How to Make Free Calls While You’re Overseas! (The Other Person Does NOT Need an App)

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If you need to make a call when you’re traveling overseas, international phone plans can get expensive.  Especially when you only need to make a call or two.

And apps such as Viber aren’t an option when you want to call friends and family who don’t have the app.  Or when you need to call a business like your credit card company.

How To Make Free Calls While Your'e Overseas The Other Person Does NOT Need An App

Luckily, When You’re Overseas There Are Easy Ways to Call the US for Free!  And the Person You’re Calling Only Needs Their Phone!

Free International Calls to US Landlines

Sometimes when you’re traveling internationally you need to call back home.  Apps like FaceTime, Viber, and WhatsApp are great for calling folks who have the same app.

But sometimes you need to call a landline.  Maybe you want to tell your Aunt Mildred, who isn’t familiar with too many apps, “Happy Birthday.”  Or you need to call your credit card company to verify you’ve made a purchase with your card overseas.

Here are 2 apps you can use to make calls for free without the person you’re calling having to do any work!

Google Hangouts

Many folks have heard of Google Voice.  If you still have the old Google Voice app, it doesn’t work well anymore.  And Google Voice has now been integrated with Google Hangouts.

You only need a gmail address to sign-up and you can make Google Hangouts calls with a Wi-Fi or data connection using:

Most calls to the US and Canada are free.

How To Make Free Calls While Your'e Overseas The Other Person Does NOT Need An App

Phone Home for Free With Google Hangouts!

But Google Hangouts calling isn’t available in every country.  So if you don’t see the option to make calls it could be you’re in a country where it’s not supported.

There’s a charge for calling someone outside the US and Canada.  For example, calls to Mexico are 5 cents per minute and calls to India are 1 cent per minute on mobile and 2 cents per minute for a landline.


With Skype you can call your credit card company, a hotel to make a reservation, or any other business with a toll-free number for free.

How To Make Free Calls While Your'e Overseas The Other Person Does NOT Need An App

Use Skype to Call Toll-Free Numbers in 5 Countries at NO Cost!

For all other Skype calls, you’ll either need to purchase credits or the person you’re calling will also need a Skype account.

You can use Skype by using the mobile app or on your computer.

T-Mobile’s Mobile Without Borders

The T-Mobile “Mobile Without Borders” gives you unlimited calls and texts between the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Mobile Without Borders is free with the SimpleChoice plans, which start at $50 per month for unlimited texts and data in 140+ countries, plus 2 gigabytes of 4G data. And you’ll also get cheaper calls at 20 cents per minute for calls to other countries..

I know folks from Canada who are living in the US who travel back and forth and carry around 2 phones with 2 different phone plans, so this may be a better option!

How To Make Free Calls While Your'e Overseas The Other Person Does NOT Need An App

Get Unlimited Calls & Texts in the US, Canada, and Mexico With T-Mobile’s “Mobile Without Borders”

Bottom Line

Having the ability to make calls to the US when you’re traveling overseas is essential when you need to reach your bank or friends and family.

With Google Hangouts you can call just about any number in US or Canada for free!  And the person you’re calling doesn’t need a special phone or app.

And you can call certain toll-free numbers at no charge with Skype to reach your credit card company, hotel, airline, or other businesses.

But if you travel outside the US frequently you might consider T-Mobile “Mobile Without Borders” because it comes with a Simple Choice plan and you get unlimited texts and calling between the US, Canada, and Mexico.  Plus, with Simple Choice (starting at $50 per month) you get unlimited texts and data in 140+ countries.

Check out my other tips for staying connected when you’re traveling outside of the US.

Do you know more ways to make free international calls without the person on the other end of the line needing a special app?

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13 responses to “How to Make Free Calls While You’re Overseas! (The Other Person Does NOT Need an App)

  1. Project Fi wasn’t mentioned. It seems like the best option at the moment.

  2. I still prefer GVphone MO+ phone app. While it’s not free for calls to 3rd parties the credits are super dirt cheap and it works very well from any high speed wifi that i’ve found in various countries.

