You May Be Able to Earn the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Sign-Up Bonus Again!

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Now that American Airlines is changing its award chart, folks are looking for ways to earn more American Airlines miles.  Many are hoping to book award seats before the changes take effect March 22, 2016.

Via Loophole Travel, FlyerTalk, and Reddit, some folks have had success earning the 50,000 mile sign-up bonus on the Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite™ Mastercard® again.

Even if they still have an account open!

You May Be Able To Earn The Citi AAdvantage Platinum Sign-Up Bonus Multiple Times

Are You Eligible to Earn the Bonus on the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Card Again?

I’ll explain what’s going on and if you should consider applying for a 2nd card!

What’s the Deal?

Link:   Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard

Link:   My Review of the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard

Citi’s rules say you can’t receive the sign-up bonus again on a card if it’s been less than 18 months since you last opened or closed the card.  They may approve you for a 2nd card, but you WILL NOT get the bonus.

I found this out the hard way!  All in the interest of blog research, of course!  🙂

You May Be Able To Earn The Citi AAdvantage Platinum Sign-Up Bonus Multiple Times

Citi May Approve You for a 2nd Card, but You Won’t Receive the Bonus If Your 1st Card Is Open or It’s Been Less Than 18 Months Since You Cancelled

But Citi’s been doing something strange.  Some folks who’ve applied for the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard say Citi automatically upgraded their cards from World to World Elite MasterCards within a couple of months of opening their account.

World Elite cards include better perks, like car rental elite status, travel discounts, and personalized service.

But the key difference here is that Citi appears to consider the World and World Elite versions of the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select card as different card products.

You May Be Able To Earn The Citi AAdvantage Platinum Sign-Up Bonus Multiple Times

If Citi Switches Your Card From World to World Elite, It’s Like You Never Had the Original Card in the 1st Place!

And when the account is switched over, Citi treats you like you never had the original World version of the card in the 1st place.

This mean you can apply for the card again after your original account is converted.  And receive the bonus a 2nd time!

Is It Worth It?

I haven’t done this myself, so I don’t have personal experience.

However, plenty of folks have reported via Reddit and FlyerTalk they’ve received the bonus multiple times.  So I think it’s worth trying – IF you received the upgrade to World Elite!

This card is an easy way to earn lots of miles quickly for Big Travel!  You’ll earn 50,000 American Airlines miles after you spend $3,000 on purchases in the 1st 3 months of opening your account.  (EXPIRED.)

You May Be Able To Earn The Citi AAdvantage Platinum Sign-Up Bonus Multiple Times

50,000 American Airlines Miles Is More Than Enough for an Off-Peak, Round-Trip Coach Ticket to Europe!

And the $95 annual fee is waived for the 1st year.

You’ll also get:

  • 2X American Airlines miles per $1 spent on American Airlines flights
  • 1X American Airlines mile per $1 spent everywhere else
  • 10% of the miles you redeem back in your account, up to 10,000 miles per calendar year
  • Group 1 boarding
  • Priority check-in
  • 1 free checked bag for yourself and up to 4 companions traveling on the same domestic itinerary
  • No foreign transaction fees

Note:   If you sign-up again, keep in mind the usual Citi card application rules apply.  Only 1 card application per day, at least ~8 days between applications, and no more than 2 applications within ~65 days!

What If My Card Wasn’t Converted?

If you applied for the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select card and your account was NOT changed to a World Elite card, DO NOT apply for another card.

You will NOT receive a 2nd bonus.

You May Be Able To Earn The Citi AAdvantage Platinum Sign-Up Bonus Multiple Times

Avoid Disappointment. DO NOT Apply for Another Card If Your Original Card Wasn’t Converted to World Elite!

Not everyone gets the upgrade to World Elite.  It may have to do with the amount of credit Citi is willing to extend you.  And Citi initiates the upgrade, NOT the cardholder.

If your card was converted to World Elite, you would have received new cards in the mail a couple of months after opening your account.  And you can check the back of your card by looking for the words “World Elite” above the MasterCard logo.

Bottom Line

Folks report (here, here, and here) it’s possible to earn the sign-up bonus again on the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard.  Even if it’s been less than 18 months since you opened or closed your account!

Citi’s been switching some (not all!) cardholder accounts from World to World Elite MasterCards within a couple of months of signing-up for the card.

