Better Offer for Alaska Airlines Card: 25,000 Miles & $100 Statement Credit!

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Update:   Maximizing Money reports a direct link to the improved offer.  So if you’re not able to get it by making a test booking, there’s another option!

Via PointsCentric, there’s a better offer available for the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card!

You’ll earn 25,000 Alaska Airlines miles plus a $100 statement credit after you spend $1,000 on purchases in the 1st 3 months of opening your account.

The regular offer for this card does NOT include the statement credit!

Emily and I don’t earn a commission for either offer, but we’ll always share the best deals with our readers!

Better Offer For Alaska Airlines Card 25,000 Miles 100 Statement Credit

The Better Offer for the Alaska Airlines Card Includes a $100 Statement Credit!

I’ll show you how to get the better offer!

What’s the Deal?

Link:   Alaska Airlines

Link:   My Review of the Alaska Airlines Card

Normally, you’ll earn 25,000 Alaska Airlines miles when your Bank of America Alaska Airlines card is approved (no minimum spending requirement).  The annual fee of $75 is NOT waived for the 1st year.

With this improved offer, you’ll earn the 25,000 Alaska Airlines miles upon approval, plus$100 statement credit after you spend $1,000 on purchases in the 1st 3 months of opening your account.

That more than makes up for the annual fee!

You’ll also get:

  • 3 Alaska Airlines miles per $1 you spend on Alaska Airlines
  • 1 Alaska Airlines mile per $1 you spend on everything else
  • A coach Companion Fare certificate each year (your companion travels with you on a paid ticket for $99 plus tax)

This isn’t a good card to use when you travel abroad, because it adds a 3% foreign transaction fee.

How to Get the Better Offer

There is NOT a direct link to this deal!  To see the better offer, you’ll have to make a test booking on the Alaska Airlines website.

Step 1 – Search for ANY Flight

Go to the Alaska Airlines website and search for any paid flight.  I searched for Seattle to Anchorage.

Better Offer For Alaska Airlines Card 25,000 Miles 100 Statement Credit

Search for Any Flight on the Alaska Airlines Website to Get This Deal

Do NOT click “Use Miles.”  Search for a paid ticket.

Step 2 – Choose Flights and Enter Traveler Information

Pick any flight and add it to your cart.

Better Offer For Alaska Airlines Card 25,000 Miles 100 Statement Credit

It Doesn’t Matter Which Flight You Choose

Once you’ve added your flight(s), confirm the itinerary and enter your information.  Don’t worry, you’re NOT making a booking!

Better Offer For Alaska Airlines Card 25,000 Miles 100 Statement Credit

Enter Traveler Details – Don’t Worry About Frequent Flyer Numbers

Step 3 – Find the Card Offer on Final Booking Screen

You’ll have to skip through seat selection and add-ons (insurance, etc) to get to the final booking screen.

Next to where you’d enter your payment information, you should see a link to the better offer!

Better Offer For Alaska Airlines Card 25,000 Miles 100 Statement Credit

The Improved Offer Will Appear on the Final Booking Screen

Click “Apply Now” and you’ll be taken to the card application page.

Note:   This offer only includes the personal version of the card.  I don’t know of a way to get the $100 statement credit on the business version of the Alaska Airlines card.

You’ll get the statement credit when you make $1,000 in purchases in the 1st 3 months of opening your account.  They do NOT have to be Alaska Airlines purchases!

What Can You Do With 25,000 Alaska Airlines Miles?

Link:   Alaska Airlines Award Chart

I like Alaska Airlines miles because you can use them on Alaska Airlines and their partner airlines, which include American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Delta, and Emirates.

You can read my post on the best ways to use Alaska Airlines miles.

With 25,000 Alaska Airlines miles, you could get a round-trip coach ticket within the US and Canada (excluding Hawaii) on Alaska Airlines or 1 of their partner airlines.

But I prefer to save my Alaska Airlines miles for expensive Business Class and First Class tickets on airlines like Cathay Pacific and Emirates!

Better Offer For Alaska Airlines Card 25,000 Miles 100 Statement Credit

You Could Use 25,000 Alaska Airlines Miles for a 1-Way Business Class Ticket Between New York and Vancouver on Cathay Pacific

For example, you could fly Cathay Pacific Business Class between New York and Vancouver for 25,000 Alaska Airlines miles 1-way.  Or splurge on a 1-way First Class ticket for 35,000 Alaska Airlines miles.

