Does Chase Run a Credit Check on Authorized Users?

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Million Mile Secrets reader, Sean, commented:

If I add my wife (or anybody) as an authorized user, will it require her social security number?  And will the bank do a hard pull on her credit?

Sean wants to add his wife as an authorized user on his Chase Sapphire Preferred card to earn the 5,000 bonus Chase Ultimate Rewards points!  But will his wife’s credit score slightly dip temporarily from a credit inquiry?

Does Chase Run A Credit Check On Authorized Users

Sean Can Earn 5,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards Bonus Points by Adding His Wife as an Authorized User, and She Won’t Have to Worry About a Pull on Her Credit Report

I’ll explain why!

Why Add an Authorized User to Your Chase Sapphire Preferred?

Link:   Chase Sapphire Preferred

Link:   My Full Review of the Chase Sapphire Preferred

Link:   5,003 Reasons to Add an Authorized User to Chase Sapphire Preferred

When Sean adds his wife to his Chase Sapphire Preferred card and she makes a purchase within the 1st 3 months of opening your account, he’ll earn 5,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points!

And the 5,000 extra points isn’t the only reason to add an authorized user.  There are also 3 other great benefits!

That’s in addition to the 50,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points he’ll earn for signing-up for the card and spending $4,000 on purchases within the 1st 3 months of opening the account.

You can redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points for cash back at 1 cent per point, and for travel booked through the Chase portal with no blackout dates at 1.25 cents per point.

That would make the 5,000 extra points Sean earns for giving his wife a card on his account worth at least $50 to ~$63!

Or he could get Big Travel from his points by transferring them to airline and hotel partners:

 Chase Ultimate Rewards Airline Transfer Partners 
British AirwaysFlying Blue (Air France/KLM)Korean Air
Singapore AirlinesSouthwestUnited Airlines
Virgin Atlantic
 Chase Ultimate Rewards Hotel Transfer Partners 

Emily and I have used our Chase Ultimate Rewards points to help turn what would be $32,000 trip into a $2,000 getaway, a free stay at a ~$360 per night hotel, and more!

Does Chase Run A Credit Check On Authorized Users

Our Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Gave Use the Chance to Stay at the Beautiful Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome

Will Chase Do a Credit Inquiry on the New User’s Credit Report?


When you apply for new cards, the bank pulls your credit report to determine whether or not you will handle the credit they issue you responsibly.  This lowers your score by ~3 to ~5 points.  Although the impact typically begins to drop off after ~3 to ~6 months.

Does Chase Run A Credit Check On Authorized Users

In the Short Term, Hard Pulls Lower Your Credit Score

But Sean’s wife isn’t completing a new card application.  So she does NOT have to worry about this.

When you add an authorized user to your account, Chase doesn’t ask for their social security number.

Chase doesn’t need a lot of information about the person on the authorized account because only you, the primary cardholder, are ultimately responsible for the account.  That’s why it’s important that you make sure you trust anyone you add to your account.

Bottom Line

When you add a friend or family member to your Chase Sapphire Preferred account, you’ll earn 5,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points if they makes a purchase (of any amount) within the 1st 3 months of opening your account.

Chase typically doesn’t ask for an authorized user’s social security number, so you do NOT have to worry about their credit score going down ~3 to ~5 points from a credit inquiry.  That’s because the primary cardholder is ultimately responsible for charges on the account.

Just be sure the person you add to your account will use their card responsibly, and you’ll enjoy the 5,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points!  And don’t forget, there are other great reasons to add an authorized user to your account!

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15 responses to “Does Chase Run a Credit Check on Authorized Users?

  1. How does the cc show up on the authorized user’s credit report if their SSN is never given out?

  2. Since both cards issued have the same account number. How do they know if the authorized user used the card ?

    I just added my daughters name and got the extra miles. She never touched the card- never will.

  3. @Scott – With Chase they don’t use your social to match the card with your credit report, instead they use your address. If the new AU has the same address as the cc primary account holder, they will match it with the identity and report that cc on the AU’s credit report. Most banks use social’s for some reason, but Chase uses the primary’s address.

  4. If I add my husband as an AU, will Chase look at this card as a new CC for him. I just want to be sure that this won’t make it harder for him to get another Chase card in the near future.

  5. @Scott – Yes, I confirmed that my DP’s CSP shows on my credit report as an “authorized user”. In fact, I had my DP apply because I have far more than five applications in 24 months, but Chase did not inquire into my credit.

    FNBO also can match the address even though they don’t ask for the SSN for their AUs.

  6. Chase may not ask for SSN, but I know Amex and Citi do ask for SSN for any authorized card user. So does Barclays. Does this mean they run a credit check before approving the authorized user? Or just have it on file in case I don’t pay? Why do they need the SSN if the primary user is the one responsible? Curious if you have any insight on the other banks…thanks!

  7. Just was added to my wife’s ANEX account and received a notice from my credit tracking software that I had a new account on my credit report, so American Express used my SSN to report the account to the credit bureau, even though I am not responsible for the debt.

  8. @Jordan – Thanks for helping out!

    @Amanda – Folks are reporting mixed results with this.

    @William – Thanks for sharing your personal experience!

    @Vin – It often shows up on the authorized user’s credit report, but there is not a hard pull.

    @Joel – Thanks for sharing your experience!

  9. If the cc shows up on the authorized user’s credit report, wouldn’t it affect the average length of credit? If so, wouldn’t that have a negative effect on their credit score?

  10. Chase cards for authorized users don’t usually show up in the authorized user’s credit report. I have my sister as an AU on a couple of cards and the chase card info doesn’t. I have her on my capital one, and she got a new number, and that one shows on her report.

  11. How about business card such as Ink Plus? Chase asks for SSN for additional AUs. Now, chase has limit for applying freedom and Sapphire for 5 or more credit cards within 2 years. If I add AU to one employee for Chase Ink Plus, will this card be counted to the “5 cards limit”?
    Thank you.

  12. My credit card application was denied for chase sapphire preferred. they said i had applied for too many credit cards in the last 2 years. I looked at my credit report and I had only applied for 3. when I called the reconsideration line they had taken into account my husband’s two credit card applications that had added me as an authorized user. and in effect they thought I had applied for 5 credit cards in the last 2 years. so when they saw that mistake they approved it.

  13. @Glenn,
    my credit report did NOT show my small business credit card applications.. (I have Chase Ink Plus. and Chase united mileageplus) at least not with experian and transunion.

  14. I just applied for a Chase IHG card. Chase is also offering 5K bonus points for adding an authorized user and use that card within the first 3 months. I did NOT add my wife due to the 5/24 rule. But I did add my teenage daughter as an authorized user to my Chase IHG card (she could use a credit card anyway for emergencies). My question is how does Chase know if that authorized user card is actually being used vs the primary account card? Both the primary card and the AU card have the same numbers and same security code.

  15. I want to increase my credit age. So I am planning to join as an authorized user in my sister’s CITI Double Cash Credit card. But CITI is not asking for my SSN, I doubt they will report to the credit bureau and it will increase my credit age?