How to Save 22% on Groceries, Gasoline, & Amazon

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Update:  Frequent Miler reports Apple Pay has added “excludes gift cards” to this promotion.  But I don’t know if they can enforce it.  Please share in the comments if you receive 10% back for gift card purchases!

Through the end of 2015, you’ll earn 10% bonus cash back when you use your Discover card in-store with Apple Pay.

And better yet, new cardmembers and folks who registered earlier this year will have their cash back DOUBLED at the end of 12 billing cycles!

How To Save 22 On Groceries Gasoline Amazon

How Does 22% Off Gas, Groceries, and Amazon Purchases Sound? I’ll Show You How to Save at Stores That Don’t Accept Apple Pay

You can use this incredible deal to save 22% on your groceries, gasoline, and Amazon purchases when you buy gift cards at participating stores.

I’ll show you how!

How Does It Work?

Link:   Discover Apple Pay Press Release

Link:   Discover it

Link:   Discover it Miles

Link:   Apple Pay

I wrote about how to get over $2,000 cash back with the Discover it and Discover it Miles cards.

How To Save 22 On Groceries Gasoline Amazon

Apple Pay Is Accepted at Many Major Retailers. And You Can Save at Even More Stores When You Buy Gift Cards!

The promotion only works at stores that accept Apple Pay with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus phones.  If you’re not sure which phone you have, find the model number on the back of your phone and refer to Apple’s website.

You can use Apple Pay with an Apple Watch if you also have an iPhone 5 or 6 (or newer)!

Save 22% at gas stations and supermarkets that accept Apple Pay, like Chevron, Whole Foods, and Winn-Dixie.

And, you can save at lots of stores that do NOT accept Apple Pay, like local grocery stores and gas stations, and Amazon!  The trick is to find their gift cards at locations that do participate in the promotion.  And then use them for a 22% discount!

How To Save 22 On Groceries Gasoline Amazon

Buy Gift Cards to Stores Who Don’t Accept Apple Pay From Other Stores That Do. It’s Like Getting a 22% Discount!

For instance, you can purchase gift cards at merchants like:

  • BJ’s Warehouse
  • Chevron
  • Texaco
  • Wegman’s
  • Winn-Dixie
  • And many more!

Lots of these stores sell gift cards to grocery stores, local gas stations, and other locations that might not accept Apple Pay.

Keep an eye out for gift cards to places you usually shop.  Because with this promotion, you can get a nice discount on items you need to buy anyway!

Save More at Amazon

Currently, you can earn 10% cash back at Amazon with the Discover it card.

How To Save 22 On Groceries Gasoline Amazon

With the Double Cash Back Promotion, You Can Save 10% at Amazon With the Discover it Card. But You’ll Save More When You Buy an Amazon Gift Card With Apple Pay!

But, you can save 22% with Discover’s Apple Pay promotion!

You can purchase Amazon gift cards at lots of stores with Apple Pay, including:

  • Office Depot
  • Office Max
  • Staples
  • Toys R Us
  • Walgreens

Yes, it’s an added step to purchase Amazon gift cards before you can shop.  But to save 22% instead of 10%, it’s well worth it!

Remember, Amazon gift cards do NOT expire.  Although, you can’t use Amazon gift cards to buy OTHER gift cards on Amazon.

Be Creative!

There’s a lot of room for opportunity with this promotion!

Be sure to look over the stores that accept Apple Pay to see if any of them hold special interest to you.

For example, you can buy gift cards to Disney World at the Disney Store.

How To Save 22 On Groceries Gasoline Amazon

See Mickey and Disney Friends for Less Money With this Promotion!

A 22% discount can really add up when you take the family on vacation!  Be sure to read my tips on how to save money at Disney.  And how to get a 5-night vacation and 2 flights from 2 credit card sign-up bonuses!

You can also purchase Southwest gift cards at many drugstores and office supply stores.

How To Save 22 On Groceries Gasoline Amazon

A 22% Discount on Southwest Flights Is an Incredible Deal!

So if your Southwest flights are $100 each way, you’ll pay $78 after all your cash back posts!

You’ll save much more when you have a Southwest Companion Pass.  That’s because a partner can fly with you on any paid or award ticket for nearly free!

How To Save 22 On Groceries Gasoline Amazon

The Gift Card Rack Holds More Opportunity to Save Than Ever!

You can also buy gift cards to use at popular stores and restaurants, including:

  • Carrabba’s
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Gap
  • iTunes
  • Old Navy
  • Starbucks
  • TGI Friday’s

Or, you could buy Visa or MasterCard gift cards to get a discount anywhere Visas or MasterCards are accepted!  So you can find your own discounts.

