Reminder: Book Southwest Award Tickets by Today to Avoid Paying More Points!

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Via Doctor of Credit, don’t forget to book your Southwest award tickets by today, April 16, 2015.

That’s because starting tomorrow, April 17, 2015, Southwest is changing their award program.  And some flights will cost more points!

Reminder Book Southwest Award Tickets By Today To Avoid Paying More Points

Book Your Southwest Award Tickets Today, Because Tomorrow, Some Flights Will Cost More!

Even if you’re not sure of your travel plans, you should book your award tickets now.  I’ll explain why!

Book Now, Cancel Later

Link:   Southwest Award Program Changes

Southwest says that starting April 17, 2015, you’ll need more points to book certain flights.

Beginning April 17, 2015, the number of Rapid Rewards Points needed to redeem for certain flights will vary based on destination, time, day of travel, demand, fare class, and other factors. However, there are still many flights which will stay at the current redemption rate.

Not all routes will cost more points.  But they don’t tell us which flights will be affected, or how many more points will be required.  Right now, Southwest points are worth ~1.43 cents each.

So if you have plans to book an award ticket on Southwest, it’s best to do so NOW, even if you’re not 100% sure of your travel plans.  That’s because you can cancel an award ticket and get a full refund of your points with no penalty.

Reminder Book Southwest Award Tickets By Today To Avoid Paying More Points

If You Book Now and Cancel Later, You’ll Get Your Points Refunded With No Change or Cancel Fees

And because the number of points required for a ticket depends on the paid fare, if there’s a seat sale, you can change your ticket and get a refund of the difference in points.

Southwest’s schedule is currently open for travel until October 30, 2015.

Bottom Line

Southwest is making changes to their award program starting tomorrow, April 17, 2015.  Certain flights will cost more points, but we don’t know which ones!

If you have plans to book award tickets on Southwest, it’s best to do so today.  Even if your plans change, you can always cancel the tickets and get a full refund of your points.

I’ll let you know how the changes will affect you after tomorrow!

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12 responses to “Reminder: Book Southwest Award Tickets by Today to Avoid Paying More Points!

  1. I have a good idea which flights will cost more. All the non-stop flights they added to Love Field will likely go up. I would also think that prime time businessman flights early morning, early evening, Monday, Friday, as well as mid day Saturday flights for leisure travelers will all go up….this kills the one low price for anytime rewards that made this a popular program in the first place….next will come blackout dates, and the death of the companion pass. Proof that a bigger airline, chasing bigger profits, is not better for the customer.

  2. Hey Darius,

    I’m 1,000 points short of the companion pass…if I use points will they be deducted from my CP total? I need to book tickets for friends. And can I book for myself and add my wife later after I get the CP?


  3. I have the exact same question as Andrew..I am short of around 3k points to get my CP and want to book an award ticket. Can I book the ticket today and then later add my spouse to my current reservation ? My CP pass status will not be affected with this ?

    I think I can do this but I am not sure. Thanks in advance !

  4. @Andrew,
    The will not be deducted even if you use the points. And yes, you can book for yourself now and add your companion later.

  5. Andrew,

    You can use your points now, companion status just counts what you have earned and not concerned about what you have used. Once the status hits you can add wife.


  6. CP qualification is based on points earned, not your balance. Spending doesn’t affect it.

  7. @wise2u,
    Gary Kelly is a bean counter at heart. He’ll destroy Herb’s legacy for the almighty buck. And someone in the RR department should be fired for needing to go through another overhaul of RR. That or Gary is just squeezing whatever juice he still has in his loyal customers.

  8. Capecodbeachfront

    I have nearly 200k of points to use so I will continue to fly SW. BUT that said my wife who flies on C Pass only occasionally has begun to not enjoy the SW boarding and overall experience as much as she use to. She points out small things that I am probably numb to. Compact waiting areas in terminals, lack of enforcement on over sized carry-ons, the scam of Early Bird seating, and in her opinion a general decline in passenger etiquette are her complaints. When we fly other airlines she often comments how nice it is to ‘have a seat’ and how the ‘herding effect’ is less obvious. Her EB argument is one she always wins… “You paid more and still don’t get to pick a seat? That’s dumb”
    Bottomline: if the points upgrade affects our travel routes I can see myself being a convert to another carrier. Clearly it will take some of the luster off of SW and highlight its shortcomings. Time to re check JetBlue or even AA… For $50 more I could have a happy wife?

  9. I live in Boca Raton FL
    For me southeast is always the must expensive to fly out of any airline that services my main airport ft lauderdale. I also use west palm beach and Miami on occasion. Southwest is always the most expensive to Vegas. To Cali. And forget nyc even with stopovers. I have never flown them not even once.
    Why are they called a low cost carrier. Bi don’t see it.
    Can people give me examples or their opinion
    Thanks !

  10. Hmm it looks like the big point devaluation hasn’t happened yet.. Never the less, I booked flights from San Diego to Vegas, Portland, and Boston last night… For about 35,000 points I got 3 round trip flights.. And my companion flys with me for free.. LUV ME SOME SWA.

  11. to capecodbeachfront, your lament reminds me of the ole’ Churchill smirk about democracy — the worst form of government, except for all the rest.

    If you’re having qualms about SWA of late, yr gonna love the Delta sardine cans…. (just wait ’til you get your beloved pre-assigned seat next to a window on a cross-country flight, only to discover you’ve got Bubba with his blubber parked half into your seat — and you got nowhere to go. (the flight from hell for me — and I’ve not flown Delta since)

    Oh, and then there’s those change and baggage fees; you’ll loooove them too.

    Oh, and you don’t like folks abusing the carry on baggage privileges, well, yr gonna luv airlines line Frontier and especially Spirit, where they will bill you extra if you breathe too much.

    Oh, and just wait til you get to pay for your wife’s travel each and every time, full price even. You won’t miss that SWA companion pass one bit.

    LUV, yup, not quite what it used to be…. yet I’m not ready to leave it. Instead, I keep traveling the extra 60 miles to get to an airport which has LUV service.

  12. ps to Mike P, ironic your lament about the cost to fly out of FLL. (I hear similar complaints from relatives in Atlanta)

    recently entered FLL from Jamaica…. the international terminal was badly overcrowded — took nearly 3 hours to clear an incredibly unpleasant and dour customs process — the attitude there reminded me of PHL — a place I fled decades ago.. (by contrast, Jamaica each way was less than half an hour — on a weekend even…. and oh yes, “no problem.”)

    But that’s the “price” of FLL airport having grown so much….. become a hub for so many airlines…. for me, travel TO FLL is incredibly “cheap…..” (including on SWA) Much competition it seems going to FLL.