Possible Exceptions to the New Chase Approval Rules

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Thanks to Million Mile Secrets readers for sharing your comments and recent experiences applying for Chase cards.

I wrote about the rumored new Chase card application policies, and what we know so far.  Chase has NOT officially shared any details.

But there are good discussion points from our readers!  And some folks are still getting approved even with lots of recently opened cards.

Possible Exceptions To The New Chase Approval Rules

Some of Our Readers Are Still Getting Approved for Chase Cards Despite the New Rules

Let’s look at some of the new information from Million Mile Secrets readers!

Not a Hard and Fast Rule?

Link:   New Rules for Chase Credit Card Approvals & What to Do About It

The new Chase approval rule seems to be that if you’ve opened 5 or more credit card accounts (with any bank!) in the past 24 months, you will likely NOT be allowed to get a new Chase Sapphire Preferred, Ink Plus, Ink Cash, Freedom, or Slate card.

But you may be approved for other Chase cards.

Here are some folks who’ve shared what look to be exceptions to this rule!

Very Recent Card Applications

Million Mile Secrets reader Jonathan wrote:

In a panic I just tried signing up for Chase Sapphire Preferred after signing up for 6 cards 4 days ago, and I was just approved.  I have applied for credit cards a couple years ago too.  So not all hope is lost.

That’s great news, Jonathan!

This gives hope to folks who very recently applied for a lot of cards.

Possible Exceptions To The New Chase Approval Rules

Jumping for Joy? Reader Jonathan Got Approved for a Chase Sapphire Preferred Despite Applying for 6 Cards Just 4 Days Ago

From what I can tell, Chase looks at the number of new accounts on your credit report in the past 24 months.  While a credit inquiry or “pull” usually shows up on your credit report within 1 to 2 days, it often takes longer for a new account to appear on your report.

Chase probably did not see your new cards as 4 days is a very short period of time.  You likely haven’t even received your new cards in the mail!

Approved With 7 Cards in Past 6 Months

Our reader Jeff remarked:

Decided to press my luck and just applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred.  I really wanted to be able to transfer points.  Application was approved!

That makes my 7th card in the past 6 months and my 4th Chase product.  Not sure how I got through the new approval process.

Terrific, Jeff!

I have an idea why you may have been approved, and so does fellow reader Dawn, who suggests:

Perhaps the discrepancies are due to the different credit agencies that Chase chooses to pull from?  Credit bureaus report differently, so maybe that is why some are able to get approved and some not?

At any rate, I got the Chase British Airways in November, the Chase Sapphire Preferred this past March, and then Chase Ink Plus in May.  Won’t try another Chase anytime soon, but SOOO glad I got that Chase Sapphire Preferred under the wire!

Dawn, I think you’re on to something here!

Possible Exceptions To The New Chase Approval Rules

Super Sleuth Reader Dawn Suggests Chase May NOT See All Your Recent Cards, Depending on Which Credit Bureau They Pull

There are 3 main credit reporting agencies most banks use to decide whether to approve you for credit:

Depending on where you live, the issuing bank, and even the type of card, lenders may pull your report from 1 or more of these bureaus.

And Doctor of Credit has compiled a partial list of which credit agencies Chase uses based on state and type of card.  Or you can check the Credit Pulls Database and search for Chase and your state.

In Jeff’s example, it’s possible that his previous 7 card applications were spread out among all 3 credit bureaus.  And if Chase only looked at ONE credit bureau when deciding to approve him for the Chase Sapphire Preferred, they may have only seen a couple of new accounts!

Possible Exceptions To The New Chase Approval Rules

What Will Chase See When They Pull Your Credit Report?

To see all 3 of your credit reports for free once a year, visit Annual Credit Report.  That way, you’ll see which of your card applications show up on each report!

It’s a good idea to view your credit reports frequently, anyway.  And by doing so you’ll be more informed about your likelihood of being approved for Chase cards!

Approved for Airline or Hotel Cards

Here’s another positive comment from reader John Caffrey:

Apparently, this policy also applies to the Chase British Airways card although I finally got approved after talking to 3 different Chase personnel.  Yes, I have gotten many more than 5 new credit cards within the past 6 MONTHS and I have MORE than 5 Chase branded cards.

However, I always pay the balances off each month and never have more than a combined $10,000 owing at any 1 time.  Chase suggested that my combined credit line was already in excess of $75,000 so they suggested I decrease my credit line on Chase Sapphire by $10,000, and use that $10,000 on the new British Airways card.

That might suggest a solution for other folks; maybe it is not the sheer number of cards but the aggregate amount of the credit line.  Ask that the credit line on older cards that you don’t use any more be reduced and you might then be able to apply for a new card.

That’s great information, John!

