It Works! Stay at Nearly Any IHG Hotel (Including Resorts) for ~$56

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Update:   The card offer in this post is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Get ready to practice your penmanship! 😉

It’s been confirmed that you can enter the IHG Priceless Surprises promotion without staying at a hotel by mailing handwritten entries.  Better yet, you’ll earn a minimum of 500 IHG points per entry!

By entering the maximum 94 times, you’ll earn enough points for a free night at almost any IHG hotel including their InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Crowne Plaza, and more!

For instance, with 94 entries you’ll win nearly enough points for 1 night at the InterContinental: New York Times Square.

It Works Stay At Nearly Any IHG Hotel Including Resorts For 56

Surprise! Folks Are Winning IHG Points From Almost Every Mail-In Entry With the IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion

So this could be very lucrative for folks who have the time and patience to send in a lot of entries!  I’ll remind you how to do it!

What’s the Deal?

Link:   IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion

Link:   IHG Priceless Surprises Rules

Link:   Deals We Like Priceless Surprises Update

Instead of staying at an IHG hotel, you can earn entries into the IHG Priceless Surprises promotion by mail.

IHG hotels include Candlewood SuitesCrowne Plaza, EVEN Hotels, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn Resorts, Hotel IndigoIntercontinental Hotels & Resorts, and Staybridge Suites brand hotels.

Deals We Like now reports folks starting to receive emails from IHG for each entry they sent in.  And so far, every entry has earned 500 IHG points.

Commenters on Reddit and Milevalue report similar results.

It Works Stay At Nearly Any IHG Hotel Including Resorts For 56

Winning! Folks Have Won 500 to 1 Million IHG Points From Their Entries!

You’re limited to 94 entries total (either mail-in or from stays).  So this could be a time-consuming exercise.  My fingers hurt just thinking about it!

But if you win the minimum of 500 IHG points per entry, you’ll earn at least 47,000 IHG points by mailing-in 94 entries.

That’s almost enough for a night at any IHG hotel – including top resorts like the Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort Thalasso Spa.  A stay in an overwater bungalow here could cost over ~$1,000 per night!

It Works Stay At Nearly Any IHG Hotel Including Resorts For 56

Stay at the InterContinental Bora Bora Thalasso Spa for 50,000 IHG Points per Night

There are some very specific rules to follow if you decide to enter!  You must be an IHG member (free to join) and register for the promotion first, and you’re limited to 94 entries total.

Each entry must be on a 3″ x 5″ piece of paper and include (hand-printed):

  • Your full name
  • Complete mailing address
  • Day and evening phone numbers
  • Valid email address
  • IHG member number
  • The 1st 6 digits of your MasterCard (don’t worry, that will only tell what type of card it is)
  • Date of birth

Each entry must be mailed separately.  So you’ll spend ~$46 in postage.  And ~$10 for envelopes.

But that’s a terrific deal for 47,000 (or more) IHG points!

Filling out 94 entries could be a long (and painful) process though, so consider enlisting friends, your spouse, or bribing your kids to help fill out all the paperwork! 😉

Entries must be postmarked by February 15, 2016 to qualify.  Once an entry is received, you’ll get an email from IHG inviting you to play their online game to win your prize.

Read the full terms and conditions here.

If you don’t have patience for such things, remember you can earn 60,000 IHG points plus a $50 statement credit after meeting minimum spending on the IHG Rewards Club Select Credit Card.  You know which method I’d pick!  🙂

Bottom Line

Folks report (here, here, and here) the mail-in method of entry for the IHG Priceless Surprises promotion wins at least 500 IHG points most of the time.

This means if you mail-in the maximum allowed number of entries (94), you could earn at least 47,000 IHG points.  You’d pay ~$46 in postage and a marginal amount for envelopes and paper.

That’s a terrific deal for IHG points!

Remember, each entry must be handwritten and mailed separately.  This could be very time consuming unless you have help!  But you don’t have to do it all once.  Because entries can be postmarked by February 15, 2016.

My favorite way to earn a lot of IHG points quickly is from the sign-up bonus on the IHG Rewards Club Select Credit Card card.  But if entering sweepstakes is your thing, this could be a very good deal!

Let me know if you enter and the prizes you win!  Good luck!

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148 responses to “It Works! Stay at Nearly Any IHG Hotel (Including Resorts) for ~$56

  1. @Kent C

    I understand and my apologies for the snarky comment.

  2. I sent in all 94 3×5 cards and so far have received about 50 emails. The last 12 emails do not direct you to the elevator but to a web page that tells you that you have not won anything and to make a reservation at an IHG hotel to get a chance to win. Really sneaky and deceptive. It will definitely influence my decision to not stay at an IHG.

  3. Has anyone entered this and received any points using the beginning 6 numbers off of someone elses mastercard?

  4. The first 6 digits identify the card type (MasterCard) and the issuing bank. So, the first 6 digits from ANY MC will work.