If you paid for a ticket, it could cost over ~$3,700!

Note:   Bank of America will often approve folks for multiple versions of the same card.  So you could get this card again, even if you already have an account open.

Stay tuned for my post about getting 5 Alaska Airlines cards in ONE day!  🙂

Bottom Line

There’s a better offer for the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card which includes 25,000 Alaska Airlines miles AND a $100 statement credit!

To get the offer, make a test booking on the Alaska Airlines website.  The $100 statement credit more than makes up for the $75 annual fee.

We don’t earn a commission for this offer, but Emily and I will always tell you about the best deals!

How do you like to use Alaska Airlines miles?

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23 responses to “Better Offer for Alaska Airlines Card: 25,000 Miles & $100 Statement Credit!

  1. When I first tried, the link did not come up, perhaps because I had the card before. I then went into incognito mode on Google Chrome, and it worked.

  2. I’m pretty sure I was the only blogger who discovered this new development. Doctor of Credit gave me the credit for it – would appreciate the same courtesy here.

  3. Hey Daraius, I’m pretty sure I was the only blogger who discovered this new ‘hack’ and in fact Doctor of Credit linked to my post on it. I would appreciate the same courtesy here –

  4. Any idea how long this one will last? I’m not applying for any new credit for about 3 weeks (ink dry on closing papers). Hopefully I can get on it then.

  5. If you’ve had the card before you’re ineligible, right?

  6. Dang, I just got a card last week. Any chance they will match like Chase does?

  7. Very hot deal!
    Too bad I just applied for two credit cards last month. Do you know how long this deal might last?

  8. Awesome! thanks for posting this bro….been waiting out for this offer………again 🙂

  9. Artemio Herrera

    It doesnt seem to be working for me. Any of you run into the same issue. When I get to the payment screen I see the banner offering the credit card but I dont have a working link that will take me to the application. Have tried going incognito and same result.

  10. 5 Alaska Airlines cards in ONE day?!?!? please elaborate asap!!!

  11. Wow, Ralph, get over yourself. This isn’t really a new deal that needed to be “discovered”. I got the same deal when I got my card back in September. This seems to be pretty common with BoA cobranded cards. You can get a similar deal with Spirit, $100 statement credit for $500 in purchases in 90 days. I fully expect you to link to this comment if you write a blog post about it.

  12. This WAS a great thing for people who actually know how to use Alaska miles. Now it’ll be shut down because a bunch of schmucks have to share it with common folks who don’t even know how to maximize these miles. Get the people their United miles and ultimate rewards and get paid. Stop ruining every good deal out there for people who do their own homework.

  13. offer is dead. the banner is there, but no live link. Congrats to those who got in.

  14. Ha Ha I got this a few weeks ago cause I made an actual booking and the card was on my to do list at some point anyway. @Ralph I guess I found it before you. But nobody reads my mind blog. 🙂

  15. I followed the instructions and the offer worked for me. The offer is still live as of 7:50 pm EST. Great offer, as the $100 statement credit more than offsets the annual fee!

  16. actually on a second thought please don’t Darius elaborate on 5 Alaska Airlines cards in ONE day! – BoA will probably recognize this and lock the card down like BarclayCard or Citibank… Please please don’t break out the how to even though I don’t know… I don’t want to know…

  17. Can someone please clarify whether it is indeed working for those who have had the AS card in the past? Wording says for “new customers.”

  18. Offer is alive. You have to make a fake booking in private/incognito mode.

    I did it yesterday morning AND last night. Auto approved.

    I have had 3 Alaska cards before, and just closed the most recent one like 3 weeks ago. Still auto approved!

  19. I did it last night via the red link and it worked–as I was reading the fine print in the terms, it said I’d get the 100 statement credit after a 1k spend. Thanks for the tip! I really want that 50k AS offer too, hope they bring that one back.

    Also–I was told by AS agent (if you apply over the phone, you get 1k more points, but no statement credit) that the new thing with this card is free checked bags as well even though it’s not in the literature.

  20. Do you know if the fee counts towards the $1000 spend?

  21. Great stuff, does anyone know if this still works? I applied on flight and received the 1000Bonus miles on top of the 25000 with AS. Glad they finally included the 1 free checked bag feature!

  22. Does it matter if I already have a BoA cc?

  23. Its been about 90 days since I opened my account – my miles have posted but not my credit card statement of 100$. I asked BOA and they said I need to reach out to Alaska airlines rewards for this??
    Does anyone know when it will post ?