And it’s confirmation that there’s still hope for folks who are able to move credit lines around to get approved for cards.

Possible Exceptions To The New Chase Approval Rules

Some Readers Are Still Getting Approved for Chase Airline and Hotel Cards, so There’s Hope!

I haven’t heard of this technique working for Chase branded cards, though.

That said….

Calling Reconsideration May NOT Be a Good Idea

Reader Angela reports:

I also read elsewhere that some people calling the reconsideration lines were being denied and forced to close down other accounts.  The suggestions on FlyerTalk were that if you have several Chase cards and get turned down, NOT to call reconsideration, because you might be forced to close a card.

Angela, thanks for sharing this important note.

Possible Exceptions To The New Chase Approval Rules

Calling Reconsideration Might NOT Be the Best Idea Until We Have More Information

I really hope that’s not the case.  If you’ve experienced this, please let me know in the comments.

This Is a Fluid Situation

Until we hear some sort of official policy change from Chase, the best thing to do is continue to share information.  I’m thankful so many Million Mile Secrets readers are contributing their stories!

Meanwhile, read my tips on how to approach applying for Chase cards now that they’ve changed the rules.

And please, continue to add your experiences to the comments!

Bottom Line

There are new rules for Chase credit card applications that have made it harder for folks with 5+ new credit cards (from any bank) in the past 24 months to be approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Freedom, Ink Plus, Ink Cash, or Slate cards.

Million Mile Secrets readers have shared their experiences, and some say they’ve been approved for these cards even with many recent new card accounts.

It could be that Chase was unable to see all the cards on the credit report they pulled.  Or that there’s some wiggle room in the interpretation of the rules.

I wish I had more concrete information to share.  But until Chase officially reveals their new policies, please continue to comment and contribute your recent Chase card approvals and denials.

Thanks for being the best blog readers in the world!

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22 responses to “Possible Exceptions to the New Chase Approval Rules

  1. “In a panic I just tried signing up for Chase Sapphire Preferred after signing up for 6 cards 4 days ago…”

    A panic? Darius, you generally encourage people to act responsibility with their credit. In my opinion in this case you failed your readers by highlighting this person as a success because they got approved. Anyone in a “panic” who reflexively applies for credit is way too psychologically invested in this process. This panic and impulsiveness, combined with the fact this person just applied for 6 cards four days ago previous, is a blueprint for making decisions that result in financial disaster.

  2. Hey Darius, I’m glad you’ve been writing about Chase denials lately. I was approved for the Ink Plus, Freedom, and Sapphire Preferred at the end of last year and beginning of this year. I then applied for the Marriott Rewards Premier Business in March and was denied. A few months later I tried the Ink Cash in May and was denied. With both denials, I called the reconsideration line. They told me I recently opened too many accounts (business and personal), and they want to see more history on these cards. I’ve had a very long and excellent history with Chase. I offered to have a credit line decreased on one card and moved to the new one. They said no, because they aren’t approving me for the card. The rep on the Ink Cash asked me why I was buying so many gift cards at Staples (I don’t know how she knew), but I answered that I use them to pay my mortgages on my rental properties (knowing that is a legitimate business expense). The agent didn’t make any other comments about it. One thing I was wondering about… I know US Bank uses your ARS and SageStream (formally IDS) credit reports in their approval process. Some people have reported on different sites that that when they’ve requested a copy of them, they’ve seen hard pulls from Chase. I haven’t seen mine, and mine is not frozen. I’m thinking about getting a free copy of both reports (and I’m thinking about getting Innovis as well) to see if there were hard pulls from Chase. I’m also wondering if Chase is copying US Bank and using these secondary credit reports as a part of their approval process. It also makes me wonder if freezing these secondary accounts will help in the approval process with Chase. It would be good to get feedback on that. I’m planning to wait until November to apply again for the Marriott Rewards Business (at least 6 months since the last Chase denial) and am also planning to freeze my secondary credit reports. We’ll see what happens. I’m curious to what you, along with others, have experienced with Chase and the secondary credit reports.

  3. “financial disaster” lol

    how dramatic!

  4. @dave

    Step away from the keyboard sir…..

  5. I just went into a chase branch today and got approved for the Freedom card. In April/May I applied and was approved for 5 cards (only one a chase card). I have never had the Freedom or the Sapphire one and wanted to do both but the banker said to wait – he was pretty positive I would be approved (I just opened a checking account last month there and he said there was already a pre-approval for the Freedom). He did have to make a call and they were VERY busy – I think we were on hold for like 30 minutes but I did get approved with a large credit limit. He said come back in a couple months to do the sapphire. He also said that when he applied for too many cards at once they deny him too! But he said the whole 5 cards in 24 months business isn’t true….YMMV

  6. The anecdotal evidence regarding people who have applied and been approved for cards within the past week/month is mostly irrelevant. The language states new accounts in the past 24 months. Applying for 18 cards a week ago wouldn’t necessarily reflect in your credit report as new accounts yet. Even the point about Chase pulling from different bureaus is mostly irrelevant. All three should begin reporting a new account within a month or two. We should look at reports of those who have had more than five accounts opened before March or ask everyone that “pressed their luck” to try again in three months and see what their experience is.

