5 Tricks to Quickly Make 30 Transactions to Earn 20% to 50% More Points With the AMEX EveryDay Cards

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Do you know the 5 easy ways to get 20% to 50% bonus American Express Membership Rewards points on all your purchases with your American Express EveryDay or EveryDay Preferred card?

I like doing the least amount of work to earn miles and points every month.

So I was happy to learn Million Mile Secrets reader Scott’s trick to quickly make the required number of transactions to meet the requirement for earning bonus American Express Membership Rewards points with the EveryDay cards.

And this inspired me to share 4 more ideas!

5 Tricks To Quickly Make 30 Transactions To Earn 20 To 50 More Points With The AMEX EveryDay Cards

You Can Transfer American Express Membership Rewards Points to Certain Airlines Like British Airways

Keep reading to find out how.

American Express EveryDay and EveryDay Preferred

Link:   AMEX EveryDay® Credit Card from American Express

Link:   AMEX EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card

Link:   My review of the AMEX EveryDay® Credit Card from American Express and AMEX EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card

You get 10,000 American Express Membership Rewards points after spending $1,000 on purchases within 90 days of account opening from the American Express EveryDay card.  As always, terms and conditions apply.

You get:

  • 2X American Express Membership Rewards points per $1 (up to $6,000 a year) at US supermarkets
  • 2X American Express Membership Rewards points per $1 on Uber
  • 1X American Express Membership Rewards points per $1 on other purchases
  • NO annual fee card (which helps you build your credit)

With the American Express EveryDay Preferred card you get 15,000 American Express Membership Rewards points after spending $1,000 on purchases within 90 days of account opening (terms and conditions apply).

You get:

  • 3X American Express Membership Rewards points per $1 (up to $6,000 a year) at US supermarkets
  • 2X American Express Membership Rewards per $1 at US gas stations and Uber
  • 1X American Express Membership Rewards points on other purchases

The $95 annual fee is NOT waived the 1st year.

5 Tricks To Quickly Make 30 Transactions To Earn 20 To 50 More Points With The AMEX EveryDay Cards

Use Your American Express EveryDay and EveryDay Preferred Cards at US Grocery Stores and Earn Extra American Express Membership Rewards Points

How to Get the 20% or 50% Bonus Points

20% Bonus With AMEX EveryDay

With the American Express EveryDay card, you get 20% bonus American Express Membership Rewards points when you make 20+ purchases within a billing cycle (less returns and credits).

So instead of earning 2 American Express Membership Rewards points per $1 at US supermarkets and Uber, you’ll earn 2.4 points.

So that $100 grocery bill will earn you 240 American Express Membership Rewards points instead of 200 points.

50% Bonus with AMEX EveryDay Preferred

With the American Express EveryDay Preferred card, you get 50% bonus American Express Membership Rewards points when you make 30+ purchases in a billing cycle.  (Again, not counting things you return for a credit.)

You’ll earn

  • 4.5 American Express Membership Rewards points at US supermarkets instead of 3 points per $1 spent
  • 3 American Express Membership Rewards points at US gas stations and Uber instead of 2 points per $1
  • 1.5 American Express Membership Rewards points everywhere else instead of 1 per $1

You can transfer those points to these airlines and hotels:

 American Express Membership Rewards Airline Transfer Partners 
AeroMexicoAir CanadaAlitalia
ANAAsia MilesBritish Airways
Delta AirlinesEl AlEmirates
EtihadFlying Blue (Air France / KLM)Hawaiian Airlines
IberiaJetBlueSingapore Airlines
Virgin AmericaVirgin Atlantic
 American Express Membership Rewards Hotel Transfer Partners 
Choice HiltonStarwood

And sometimes American Express has transfer bonuses which get you more miles for your points!

5 Easy Ways to Make the Required 20 or 30 Transactions Each Billing Cycle

1.   Amazon

Add 50 cents (that’s the minimum) directly to your Amazon account here.  Do this 30 times with your AMEX EveryDay Preferred and you’re done!  Or 20 times with your AMEX EveryDay card.

Or you can buy Amazon gift cards in denominations as low as 50 cents each!  And then apply each gift card code to your Amazon account.  But you have to type in the long gift card number.

5 Tricks To Quickly Make 30 Transactions To Earn 20 To 50 More Points With The AMEX EveryDay Cards

Reload Your Amazon Balance Multiple Times With Your American Express EveryDay and American Express EveryDay Preferred Cards to Earn Bonus American Express Membership Rewards Points

2.   Parking Meters

Parking meters in some cities take credit cards.  So you can use your American Express EveryDay and American Express EveryDay Preferred to pay for street parking in 25 cent increments.

5 Tricks To Quickly Make 30 Transactions To Earn 20 To 50 More Points With The AMEX EveryDay Cards

Feed Your Parking Meter

3.   Groceries

You can split your grocery shopping purchases into smaller transactions.  But make sure there isn’t a line behind you and the cashier is friendly.  Or use the self-check-out lane.

