These New Routes Make Your Southwest Companion Pass Even More Valuable!

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Southwest is adding a lot of new routes in the US and to the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico.  This will give you more convenient options when you’re looking for an award flight!

These New Routes Make Your Southwest Companion Pass Even More Valuable

When & Where Will You Go With Your Southwest Points? Southwest Is Adding More Routes, So You’ll Soon Have More Choices!

Find out about the new routes and how you can book them with your points for close to half price!

New Southwest Routes

Here’s a look at a few of the new routes I find interesting:

  • Denver to Puerto Vallarta beginning November 1, 2015
  • Houston (Hobby) to Cancun (twice daily) beginning October 15, 2015
  • Houston (Hobby) to Costa Rica beginning October 15, 2015
  • Washington, DC (Reagan National) to Orlando beginning November 1, 2015
These New Routes Make Your Southwest Companion Pass Even More Valuable

Southwest Is Giving You Another Way to Get to Costa Rica for Ocean Views, Zip Lining, and Squirrel Monkeys

Check the full list to see if there’s a new route that will fit into your travel plans.

These New Routes Make Your Southwest Companion Pass Even More Valuable

More Flights = More Options for Your Next Getaway!

If you’re looking for accommodations once you arrive at some of Southwest’s international destinations, check out my post on where you can stay using points in places like Mexicothe Caribbean, and Central America.

How to Save ~50% on Your Next Award!

Link:  Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card

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Link:  Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Business Credit Card

By earning the Southwest Companion Pass, a friend or family member flies with you for (almost) free every time you fly Southwest for up to 2 years!  That’s like getting 2 tickets for the price of 1!

These New Routes Make Your Southwest Companion Pass Even More Valuable

With the Southwest Companion Pass You Can Travel Together for up to 2 Years and Only Pay for 1 Ticket!

You have to earn 110,000 Southwest points within a calendar year to get the Southwest Companion Pass.

You can currently earn 50,000 Southwest points when you complete the minimum spending on the Chase Southwest Plus, Premier, and Premier small business card.

So it’s now easier to earn the Companion Pass by signing-up for 1 personal and 1 small business card!  Just be sure to watch out for these 3 mistakes that won’t get you a Companion Pass!

And keep in mind, you don’t need millions in revenue to qualify for a small business card.  In fact, there are activities you may not realize are enough to get you approved.

And you do NOT need an Employer Identification Number to complete your application.  If you have a sole proprietorship you can use your social security number.

The Southwest Companion Pass is a 1 reason why Emily and I fly Southwest almost exclusively within the US.  Plus, you get 2 free checked bags and if your plans change, you can cancel for a full refund!

Bottom Line

Southwest is adding new routes within the US and to the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico!  So now you have more ways to fly to places like San Francisco and Montego Bay!

Right now it’s easier to earn the Southwest Companion Pass because the Chase Southwest Plus, Premier, and Premier small business card are all offering 50,000 Southwest points when you complete the minimum spending.

And having additional convenient routes makes your Southwest Companion more valuable!

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12 responses to “These New Routes Make Your Southwest Companion Pass Even More Valuable!

  1. What are the differences — if any — between the Plus and Premier versions of the SW card? It appears they now have the same annual fee whereas they didn’t used to, which used to be a differentiator. Are they pretty much the same card now?

  2. my companion pass is good till dec 2016, can i cancel my cards before that and still use my CP?

  3. to Kate… YES, you can cancel your cc’s — The companion pass is already yours via the airline. (not Chase)

    Thanks Daraius for the alert…. re. the DCA to Orlando route, nice that SWA has finally been able to pry open some of those gates that were supposed to be spun off from the AA/USair merger… Bit disappointed on the timing for those new direct flights… late afternoon going down, mid day return? If your’e going to Orlando for a weekend getaway, you want to get there early; return as late as possible, and with no stops. (as AA knows well)

    Will have to check out these new international routes…. now, if only we could get you to do a post on ways to reduce/minimize/work around the bite of the ever increasing taxes and fees on international travel. (beyond the miles)

  4. Belize in 4 weeks with points and CP! Can not wait. No hotels out on the islands to use points but cheap!

  5. @Gerry, the main one is the Premier allows you get 15k Tier Points to A-List on $100k spend. Hard to do unless you manufacture spend. The other difference is no foreign transaction fee on Premier.

  6. @Gerry The Plus Card is a $69 annual fee. The premiere is a $99 annual fee.
    The plus you get 3,000 anniversary points each year, the premiere you get 6,000 anniversary points each year. The Plus has a foreign transaction fee, the premiere doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees. The link above for Plus appears to go to Premiere card but from there you get apparently find the 50k offer if you follow the tips that was posted a few weeks ago see

  7. Here’s a datapoint:

    – In Oct 2013, I applied and was approved for the Premier and Business Plus cards earning me the companion pass.
    – Today I applied for the Plus and Business Premier cards. Plus was approved; Business denied.

    The business card was declined because it was ‘new’ and because revenues were too low. First, I’ve had the business for 6 years and have had a Chase business product in the past. But, because they couldn’t find my name in some sort of business directory (I forget what they called it…some sort of bureau) and because I didn’t have another business product they said it was ‘new’.

    Secondly, I was honest about revenue and said this year was only about $8k. That’s too low for them because the minimum credit limit is $5k and it consumes too much of the business revenue. While I could probably prove that my business is old, there’s nothing I can do about revenue because I’ve already said what it is…

    Interesting note: They do NOT let you transfer credit from a personal card to the business card anymore. I did that in the past…

    Ironically, my wife has the Ink card against the same business with a $25k limit…lol

  8. @JK Curious, how did the call take place? Were you initially denied immediately, did you wait for a denial letter, did it prompt you to call them or did you call them after a denial? They just didn’t want you to get the CP this way again. There has been a lot of talk about just letting it take it’s course, even if they ask you to call, don’t.

  9. @Gary: I got a message on the browser that the app was pending and I’d be notified. So I called the reconsideration line and they pulled it up. The call went well and fully expected them to come back approved, but she came back on and said it was denied. I called back again, same result. I called a third time and asked for a supervisor, same result. Everyone is getting hung up on the revenue piece. I even had my old card but they just said that ‘philosophies change’ in terms of how they approve the cards.

    I may wait until January and try to get a second personal card (since it’ll be more than 24 months since the last bonus) or I may give up and transfer Marriott points…

  10. Like Daraius posted recently that Chase have made changes in their approvals, the one factor that seemed to bring a possible denial is calling in, and HUCA does not seem to make a difference. But many folks have not and ignored a request to call in and let it take it’s course. More so when the business is not substantial. If Chase want to verify something they will let you know in time.

  11. Applied last week, approved for personal but denied for business. I’ve called for reconsideration a couple of times but the fact that the business is only 2 years old with $6k of annual revenue wasn’t cutting it for them. They also said that I could not move some of a personal line over to a business line. I guess that I won’t be getting that companion pass…

  12. I have 10 e-mail invites to share with others that would like 50,000 miles on a SW Premier credit card. Once approved, simply spend $2,000 on the card in three months and get 50,000 SW miles.

    Send me your first name and e-mail address and I can generate the referral. Currently, the most miles that you can obtain outside of a referral is 25,000. Send e-mail to darrellsgallegos at gmail dot com ([email protected])

    Thank you