Or, load them to an AMEX prepaid account.  Then use the funds to pay bills that can’t normally be paid with a credit card, like rent, loans, or utilities!

Bottom Line

Through the end of 2015, Discover has a wonderful deal to save at least 22% off purchases made in-store at merchants who accept Apple Pay with the the Discover it and Discover it Miles cards.

You can save a lot of money when you shop for groceries, fill up your gas tank, or order from Amazon with gift cards bought via this promotion.

And if you’re creative, you can find even more ways to save!  You can buy gift cards to many restaurants, for flights on Southwest, or even to use on vacation at Disney!

This is a fantastic promotion with many money-saving opportunities!

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16 responses to “How to Save 22% on Groceries, Gasoline, & Amazon

  1. I can’t add discover to apple pay. says my card is not supported. any thoughts?

  2. I think it’s going to require io9 to be installed which should be available mid-day. I can’t add Discover yet either.

  3. Not accepting my Discover IT Miles card either. Any news?

  4. You can actually get 23% if you have the Discover “miles” card.

  5. @erik wait until later today when the new iOS comes out. Update your device to iOS 9, then you’ll be able to add your Discover card.

  6. Just downloading io9 and installed and loaded my DiscoverCard to ApplePay. Can’t wait to test it out to see if this works. My statement closes next week so plan on making sure this offer is going through easily before ramping up purchases. Awesome for upcoming Disney Vacation.

  7. So I was thinking about attempting to buy a visa chip-enabled pin card (bought at Office Depot or Walgreens with my discover IT on Apple Pay for 22% cash back) to payoff my car loan of a couple thousand dollars. Do you have any insight on how this could be done? Could I do it on Evolve, ChargeSmart, or Plastiq? At 22% cash back, paying the 2.5% to 3% fee would be well worth it.

  8. I have ONLY a mimi IPAD without subscription to WIFI plan from a phone company. Can I get to apple Pay?

  9. MMS,

    If i go through Discover portal to Nordstorm to purchase nordstorm gift card, will I be earning 5%+5% on the my discover IT card?

    I still have few $$ left under $1500 limit for Q3 but no spending yet until christmas time.



  10. Beware the Apple Watch route. Yes, you can use Apple Pay on an iPhone 5 if you pair it with Apple Watch. But Discover support requires not only IOS9 on the iPhone, it also requires Watch OS 2.0. Both updates were supposed to roll out today, but the Watch OS update did not materialize – indefinitely delayed due to critical bugs. So if you were thinking of trying that suggestion about “test driving an Apple Watch for 2 weeks” – don’t due it until the update is actually available. I actually bought an Apple Watch (because I secretly wanted one all along) but figured this promo would pay for it. Now I’m sad because there is no knowing if that WatchOS update will be out before the end of the limited time promotion.

  11. @MilesMethods – Yes, that’s true!

    @Mary – Sounds like a good plan. Have a great time at Disney! 🙂

    @Kyle – Evolve Money or Plastiq is probably the best route.

    @PJ – I believe this promotion will not work with iPads.

    @chris – Yes, you will! And double if you’re a new cardmember or previously signed up for the double cash back promotion!

    @Sharon K – Thank you for the insight!

  12. Still confused

    Don’t you only get 10% on $1,500? Which is $150, doubled to $300 with Apple Pay per quarter? How does this equal $2000??
    Sorry, I’m lost.

  13. Clearly states on Apple Pay that “GIFT CARDS ARE EXCLUDED”. Anyone actually have Cashback from discover to dispute that?

  14. For those wishing to “get creative” or to stock up on various gift cards, this promotion prohibits the 10% cb on gift card purchases. Sorry. Don’t get upset after you’ve done your 10k in purchases using APay only to find out they didn’t give you cb on the gift card purchases. Simply don’t expect it from the beginning and your life will be easier. But, this is a good promotion for those who were already going to spend at these stores. And, this was a great way for the card issuer to get attention and get folks to use their card, via their iphone/iwatch, instead of Amex, Chase or Citi issued card. Hats off to Disc. for this promotion. Instead of pouring their ad dollars into advertising they decided to give it straight to their card holders and that large cb means great word of mouth advertising.

  15. This is good stuff Daraius. We spend a ton at Whole Foods every month. To get 22% off our groceries for the rest of the year is awesome. Thank you for this!

  16. @Joods – This particular promotion is on the 1st $10,000 made on purchases. You’ll earn 10% cash back on the 1st $1,500 you spend in the rotating quarterly categories. So they’re 2 different promotions running at the same time.

    @ed – I agree this is very creative!

    @Dan – Absolutely! Thank you for reading!