Blog Giveaway: 2 GoPro Hero3 Video Cameras!

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This week I’m excited to give away 2 GoPro Hero3 video cameras!  Emily and I have the greatest blog readers and we want to thank you!

Blog Giveaway 2 GoPro Hero3 Video Cameras

Document Your Travel Adventures With a New GoPro Hero3 Camera!

I’ll explain how you can enter to win!

The GoPro Hero3 is a durable video camera.  It’s waterproof and you can easily mount it for 1st person action shots.

If you win, you can use this camera to record all your travel adventures.

There are so many times I wish I had a video camera with me, like on my latest trip to Iceland.

Which moments do you wish you had on camera?

How to Enter:

1.   Leave a Comment 

Please leave ONE comment telling me about a special, surprising, or scary moment from your travels that you wish you had on video.

I’ll pick 1 commenter who will win a GoPro Hero3 video camera after the drawing closes at 9:00 pm Central Time on Saturday, August 29, 2015 (today).

2.   Instagram

Follow Million Mile Secrets on our new Instagram page, and post a picture of a special, surprising, or scary moment from your travels that you wish you had on video.

Don’t forget to tag @MillionMileSecrets and include “#MMSGoPro #giveaway #travel #GoPro”

I’ll pick 1 person on Instagram who will win a GoPro Hero3 video camera after the drawing closes at 9:00 pm Central Time on Saturday, August 29, 2015 (today).

Good luck!

Fine Print:  The maximum value of this giveaway is ~$500.  I make all the decisions regarding the giveaway and there is no appeal.  I’m not getting anything from GoPro and I’m giving away GoPro cameras, so don’t make this hard for me!

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452 responses to “Blog Giveaway: 2 GoPro Hero3 Video Cameras!

  1. I wish I had this when I went skydiving in San Diego last year, and would be perfect for Shark Cage diving in Cape Town next month!

  2. We once had an impromptu menorah lighting with a bus full of people in the parking lot of a gas station in Alabama.

  3. My Southwest flight from Islip NY to Tampa FL was changed 3 times on the 2014 Thanksgiving eve weekend. Once I arrive at Islip airport I so surprised they gave me $200 voucher per person and they gave us free food and drinks.

  4. Kathleen Sumagit-Rivera

    Biking down the Cotopaxi volcano from 15,000 feet was one of the most exhilarating, scariest and challenging things I’ve done in my entire life. There were so many times I thought I was going to eat it lol. It would have been great to catch all those moments!

  5. Getting engaged in Mykonos! Would have been nice to have that on video!

  6. Margaret Minor

    We made a short stop at Abra La Raya which is the highest pass in Peru at 4335m. Our guide surprised us by presenting my best friend’s daughter with a chocolate cake for her 17th birthday. What a special moment!!

  7. I went to China with my ,om, who was 65 at the time. She has since had a stoke and will never travel like that again. I am so proud of how she was suck a trouper about the whole adventure. I would love to have her riding the car down the track at the Great wall of China, or the chair lift to the top of the mountain to see the temple. Yup, she was a trouper.

  8. When traveling in brazil and had an unexpected stop over in rio, we went to the top of sugar loaf mountain, the most gorgeous virws are from those mountains.

  9. The GoPro is kind of cool!

  10. Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey for my 30th birthday!

  11. I got attacked by a monkey in Thailand. I will never forget it but it would be nice to have that experience on video.

  12. Last summer my wife and I took our first trip to Europe. Thanks to Million Mile Secrets, we had enough miles for free business class tickets. We had a layover in Venice and we planned to jump in a water taxi. We still went although our arrival was delayed. I was hoping for a true Italian guide and we got a blond hair blue eyed guy. He looked Californian, but was 100% Italian and spoke no English. We thought we had plenty of time but didn’t. As time ticked away, I had to keep pointing at his watch to get him to get back in time for our flight. I wish I had a Go Pro for the view of Venice and then it would have priceless to see the stress on our faces trying to get this Italian to speed things up. We made our connection!

  13. Wish I had GoPro when I was robbed in Shanghai.

  14. I wish I had a camera when I was admitted into a very primitive hospital in Peru.

  15. Wish I had caught the huge iguana that came in our condo pool area on video.

  16. While studying abroad in Botswana my friends and I drove to the coast of Namibia. I could have used a GoPro to record video of sand boarding and going off jumps in the dunes near Walvis Bay!

