Blog Giveaway: $400 American Airlines Gift Card!

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This week I’m excited to give away a $400 American Airlines gift card!  Emily and I have the greatest blog readers and we want to thank you!

Blog Giveaway 400 American Airlines Gift Card

You Never Know Where You Might Wind Up With a $400 American Airlines Gift Card!

Find out how to enter to win!

American Airlines gift cards can be used on American Airlines and US Airways flights.  And they never expire!

How to Enter:

1.   Leave a Comment 

Please leave ONE comment telling how you found Million Mile Secrets.

I’ll pick 1 commenter who will win a $400 American Airlines gift card after the drawing closes at 9:00 pm Central Time on Saturday, September 5, 2015 (today).

Good luck!

Fine Print:  The value of this giveaway is…insert drum roll please…$400!  I make the final decision for this contest and there’s no appeal.  I’m giving away $400 American Airlines gift card, so don’t make this difficult for me!

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1,053 responses to “Blog Giveaway: $400 American Airlines Gift Card!

  1. Everythingjosh

    My “miles geek” friend who swears by your blog! Great site- honest, informative,and well written!

  2. I was recommended to this site by a good friend, and I’ve felt like part of the family ever since I started reading. It’s the one blog I look forward to reading every day!

  3. Florinda Friend

    Perfect gift card for our anniversary trip to Austin!

  4. It was about the end of 2012 when I had just learned about travel hacking and was doing some research on blogs and other resources. I don’t recall specifically how i came to find Million Mile Secrets, either a Google search or a link from another site, but it didn’t take me long to realize what a great resource I had found!

  5. I found you on Twitter when I was trying to find out about traveling to NYC for my first time ever. It led me to your site and I have been on board ever since!

  6. I found out about MMS when I was searching for my first points card to get that would be good for international travel about two years ago. I decided to go with the Chase Sapphire Preferred and I am still using it today as one of my main cards.

  7. Just found this site via a CNN article. As a newly christened road warrior (new job this year has me travelling 50-75%) I will be checking in with this site regularly!

  8. Rather new to MMS(started following in mid 2014), but loving it! Always getting awesome tips here how to maximize my miles and rewards. Hope I can become elevate myself to being able to do what y’all do in the near future.

  9. Found your website on google after going through many different blogs for miles info. Loved yours the best and stuck with it.

  10. I couldn’t care less about miles, points, frequent flyer and such back then. I always thought those programs are a bunch of marketing ploy by airlines and hotels to get more customers. After all, who could stay at a certain hotel or fly a certain airline some 30-60 times a year? How wrong I was. My wife was the one who first introduced me to the world of miles and points, with all its tricks, bells and whistles. Now I’m hooked, for life!

  11. I found your FANTASTIC blog while trying to figure out how to travel more without going into serious debt. I have severe wanderlust and want to see every country on this planet:)

  12. I found this blog through a the Points Guy link, and check it/you out several times each week. Y’all have great info and I look almost every day to see whats new.

  13. I found your awesome website through your friends site The Points Guy. They had a link on the bottom of their page and I havent stopped visiting since!

  14. I first found this amazing blog while trying to figure out how to gain point to continue my passion for travel without going into massive debt. It has been very successful and I can’t thank you enough for the great advice. I just got the Southwest companion pass thanks to your advice and my wife and I are looking forward to an amazing year of travel.

  15. I found MMS years ago while researching the best offers from Amex! I can’t believe years have passed and I’m still reading and learning!

  16. Found it in 2012 after reading my staple at the time, FTG. Read your post about using chase ultimate reward points for rental cars, and I’ve been a reader ever since. Thanks for your work!

  17. I hit the jackpot when I googled reward miles about 2 and a half years ago. You rock because my hubby and I have been 6 different counties flying first class, staying in great hotel for almost nothing. My friends are so jealous!

  18. Three years ago I was following a friends advise and tip about collecting points and miles with credircard signups and ever since then I have learned the game by first consulting your blog. It has helped me and other family members understand end enjoy the almost free travel around the world. THANK YOU and lets keep up the blog and support it as well….

  19. I needed visit my son who moved to college in New York. To come up with expensive airfair from LA to JFK, I googled “How to fly free” on Google. After few times of reserch, I found this site. Since then I visited my son three times and we got vacation to Hawaii andJapan. Thank you so much!!!!

  20. A friend said I should check out your blog since I am new to all of this : D

  21. Found MMS on Boarding Area!

  22. On the drive back from Gulf Shores I was researching traveling hacking before jumping in. I stumbled upon this site and spent the next several hours reading and searching through MMS. MMS became my go to site and has enabled my family and I to go to Universal Studios (Barclaycard), Maui (Hyatt card), Oregon (Southwest card) and coming up Bonita Springs (Hyatt anniversary certs, Southwest miles and companion pass) all within 1 year.

  23. I found MMS when I got my first miles reward, a measly ~2K Delta Skymiles and was hooked on accumulating miles and figuring out the system…. years later, I still haven’t managed to redeem those Skymiles…. 🙂

  24. Found you by googling for some miles/points question I had. Now I have you in my RSS reader and check out your posts every day! Thanks for all of your great work!

  25. In 2012, I had major surgery and during the recovery period I was looking for a better rewards card than the old AMEX BLUE MR card. Google brought up your site and how to fly for cheap/free…I was hooked.

