Update: Stay at Nearly Any IHG Hotel (Including Resorts) for ~$56

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Lots of folks are receiving winning entries to perhaps the easiest Big Travel with Small Money deal outside of credit card sign-up bonuses!

IHG is running a promotion you can enter for free through the mail.  For the cost of stamps and envelopes, you’ll earn enough points to stay at nearly any IHG hotel in the world.  

Update Stay At Nearly Any IHG Hotel Including Resorts For 56

There’s Still Time to Mail in Entries to IHG’s Contest. You’ll Earn at Least 47,000 IHG Points!

I’ll share how many points I’ve earned so far.  And the short-cut I used!

My Experience with IHG’s Priceless Surprises Promotion

Link:   Everything You Need to Know About How to Enter IHG’s Priceless Surprises Promotion

You can mail up to 94 entries.  Entries must be postmarked by February 15, 2016.  I’ve been filling out index cards and mailing them in batches.

So far I’ve mailed in 50 entries.  It took a while, but yesterday and today I received 19 emails back from IHG.  They were in my spam folder, so be sure to check!

When you click the link in your email from IHG, you’ll be taken to the game.

Update Stay At Nearly Any IHG Hotel Including Resorts For 56

I Felt Like I Was Playing a Slot Machine!

So far I’ve won 20,000 IHG points.

Update Stay At Nearly Any IHG Hotel Including Resorts For 56

You’re Nearly Guaranteed to Win at Least 500 Points per Play. And I Got Lucky a Few Times, Winning 2,000 and 5,000 Points!

Time-Saving & Money Saving Tips

See my post with all the details, but in short, to enter you must hand-write your entries on a 3 X 5″ piece of paper.  (I used index cards.)  But it does NOT say you have to hand-write the addresses on the envelopes!

So I put my printer to work and printed the return and outgoing addresses directly onto the envelopes without labels.

To save money, I purchased self-adhesive stamps at an office supply store with a card that earns 5X points (or 5% cash back) in that category.

What to Do With All These IHG Points?

I’ve only played ~20% of my 94 entries and I’ve already earned 20,000 IHG points.  I could use them for 4 free nights at an IHG PointBreaks hotel.

But I’ll likely add it to my collection of IHG points.  And then stay at an expensive IHG hotel such as an InterContinental or Crowne Plaza location.

Bottom Line

You have until February 15, 2016, to enter the IHG Priceless Surprises promotion.

I’ve done this myself.  It works.  And it’s fun!  Be patient, because it takes time to receive your emails from IHG.  And be sure to check your spam folder!

If you have a printer, save time and energy by using it to address the envelopes.

And save money or earn extra points when you buy your stamps at a store where you earn bonus points, such as an office supply store or supermarket.

Let me know what you’ve won so far!

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40 responses to “Update: Stay at Nearly Any IHG Hotel (Including Resorts) for ~$56

  1. Sent in 94 early January and won a total of 51,500 points. Although they have not posted to my account yet. With their 5,000 per night promotion with each night worth around $100 that’s equivalent to $1,000. Not bad for a $50-$60 investment and 3 hours of filling out index cards. Just send in my wife’s now.

  2. How long did it take from the time of mailing the entries in to the time of receiving the emails with the game plays? I mailed my 94 in 2 weeks ago (January 15) and 2 days later received one back because I had missed a stamp on the one (which I then resent back out the next day). Two days ago (January 26) I received one email to play (won just 500 points), which, I can’t help but wonder if it is from the one that got sent the few days later due to the forgotten postage. I’m getting a little worried that I won’t receive the emails. How long did it take others to receive their emails?

  3. I mail some of mine on December 30 and received 32 emails this pass Saturday. So almost a month. Be patient it does work, but most of mine were worth 500 points. I bought envelopes with stamps already attached from ebay for $45 for 100. Hopefully the shopping portal points will work too. That process is even slower!

  4. @Michael – it took about a month for me to begin receiving emails. I sent in all within a few days of each other.. that was back early December (december 11-15 to be exact).. to date I’ve received 30 on one account, 46 on another, and 73 on the third (I did it for family members as well). They were all sent around the same time. My earnings to date is:
    No points = 3 times
    500 pts = 142 times
    1,000 pts = 1 time
    2,000 pts = 2 times
    5,000 pts = 1 time

    For the first about 80 entries every single one was 500 pts. I’m not sure if my luck is just really bad or the odds are off. I am way under what i would expect based on the odds.

  5. I sent mine in batches. So far I’ve had 24 returned and earned 18.000 IHG points. I think you can only get 5 prizes worth more than 500 points( based on what I’ve read elsewhere) but the least you should get is 500 per entry.
    sometimes you get a separate email for each entry, but you may also get one email and repeatedly play the game off of that email. So don’t stop until you get the “we love your enthusiasm but you don’t have any more entries” message.