5 Tricks To Quickly Make 30 Transactions To Earn 20 To 50 More Points With The AMEX EveryDay Cards

Pay for Those Peppers 1 at a Time

4.   Serve

You can load up to $200 per day (up to $1,000) per month with your credit card to your Serve account.  Instead of loading $200 once a day, load your Serve account 10X with $20 a day.  This will get you part of the way to your 20 or 30 transactions!

5 Tricks To Quickly Make 30 Transactions To Earn 20 To 50 More Points With The AMEX EveryDay Cards

10 Loads of $20 a Day With Your American Express EveryDay Card Gets You Closer to More American Express Membership Rewards Points That Billing Cycle!

5.   Gas

When you’re filling your tank, don’t fill up all the way.  Stop and pay after a few dollars and then start again.

5 Tricks To Quickly Make 30 Transactions To Earn 20 To 50 More Points With The AMEX EveryDay Cards

Fill Up Your Tank a Few Gallons at a Time

Bottom Line

The American Express EveryDay card gives you 20% bonus American Express Membership Rewards points when you make 20+ transactions each billing cycle (minus returns and credits).

And you get a 50% more points from the American Express EveryDay Preferred card when you have at least 30 purchases in a billing cycle.

Buying Amazon gift cards or reloading your Amazon account, using your card at parking meters, and splitting your grocery, gas, and Serve transactions can help you get additional purchases every month.

What other tricks do you use to get 20% to 50% bonus American Express Membership Rewards points each month?

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25 responses to “5 Tricks to Quickly Make 30 Transactions to Earn 20% to 50% More Points With the AMEX EveryDay Cards

  1. This is a very bad idea. Multiple charges to the same vendor on the same day are an invitation to setting off fraud alert on your credit card.

  2. david. You just want to find a reason to be negative. I’ve been doing the gas and grocery thing since the inception of the card. Hopefully everyone maxed out the grocery category bonus in December and January. 4.5x points from $6k in GCs in two separate years just posted.

  3. @david Nope. I have done this the past 2 months at the end of the cycle to get past the 30x mark. 6 transactions in a row, no fraud alert.

    Daraius, you’re wrong about typing in the gift card number. If you’re sending it to yourself, open the email, click the “redeem now” link in the email and it’s auto-populated. All you have to do is click “apply to your account” once and you’re done.

  4. Do you want to bring attention to the fact that you are gaming their system? Other schemes have gotten AMEX accounts closed down.

  5. It’s funny/sad to see the lengths some people will go to try to quench their avarice! You’ll always want more, folks, you’ll always want more.

  6. I’ve used the trick of splitting up my grocery purchase in the self-checkout lane in order to meet the monthly debit card transaction threshold for the bonus interest rate on my checking account.

    However, like you suggest, I watch to see if anyone enters the queue behind me to make sure no one has to wait for my shenanigans. : )

    Thanks for the additional ideas.

  7. @davids dumb. I am just suggesting being cautious. There is a huge difference between splitting up a grocery order into 2-3 payments and running 30 identical $1.00 payments through Amazon on the same day. There are plenty of easy ways to get 30 small transactions in a month, for many of us Starbucks alone will almost do it. Just mix them up including different days if you are using the same vendor.

  8. I only see this as worth it if there is significant spend on the card for that month and you have few transactions. Why go through this for a few points. The bonus is only 20 points per $100 spent. So if you spent $300 that is 60 points per month which is 720 per year.

  9. Do you churners have any consideration for the merchants who are burdened by your additional credit card processing fees or is it all about you? As a small business owner I really dislike customers who need to charge a cup of coffee to their credit card because of the minimum bank fees levied on me from the card processor.
    So to be sure I understand the system you’re promoting here: If you make 20 transactions in a month you will get 20% more points. And some of you advocate making purchases of < $5 to reach that goal. So if you make 20 X $5 purchases in any given month you will receive 20 extra "bonus" points from AMEX? Let's see; a round trip business class ticket to Europe is about 100,000 points and you are earning 120 per month (which incidentally cost your merchant about $7.00 each month). It appears you will have enough points in a little more than 69 years for that trip. Enjoy!

  10. If you buy $6000 worth of GC’S at a grocery store and then get 30 swipes, that would be 27000 points:) totally worth it!!

  11. another david+ and a frequent miler

    Darius and all others like davids dumb and the ones supporting the idea of multiple transactions. I am a miles collector and I do all the possible ETHICAL ways to maximize my miles/cash back on credit cards. But do you guys know what happens to the merchant with your actions of multiple small transactions especially with an Amex Card. I know many of you know, but you don’t care, right? If you make transactions of say 50c at a gas station using your Amex Card, the owner will not only get anything from that transaction, but also have to pay additional money for the credit card processor. Amex processing many times charges 50c per transaction + about 4 to 5% of the transaction. So if you make a 50c transaction, all that 50c plus an additional 5c would go to the credit card processor. So the merchant loses 55c on your transaction of 50c and also gives out the item you bought for free.

    I know someone will say/think who cares, we are here to make miles and if you think you are burned in the process, I don’t care. I don’t care if my actions cause hardship to your family and your children.

