Blog Giveaway: ~$1,000 Ticket to Star MegaDo 6!

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You’re the best blog readers in the world!  To thank you, this week we’re giving away a ~$1,000 ticket to Star MegaDo 6!

Blog Giveaway 1,000 Ticket To Star MegaDo 6

Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of the Airbus 350 and Star Alliance Operations in Europe

What’s Included With the Ticket?

The Star MegaDo runs from May 9, 2015, to May 13, 2015.

Blog Giveaway 1,000 Ticket To Star MegaDo 6

Fly From Stockholm to Toulouse, France, then on to London!

With your ticket you’ll get:

  • Coach seat (includes food & drink) on flights within Europe
  • Exclusive tour of the A350 final assembly line
  • Behind-the-scenes tour of T2, The Queens Terminal at London Heathrow airport and meet Mark Schwab, President and CEO of Star Alliance
  • A day with Scandinavian Airlines seeing their new Business Class and refurbished planes while learning about their loyalty program – SAS Eurobonus
  • Top tier Concierge elite status with Club Carlson (for attendees staying at the host hotels)

Take a look a the full schedule to get an idea of the itinerary.

What’s NOT Included?

Keep in mind, before you enter, the ticket won’t cover all of your expenses.  You’ll still need to pay for:

1.  Hotel

You will need to pay for your hotel in Stockholm and London.  But you can get the following discounted rates:

2.   Flights Between the US & Europe

You will also need to pay (or use your miles) for your own flights from the US to Stockholm and back from London to the US.  They are working on a group rate from Chicago, but the details aren’t available yet.

How to Enter:

Leave a Comment 

Please leave ONE comment telling me why you want to attend Star MegaDo 6.

I’ll pick 1 commenter who will win 1 Economy Ticket to Star MegaDo 6 worth ~$1,000 after the drawing closes at 9:00 pm Central Time on Saturday, February 21, 2015 (today).

This is going to be an exciting event!  Good luck!  I had a blast at Star MegaDo 3!

Fine Print:  The prize is worth up to ~$1,000.  I make the final determinations for the giveaway and there’s no appeal in the Million Mile Court.  I’m not receiving compensation and I’m giving away a ticket to MegaDo, so please don’t make this hard for me!

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78 responses to “Blog Giveaway: ~$1,000 Ticket to Star MegaDo 6!

  1. I’ve never been to a Star MegaDo and I want to be cool like you!

  2. I think it would be incredibly interesting.

  3. This would be my first Star MegaDo, It would be a chance to experience a behind the scenes view of the future of the travel industry and partake in the meeting of the travel master minds and everyday travelers ,like myself, who try to emulate the pros. The MegaDo details are “FIrst Class” .

  4. I’ve never been but would like to go!!

  5. If I am honest, it’s the lure of Club Carlson Concierge Status that tempts me to attend. But who can ignore the rest of the lineup – a planespotter’s paradise!

  6. Would love to see the new (sc)Airbus 350…

  7. Gillian Dionne

    StarMegaDo6 is a once in a lifetime event and I want to be a part of it. Stockholm, France, London…oh my.

  8. The more I travel, the more I’m becoming a behind-the-scenes aviation fan, and attending a MegaDo event would be an awesome experience since I’d get to see the inner workings of the aviation & hospitality industries which make our travel lives so rich.

  9. I would like to see the assembly line for A350, and behind-the-scenes tour!

  10. Michael H.(oldfox)

    Wow! This sounds incredible for a “miles fanatic.” My fingers are crossed for good luck.

  11. What a great giveaway! Going to MegaDo would be an incredible experience! I often see the “outside” of the airline industry and the inside of economy class. A chance to meet the people and see the processes that make the industry work would be unforgettable and satisfy a fascination I have always had with air travel. With this contest and some hard-earned points I could make it happen!

  12. because the charter flight is better than any party on the ground

  13. I’m an av geek and think a megado would be a blast!

  14. Would love to see the behind the scenes at t2 as well as the Airbus facility.

  15. That sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime!!!

  16. reason for wanting to win is to do and see something I have never done or seen. Meet people and bloggers that I read everyday.

  17. Pick me 🙂 I would love to get a “behind the scenes” view!

    I’ll write a trip report for you!

  18. I’m ready to experience my second MegaDo – what a blast!
    Thanks for the contest.

  19. Would love to see what it’s like.

  20. I would love to experience a MegoDo. I’ve heard so much about them.

  21. MegaDo’s look awesome. Getting a look behind the scenes at some of the different parts of the industry would be interesting. Also, meeting other travel enthusiasts would be fun.

  22. Would like to go to take this hobby to the next level

  23. Sounds like Fun

  24. I have never been to one, but it sounds exciting.

  25. Dominick Maone

    I sell paint to the movie production companies filming in New Orleans. I LOVE behind the scenes stuff. Would love to see Heathrow behind closed doors. Good luck everyone.

  26. I am a big fan of Scandinavian Airlines and always have been wanted to try their new Business class and refurbished planes!!

  27. Thank you for this opportunity! I would love to attend this event. It sounds absolutely fantastic especially seeing the assembly line of the A350 and behind-the-scenes of T2! Club Carlson Concierge status is icing on the cake. 🙂

  28. I am entering for my wife. She has been playing this game of collecting miles and points for a few years. She loves to travel much more than I do. I try to keep up with some of the tips and tricks, but mostly so I can understand what she is talking about.
    I know she would really get the most out of this event. Thanks!

  29. I’ve never been to a DO, but I love to begin!

  30. Hope to be packing soon !

  31. sounds like a fun adventure and learning experience about airlines!