  26. Found you through my girlfriend who is gradually showing me the glorious ways of points and miles!

  27. I found this site through a work friend who travels. I wanted to get into the game too!

  28. Googled miles & points back in 2011 & your website was on of the first that showed up. It completely changed my travel aspirations beginning the. Thank you so much Daraius!

  29. I was lucky enough to find you purely by accident. Four months ago Someone had commented about your website in a friends Facebook post I happened upon. They had told my friend in this post that they only tell very “responsible ” people about your website where you can sign up for credit card deals that earn points for travel. Hook, line and sinker! I googled your site right there and then. Both my husband and I have since signed up for 3 awesome cards. We’ve pay them off every Friday. Our credit score shot up 100 points! No joke (we have the chart from credit thanks for all your recommendations!

  30. I found you through PointsBuzz while trying to find cheap ways to travel cross country to visit my girlfriend!

  31. Found you 2 years ago right before I went to the Philippines looking for ways to save money and discovered the world of Miles and Points, been following you ever since because you guys are always in the know. I have learned quite a bit and am using it to get to Prague first class and with a little help if I win 🙂

  32. My close friend talked to me about reward credit cards and when I Googled it, your website came up. I am a lucky guy!

  33. Found it on a google search, have been bookmarked since.

  34. My husband & I wanted to pickup our daughter from her mission in Chile. One of my friends, who found your site, has used it for a while, & is a great proponent, suggested that I check it out. I am very risk averse, but was amazed at that amount of information that is available on your site & quickly was able to put together a plan on how we can travel (flight & hotel) completely on AA, Hyatt, & SPG points virtually for free w/o spending any more than we would have spent normally to get the points. How Exciting!!!
    Your site has made it possible for us to bring our kids too. We will be travelling there next year AND will even be able to go to Machu Picchu!
    The world is truly open to all of us w/a little bit of research & planning.

    Thanks so much!!

  35. Would love to win. I first heard about the blog from a profile on view from the wing, and have been regularly following the blog since.

  36. I found MillionMileSecrets while reading View From The Wing (Gary Leff) and Mommy Points, and DansDeals, and Gary Steiger’s Frequest Flier Miles, and one of them, or two or more referred to offers via MillionMileSecrets. I am grateful to have come across your site ! Super informative with pics, and drawings to win prizes are icing on the cake !! I truly love it !!

  37. I found this web site via a google search. I have loved the info and love getting great deals on travel. Thank you for providing this service.

  38. I found it while searching for credit card deals for Amex and delta a few years ago. It helped me get 100,000 American Express platinum reward points, which I converted to 150,000 delta Skymiles and instant gold medallion status (I already had silver).

  39. I was stumbling around Twitter and MMS was @ mentioned. I clicked, kept reading and never looked back.

  40. Google search on how to maximize points for travel. First site I ever went to regarding points for travel. Thanks for all that you do. American Airlines a good deal too with their rewards system and wide range of places to fly to.

  41. I hadn’t realized how many points I had accumulated on my first and only credit card since I received it at 18. I began doing research on points and frequent flyer programs and came across your site among a few others. While they are all good, this site brings more of a personal touch and feel to the posts, not just scheduled content. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the tips!

  42. I think I found you because you were mentioned on another blog.

  43. Found it while searching for credit card sign up bonuses on

  44. Daraius-I came across your blog last year, and my first card was the MP Explorer. Twenty cards later I am loving your blog, and look at it a little too often…greece this summer, onto machu pichu and gwaii haanas. Thanks for all the great tips.

  45. I found it while binge-researching when I was just starting to really get into the miles and points game a little over a year ago. Thanks for all the knowledge!

  46. I know I missed the deadline but I want to reply anyway. Only about 4 months ago I applied for a Delta card after they sent invitations for years . Then I clicked on a blog from a Yahoo link .
    One of the commenters was really down on …” that guy from Million Mile Secrets blah blah blah …” so of course I had to check out Million Mile Secrets . A quick Google, away and I find you informative , intelligent , good hearted with a mischievious sense of humor . I tune in at least once every day . Keep up the good work !

  47. I found MMS site when you first commented on Gary and/or Ben’s site. Thanks.

  48. I was trying to visit my brother in London when I was in college. Didn’t have any way of getting over there and couldn’t afford to pay in cash (way to much from CA). He told me about your blog, haven’t looked back since! I’m up to like 10-15 cards now and planning my next vacation right now (all on points or pts + cash!!).

  49. I was googling the benefits of Citibank AA card when an article from came up on the 1st page of Google. I clicked on the site to read the benefits of the card as well as the different ways to redeem AA miles on partners airlines. Since then I come to read the new articles and look for the best credit card signups (since Darius follows the mother-in-law rule) once a day at around midnight PST everyday as soon as the site content is updated.

  50. found your blog Googling. i was looking to understand mote about miles and points… couldn’t have found a better starting point at that time!

  51. Stephen Moncrieffe

    I found MMS when I wad trying to figure out an affordable way to pan my honeymoon to Bora Bora. We’re still saving up for Bora Bora but have found plenty of other great deals and tips in the meantime. 🙂

  52. My BFF Sarah told me about it, and so glad she did!

  53. We found it through Twitter