  7. Another data point:

    I just pulled my credit reports and curiously, none of my post-2008 American Express accounts show up. I believe that all my AmEx accounts are showing up, but they show an account opening date of 2008, which is when I got my first AmEx card.

  8. I applied last month for CSP and ink cash….since I have never had ink cash and csp has been closed for 2 years I thought no problem….but like many people I was denied…I knew I wasn’t overextended with chase as I had just closed Marriott business and personal with them and didn’t move the credit limit first. They claimed too many accounts opened in 2 years, so I counted and sure enough including 5 cards opened in june 2013 I had a total of 15 new cards, but as I pointed out to him, I closed 22 accounts in the same time period…didn’t matter. I also pointed out my 800+ credit score and the fact that I now only have 1 business and 2 personal cards with chase, including a IHG card which is 5+ years old….didn’t matter. I told him I would reallocate my credit limit if needed to make room for the new cards, they said no, that is only an option after approval and I was still denied. They would not tell me how many was too many, but after reading the trend, I fear even after my 5 card apps drop off from 2 years ago in june, wont be enough to approve me…..they then told me the same applied to my business card application (I should have called back to check on it)….I complained that with all the choices chase offers it seems they encourage signing up for multiple cards and changing to other partners offerings, I mentioned they send me offers for new cards all the time…didn’t matter….they said I will get fewer of those after this denial….I think my last comment was “oh well, I guess I will have to look at Amex and Citi products for my future credit needs”

  9. “…But he said the whole 5 cards in 24 months business isn’t true….”

    It is in fact true according to an exorbitant amount of reports. Never take anyone for their word unless they can provide an internal memo or documentation stating their case. Employees at banks and stores like to make up company policy when its either their own beliefs or that individual bank/store’s policy.

  10. BB.. I was just reporting what he said, hence the YMMV at the end…

  11. Thank you for investigating though I read your warning one day too late so I got the Freedom denial and hard credit pull. Until more comes out it sounds like reconsideration could make it worse though I only now have a United and BA card. I thank you for your integrity as Frugal Travel Guy does not even see the problem and Points guy says nothing.

  12. After being denied for a Freedom I was told the same story (more than five accounts in 24 months, including AUs), but with an additional piece of info I haven’t heard mentioned elsewhere: the rep said the accounts were “major travel accounts, not department store cards. We (Chase) wouldn’t consider them the same way.” Is there a known distinction between types of credit card accounts?

  13. I had applied for Chase Saffire Preferred but was denied before called the reconsideration line. The representative told there were several accounts opened in last 24 months. I offered to close current card or to reduce the credit line in existing card but they didn’t listen. Its looks like they got directions from higher management and this rule is enforced now. I tried 3 times for reconsideration but that didn’t help.

    Thanks for the reporting the issue Daraius. It proves your integrity.

  14. Any idea if the Chase pre-qual tool will still populate despite this rule? I have 5 cards in the past 24 months but the tool is still showing all Chase cards available as pre-qualified offers. After reading about the rules though I’m hesitant to believe it…

  15. It showed up on card match for me too but I just got my denial letter…too many cards opened in a 24 month period

  16. I just received a denial for Chase Sapphire. I called the reconsideration line and was told that 3 cards within last 24 month period is too many. None of the three are Chase cards. So disappointing.

  17. I applied for the Chase Freedom card. They said it needed further review. So today less than a week since I applied I received a denial letter in the mail due to having too many credit card accounts opened in last 2 years. My FICO is 773 and nothing at all derogatory on my report. I have probably 7 or 8 cards that all have a $0 balance except one that I use as a gas card for work. I called the backdoor number 888-245-0625, this number does work. I asked them to reconsider, I was on hold for about 45 seconds and she said I was still denied due to having too many accounts opened in the last 2 years. I think thats a ridiculous reason for a decline, however I am not the one with all the money to extend credit out haha. Anyways it was still a pleasant experience and they were very nice on the phone.

  18. Just got approved for the Chase Ink Plus, even with 6 new cards opened within the past year.

  19. I applied for a Chase British Airways card today and was told to call in as they need more info to decide. I applied for 3 other cards today and got them all instantly( Citi AA, BOA Alaska, and Barkley Hawaiian Air}. I’m afraid to call Chase because of the chance they will interrogate me as to why I apply for 3-4 cards every 3 months. the last chase card I applied for gave me a similar need more info please call response. I ignored it and got a letter with card approval and message that they had closed an old account I wasn’t using and used that credit line to open the new card. I’m hoping that happens here. Should I call or wait and see?

