stays).  So if you submit all 94 entries and win 500 points each time, you’ll earn 47,000 IHG points!

That’s almost enough for a night at any IHG hotel, even top resorts like the Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa.  Emily and I stayed here where an overwater bungalow could cost over ~$1,000 per night!

Yep, 94 entries is a lot!!!  Especially when you consider you’ll have to handwrite and mail them all separately!

But you can ice your hand on 1 of those fruity frozen drinks with an umbrella when you’re lounging on the beach in Bora Bora! 😉

To qualify, you must be an IHG member (it’s free to sign-up) and register for the promotion before you enter.

Each entry should be on a 3″ x 5″ piece of paper and include (hand-printed):

  • Your full name
  • Complete mailing address
  • Day and evening phone numbers
  • Valid email address
  • IHG member number
  • The 1st 6 digits of your MasterCard (don’t worry, that will only tell what type of card it is)
  • Date of birth

IHG will send you an email with a link to play the online game, once they receive your entries.  I found mine in my spam folder.

You’ll wind up spending ~$46 on postage and ~$10 for envelopes and paper.  But that’s a small price to pay for 47,000 IHG points (or more!).

Just remember your entries must be postmarked by February 15, 2016.  You can check out the full terms and conditions for more details.

If you don’t have time for this kind of endeavor, there’s an easier way to earn IHG points.  When you sign-up for the Chase IHG card and complete the minimum spending, you’ll earn 60,000 IHG points and a $50 statement credit.

Emily and I don’t earn a commission on this card, but we’ll always tell you about the best deals!

Good luck!  Let us know how many IHG points you win!

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44 responses to “Last Chance! ~$56 to Stay at Almost Any IHG Hotel

  1. Since Monday, February 15 is Presidents Day, a federal holiday, the real date by which entries must be postmarked in Saturday, February 13.

  2. I’ve been disappointed with this promotion because I have yet to receive any notification from IHG. I sent my cards in mid-December.

  3. My concern with the promotion is that you must “play” the game in the email they send you by March 22nd but they’re taking months to get the emails to people. Hope I didn’t waste $92 in postage

  4. 60 entries acknowledged. 3 were 1000 pt winners and all others 500. Sent ~ Jan 21.

  5. Just mailed out 188 envelopes (between my wife and I) and now we wait! (the hardest part)

  6. How strict is the 3 x 5 paper rule? I submitted about 37 entries on small notebook paper and cut-in-half computer paper.

    None of them are 3 x 5 index cards, but all info is hand written.

    Has anyone else been successful with non-3×5 cards?

  7. This has been a really glitchy contest. My girlfriend and I sent in our 188 combined entries right around Christmas. I received 7 of the game emails about 2 weeks ago and no more since. My girlfriend got between 60-70 of the game emails around the same time and has had no more since. I think ihg underestimated the amount of mail-in entries and they’re severely back logged, but it’s bizarre that we sent ours from the same post office, the same day and so many more of hers were processed than mine. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, like everyone else, that this doesn’t just turn into a giant waste of postage.

  8. Have mailed 26 entries, 16 on Dec 14th or there about, have received zero emails from them.

  9. @PSL Thanks for the reminder that Feb 15 is Federal Holiday in which the Post Office will be closed. Not that I want to wait until the last day anyway. But there is one Post Office near me that is open on Sundays (till 5pm) so that would give me an option.

    I do wonder if Staples which now can do so postal services, has the ability to do postmarks. I never asked.

  10. My wife and I dropped 94 postcards each on Feb. 1st and we both received 94 emails today on Feb. 8th so it looks like they are caught up at this point

  11. @Erik–they are definitely not caught up. I’m still waiting on 17 e-mails from January. Plus they owe me 16,000 points from January 19 that never posted. I’ve been going back and forth with them on e-mails. This has been one unorganized promotion to say the least.

  12. I sent about 80 mid-December and have received no emails.

  13. FYI…. there is a link at the IHG Rewards site to earn 80,000 points + $50 statement credit when applying for the Chase IHG card.

  14. I sent out 30 entries about a week ago. Two batches of 15 one day apart. I got a single email today that allowed me to play the promotion just once. What gives?

  15. Send 14 as a test a couple of weeks ago. Received only 5 emails on Friday. Sent out the rest this week. Hope it was not a giant waste of my time and money. There is no way to prove that you entered the contest (unless you used proof of delivery) so in theory they could ignore most of the entries

  16. I’ve sent the 94 entries. 57 in first mailing and 37 in second mailing. about a week after each mailing (the first around Jan 5, second on feb 1), i got only 6 emails. So, for 94 entries, i have 12 emails. Not understanding this. What a waste of time and money.