  32. Looks incredibly interesting. Hotels, dinners, receptions, and socializing all look GREAT. Highlight for me would be visiting the A350 assembly line in Toulouse, France.

  33. I’m already going to be in Europe during that time (I got Delta tickets from SFO to Dublin for $400 roundtrip!) and I would love to go to the MegaDO, but I don’t have an extra $1000 in my travel budget right now.

  34. I’ve been around airplanes for my whole life – my dad worked for TWA – and I’ve never been to a MegaDO, so I’d really like to get to go!

  35. I have always wanted to go but could not afford it. However with the extra 1k, I can pay for it. Would also love to meet others who are passionate about Mega do

  36. If I won it, I’d gift it to my wife as her 40th anniversary present, which is in May 2015! She’d just love to go!

  37. Never been to a MegaDO – and this is probably my only chance to tour the A350 assembly line!

  38. I’ve always wanted to attend a DO but I’ve never had the means to do so. This would be a great opportunity to attend while limiting my expenses.

  39. Sounds amazing! I told my wife about how much I want to go to this, and now she thinks I’m a MegaDOrk.

  40. Haven’t been yet but I would love to go! Sounds like I could learn a ton and the tour would be amazing!

  41. think it would be great to hangout with other points/travel enthusiasts

  42. It’s MegaDo!

  43. Since remarrying my former ex I’ve been explaining to my wife about “this travel thing we have (think Godfather theme).” For me, to finally do a MegaDo and with my wife would be a dream. Not to mention that I would finally be able to get as close to Amsterdam as possible (part of a dream come true – Africa and Brazil [she won’t let me] would complete this). Plus she has never been out of the US.

  44. I never done MegaDo before. It would be cool.

  45. This looks like an amazing opportunity. I love big travel for small money, and I’m not sure it gets any bigger than this!

  46. I want to see behind the scenes and also spend time with fellow travel hacking geeks…

  47. What’s not to like? It would be great to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience with fellow travel geeks, er, I mean officianados, getting the behind the scenes scoop.

  48. Because airplanes are amazing! I would love to check out and assembly line of this scale for the first time

  49. michael goodman

    What boy (man) doesn’t love flight? This would be a dream of a lifetime to experience the MegaDo. Fly boy fly..

  50. I want to go so I can check it off my bucket list, and meet cool people.

  51. I want to attend because I never done so and only been to Europe once

  52. it’s a once in a lifetime experience that can’t be beat!

  53. I believe that attending a Megado is the ultimate points & miles collector’s experience! I think I’m ready for it! … and I’ll appreciate top tier status with Club Carlson too! Thanks!

  54. I believe that attending a Megado is the ultimate points & miles collector’s experience! I think I’m ready for it, and I’ll appreciate top tier status with Club Carlson too! Thanks!

  55. Always wanted to go but have never been able to attend!

  56. I’d love to see the A350 FAL.

  57. Please please please pick me! I really want to go!!!

  58. I’ve never been to a Star MegaDo, I want to go!!!

  59. Sounds like fun! And a great chance to learn more travel tips.

  60. I would love to go to The Megado this year!

  61. I would love to be able to have the opportunity to see the A350 assembly plant!

  62. Nothing is as cool as attending the Star Megado6 financially sponsored by my favorite blogger – Daraius!!!

  63. I’ve never been to a Star MegaDo and love the adventure and learning experience about airlines.

  64. Love to experience MegaDO. Thanks

  65. I’ve never been before and would love to go!!

  66. This would be an incredible experience! This would be an absolute dream come true for me. But, my PTO is tapped out with other trips… So, why am I commenting? My ticket would go to my fellow-aviation-nerd wife, who will happen to be in Europe for a conference – which ends May 8th. PLEASE let me give her this incredible experience!!

  67. 1 comment left for my first megado –
    10 new FF pals –
    100 hours of pure entertainment –
    1’000 miles across europe –
    10’000 gold points accrual –
    100’000 new travel ideas and strategies –
    1’000’000 mile secrets (to discover) –

    First statement is done, help me please realize all the next ones 😉

  68. I would love to attend this event to see the A350, meet lots of great people, and have my dad fly in to see London, which is where he wants to go for his 70th.

  69. Would love to see the A350. I worked with one of the contracting companies of Airbus for analyzing stress on the components and helped them get it done faster (since they were already months delayed for the first flight). Sent my guys to Toulouse while I stayed back since most of the work was to be done here.

  70. i am 30 and have never been to europe. i would LOVE the opportunity to finally take the trip!

  71. Would love to attend the MegaDo. Without a doubt, Airbus would be the highlight for me, but the entire trip would be a blast.

  72. I’m already in Copenhagen during that time and it would be lots of fun to go to France and London as well.

  73. It would the first time for me with these kind of events. In addition to the chance to see the A350, I will get to see London for the first time in my life

  74. Terry Anserello

    Thanks in part to you, Darius, I have enough points and/or cash to make this work if I am chosen. I would also be more than happy to complete a write up of this one of a kind travel experience for you to include on Million Mile Secrets if you desire.

  75. I love pretty much everything about travel and this would be an amazing opportunity to see parts of Europe I have never been to an a behinds the scenes look at some amazing aircraft.

  76. I’d like to win because id like to be be a part of this historic event.

  77. this is the first i’ve heard of the star megado. i’ve toured the boeing factory in everett, WA and loved it. would be great to see how airbus does it! among other things…

  78. Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win an opportunity to go to the MegaDo 6.