  6. What is the email address that the emails come from? I’m not finding anything in my Spam folder, and haven’t received any email in my inbox. We sent our postcards in before Christmas.

  7. I wrote my info on an index card, scanned it in, then printed it 94 times. I also printed the address on the envelopes. They accepted and sent the priceless surprise email for all! For the games I’ve played so far I had 10 @ 500, 1 @ 1,000, and 1 @ 5,000.

  8. They seem to be responding faster. My wife and I started sending out batches for her account over Thanksgiving. We got our first e-mails a month later and continued receiving them weekly. Eventually we got all 94 responses. I set up another account under my name and began sending out cards 3 weeks ago. It only took two weeks before I started getting responses and now I’m getting the e-mails almost every day. I got 31 e-mails on Tuesday and another 30 on Wednesday. I’ve received 66 responses so far.

    You can only win 5 point prizes over 500. My wife’s account got 5 for 1,000 and the rest for 500. My account has so far earned 1 for 5,000, 1 for 2,000 and 3 for 1,000. All the rest are 500. Last week on FlyerTalk a woman announced she had just won the Arnold Palmer golf package.

  9. Darius, have you received all 94 emails but are playing only a certain number per week? Is there a strategy?

  10. Does the MasterCard have to be an IHG MasterCard, and does the card have to be in my name?

  11. I sent 42 out six weeks ago and have not heard from any of them yet.

  12. I was annoyed that this promotion was only for U.S residents. I live in Finland and tried to register for it but was denied because of that.

  13. Hey, guys. If you don’t receive an email, sign in and click on the Priceless Surprises link on IHG. You may have something that LOOKS like you’ve earned a prize for a stay (it looks like a button). Click on that and it will take you to the elevator like the screen shot above. I’d suggest going through that song and dance until you get the “that’s all” dialog box.

    We have NEVER received an email from IHG for this promotion. We only discovered this out of frustration! We’ve sent in about 50 over the course of 2 months and received about 15 plays so far.

  14. I sent 40 of mine out in late December and another 40 over the past few weeks. I got the first 31 emails last Saturday night, then another 29 over the past few days. It does seem like they’re catching up with the pile of entries they’ve gotten. I’ve gotten one 5,000 point, two 2,000 points, one 1,000 point and the rest 500 points so far.

    Lane, it doesn’t have to be an IHG MasterCard; any MasterCard should work.

  15. Your full name
    Complete mailing address
    Day and evening phone numbers
    Valid email address
    IHG member number
    Date of birth

    A bit concerning that likely underpaid workers here or in a 3rd world country will have access 94 times to your full name, address, phone numbers, e-mail and date of birth. That could be 94 separate people. And where do these cards go after they are done with them? Are you sure they are being trashed? Maybe not. Expect tons of direct marketing from this at the very best. In a worse case scenario does anyone see fraud potential? No one seems concerned. Why?

  16. We have a personal Mastercard, but it was opened after 11/15/15, and according to the T&C,“The Promotion is open only to MasterCard® individual and small business cardholders whose account was opened by a MasterCard customer financial institution before November 15, 2015 and is still active.” Has anyone tried this with a card opened after 11/15? Did it work?

    We also have a Corporate Mastercard through our employer which was opened before 11/15/15. Anyone know if that will work? It’s definiately not an “individual” or “small business” card as stated in the T&Cs.

  17. @MillionMilesSecrets Do you really need to both writing the return address on the envelope. I’m debating that. That’s not a term and condition, its just standard mailing practice. I think it should work without the return address. It would save a bunch of writing to not both with return address. My printer can’t easily print on envelopes, but can do labels. But I’d rather skip the labels for return address if I can.

  18. @Kevin
    Scanning and printing index cards worked? Not sure i would have chanced it. But surprisedc it did.

  19. Section B, limits:

    “Use of any automated system to participate is prohibited and will result in disqualification”

    That could be read to mean no pre-printed envelopes. And, that only at the discretion of the individual are they allowing it.

  20. Please post the email address so all of us can designate it as “safe” for the browser. Would hate for something juicy to go straight to spam.

  21. I printed labels for envelopes and handwrote the index cards and I’m getting them back. i sent 20 a couple weeks ago and got 10 back so far. All 500 and one 1,000 so far. I sent 40 more yesterday. 34 to go…..

  22. @kentc. A very good point, and that is why I have not participated. It’s enough information for someone to sign up in your name for other promo with mastercard.

  23. @Carole How did you find it. I am not able to see anything. I sent my first batch of 20 letters on Dec 7th and didn’t receive a single mail for play… Could you please elaborate the exact steps?