  17. My best girl friend and I (at age 50-ish) catching air while inner tubing behind a friends boat for the first time. Can only imagine the look of sheer terror on our faces and the laughter on our friends part….

  18. Would it be nice to win one of those babies for our upcoming trip with miles to the Maldives!

  19. I went to Africa and got to hold a baby lion. I would haved loved to capture that on video.

  20. We were on a cruise on the shores of Port Canaveral, we witnessed the launch of a space shuttle at 4 in the morning, the whole sky light up and for a few seconds it looked like we were in plain daylight; will never be able to witness something like that!

  21. About 10 years ago, in Dec 2005, after getting married, I and my wife went to Vaisho Devi, a shrine in the state of Jammu, India. The shrine is situated at a height of 5200 ft above the sea level and to get their one has trek 12km up the mountain either by foot or on a horse. We decided to take the horse. The weather was great going up but on our way down it started to snow lightly. Our local guides were carefully guiding the horses down the mountain. About 150 feet from the base of the mountain trail, my horse was leading the way, right then my wife’s horse slipped on the snow and off they went sliding past me, horse on all four feet and my wife with the most dismayed / pale face sitting on top. I wish I had a video camera with me to capture all of that. We still remember the whole incident as if it happened yesterday and laugh, at the same token being thankful that nothing happened to her.

  22. Seeing the excitement on my son’s face when we flew 1st class to Chicago!

  23. At an elephant camp in Thailand, my husband and I were watching the show, and my husband bought some sugar cane for the elephants and put it down on the bench beside him. An elephant strolled up casually, then quickly snatched the bundle of sugar cane, and bolted out of the arena, with his trainer running after him. The elephant then enjoyed his treat! I would have taken pictures but I was doubled over with laughter at how indignant my husband was over being out smarted by an elephant.

  24. While on a pit stop on a Kenyan safari, a baboon climbed into our van, jumped over my wife and daughter, stole our box of crackers, and scrambled out of the pop-up roof!

  25. I surprised my girlfriend with a Disney breakfast on our recent trip to Disney World and she loves Minnie Mouse, so she was more excited than 99% of the kids there when Minnie came around to us. It was adorable and I wish I could have had a video of the meeting.

  26. Wish I had a GoPro when I went zip lining for my 6th year wedding anniversary.

  27. Wish I’d had one of these, when I was hiking around northwestern Crete, playing hide and seek with “mountain sheep.” Yes! 🙂

  28. I went to Machu Picchu and we saw a bus almost go over the edge of the road that climbs up the mountain.

  29. I was approached by a bear in Keystone, CO. I think it was just curious though.

  30. Would have loved a go pro when I went bungee jumping in New Zealand

  31. Surprising moment – this past July, a friend and I were hiking Mt. Whitney for the summit. We chose to do this trip in this particular time of the year because it’s known that one can count on the nice and consistent weather in the summer. Lo and behold, there was snow foretasted for the day we hiked the mountain, and we did not take it too seriously because it was July in California! Well, it hailed, and snowed, and hailed some more! It was an unbelievable and special experience that looking back, I wish we had a camera like GoPro to capture it! Our hands were occupied with poles and we were way too cold to stop in the midst of ascending through snow and ice to pull our phone cameras out to capture the scene.

  32. It was the middle of the night in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and our taxi got a flat tire in a questionable part of town. He had to remove our bags from the trunk in order to access the spare, and as he changed the tire a crowd formed to check out the Americans. It was unnerving to say the least, and I would have like to have had a video of my cousin’s face 🙂

  33. The plane plummeted in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean years ago on an AA flight to Europe. The plane transformed into an aerial haunted house as the overhead bins opened and luggage rolled down the aisles. I grasped the armrest until my knuckles went white, hoping the Boeing engineers had done their job. In the end, it was only a few minutes of terror, though certainly one of the scariest moments of my travels. It would have been cool to capture it on video!

  34. This summer my husband, grandson and I were on a short Rhein cruise. We docked at one place and stayed there for longer than usual. The server in the dining area kept joking with us saying that we would have to swim back to Bacharach because there was a bomb and we wouldn’t be able to dock there. No sooner than my grandson said that couldn’t be true bc they haven’t announced anything, sirens went off and there was an announcement from the captain to hold on to something sturdy. After less than a minute the engines started and we continued our cruise without any other announcements or explanations.