And Citi appears to consider World and World Elite cards different card products.  Once they convert your account, it’s like you never held the original card!  So you can earn the bonus again.

If your card was NOT switched, do NOT re-apply.  You will NOT earn the bonus again.

I haven’t tried this myself, but lots of folks report earning the bonus multiple times.

Did Citi convert your Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select account to a World Elite MasterCard?  If so, did you apply again and receive the bonus?

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34 responses to “You May Be Able to Earn the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Sign-Up Bonus Again!

  1. you’re a f***ing moron for posting this. and don’t even try to give me the “oh but someone else posted it already so it’s not a secret anymore!” crap.

    i see all you bloggers as part of a really long human centipede. just recycling each other’s garbage over and over.

  2. Thanks for posting this! It could be valuable to many of your readers. Some people think opportunities should be spread exactly until the point that they reach them personally, then they need to stop cold. It’s been posted publicly on various sites before, and thus not reporting it to your readers would diminish your blog’s credibility. Keep up the good work.

  3. Now that you have posted, the loophole will likely be closed by Citi. Do you not understand who reads these blogs?

  4. I received a 60,000 AA targeted offer. Am I eligible for the bonus even if it’s only been 12 months since I closed a previous AA card?

  5. I read ALL the blogs constantly. No one posted this. One blogger got close, but no exactly this. Last time you did this for the Alaska card it was dead in days. DaveS, I agree with you to an extant, but these offers will benefit even less people now that this is posted. You have to WORK for some things in this game. If it’s all handed to you on a platter, how does that help everyone else? You all complain when things die–accept that you’re part of it.

  6. Signed up and approved, talked to a CSR and was told that there’s no bonus for me, that I already have the card. How can I get the bonus? I told them it wasn’t acceptable and I’d be writing their executive office.

  7. While you are correct that this information has been out there,it has pretty much been confined to travel relates websites, not in blogs.

    It is too bad that this kind of widespread posting will now ruin it for those who were actually interested and took the time to research such workarounds.

    Greed and and laziness will kill this deal too.

  8. Let’s kill another deal. All in a morning’s “work.”

  9. MMS – Every time you post a deal like this it goes down like a tragedy of the commons very quickly. Do you not feel you have any responsibility to keeping delicate deals going?

  10. Loophole Travel had already posted this info before MMS. This was widely available info already. Its just that more people read MMS blog.

  11. This is what this blog is for, to publicize credit card and travel deals. People browse this blog to look for loopholes like this, so what if this deal gets shut down, there is always another one around the corner.



  13. Deal killer, (tragedy of the commons).

  14. Any thoughts on this one? I opened my Citi AA account years ago, and it is actually a Visa Signature. Do you think this means I can apply for a Citi AA Mastercard and it will be considered a different product?

  15. @Mark If your only Citi AA card is a Visa, the MC is absolutely a different product, and you will get the bonus if you apply.

  16. If I closed an AA Executive World Elite Card 6 months ago. Will I qualify for the bonus on the Citi AA Platinum? Thanks.

  17. Disco In-churn-o

    Unfortunately I heard this trick on a private forum I’m on. About a month ago, I tried it for my wife and myself (opened in March 2015 and Jan 2015, respectively, converted to World Elite shortly thereafter). I met the spend quickly and recently tried to confirm the bonus.

    I did NOT receive another bonus on either card. Through SM and phone, the CSRs confirmed that I had “opened an account and received the bonus within the last 18 months”, and would not receive an additional bonus.

    Proceed at your own risk, but I think this deal is already dead. 2 hard pulls wasted.

  18. @Robert Thanks for the confirmation!

  19. I credit you with single handedly killing the Alaska credit card gravy train by posting about getting 5 of them at once or whatever it was, and now you’re going to kill this too. Some things just shouldn’t be shared with the masses because they without a doubt will get shut down.

  20. Be careful with this one, folks. Don’t forget that MMS makes money off applications, whether you get your bonus or not.

    I tried this a few weeks ago, and like Disco above me, was shut down. No bonus, and a wasted hard pull.

    Even worse, the person I asked about it was checking my account history to see why I didn’t qualify, and muttered something along the lines of “multiple AA cards. I’ll have to send this one to be checked out” when she thought I was on hold. I’m scared to see what comes of that on my next app.

    You can apply for another one, but do it at your own risk. There’s a good chance you won’t get the bonus, and you might find yourself with a black mark from Citi as well.