  5. Yes, me and my spouse used the same mastercard numbers, no problem, both got the emails.

  6. Just some data points for everyone to digest…

    1. Send 94 entries in as follows: 28 on Jan 2, 21 on Jan 9, 25 on Jan 16 & 20 on Jan 22
    2. Emails received: 7 on Jan 22, 18 on on Jan 23, 42 on Jan 28
    3. Points posted: 19,500pts on Jan 29 (500×21 + 1,000×2 + 2,000×1 + 5,000×1)

    *Waiting on 46 awards allotment post
    *Waiting for 27 more emails
    *Looks like points take about a week to post to your IHG account

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  8. Any idea when these points will expire?

  9. I got some points posted in my account on Jan 25 and 29 but none of the rest have posted . Do they post randomly ? Supposed to get atleast 35000 more (70 x 500) . Had 75 plays.

  10. My results are slower than others who’ve posted here. I sent in 3 batches of 31 (plus 1 in one of them): 2 in Dec and last one in Jan.

    I received a total of 41 emails to date from Jan 23-28th.

    Of the 41 emails with points credit only the first 2 have just now posted to my IHG account.

    It appears it doesn’t matter when you sent it in. There’s no first come first serve.

  11. Can someone please share the first 6 MC digits I could use? I have a MC Debit Card but not a credit card..

  12. @Harmeet, that might be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read…

  13. @Chatan – I’m not sure why though, because these things are generic and do not give out ANY personal information.

  14. @Tyler @Aaron Both my husband and I use the same address and phone numbers. And we have received prized emails. You can even use the same MasterCard #.

  15. @James All IHG points expires in 12 months without activity on the account. It’s in the FAQ on IHG site.

  16. @Harmeet, be that as it may, I don’t see anyone providing you with the first 6 digits from their Mastercards. And if it’s so generic, you should be able to find it online, right?


  18. I just clicked on emails 47 times and every time it worked. Mostly 500 but a couple of 1000, a 2000 and a 5000. I sent more in and we shall see if I get the points!

  19. Does anyone know if it absolutely has to be 3″x5″ paper? Can I write the info on sheets from a note book, or any other sized paper, as long as they’re hand written and all the info is included?

  20. I just measured regular paper and cut it to specs.
    I also don’t have a “evening phone number” so I didn’t list one. Just wrote my cell number down.

    Sent out 5 envelopes and got 5 emails about a week later. Now I am working on sending another 89 before the feb 15th post mark cutoff!

    Printed out the mailing address and taped it to each envelope and used printed out return address stickers. Saved a lot of wrist action and time.

  21. Sent in 94 entries in 2 batches -, one of 55 one week ago and received 54 emails this afternoon with all winners – 34,500 points!

    Mailed 2nd batch this morning of 39.

    We printed both addresses To and Return directly on the envelop, so that part was easy peasy!

    Many thanks to Million Mile Secrets for telling us about this offer!

  22. @Eddy – Thanks, I’ll use my debit card and plan on sending a few tomorrow.

  23. Dumb question – Can I use small envelopes to send these or do they have to be #10 (4.13 inches X 9.5 inches) envelopes?

  24. You can use any size envelope @Harmeet. There are no guidelines for the size of the envelope, just that you use an envelope (omitting postcards I assume).

  25. @croppingfool – Thanks. Ended up sending all 94 in regular sized envelopes.

    Can someone tell me the email address these emails will come from? Want to make sure I add them to my safe senders list so that I don’t accidentally delete them if they are marked as spam.

  26. Help! About a month ago, o I wrote bunch – about 25 – entry cards and envelopes and had my kids help me. Then decided to wait until I was finished filling out all 94 entries and then mail the whole stack together. (Not sure why.) So I have been busy and procrastinated until this weekend to finish, knowing the postmark deadline was coming up on Monday 2/15. Worked on them for about 3 hours today and then realized that tomorrow, Feb. 15 is Presidents Day. The post office will be closed. I checked, and they won’t let me postmark the envelopes until 2/16. PayPal will allow me to postmark them for today, but they don’t have an option for first-class .49 stamps, at least not that I see. So I’ll end up paying $2.45 per envelope with PayPal. Does anyone think IHG will realize their error in stating the postmark deadline date falls on a holiday, and allow us to postmark the envelopes on 2/16?? Help!

  27. Am I an idiot? I did not plan on sending all entries but had about 40 of them that i was planning to send them today and just now realized that today is President’s day holiday at USPS! It had to be postmarked by today 🙁 Anyone got any solution for me?