  20. I applied for a Sapphire preferred card. I was surprised I was declined, as I had not had major problems with Chase in the past. I did open two co-braded counts (really wish I had done it the other way around) early summer, IHG and Hyatt, as well as a Marriott Business. BUT THIS WAS 6 MONTHS LATER!

    AT any rate, since all my accounts are paid in full every month (usually between month to keep my % of credit below 5% (something I CAN control) and my last 2 public records finally came off my credit reports, I was a bit miffed. I offered to close both the IHG and Hyatt card, as I don’t see myself using those much in the future. I LOVE my Ritz card as after the $300 ANY airline credit / year, it’s effectively $95 /year annual fee (and got me a Comp to a suite in Santiago on a TA fare in February! Unbelievable. Also Gold status the first year and thereafter with a modest spend $10 K. I have had my v=best upgrade experience with Marriott/Renaissance/Ritz Products. At any rate, since I have about $35K with Chase and no checking (long story-won’t born you-well, it’s kind of funny, I was doing spending in Dec. 2 years ago and so was my associate cardholder in another city in upstate NY and because I live in Miami/Dade, they closed my account because they ASSUMED the frequent cash deposits and withdrawals were drug related…. LOL. No such luck. I sure don’t have a drug dealer’s cash flow…. LOL. What idiots. SOOOOO, I wrote a letter to the executive offices, saying it was counter-initiative to refuse to let a client LOWER his exposure to Chase, even if it meant opening a new -1 account of moving some of my large R-C line over to do so. My sister has never been declined, but does have a checking account and very good FICO score, mine is solidly good. So, who knows? Will certainly post if I get the card and 3 people’s decision is overturned, otherwise, I won’t and will be a bit depressed (Especially with the 50+5 K bonus going on now.)

  21. I was just denied for the Chase Sapphire due to having opened 8 accounts within the past 24 months. I have 7 other credit cards with Chase and offered to move credit around as I have about 60k in credit available between all of my cards; and she stated that unfortunately she’s unable to accommodate a reconsideration for too many accounts and that I should be fine to reapply in December of this year (which coincidentally would be the time that I have 4 new accounts in 24 months). No request to close or reduce any other credit lines, and she hoped I enjoy the cards I have.

  22. In the ever moving way to try to get the most UA or AA mikes per $ charged, BPPR Infinite Visa is th eonly one I know of that will give ytou 1.5 miles/$ charges (irregardless of the $, an AA charge, a hotel charge, ANY CHARGE.)

    Recently, the chase Freedom Ultimate Card gives 1.5 URpoints, which can then be turned into UA miles. Since htis is a non annual fee card, you do have to give up the 5 x’s quarterly bonus, hwich some people get close to 7,500 points/ quarter out of, but I can’t keep close enough track to follow a quarterly bonus, and am not likely to, say , purchase 1,500 of gas in one quarter to maximize the award, so the Chase Ultimate Freedom s a great card for me. I get 1.5 UR points (since it’s attached to another Chase card, such as a Chase Plus businesssor a Chase Sapphre Preferred card), I get1.5 points for hyatt, singapore, korean, marriott, etc. or 1.5 miles for United. It is a non brainer for me for most charges. Glad I kept it open when lowering card limits to get approved for a Sapphire Preferred 3 years ago, since that card is SO difficult to get these days if you get more than 5 cards in 2 years from ANY bank. WHy in the world they decided that was the arbitrary number of new cards to get, regardless if a very good credit score or no late payments is beyond me, but they did. I was able to get in on the 87,500 point Marriott Personal card offer, althought in retrospect, I should have applied for the sapphire preferred first, not after this offer. Oh well. I suppose one of these years I will get a sapphire preferred (if you are wondering I share this hobby with my sister and shei is the one with the Chase products that allow her to get UR points through Freedom Unlimted Rewards.) Chase is very strict, however. Best to really know you stuff, look at where they pull reports for a region and see how many inquiries/new cards you have on a specific report prior to wasting a hard pul to try to get a chase product (would love to get the 70,000 private offer for Mileage Plus UA Chase card, which is suppose to be easier than the Chase non co-branded offers, but not sure I will be able to.) Probably will apply as it’s the highest offer I have seen. Chase appears to give Premier members a boost of 20,000 over their best offer, so when it was 30K, premier members got 50K, now that it is 50K, premier members are getting 70K for a new account, pllus non annual fee 1st year and primary rental car coverage in US (and the rest of the world, with the exception of a few countries.)