The Secret to Getting the Chase Southwest Plus 50,000 Point Offer! [Expired]

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Update:   The card offer in this post is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

I wrote yesterday that it’s now easier to earn the Southwest Companion Pass (a friend can travel with you for almost free for up to 2 years) because you can earn 50,000 Southwest points with both the Chase Southwest Premier personal and small business cards.

And now, via MileCards, there’s a trick that can get you 50,000 Southwest points when you complete the minimum spending on the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card!

Emily and I don’t earn a commission on this card, but we want to make sure our readers always get the best deals!

The Secret To Getting The Chase Southwest Plus 50,000 Point Offer

With the Southwest Companion Pass a Friend Can Join You for (Almost) Free When You Fly Southwest for Up to 2 Years! And Now There Are 3 Cards That Can Help Get There!

I’ll show you the trick to getting the Chase Southwest Plus 50,000 point sign-up bonus!

How to Find the Chase Southwest Plus 50,000 Point Deal

The publicly available offer for the Chase Southwest Plus card is 25,000 Southwest points when you complete the minimum spending.  But there’s a way you can earn DOUBLE the points!

Go to the offer page for the Chase Southwest Premier card.  Then click on “More.”

Once you’ve clicked “More”, you’ll see the application link for the Chase Southwest Plus 50,000 Southwest points offer.

The Secret To Getting The Chase Southwest Plus 50,000 Point Offer


You’ll earn 50,000 Southwest points when you spend $2,000 on purchases within the 1st 3 months of opening your Chase Southwest Plus card.

Here’s a side-by-side look at all 3 Chase Southwest cards:

 Southwest Premier CardSouthwest Premier Business CardSouthwest Plus Card
Sign-Up Bonus Points60,00060,00060,000
Spending• 2X Southwest points with Southwest
• 1X Southwest points on all other purchases
• 2X Southwest points with Southwest
• 1X Southwest points on all other purchases
• 2X Southwest points with Southwest
• 1X Southwest points on all other purchases
Anniversary Points6,0006,0003,000
Foreign Transaction FeesNoneNone3%
Annual Fee$99$99$69

So the Chase Southwest Premier personal and small business cards are a better choice for folks who travel outside the US because they do NOT charge foreign transaction fees.  And they come with a higher annual bonus of 6,000 Southwest points (worth ~$75 to ~$86 in Southwest flights).

But the Chase Southwest Plus card may be a good option if you’ve already had the 1 or more of the other cards and you would prefer to pay the lower annual fee of $69.

And added benefit to all 3 cards is, you can save money on shopping through Visa!

What You Need to Know About Signing-Up for the Chase Southwest Cards

Here are some tips about the Chase Southwest cards:

  • And don’t worry if you aren’t instantly approved for these cards – sometimes all they need is a bit more information.
  • If you were recently approved for the lower offer on these cards, it’s worth calling Chase.  They have great customer service and often they will match the current deal.

Two Southwest Cards Get You ~95% of the Way to the Companion Pass!

Link:   8 Easy Steps to Earning the Southwest Companion Pass

Link:   Avoid these 3 Mistakes When Working Towards the Companion Pass

So now you can earn 50,000 Southwest points with all 3 Chase Southwest cards!  That’s great news because the points you earn with these cards count towards the Southwest Companion Pass!

With the Southwest Companion Pass, a friend or family member can fly with you on paid and award tickets for (almost) free for up to 2 years!

Plus, when you fly Southwest you get 2 free checked bags and you can cancel or change your flights for free.  This is why Emily and I prefer to fly Southwest within the US.

The Secret To Getting The Chase Southwest Plus 50,000 Point Offer

If You Have the Southwest Companion Pass, You Can Get 2 Tickets for the Price of 1 Whenever You Fly Southwest, for up to 2 Years!

You need to earn 110,000 Southwest points within a calendar year to qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass.  And with 2 Chase Southwest cards you’ll earn 104,000 points, which gets you most of the way there (100,000 Southwest points in sign-up bonuses + 4,000 Southwest points for meeting the minimum spending).

And there are lots of easy ways to earn the extra 6,000 Southwest points you’ll need.  You don’t have to spend $6,000!  Just be careful to avoid these 3 common mistakes along the way!