  17. Too bad thats only for US residents :(.

  18. I sent 94 in Jan and have got back 74 so far. I sent all 94 for my husband last week and he’s already got back 46. Hopefully they’re catching up. Sounds like they are putting them in a pile as they come in and working from the top, up.

  19. I sent in 67 and received all 67 emails. Hit for 2 – 5000 winners, 2 – 2000 winners, 2 – 1000 winners, the rest 500. I sent in the final 27 about 10 days ago. All points have been added to my account. As a serious sweepstakes entrant, I can tell you that if you didn’t follow the rules exactly, your entries will be tossed out. These contest companies are very strict on this.

  20. I mailed in 94 in two batches starting on February 1. I have received 93 emails as of this morning.
    2-2000, 3-1000, the rest were 500

  21. I sent 92 2 weeks ago and received 92 emails all at once yesterday. However the last 5 emails resulted in a “sorry, you have reached your limit…” style response when I went into the game. I know I haven’t reached the maximum 94 plays, so I have no idea why it’s blocking me. Sent my Husbands in last week. Waiting to see what happens with his.

  22. @Larry–that’s not true. There’s a whole list on FlyerTalk about how how you didn’t really have to follow many of the rules. The only thing that seems to matter is that you use a 3×5 index card.

  23. I have gotten 62 emails so far from my 90 entries, and won 38,500 points total. Used index cards (3 x 5) with lines. All of them have posted to my account.

  24. do the envelopes have to hand written as well?

  25. also, what if your day and evening phone numbers are the same, can you just include one phone number? Not sure how strict they are. Thanks!

  26. 188 entries mailed early Jan. I received 25 plays and my husband zero. Won 18,500 points two weeks ago and they haven’t posted yet. Waste of my time.

  27. Sent about 80 Jan 26 and February 1. Received 65 emails on Feb 8 and 9. 1 5000, 2 2000, 2 1000 and the rest 500s. None have posted.—but they say 2-3 weeks. Am satisfied so far. Didn’t use precisely 3×5 cards or paper…something close though.

  28. On my cards I used this: d & e 888-888-8888…seems to have been fine. I’m not familiar with any posting that said rules didn’t need to be followed. Each sweepstakes company is different. From my experience in doing sweepstakes / contests / promotions for more than 25 years, if you don’t follow the rules exactly as stated, your entries will be tossed. If that’s not true in this case, I guess that could be. I just know I followed the rules exactly and have received the game emails.

  29. @Alisha, according to Flyertalk and a few other resources, using labels for your envelope should be fine. Only the 3X5 paper needs to be handwritten.

  30. I started sending entries out in batches. The first batch I sent out would have gone out Feb 1 (I dropped it as USPS Post Office itself (the Post Office was closed but has slots and boxes that mail can be dropped off in) and included 10 entries. Yesterday (Feb 8) I got 10 e-mails at once late in the afternoon. So my initial entries took about one week.

    I am continuing to mail them out in small batches. I am mostly mailing them directly from the Post Office itself (either handed to a clerk at the end of the day) or in the post office’s mail slots (or at mailbox just outside of post office). A few have been in regular USPS Blue Boxes. None are being left in my personal mailbox (theoretically USPS can pick up mail directly from house, but I rarely mail anything that way).

    My assumption is that with 94 entries being separately through the postal service, odds a few could get lost, or some other problem occur). Even when I have sent certified mail, I have had numerous instances of them losing the item (or at least losing track of it). I assume that not all mail will get through.

    That is one of the reasons I have been sending them out in small batches (and from a variety of post offices, boxes; and even at post office if more than one slot I put a few in each slot). I figure diversification can help minimize the risk, so in case one day’s batch gets messed up, I don’t lose a huge number of entries at once.

    I also plan to send out more than 94 entries to hedge my bets, so if a few entries don’t make it, there are some back-up entries. I realize that adds more cost, but for extra bucks (less than $10 I expect) get some insurance. My index cards came in a pack of 100 so I figure I will at least send out all 100. Plus the roll of stamps I bought has 100 stamps anyway. So I plan to have at least 6 extras sent out. I may by another check $1 pack of index cards and do another 10-15 entries and just pay the extra postage.

    I know some people submitted stuff in December and got no or few e-mails. At this point, I would assume its likely that you may not get any response (as either they got lost in the mail or some other problem along the way). If I were you I’d consider sending in some more entries this week, as back-up. I’m not saying to spend another $50 to send out 94 brand new entries, by I would consider sending 20-30 (sending 5-10 a day) over the next few days. Another 20 will be like $10 postage, so it might be worth if (if it even leads to only 10 e-mails worth at least 500 points each for 5,000 points, I think that could be worth it as those 5,000 points would be worth at least $30-35 in value at a minimum.

