Blog Giveaway: Samsonite DKX Carry-On Luggage!

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Your comments and support throughout the years have been amazing!  We’d like to show a little gratitude this week by giving away Samsonite DKX 2.0 carry-on luggage.

Blog Giveaway Samsonite DKX Carry-On Luggage

You Could Win New Carry-On Luggage

When you travel a lot, durable luggage is important.  My bags have been battered, jammed into tiny cars, and lost & found.

How to Enter:

1.   Leave a Comment 

Please leave ONE comment telling me how you destroyed your luggage or how it’s stood the test of time.

I’ll pick 1 commenter who will win a Samsonite DKX carry-on bag after the drawing closes at 9:00 pm Central Time on Saturday, August 8, 2015 (today).

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Follow Million Mile Secrets on twitter and click retweet on your favorite Million Mile Secrets post from this week.  Then tweet ONCE to @MilMileSecrets and tell me how you destroyed your luggage or how it’s stood the test of time.

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I’ll pick 1 tweeter who will win another Samsonite DKX carry-on bag after the drawing closes at 9:00 pm Central Time on  Saturday, August 8, 2015 (today).

Good luck!

Fine Print:  The prizes are worth up to ~$255.  I make the final determinations for the giveaway and there’s no appeal in the Million Mile Court.  I’m not receiving compensation from Samsonite and I’m giving away Samsonite luggage, so please don’t make this hard for me!

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359 responses to “Blog Giveaway: Samsonite DKX Carry-On Luggage!

  1. Erika Rodriguez

    I got a carry on at Costco 15 years ago! The zipper is finally on its last need of a new one for our September trip to France (booked with miles of course!)

  2. i maintain my luggage by not over loading it.

  3. iwantmoremiles

    I cannot get the lock to work right so I need a replacement before I go to Chile.

  4. Leaving a comment to enter to replace my damaged luggage from traveling.
    Just like you apply for cards and offers just for the good deals. If you think about it – this shows I have learned my
    lessons well from reading your website.

  5. I just have a regular old duffle bag for carry on. It has held up well over the years except the outside is all dirty and scuffed up now. A carry on roller suitcase like this would be perfect; I could roll my carry on luggage instead of hauling it around on my shoulder!

  6. My Samsonite survived the last 10 years traveling to Europe

  7. Lived out of budget Atlantic luggage for 2 years straight in Europe on a daily basis. Family broke my luggage in Las Vegas duct tapped it up & still holding strong, but probably time for an upgrade after 10 years.

  8. I did not have to destroy my luggage
    The airlines did it for me !!

  9. I have maintained by luggage for years by not over packing.

  10. Never destroyed a piece of luggage but I’ve had luggage stolen and lost. I don’t overload the bags and that keeps them from breaking.

  11. destroyed strolling from Termini train Station in Rome to Radisson hotel 🙂

  12. My old samsonite carry-on no longer meets the size restrictions. A new carry-on replacement would be great!

    And samsonite is at the top with me for bringing (and making) Legos to the U.S. back in the 60’s.

  13. Tejash Patel

    I had a carry-on that was a bit larger than the allowed size for a small overseas flight. Before boarding they asked me to place my bag in the baggage sizing cage. Since I didn’t want to check the bag, I pressed it into the sizing cage pretty hard, but the bag caught on the metal of the cage and got a HUGE gash as it pressed it in. I learned the hard way to carry the right sized carry-on… and since I haven’t replaced it yet I’d love to win this one!

  14. I have a very outdated hardsided Samsonite in my basement that I refuse to get rid of because it had been with me throughout my flying career. It has stickers from all over the world on it, has spent a month in Tahiti without me (but finally found its way home months later) , been dropped from the belly of a DC-10, and holds memories that are irreplaceable. I could recognize it by the tiniest corner peaking up on the carousel and will never part with it. However, I could use a more functional one to fill with new memories! 🙂

  15. I don’t have the right sized carryon now, plus the zipper isn’t working right anymore. So, really in need of a new one. Thanks for the offer!

  16. I had a whole tube of toothpaste and the air pressure caused it to explode in my carry-on. There are toothpaste stains all over the inside but it does smell minty fresh.

  17. stacikristine

    I let a friend borrow my brand new suitcase for a trip to Israel. When they got back, it was destroyed. She replaced it, but the new one was oversized to the point of always being over the weight limit if it’s more than half full. Bigger is not always better. 🙂

  18. I’m a consultant and go through carry-ons about every year, would love this one!

  19. As a flight attendant, my Travelpro bag has gone on thousands of flights (literally)! Those days are over, and my bag is still in decent shape. But as a newlywed, it’s time to get another bag.

  20. I spray fabric/upholstery protector on all my luggage for those days where I unexpectedly get stuck in the rain.

  21. I use my carry on as check in sometimes so it’s get dented and destroyed

  22. My luggage got ripped apart by the conveyor belt at the airport. Its always fun trying to gather your clothes as it spins around

  23. I bought a Samsonite carry-on in Singapore in 1998 for a modest (at the time) $98.00. Although quite soiled from numerous trips to oil rigs in China, remote parts of Sumatra and many more locations around the world, not one pull tab is missing and every zipper works fine. Now that I’m retired it’s getting a bit of a rest!