The points you earn with the Chase Southwest cards should credit to your account once you complete the minimum spending and your statement closes.

Bottom Line

You can now earn 50,000 Southwest points with all 3 Chase Southwest cards when you complete the minimum spending requirements.

To find the Chase Southwest Plus 50,000 Southwest points offer, use this link and click “More” at the bottom of the page.  We don’t earn a commission on this card, but we’ll always tell you about the best offers.

However, the Chase Southwest Plus card isn’t a good choice for folks who travel abroad because it charges a 3% foreign transaction fee.  So the Chase Southwest Premier personal and small business cards could be better options, and you get a larger 6,000 Southwest point bonus on your cardholder anniversary each year.

Signing-up for 1 business and 1 personal Southwest card is the quickest way to earn the Southwest Companion Pass, which lets a friend fly with you for close to free for up to 2 years!

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59 responses to “The Secret to Getting the Chase Southwest Plus 50,000 Point Offer! [Expired]

  1. wow this info is awesome! just signed up my dad for the plus version!

  2. I do not see the “more” button that you have in the screenshot that you have posted here. I just have the Premier information

  3. The people over the phone at chase keep telling me I can’t get the bonus for another card because I already got the bonus for the premier. They say because bonuses are for new card members . I know it says they are different card products, but it seems like chase is telling people they can’t get the bonus even though technically you can.

  4. @Sue B: It’s not a button, but the way they have it highlighted in the article, it kind of looks like one. It’s just blue text that says More [+].

  5. Chase told me the same thing, that if I have already recieved the bonus for the SW Premier, I am not eligible to get the bonus for the Plus within 24 most of getting the premier bonus. In other words they are considering them the same product. I got the Premier in Sept 2013 and I don’t have a record of when exactly I got the bonus. I may camm SW Rapid Rewards to find out since my records on the website don’t go back that far. I just got the Plus card and will time my min spend completion for Nov. to make sure it has been 24 mos. just in case. They said the points could take up to 6 weeks to post so I need to leave 6 weeks at the end of the year, so the bonus posts by then otherwise I won’t get the companion pass. I got the SW Bus 60K bonus earlier this year. Any thought?

  6. They have also increased the SW PLUS card as well. I believe it is better to get the Plus card first as the Premier can usually be found all year at 50K at a booth in the airport or on the plane wifi but the Plus not so much. as we need both to get the Companion Pass. Especially for those who cannot qualify for the SW Business card..

    This is the link to the application page accessible from

  7. Pingback: Southwest 50000 Point Offer is Back!

  8. Great info!…When does this offer expire? I clicked on the offer terms and pricing terms, but it doesn’t say! If I do this, I’d like to time my completion of the minimum spend so that I’d complete the spend in early 2016, getting the 2, 50K bonuses in Jan 2016. Of course. I’d have to make up for any of the spend that occurred in 2015, but I’d get the Pass for 2 years, dating from Jan 2016!

  9. It appears that the “more” link is available when accessing by PC browser and not on smart phone. Tested this out could not see the link on two iPhones but once on PC the link is visible.

    One caution the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Plus Card* column is all grayed out. Do not know if this means anything as the apply link still works but as is with Southwest applications once you are past the promotion it does not tell whether you have qualified for the 50,000 points

  10. You can also find it at

  11. I used the link for the 50000 SW Plus and sure hoping it works to get my companion pass.

  12. Has anyone tried getting 2 personal cards and not the business card to get the 100K points?
    I’ve heard in the past Chase wont give you two personal cards.

  13. Thank you so much for the information!
    Questions: Should one apply for 2 cards at the same time, via two different browsers? Or how much lag time should one wait to apply for another card? Is there difference in wait time before applying for another card based on the type of card itself (ie. Premier, Plus, Business)

  14. can you get two personal sw cards and get the points from them?

  15. I received an email from Southwest about the offer for the Premier Credit Card, which says:

    Limited-time offer expires October 7, 2015.

  16. So it would appear to the important thing on receiving this bonus again is that you complete the qualified spend 25 months after the last, but it doesn’t matter how long ago you had the card?