    If anyone here has heart, sensible, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t do this to a small business. Most of the small business are struggling and one of their main expense is credit card processing fees. Big business doesn’t care because it is not their money and it is most of the times money of a Bunch of millionaires (I know many folks own share of many big businesses, but small transactions doesn’t really affect them).

    You can call me idiot or anything you want. But when you call me that, just think if it is you or me who is more ideal to be called that.

  12. @Tammy Correction/Clarification: The 30 swipes would give you 9000 extra points.

  13. I’ve been doing the gas thing for a few months. Just get $1 if I happen to be near a gas station, such as in a strip mall where I’m already shopping. And yes, it’s worth getting the bonus points. I can get a $500 gift card at the supermarket. That becomes 2250 points.

  14. I think it’s worth spending $6000 at a grocery store then getting the 30 swipes in one month for 27,000 points. Once I hit the $6000 limit I will probably lay off the 30 swipes.

  15. This site was better when Daraius was more responsive.

    With that said, I never pay cash for anything. The best is when you go into a small business order the food and find out they “don’t take credit” only to learn that they will take credit if you have no cash to pay for your custom sandwich. Once I find out a small business has a minimum spend amount or doesn’t take credit they don’t have to worry about my business.

    At the gas pump you might have to switch pumps to swipe the same card at the station. That probably isn’t worth it.


  16. Perhaps I’m different but why is it hard to get 30 charges for a month? I usually get that in the first 2 weeks with “normal” use. Coffee out 4 or 5 times per week. Restaurants a few times. Fill up car with gas. Couple of stops at the grocery store. Couple of clicks on Amazon for everyday items. And it’s very easy to get ten or more legitimate charges per week. Add to that monthly bills like gym memberships, electric, etc and I can’t imagine how anyone who is not a hermit doesn’t have enough legitimate times to use this card.

    This card is clearly not for anyone who makes only a few charges per month…why sign up if you don’t make a lot of charges? The sign up bonus isn’t that large compared to other cards which would better meet your needs.

    The only thing I do is to make sure I’m using this card as my main card for the month, putting it away on months when I’m taking advantage of rewards from other cards.

    If you’re putting all of your “normal” spend on this card, I don’t think you’d have to go this route, which some see as shady but I see as just another time consuming chore that you don’t need to do. We all may want extra points but who wants to waste time getting them?

    And sorry, we consumers are not responsible for small business owners who accept credit card transactions of all sizes but who lose money on those transactions. Have a minimum charge limit or don’t take the credit cards. I support local businesses all the time, in fact seeking them out as a preference, but if your business model can’t account for credit card transaction fees then it’s your model that is flawed, not my use of a credit card.

  17. Horrible blogging. MMS went from being useful to credit card pumping to pumping with poor info and advice. Why would anybody transfer to Avios with the impending devaluation? And Serve is discontinuing online CC loads very soon. Just ridiculous.

  18. @CLP

    Serve is discontinuing online credit card loads of VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards. They will still allow American Express cards. It’s been all over the talk of Serve and could’ve easily been found.

    Also, Avios would still be good for short-haul, domestic flights. Those flights aren’t going up in cost.

    I don’t mean to sound harsh in this post, and I apologize if I do. I just can’t currently think of a better way to phrase what I mean.

  19. A lot of parking meters don’t take American Express cards.

  20. This site has become total garbage.

    Paying parking meters for $0.25 a pop? Seriously? Is this really teaching the audience something valuable?

    Next month’s feature: drive to a *neighboring town* and pay $0.25 parking meter fees. That way, when their town is forced to increase taxes, you’re still in the clear. SCREW ‘EM ALL.

  21. To those advocating $6K in gift cards at supermarkets in Dec and Jan: yes, this has been fine in the past. But so was using the Old Blue Cash (albeit to buy much much more) and then in October Amex started closing lots of accounts. It MAY be that $6K a year of this type of spending is beneath their concern, but doing it all in Dec and Jan really is asking to be hit: as unless you spend a lot the other months (in which case you exceed the cap anyway), it’s not to hard to assume what is going on. Spreading it more throughout the year helps, but then you have to hit the 20/30 threshold in more months.

  22. another david,

    You are correct in what you posted. Many people couldn’t care less about how what they do affects others. I don’t feel bad about buying $.50 Amazon gc with a debit card to meet requirements though. If Amazon was losing money they probably wouldn’t offer that low of a denomination. I am guessing they have some kind of deal with card companies that they don’t pay such high fees. The parking meter and gas “ideas” are the shadiest ones mentioned here in my opinion.

  23. Pingback: alternatives to 50 cent amazon swipes? - FlyerTalk Forums

  24. I don’t see why I should concern myself with how much credit cards fees the business owner pays. I am also not concerned with how much rent he pays, etc. Same as he doesn’t care if I can really afford what I’m buying from him, or will I get into debt.
    The owner made a business decision to work with Amex and accept their terms. He must have concluded that even with the fees and the risk that people buy small $ amount items, it’s worth it for him, as more people will buy from him.
    If he realizes that it’s not worth it for him because of the fees, he’ll stop working with them.
    Simple as that.