  28. Mary – I found this while searching for postmark options. Seems like the Automated machines at the Post Office with dates on the stamps printed, should work. The following is what I found on the USPS website:

    1-1.3 Postmarks

    A postmark is an official Postal Service™ imprint applied in black ink on the address side of a stamped mailpiece. A postmark indicates the location and date the Postal Service accepted custody of a mailpiece, and it cancels affixed postage. Since 1979, the Postal Service’s Postal Operations Manual (POM) has provided standards for postmarks applied to single-piece First-Class Mail®. Letters and flats that need to be postmarked come from carrier pick-up, collection boxes, retail counters, or lobby drop boxes. Postmarks are not required for mailings bearing a permit, meter, or precanceled stamp for postage, nor to pieces with an indicia applied by various postage evidencing systems.
    The postmarking process uses the following three basic methods of imprinting:
    Automated: Advanced facer canceller systems used by processing distribution centers cancel letters quickly. These machines are equipped with biohazard detection systems so letters postmarked by automation benefit from added safety measures.
    Mechanized: A variety of older devices apply postmarks to flat-size mailpieces and to philatelic pieces.
    Manual: Hand-stamp devices are used by Postal Service employees for local cancellation or philatelic requests.
    A “local” postmark shows the full name of the Post Office, a two-letter state abbreviation, ZIP Code™, and date of mailing. Because the Postal Service is sensitive to the importance some customers place upon these postmarks, each Post Office is required to make a local postmark available. Lobby drops should be designated for this purpose with clear signage signifying its use.

  29. Bhavin – Thank you! That’s what I ended up doing. Now crossing my fingers and hoping it works!

  30. I called IHG and asked about the postmark problem. I was told by two people that higher management is aware of the problem and that instructions have gone out to honor mailings postmarked 2/16/16. While I can’t guarantee this because they wouldn’t send me anything in writing, I have a high level of confidence that this is the case.

  31. Mary – I ended up doing the same. Let us know if it works out for you.

    Larry – Thanks for the update. I was thinking about calling them as well but ended up just mailing them out as I had already filled out half of them and didn’t want the effort to be wasted (and hoping it worked). It definitely was an issue and I am pretty sure its not just limited to the two of us here.

  32. I mailed 94 entries in the end on January (was very careful to fallow all the rules), and received only 1 email. ONE email! Isn’t it strange?
    I’m really bummed out, because it took me forever (have very long last name, long street name, even longer town name and long email address…) AND I spent $50 on a postage… Sad face…

  33. Susan, contact them. I had a similar problem and they sent me the e-mails I needed to complete the entries I had sent.

  34. @Denise – thanks! Will do.

  35. Followed multiple blogs and almost did it during last week, I did 8 in one with total 10 and 7 in 2, a total of 12 envelopes and it worked, till now have gotten 60+ emails. I also wrote 14 times and just duplicated it using a copier and then just made sure one hand written one gets in each envelope. Seems it worked. Hope this is helpful to others for next time.

  36. I received all 94 emails and got 2 x 2,000, 3 x 1,000, and 89 x 500 points.
    I got emails during 3 consecutive days, about 10 days after I mailed all cards.
    I forgot that my earning preference for my IHG account was set to earn United Airlines miles, so first 34 promotional points got credited as United miles instead of points.
    I got 100 United miles for 500 points, 200 United miles for 1,000 points, and 400 United miles for 2,000 points.
    I called IHG customer support in an effort to convert these back to the points, but very polite customer service agent explained that she cannot convert back any credited miles and offer me additional 1,000 points as a courtesy.
    I tool those extra 1,000 points and changed my earning preference back to points.
    I was assured that the rest of the promotional points will be credited to my account as points.

  37. I received 9 emails thus far, was able to open 3 of them and got 5000, 500, and 500. For the remaining 6 emails, I didn’t get the link to “Play”, they have a link to “Continue”, clicking on which opens booking page.

    I noticed all emails have the same link:

    Please advise.

  38. @Denise, how do I contact them. I got the same issue.

  39. Do they do this promotion annually? Just saw this deal, and hope to get in on it next year!

  40. 51000 points were just credited to my ihg account due to my priceless surprises entries and play! Thanks so much!

  41. I sent in 94 and got all 94 emails. My wife sent 94 but is still missing 16 emails. Any suggestions on chasing down those missing emails? Some have mentioned making contact but I’m wondering do you contact IHG, Mastercard or HelloWorld? Any info is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  42. My wife and I both sent in 94 entries around end of January or beginning of February and we still haven’t heard anything. I’m pretty confident we followed all the rules on this. Who do we contact to inquire about this

  43. Wife and I both got back all 94 responses.
    (Wife: 5*1000, 89*500 = 49,500)
    (Myself: 89*500, 3*1000, 1*2000, 2*5000 =54,500).
    Not bad in my opinion. Already used 30k points on an upcoming trip to Chicago!

  44. correction: 88*500, so a total of 54,000

  45. Just to update I happily got 59,500 points out of the offer after sending it only two days before the promotion ended! I am happy and thankful you shared this post, thanks again Darius and Emily!!

  46. I mailed in all 94 entires but only got emailed back 70. All printed with the same penmenship. What happened to the other 24? AAAARRRRRGGGGG!!!!

  47. Sandra Holloway

    I mailed 94 entries, within the contest dates and have yet to receive a single reward/surprise.

    My husband mailed 94 entries and has received about half back.

    (PS, and yes, the contest entries were all hand written on 3×5 cards, and individually mailed)

    Any suggestions?