  17. I was approved for the Premier and the Plus cards & confirmed 50k points for each. Will the points from both cards count towards the Companion Pass?

  18. Can I use a companion pass for myself? Or would I always have to use it for someone else & then I’m stuck paying full price for myself? Times like these are when I wish I was married & both husband/wife put each other on their companion passes!

  19. OK- i’m starting to get worried. I just got the biz card and my statement date is the 3rd of the month (i also applied this week for the personal, was approved 10/6, but haven’t rec’d yet). I just went to change my statement date online and it will not let me. Jan 3 is my 3 month anniversary and that is a Sunday. I’m worried about the timing of hitting the $2000 min spend and having the 50K bonus points post after that January 3 statement. Any advice??

  20. @Abby – yes, both will count toward the Companion Pass. Just make sure your minimum spend occurs in the third month, and the billing cycle ends in January.

    @Jess – you can only have use the companion pass for somebody else traveling with you. Your ticket can be either paid for with $ or points.

    @Ed – I think you will be fine, even without changing your statement date. If yo reach the $2000 minimum spend in the third billing month, which ends in January, the 50K miles should hit your account in January or February.

    I’m using this approach, so if this won’t work I’d appreciate being corrected.

    BTW – the 50K bonus still exists for the business card, but the Premier and Plus cards are now 25K.

  21. thanks Steve -for putting my mind at ease!

  22. Although the links above now offer a 25K point bonus, I received an email confirmation today for an upcoming flight with an ad for the Premier card and a 50K point bonus. It looks like the link below works (I removed the info that appeared to make it unique to me):

    Hope this helps some of you!

  23. @Steve – Thank you! My first billing cycle ends 11/26, but I activated my SW cards 10/9. Did the clock start ticking 10/9 for the min spend, which means my third month ends 1/9? If so, it sounds like I will need to complete ALL the min spends between 12/27 and 1/8 in order to get the Companion Pass for 2 full years, is that right? Does that also mean any miles accrued prior to Jan 1 will NOT count toward next year’s Companion Pass? It seems like everything resets Jan 1. This would mean that if I want the points earned from my min spend (not the sign-up bonus points, but the 4k points from spending $4k) to count towards the companion pass, I would need to spend every single dollar in the last billing cycle. Does that sound right?

  24. I applied for the premier back in the summer and got 50,000 bonus and have been working on additional the 10,000 which I just hit. I was getting nervous about the 50,000 offer for the plus not coming back around this year until I found this link to the 50,000 for plus today. Applied and was instantly approved. Now just hoping that the 50,000 bonus is credited.!!!!!! Nervous with all of Chases recent policy changes…..

  25. Hey Abby – the clock starts when you are approved. This is typically the day you applied, unless you weren’t instantly approved and had to call to provide additional details.

    The minimum spend must be achieved by the end of the 3rd billing cycle, allowing enough time for transactions during that cycle to post before it closes. Any time in that 3rd billing cycle is fine. So if it starts on 12/9 and ends 1/8, spending during that timeframe counts. I would plan on being done by 1/2 to allow sufficient time for the transactions to post.

    So as long as your 3rd billing cycle ends in January, and you meet the minimum spend in January, the 50K points will be earned in 2016. You need 110K points in a calendar year to get the CP, so if you’re trying to earn this in early 2016, you do want all your spending to be in billing cycles ending in 2016. That can be in January, February, etc.. You are right that points for the CP reset in January, so points that post in 2015 won’t count if you’re trying to earn the CP in 2016.

  26. Found another link for the Premier card with the 50K bonus:

    This is from an ad displayed on the Southwest in-flight wifi, so should be good for all to use.

  27. i am looking for link or referral for Plus card with 50,000 bonus .Please help .

  28. Yes, I to need to find the plus card for 50,000… It’s very elusive, please help!

  29. The Plus card with the 50K bonus offer doesn’t appear to currently be available. It repeats every so often so hopefully it will come around again.

  30. Got the Premier 50k deal, looking for a Plus 50k deal. Hope one comes available soon!

  31. Following the link and you can find a 40k link for the plus card. Don’t know when it will change to 50k.

  32. Any thoughts on when the plus 50k offer might come back? Patiently waiting so I can get the premier/plus opened by year end and begin point accrual for companion pass 2016!!