  21. And considering this “loophole” has been around for at least a year…like it is hot news…

  22. Thanks MMS for sharing this deal, although I am not risking this one, and always researching / testing travel deals to share with us. That’s what the purpose of your site is all about and to NOT share it would be a tragedy.

    Again, thanks MMS for all that you do :)!!

  23. How does this help the masses? It takes months for the conversion from W to WE to happen. This deal will be dead well before any of the conversion take place so Darius has helped no one. In fact, the only thing he has done is hurt almost all involved except for himself. The only person this helps is Darius. He will get the referrals from the people that apply today but this killed the deal for everybody including the masses. There will be no more approvals after conversions by the time newcomers apply for this card. Thanks..

  24. #Disco and Steve:
    I checked on a famous forum, they adding an important detail/condition ; ”you’ll get the signup bonus if you previous card was converted from W to WE BEFORE MARCH 2015″
    hopes this clarifies some points here.
    Darius, i’m a huge fan of your blog.

  25. Thanks Daraius,

    Thanks for posting this ! Pls forgive all those people with harsh words and statements towards you.

    I did have my AA converted to World Elite in Feb. Is it still worth it to still apply for another card ?

    Have a great Thanksgiving !

    Thanks, Raymond

  26. You’re the best, Darius. I applaud your sharing all the deals that you find on this blog.
    The naysayers are in fact completely wrong in this case. Just today, I was approved for the World card with the sign up bonus. Thank you!

  27. Mmm, Citi Thank you Premium card. From memory (looking for my documents rug) I applied and received the Citi Thank you card when they offered 60,000 points. They closed that offer quickly but I knew I made it. OK, so now they only credited me with 50,000 points. Am I loosing my mind that indeed they had a 60,000 point offer and than stated…..”oh that was a mistake” to you. Would appreciate your memory kicking in.

  28. Just wanted to let everyone know, this worked for me. I was approved, and my card came in the mail today. I called customer service and tripple-checked (I specifically asked three times!!!) if I get 50k after spending 3 grand, and I absolutely do — two cards and a total of 106k miles in less than a year. We participate in the points game, sometimes you have to take a chance.

  29. Million Mile H8r

    Hey! Thank you for posting this CIRCLES AND ARROWS post! It’s appreciated when you RUIN deals for those smart enough to figure it out on their own. You now TRAMPLE over deals for EVERYONE by posting this. You and your kind are slowly but surely ruining this for everyone – I’m sure this will be closed soon enough, so thanks for shortening the timeframe that it’s available.

    Anything to pimp cards to make your signup commission checks even fatter.

    note: incredible sarcasm was utilized in the above paragraph and I am not sincere in my thanks to MMS.

  30. Would this work for the Presitge card too? I have the elite world card….

  31. The great deal killer strikes again.

  32. All the MMS haters…do you really think your disrespectful way of expressing yourself is somehow going to make Darius change or the thousands of his fans think he’s a moron? You certainly can make the argument that sharing these deals more widely risks them getting found out sooner. But are these deals only for people who speak arcane acronyms on flytertalk and reddit? Darius provides a great service democratizing the points world by sharing the ‘secrets’. One of my beefs with the points community is how greedy and selfish some people appear. We’re getting nearly free travel that most people in the U.S. don’t get and a big chunk of the rest of the world NEVER travels. Consider sharing your points or at least your privilege with others.

  33. @Mark: unappreciated privilege is the most abundant element in the miles-and-points universe, I’ve found. It amazes me to read all the trip reports in which bloggers feel entitled to being treated like royalty even though they got where they are through travel hacking and clever tricks. The privilege is overwhelming, and people are utterly blind to it.

  34. I got this card when it had the promotion of 50,000 miles for $3,000 spend.

    1.) When trying to redeem the miles, it’s a nightmare! American Airlines tries to force you to use only their flights, which ALL have a long layovers. American Airlines didn’t include all of the AAdvantage participating airline flights, even though I found flights that were more than half empty.
    2.) AA charges excessive miles for AAdvantage participating airline flights.
    3.) To transfer miles to another account, they charge you $15, then an additional $15 for every 1,000 miles.
    1.) They gave me a large credit line $15,000.
    2.) The miles posted quickly (a day or two later) once I reached the $3,000 spend level.

    Overall, this card is worthless. Barclays Arrival card is a much better.