  24. I hand wrote all the index cards but printed the envelopes in Word on a laser printer. I’ve received about 60 entry emails so far. Envelopes are fine to print.

  25. @Buvan First log in to your account on IHG.com. From there, click on Offers > Hotel Offers. You’ll need to scroll down to where it says IHG Reward Club Offers. The Priceless Surprises Begins Here link is the top left choice. Once you click on this, it will take you to the Priceless Surprises page. This page asks you to “register” for the promotion by entering your IHG# and pin#. Go ahead and register even if you’ve already registered previously. At that point, you will see an option to click on an orange button under First Stay… that will take you to the elevator. Hope that helps! (You might try this link to see if it will take you there directly… https://pricelesssurprises.ihg.com)

  26. My first 5 entries that I played last week posted to my account today.

  27. @Mark–It doesn’t matter when your Mastercard was opened, or even that it’s yours. They’re only asking for the first 6 digits and there’s very little info. they can get from that, ie, whose card it is, whether it’s open or closed, etc.. The first 4 digits show that it’s a Master card.

  28. @Brian, yes writing the index card once in my own handwriting, scanning it in, then printing on 97 blank index cards worked fine and saved me some hand cramping.

  29. I mailed 94 and got 92 entries – total 57,500 (2 @5000, 1 @2000 and 2 @1000)
    My wife has gotten 44 back for a total of 24,500 (all 5 of her larger wins were 1000)

  30. Does it have to be a 3×5 index card? I wrote mine in a small note book. 4.5″ wide by 7.75 tall.

  31. Hi All,

    I noticed you guys are getting results after you submit them and not after the submission deadline.

    Is there somewhere where it shows the prizes still currently available? (The trips)


  32. Odd deal – I sent in my 94 on January 15 and 2 days later received one back because I had missed a stamp on the one (which I then resent back out the next day). On January 26 I received one email to play (won just 500 points), then almost a week later received 2 more emails (for another 500 points each). That’s it so far for my submissions. However, I sent my wife’s 94 in a week after I sent mine in and about a week after I sent hers in, she received 93 emails all together. I can’t figure what the deal is and why she got all hers processed, but I have only gotten a random 3 emails even though I sent mine in a week earlier. Any thoughts/wisdom on this?

  33. I’ve sent 94 -40 3 weeks ago and 40 more the 27th, and the rest late last week but I’ve only got 12 emails back -those points have posted. Just waiting for the rest!

  34. Got 36 back tonight 🙂

  35. Sent 30 mails on 1/29 and the last 64 on 1/31. 2/3 got 3 plays and on 2/5 25 plays
    (28 total). Only live about 40 miles from Kzoo. Not sure if this helped faster processing, but they seem to be getting faster. Results 500 pts 25 times, 1000 pts 2 times, 5000 pts 1 time

    They are not picky with the writing format. I did this

    Rich doe
    1313 mockingbird (left out st. Ave etc.)
    Anywhere MI USA 12345

    123-555-5555 (did day and evening phone 1 time)


    546615 (Mastercard)

    1-01-08 (B-day)

    Used supplies from Dollartree. Bought 3×5 notebooks (not index cards) and 80 envelopes for $2 plus tax. For postage I used staples Gift cards from past Rebates in meeting Amex credit card spend bonus. 100 stamps were $49. Out of pocket cost about $2 for 94 plays

    Hope these contests come back so I can burn off more Staples GC for points. Just discovered promotion last week and glad to get in game GLTA

  36. @Rich I assume you put your real Address, Phone Number, Birthday, etc on your entries to IHG and you just used fake info for posting it here (but if you actually live on 1313 Mockingbird and you aren’t part of The Munsters, you snagged a nice street address; and 12345 is an actual zip code not far from me). I can’t blame you for not putting real info up here.

    Or did you actually put fake info other than your IHG # and e-mail and it actually worked? Cause it would be interesting that IHG accepts it with fake info. And if they do, well they really aren’t reading them to carefully.

  37. No Fake info to IHG. Only trying to illustrate the format I used to send in the the 3×5 paper.

    I was in hurry to get out a batch to IHG/Helloworld and was worried they would get rejected. Now I know they arent picky. Next time I read a bit better

    Never would have guessed 12345 was real zip code lol

    The true great Munster of the family is Grandpa. He knows how to “grease” a bellboys palm on trips very well. Great money saver 🙂

    Hope these entries get all processed before my March 10 trip to Asia. GLTA

  38. Another 40 emails on 2/6. (68 total so far) Results 5000-1, 1000-3 times, $50 prepaid GC -1 and 500 pts-63 times

  39. Very discouraging. Sent over 40 in mid- December, and I have heard nothing. I called IHG who said they would pass my concern on a few weeks ago, but I have heard nothing from this as well.