  24. I travel A LOT. Partly because I chose to attend a college that was on the other side of the country, partly because my internships require me to, but mostly because I want to. Whatever extra money I save up always goes towards an adventure I have on my bucket list. My luggage had been falling apart for awhile. I’ve had it since the end of high school. It was actually a set of one big suitcase, one mini suitcase and one duffel bag. My big suitcase was the first to go. I lugged it through all types of weather, even through a couple snowstorms. It’s been through a ridiculous amount of flights and withstood the rough handling of airline baggage workers. It’s been a makeshift table when I was on trains, it’s been a makeshift leg rest when I stayed at airports overnight, it’s been my closet for two summers, it’s been my seat at crowded stations or lobbies, and it was always overstuffed. Then finally, after one flight, the front fabric ripped off on one side, the front pocket tore and the zipper broke. Lately, I’ve been using the mini suitcase and duffel bag, but my mini suitcase’s handle is now broken. It only goes up halfway so sometimes I have to bend my knees a little to roll it around because It’s too short for my hand to reach when I stand. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I definitely need a new suitcase to travel.

  25. After 80 countries my carry on is on its last legs. A new one would be nice!

  26. My last carry-on was damaged when I gate checked due to full overhead bins…. When I picked my carry on up in the jetway it was crushed- no explanation given

  27. I destroyed my luggage in New Delhi after walking a mile because I was too stubborn to take a rickshaw that was trying to rip me off for being a tourist. Lesson learned – spend the extra dollar! 🙂

  28. Giving my carry on to my daughter as she studies abroad in Taiwan for the fall semester.

  29. I don’t have a carry-on. This would be perfect to have!

  30. My carry on slid under a bus while waiting to get rental car. Would love a new DKX 2.0 for my upcoming trips that I booked with points.

  31. I had a samsonite that lasted for over ten years and loved it. I think it’s time for a new carry-on although I’ll be sad to let it go.

  32. I travel a lot and am not always the kindest to my bag. My bag hung in there, barely a scratch. Then the wheels just plain off fell off during a light stroll across Hamburg. For me, it’s nearly always the wheels that go first. Why can’t the they make better wheels!?

  33. my cheap ebags set has held up well but one wheel is finally starting to get busted up. Would love a new samsonite to replace it!

  34. My backpack serves as my carry-on and it has survived many years, many miles and much mishandling. It’s too small & pretty raggedy, so would love a replacement!

  35. Airline busted the zipper. And they just ripped the logo off my wife’s suitcase on her last trip.

  36. My luggage has lasted 10 countries, but is ready for an upgrade!

  37. My only luggage that was destroyed happened years ago when I was traveling in western China, it fell off a mini bus, hit the road, got banged by a few cars behind us, and it ‘exploded’ throwing its content all over the roads. Happened the same to some of the other passengers as well, guess the rope holding our bags just snapped. Delayed our trip for half an hour, just to pick up the remains…lol

  38. This is fate! I just got back to the U.S. after leaving France 40 hours and 9 transportation vehicles ago. I returned with one fewer suitcase then my wife and I took. The handle jammed on one of our suitcases and after traveling with the handle out, and trying and failing to repair it, we abandoned it at our last hotel. We threw out some clothes and over-stuffed the remaining suitcases. Then a wheel on one of my “good” suitcases broke! On the bright side, 5 nights in Nice, France were covered by SPG points, thanks in part to your advice.

  39. I didn’t do it !! The airline (AA) destroyed my silver, “unbreakable” suitcase. My pop up handle, no longer pops up and not look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. They must have wrestled it !!

  40. So far so good. The secret is to not check any bags!

  41. #1 trick is to never check! It’s in my sight at all times and if there’s even a remote chance of being on an RJ I’ll find another route.

  42. I ran over a piece-unfortunately it died!

  43. My Costco bag continues to be strong…unfortunately the handle issue has developed, so time to look for a new one

  44. Used it too many times on business trips!

  45. My last piece of luggage broke when I was in Las Vegas. At baggage claim, my bag was missing a wheel and boy I don’t know how my parents ever traveled without wheels on their luggage!

  46. I had a suitcase lasted me all my trips from highschool till last year I’m 30 and have 3 kids

  47. my Jansport just got away from me on the escalator, at the top no less!

  48. I brought chocolate from france and it melted all over myclothes and ruined my bag.

  49. Love my samsonite that I got a couple years back, but it’s definitely starting to show it’s age and would love to win a new one,

  50. The handle snapped off my Tumi!

  51. Mahmoud elfiky

    I’m visiting USA in a couple of hours. If I win, I’d come back home with the bag and it would prove it is the land of opportunities!

  52. Love my Samsonite carry on

  53. I have broken a number of luggage zippers trying to squeeze too much stuff inside.

  54. I would replace my old luggage

  55. dhiman halder

    I have a backpack which I have taken all around the world for the last 11 years and its still as good as new.

  56. I didn’t destroy it… Delta did!!!

  57. My current carryon is on its last leg…the handle is broken and so is the zipper. Would love a new one. Thanks!

  58. I actually didn’t destroy my favorite carry on but it got lost in transit on my way home from Disney while it was being transported by their Magical Express.It was a Samsonite too. Loved that piece of luggage. Winning your contest would put the “magic” back into my next trip to WDW!

  59. My current one is in shambles….