  35. The first time I took the kids to Disney World and seeing their reactions to all the characters up close.- Priceless

  36. Going to Kauai. Would love to be able to share the scenery.

  37. I have travelled first time in flight from Chennai to Hong Kong… While landing, the view is very awesome and I got a chance to travel in business class and window seat… My first time flight experience was really good..

  38. My girlfriend and I love to ski, but this past year we were given a GoPro for Christmas and decided to trade it in for an underwater camera. Don’t regret the decision at all because we use the underwater camera on nearly every trip we take; however, there have been numerous ski trips that we could have used a GoPro. The most memorable instance that comes to mind was skiing iat Winter Park in Coloraod when I got stuck on some cliffs while she skied around and ended below me. There was a series of ledges that sort of connected down the mountain to her position, so i decided I would just start jumping from ledge to ledge. Needless to say, I duffed it on the first drop and literally, somersaulted about 90 feet down the mountain over about a half dozen ledges. After my girlfriend realized I wasn’t injured, she fell over laughing at the spectacle she had just witnessed. Unfortunately, I was never able to see the tumble from her perspective and all I remember was the sensation of dropping periodically dotted with face fulls of snow.

  39. I went white water rafting with some buddies in Costa Rica. The rapids tossed us off our raft so many times and I was so scared for the entire experience. My buddy was tossed and went under water for 30 seconds. When we pulled him up, it was like he saw death in the face. Wish GoPro was around back then so I could have captured the scary and life changing experience.

  40. My wife and I were hiking in Hawaii and she stepped over a large colorful (but still ugly) centipede which made her jump and scream so loud I could barely hold a straight face to help calm her down….also we saw some whale breaches later that day.

  41. While hiking through Denali National Park in Alaska we came over a hilltop to discover two grizzlies down in the valley below. I wish we had a video but instead we slowly went back the way we came. Incredible sight.

  42. On a drive deep through the Smoky Mountain mountains our van door suddenly caught on fire. It took roadside assistance a looong time to arrive but we were able to put out the fire and it gave the kids plenty of time to play in the roadside streams.

  43. I’ll never forget the time I played golf in Florida. I went to retrieve my ball from the edge of a pond when an alligator walked right out of the water. No more golfing in Florida.

  44. I went hanggliding off the side of a mountain in Tennessee and there’s nothing else quite like it. If I only had video…

  45. I took a taxi from Damascus, Syria, to Amman, Jordan, in 2011 as the uprisings were just beginning. It was a scary taxi ride complete with stops and searches by the military, tanks cruising down the highway, and burning piles of rubbish in the highway (this was because we drove near Daraa where a lot of activity was happening).

  46. I flew back home on Thanksgiving Day in a surprise visit to see my parents. That next day my dad had a stroke and passed away soon after. If I hadn’t flown in that day I wouldn’t have been able to spend that one final day with my dad. I have never been more thankful for time spent with family.

  47. The fam was swimming at Cocoa Beach when suddenly a lifeguard ordered us all out of the water. Suddenly I guy with a bowie knife in his mouth dove off the pier and hauled in a shark. If only I had a picture, much less a video!

  48. Bungee jumping in the Monteverde cloud forest of Costa Rica!

  49. I do kart racing on the weekends at a track in New Castle, Indiana, and wish I could capture my passes and wins on the track.

  50. Was hanging out on a Buffalo range in NE Montana when a black cloud passed over…a weird funnel started creeping down that looked really cool, and then BOOM! Massive tornado touches down just a few hundred yards away. Kinda terrifying, yet very cool, although I was a tad disappointed I didn’t see any flying cows like in the movie Twister.

  51. Actually I can say that I would use GoPro camera at any of my trips – the planet we live at is so beautiful and full of wonders! I used by photo camera with limited video abilities to shoot a clips of ocean waves breaking ashore; flying over fields of clouds, and sharing those peaceful moments on YouTube. With GoPro I suppose I could also video shoot underwater and in rain, and in higher quality – may be even posting pieces from travel on YouTube in HD. That would be awesome!

  52. Was hanging out in West Africa (Burkina Faso) when the summer rains started. Ouagadougou transformed from an arid, dusty place to a raging river. Would have been amazing to film our moto-ride through the streets of Ouaga w/ a GoPro.