WilliamPaid Closing, Alternatives to Getting Points Paying Rent With Credit Cards

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On March 5, 2015, WilliamPaid will stop accepting rent payments.

WilliamPaid Closing Alternatives To Getting Points Paying Rent With Credit Cards

You Will Not Be Able to Use WilliamPaid to Pay Your Rent Starting March 5, 2015

So folks who’ve been using WilliamPaid to pay their rent with credit cards will have to use other options.  I’ll explain!

WilliamPaid Will Stop Accepting Rent Payments

Link:   WilliamPaid Will Stop Accepting Rent Payments

I wrote about WilliamPaid before and used it once, but didn’t like having to pay a fee.  But for some folks it was a good way to help meet minimum spending.

However, at 11:59 pm Central Standard Time on March 5, 2015 , you will NOT be able to use WilliamPaid to pay your rent.  That’s because WilliamPaid is closing.

WilliamPaid Closing Alternatives To Getting Points Paying Rent With Credit Cards

Say GoodBye to Earning Miles and Points Paying Rent With WilliamPaid

But there are still ways to pay your rent with a credit card.

How to Earn Miles & Points by Paying Your Rent

You can buy gift cards and load your Bluebird or Serve and send your landlord a check (Bluebird), send a check via Serve, or write a check to pay your rent.

Or you can load up to $200 per day and up to $1,000 per month from your credit card to your Serve and pay your rent with your Serve account.

Note:   You’ll pay fees of ~$4 to ~$7 to buy each gift card.

WilliamPaid Closing Alternatives To Getting Points Paying Rent With Credit Cards

Use Credit Cards to Buy Gifts Cards, Load to Bluebird, Then Send Your Landlord a Rent Check

You can also use rental payment services.  But they charge fees when you use your credit card.  And those can really add up!

And other services like RentPayment.com charge fees of ~$25 or more.  But some landlords will pay the fee.  Maybe your landlord will. 🙂

So it might not make sense to use those rental payment services unless you have a lot of minimum spending.

WilliamPaid Closing Alternatives To Getting Points Paying Rent With Credit Cards

You’ll Pay a 2.99% Fee to Use RadPad

Bottom Line

WilliamPaid is closing.  You will NOT be able to use WilliamPaid to pay your rent with a credit card on March 5, 2015 at 11:59 pm Central Standard Time and onward.

But you can write or send your landlord a check with Bluebird after you’ve loaded your account with gift cards bought with a credit card.

And you can load your Serve with a credit card or gift cards and send your payment via Serve.

You can also use rental payment services like RadPad, but they charge high fees.  So it might not be worth it unless you have to meet minimum spending.

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13 responses to “WilliamPaid Closing, Alternatives to Getting Points Paying Rent With Credit Cards

  1. Do you think, they are not making money on this? or
    Did they close because it violates any law or terms and conditions of Govt /payment processors?
    I think, something is brewing here and this service is the first one to go.

  2. Greetings, I use RentShare. This may be of value to previous WilliamPaid users. This puts a quick dent in spend for bonus!

  3. Rahul– I agree with you. I use Rentmatic and they recently overhauled their service, requiring a new payment processor to continue with them. Timing is end of February. I think the government is adding new requirements around anti money laundering.

  4. Do any of these services allow one to split the payment across several cards (by the same owner)?

  5. Another alternative to WilliamPaid is SimplifyEm Pay Rent. You can contact them at support@simplifyem.com or sign up at SimplifyEm Pay Rent

  6. anybody know what the service fee is on rentpayment.com or rentshare? I used WP quite frequently to help with my churns and I believe it was 2.9% which came out to about $30 for $1,000 payment.

  7. WilliamPaid had horrible customers service and delivered my rent check over a week late (from their calendar, which require quite a bit of time anyway) on three different occasions. I incurred late fees and WilliamPaid refused to do anything, including granting me any time of refund or credit. I stopped using them and then got a weird “we miss you, come back email.” I replied again with how poor the service was and received a “oh, sorry about that, but please use us anyway.” NOPE. I’m not at all surprised to see this.

  8. I’ve been using RadPad to pay rent online for a few months now and I think it’s a pretty good service. Can’t complain about zero debit fees backed by an arrival guarantee.

  9. I had been using Williampaid for my payments for the last few year and I feel a bit slighted that they gave me such short notice. I have properties I own and have been looking for software to help me track other things besides just collecting the rent and have found a few. I really want something easy to use that wont break my bank; there arent many options. The only option seems to be Simplifyem.com. I called the number on their site and someone picked right up and walked me through the software. It seemed like they have been getting a lot of people from williampaid and another company that recently went out of business. They have a transaction fee only service that lets you just process your tenants payments, but im most interested in their software that helps you track balances, send notices and organize your expenses for taxes. I suggest checking them out, especially if you dont want to take a chance for another online rent only company to go out of business…

  10. WP fees were expensive. So when I learned about the prepaid cards I stopped using WP months ago. I purchase One Vanillas at cvs and then convert them to a money order to pay my rent. I also do the same with my tithing at church since the church I go to doesn’t have e-giving. I also use the money orders to pay other bills too that don’t accept credit cards.

  11. Well I’ve visited several of the sites. Plastiq’s website seemed unstable. Rentmatic makes it nigh impossible to find out the fees. Radpad seemed OK.

    RentShare.com seemed like the most stable and normal of the sites I visited, so I decided to go with that one. A dollar or two here or there isn’t as important as having confidence in the company.

  12. Is there other site to pay rent but still get reported to build credit?