  3. Tmobile Wi-Fi calling is the best option for me, just hook up phone to Wi-Fi router and it will act as you are calling from your phone (Make sure you put the phone in airplane mode so it won’t use roaming carrier to avoid unnecessary charges)…

  4. you should add ringplus. its free they have a couple of plans that are always free and some good promotions every so often. you can get it with most virgin or sprint phone. the best part you can have an emergency phone for free in the state and use there voice over IP in your regular phone to call back home. The best app that i have found for this is linphone it works in both iphone and android and is fully compatible with ringplus voip service.

  5. I have been using Google Voice with different app for 5 years (and now Hangouts). It works seemlessly. Along with Amex Global Boingo plan, I don’t even have a fixed cellular plan now – only activate a simcard when I needed as for emergency use while traveling. Also some landline provider has good deal which included unlimited international calling w/o signing up additional plan (mine is TWC). If your country is not listed there you could find a VoIP provider that fits your need.

    Someone mentioned Project Fi, but it is not free tho. $20/m is a good deal only if you generate huge amount of calling/texting traffic. Data is not included.

  6. Been using GrooveIP for years now. Costs $5 for full version on PlayStore. My home phone is forwarded to my GIP number. So as long as I have good internet all my calls reach me anywhere in the world and all my calls out are free. Also I keep the $30 TMo prepaid plan with 5G of LTE but only 100 minutes talk and use GIP for all my calls.

    Can’t beat free.

  7. I use CallCentric which is a SIP service that I used in conjunction with the Softphone app. Calls from anywhere back to the US are 2 cents per minute over WiFi. If you want an incoming number that will cost you $1.95/month.

    Recently AT&T has rolled out WiFi calling with the iPhone 6,6+,6S,6S+. It is supposed to work while you are located in the US and US territories only. However there are reports that it works overseas. And for those that it did not work overseas, firing up a VPN with an endpoint in the US makes it work.

  8. also, instead of using that website for the google hangouts, you can install the Hangouts dialer app in the google play store and use google hangouts on the mobile site directly

  9. Project Fi is great. Here is why $30 a month and it includes 1 GB of data anywhere in the world. Need more than 1 GB it is on $10 per GB more, did I mention data was included? It is unlimited talk and text….I am not sure how it is only a good deal if you talk/text a lot. It is a heck of a lot easier than activating a bunch of sim cards, and using boingo hot spots all over.

  10. This is the device I use and it cost me ONLY $30!! It is essential for international travel and I love it! Pay as you go (just buy day passes as needed). I paid it for $70 and it came with 5 free day passes ($40 Worth). The original cost is $150. They have a sale right now and it’s for $100. You can use the coupon (Code is HPT93FL) and link below and you get an additional $30 off and free shipping. So basically its costs $30 after 5 free day passes.

    You just buy the device one time and day passes are only $8 a day for unlimited data. You save money by not shipping it back and forth and don’t have to worry about different/multiple SIM cards or portable devices.

  11. My T-Mobile family plan works out to $25/mo with taxes and gives me 2gig data almost anywhere, except Vietnam. Used it for Cambodia, Thailand and now in Mexico. Great for guiding a Tuk-Tuk back to your out of the way hotel in Chang Mai via gps! or knowing when to get off the bus in Cancun.

    I use Hangouts to call US free on my computer/WiFi and only 1-2 cents/min to other countries.

  12. It seems Google Hangouts is now charging 1 cent/minute if you are travelling internationally, calling back to the US. This happened to me on a recent trip to Australia, and I was very surprised to see that. Has this happened to anyone else?

  13. Hangouts is not free. Hangout dialer is the free wifi only app. They look the same but they are not and I was just stuck with a huge Bill for using hangouts not hangouts dialer.