  33. Hi,

    I currently have about 68,000 points on a Southwest Premier card I’ve had since May of 2015 or so. I’m looking to qualify for the Companion Pass but the offer on the Plus card now seems to only be 25,000 points. I read your tip about earning more points by using the using the Southwest shopping Portal. I think they’re offering anywhere from 4-6 points per dollar spent right now. I was wondering if I should apply for the Plus card to earn the 25k points + my 68K points = 93K points. I can probably make up the remaining 17K points by spending on the Southwest portal. If I purchase about $2,833.33 worth, it’d equal the remaining 17K points. I’m concerned about how the cycle would work though since I probably won’t receive the new card for a few weeks if I apply today. However, I rather just miss a month of the Companinon pass than miss out on it completely.
    Do you think this would work? Thanks for the help!

  34. @Michelle – if you apply for the card now, and meet the minimum spending immediately, the earliest the sign up points would post is in the first billing cycle in January 2016. The card bonus won’t help you earn the the required 110K points in 2015. I can’t tell if the 68K points you currently have were all earned in 2015. If they were, you need to find a way to earn 42K more points.

  35. so i got both the Premier and Biz card and just hit my $2000 threshold and my account on was finally updated – it doesn’t say “pending status” any longer and it does show the 110,274 points posted January 3. However under Companion Pass it says zero points! yikes i figured once the “pending” was done it would show me as having the pass. what’d you think?

  36. sorry if this is repeat question:

    Does Amazon purchases (i.e. from count toward the $2000 spending limit for the bonus miles? please let me know asap. thank you!

  37. @SnoopySF – I can’t imagine why an Amazon purchase wouldn’t count… not sure what could make it different from other merchants

  38. I have referrals for the 50,000 mile SW PLUS card!! if anyone still needs one. Let me know: krishna.thilak at gmail

  39. Do charges via PayPal count towards the bonus? I know a lot of online retailers use PayPal but I wouldn’t be surprised if Chase had some special rule against it counting.

  40. I got the SW companion pass with the personal and the business plus cards in January 2013 for two years then my wife did the same.
    I still have the personal plus card and my plan is to get both the personal and business premier cards in January 2017 to get another companion pass.
    My question is…do I need to cancel my current plus card? Or will I be eligible again for bonuses?

  41. You can’t have the card to earn the bonus again. From Chase’s offer page:

    “This product is available to you if you do not have this card and have not received a new cardmember bonus for this card in the past 24 months.”

    The Business Plus card has been discontinued.

    Premier and Premier Business both are offering 50K points at this time.

  42. I have Southwest Plus credit card referrals with the 50,000 bonus. If anyone needs one you can email me at calvindlee at and I will email you back with instructions. Thanks

  43. So, I have had the Personal Plus card for a few years now. I want to get the Personal Premier with bonus points, do I need to cancel my Plus card before I apply for the Premier in order to qualify?

  44. If anyone needs the SOUTHWEST PLUS referral, please email me at phu_anny at Happy Traveling!

  45. I also have a few referrals for the Southwest PREMIER card for 50k points.

    email me at: dineshsha10 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  46. If anyone would like a referral to get the Southwest Premier card with the 50,000 miles bonus, please drop me an email at

    chargermike21 at

    They sent me cards in the mail to give out to friends and family which contain all of the info you need to get started. I have taken a picture of the card and will send it in a reply email so you can apply immediately and not wait the 7 days it takes for the on-line referral. The offer is good until Sept. 30, 2016

    Thanks to everyone!! My kids are going to enjoy the vacation we get to take with your help!!


  47. I have a referral link for the PLUS card for 50,000 when you spend $2,000 within the first 3 months

  48. I have a few referrals for both the Southwest PLUS and PREMIER credit card with 50,000 points once spending requirements are made.



  49. Here are my Links to Southwest Rapid Rewards 50,000 Bonus Applications. Remember if going for the companion pass, to complete your $2000 spending sometime after the end of the year. Thank for using my Links!!

  50. I have a friend who accidentally applied for the Plus card a month ago through a 40k link even though plenty of 50k offers are available. Is there any chance to reach out to chase and see if they would honor the 50k bonus?