  31. Be patient. I sent the first half of mine in early December and didn’t get any emails until mid-January. I then got the rest within a week of mailing them out. In total I received emails for all 94 entries and scored a total of 55,000 IHG points. They are capping you at 94 attempts to play the “game”, for those planning to send extra entries. My girlfriend has been sending hers out sporadically and has gotten emails in groups of about 5 or less. She just sent the last 30+ of hers last week, so we’re hopeful that she’ll receive her emails soon, since HelloWorld seems to be processing the entries faster now.

    We handwrote ours on 3×5 index cards, some lined and some not. Wrote “Day/Evening: XXX-XXX-XXXX” for the phone number line.

  32. @G C

    To clarify (not sure if you were referring to my comment), while I may send in some extra entries, that’s only to have some insurance in case some of the others I sent get lost in mail (or otherwise don’t make to HelloWorld/get processed). I know I won’t get more than 94 attempts but I figure if I send a few extra, I ensure they will get at least 94 entries (as opposed to say 84 if 10 get lost in mail) and I will have 94 attempts of the game (instead of less).

    For the phone number line I wrote

    (That was a suggestion from another blogger who had used that and said it worked).

  33. Way to pick the one hotel that has zero availability for the entire year thanks to relentless hyping up for points redemption.

  34. Brian,
    I wasn’t referring to you specifically, but your mention of extra entries reminded me of others on other sites who talked about sending in extras to see if they could get more points. I was worried too that all 94 of mine wouldn’t get to HelloWorld or be counted correctly, but after some waiting they did all go through. Might be worth it like you said to send a couple more for peace of mind, just in case all previous entries weren’t processed.

  35. Well my 47 entries with one of the emails I sent netted me 32,500 points thank you!
    However the 33 using a gmail account of me and my wife haven’t gotten a response from IHG. Strange since there were mailed within a day of each other. I got my points within a week of entering.

  36. @Larry B, why did you use two different email addresses. I think you were supposed to use the email address associated with your IHG account (but I’m not certain) but why did u switch what you used for your entries.

  37. Can anyone reply with the email address that is used to send the response to the entries? If we have this then we can add it to our address books and make sure it doesn’t end up in the spam folder. Thanks in advance.

  38. Update for promotion:

    I was traveling cross country last week so hand wrote 94 entries on index cards on the plane (and numbered them), computer stamped the envelopes, and then mailed them in. I received 2 emails yesterday and 92 today. Won 58,500 points. In the beginning I was running way above EV, but every entry number 28-94 were all 500 points. Here was the breakdown:

    2 x 5000 points
    1 x 2000 points
    2 x 1000 points
    89 x 500 points

    Mailing in my wife’s 94 entries tomorrow. Good luck to everyone!

  39. Do we need to have a return address on our envelope?

  40. Looks like they’re working overtime! Received 72 emails today, my wife received 77.
    My wife got 2 non-winners so I will be inquiring about that.

    Does anyone know if there is a limit to how many over 500 point prizes we can receive?

  41. Yes there is a limit.

    “Limit: One (1) prize
    from Group A and five (5) prizes from Group B prize per person.”

    Group A are the major prizes and basically any price with estimated value of $600 or more (which probably has to do with fact they have to report prizes of $600 or more to IRS).

    Group B includes items that are under $600 or no estimated value, and include prizes such as free night stay at any IHG Hotel, a $50 prepaid mastercard, and all the point prizes except the Million Points prize, and what’s in category C . And there is only 1 category C prize which is the 500 points (and minimum prize that one can get). So once you got 5 prizes of more than 500 points (category b), everything else will be 500 points unless you get a category A price.

    I’m guessing a lot of people who get 94 entries have decent chance of getting 5 prizes of over 500 points. I’ve played 30 times so far and have already gotten 4 prizes over 500 points (2 were for 1,000 points and 2 were for 2,000 points).
    I got 24 emails today and haven’t played then yet and i imagine i will get one more prize of more then 500 points and then all the rest will be 500 pretty much whatever floor i pick (unless by chance i get one of the Category A prizes). My hope is that one will be for 5,000 points or a free night and not just 1,000 points.
    I expect to have 94 entries by the end of this and probably end with about 50,000 points when all is said done. (I sent 115 entries in case some are lost in the mail, i have backup entries as insurance, the last 4 were sent today from post office that has Sundays hours and i made sure all my entries sent in the last few days were manually postmarked by asking the USPS employees to do postmark them, but i didn’t want to give them more than 5 at a time)

  42. @Brian, thanks for the info, I probably should have read the rules a little more thoroughly. I’ve got about 22 plays left, I’ve already gotten 5 prizes from group B (1 for 5,000, 1 for 2,000 and 3 for 1,000), my wife got 5 for 1,000. Hoping to get something from Group A 😉

  43. mailed 94 entries the week of February 8th. No emails received from IHG/Mastercard. Are they that far behind in digging through the mountain of entries?