Can I Get 100,000 American Airlines Miles Applying for an American Airlines and US Airways Credit Card?

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Million Mile Secrets reader slasaath tweeted:

American Airlines and US Airways both have 50,000 mile credit card bonus.  Is it possible to sign-up for both for a total 100,000 American Airlines miles once both programs merge?

Can I Get 100,000 American Airlines Miles Applying For An American Airlines And US Airways Credit Card

100,000 American Airlines Miles Gets You 2 First Class Round-Trip Tickets to Honolulu

Slasaath can apply for an American Airlines and a US Airways credit card and have 100,000 American Airlines miles after the merger.  And you can too!  Here’s how.

Citi AAdvantage

Link:   Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite™ Mastercard®

Link:   My Review of the Citi AAdvantage card

Slasaath gets 50,000 American Airlines miles after he spends $3,000 in purchases within the 1st 3 months of opening his account with the Citi AAdvantage card.   The $95 annual fee is waived for the 1st year.

The Citi AAdvantage card gets him:

  • Priority boarding
  • 1 free checked bag for him and up to 4 traveling companions
  • 25% discount on in-flight food and drink purchases
  • 10% rebate on redeemed miles (up to 10,000 miles per year)
  • 2 points per $1 spent on American Airlines and US Airways
  • 1 point per $1 spent on everything else

But if Slasaath uses his card outside the US, he’ll pay a 3% foreign transaction fee!

Can I Get 100,000 American Airlines Miles Applying For An American Airlines And US Airways Credit Card

Slasaath Will Pay a 3% Foreign Transaction Fee for Charges Outside the US Like in Venice

Barclaycard US Airways

Link:   Barclaycard US Airways card

Link:   My Review of the Barclaycard US Airways card

Because American Airlines and US Airways are merging, the Barclaycard US Airways card will be discontinued soon.  Existing cardholders will get a Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator card, but it won’t be open to new applicants.

Currently, Slasaath can get 50,000 US Airways miles (which will become American Airlines miles in the 2nd quarter of 2015) after his 1st purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee.

Slasaath also gets:

Note:   Barclaycard now restricts folks to just 1 or 2 new cards a year.  So it might be hard for Slasaath to get approved if he’s already applied for a Barclaycard this year.

Using the Miles

Link:   American Airlines award chart

Link:   Oneworld award chart

Because US Airways is part of the oneworld alliance, Slasaath can use his US Airways miles on partners like American Airlines and British Airways now, before the merger is complete.

Or he can wait until American Airlines and US Airways join together and Slasaath’s US Airways miles will be converted to American Airlines miles.

Slasaath can link his American Airlines and US Airways accounts here, but the miles won’t be combined yet.  But after the 2nd quarter of 2015, his miles will be combined IF he has already linked his accounts.

1.   First Class to Costa Rica

Slasaath can use 80,000 American Airlines miles for two 1-way First Class tickets to Costa Rica.

Can I Get 100,000 American Airlines Miles Applying For An American Airlines And US Airways Credit Card

Slasaath Can Use His 80,000 Combined American Airlines and US Airways Miles to Fly 1-Way in First Class to Costa Rica

2.   Business Class to Europe

100,000 American Airlines miles gets Slasaath two 1-way Business Class tickets to London.

Can I Get 100,000 American Airlines Miles Applying For An American Airlines And US Airways Credit Card

100,000 American Airlines Miles = Two 1-Way Business Class Tickets to London

3.   Coach to the Maldives

Slasaath could use 90,000 American Airlines miles to fly round-trip to the Maldives.

Can I Get 100,000 American Airlines Miles Applying For An American Airlines And US Airways Credit Card

Round-Trip in Coach to the Maldives for 90,000 American Airlines Miles

Slasaath would also have almost enough miles to take a round-the-world trip!

For other suggestions on how to use American Airlines miles, Slasaath can read my series on how to book award tickets using American Airlines miles.

Bottom Line

Slasaath can apply for an American Airlines and US Airways credit card for a combined total of 100,000 American Airlines miles after the merger.

After spending $3,000 in purchases in the 1st 3 months on the Citi AAdvantage card, Slasaath will get 50,000 American Airlines miles.  And 50,000 US Airways miles after his 1st purchase and payment of the $89 US Airways card annual fee.

He can use those miles to fly on American Airlines, US Airways and oneworld alliance partners like British Airways.

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17 responses to “Can I Get 100,000 American Airlines Miles Applying for an American Airlines and US Airways Credit Card?

  1. If you’re sure your Barclays application will go through with immediate online approval you can get it even if you already have another US card. However if it requires a call or even “pending” Barclays will not issue you another US card if you have one open. Been there, done that.

    The US card is worth it if you don’t have one for the free bag, 10K points annual bonus, and 5K off US metal rewards. Hopefully as it’s re-branded a Barclays AA card it will keep those perks.

  2. If I want to apply for another US air (got my first in Nov) should I first cancel the first one or just lower the credit limit on the first and then apply for the 2nd?

  3. If my husband and I each did this we could have 200,000 points. That’s great! How long would the points be good for? We won’t be planning any trips until Christmas or next year. Do they expire?

  4. Didn’t see an offer for the AC one-day pass.

  5. Seconding Julies question – how long are the points good for?

  6. Hi there, My husband and I currently live outside the U.S. in Korea but want to have the 100,000 miles in order to fly home in August. Can I apply for and get approved for the U.S. Airways card from here or is it impossible? Do they really need my workplace phone number and what not? Will they call?

  7. Please note that the US Airways companion certificate, for ones issued this year, have to be used (travel completed) by the end of 2015 and booked by September 2015.

  8. Will US Air Miles be worth the same as American Miles when they are merged? One US Air Miles equals One American Mile?

  9. I read that the points are good for 18 months so I’d be good for next summer. One other question if I’m planning on taking a family of four to Europe or Hawaii via LAX would this be our best points option? Or is there another card combo we should look at?

  10. My husband and I both have the US aiway card which we apply last year. My husband applied for the AA card, but CITI denied the application. The reason was “too many inquires in past 12 month”. He got one Amex(Delta), two Chase (Ink bold and Ritz Carlton), two barclay(US airway and Arrival plus) cards in last year. He has other active cards with IHG, CLUB Carlson and Costco Amex. His credit score is 800! Many people said that they have over 20 active credit cards etc….. We really want to save AA points for our next trip. Should we cancel other cards and apply other ones? Please give us an advice.

  11. I managed to take advantage of this strategy. My wife wasn’t able to get a US Airways card though… probably because she had just opened up a Arrival+ card six weeks prior. Oh well.

  12. In the case where I don’t have the AA Citi Card but I sign up for a Barclays US Airways card, what happens to my points when the merger happens?

    Since I don’t have to link my account to an existing AA account, what do I have to do?

  13. And another question, are the US Airways points worth spending? Or is it smarter to wait until the merger happens so you can use them as AA points?

  14. @Julie and @David: “most” airline and hotel miles don’t expire, as long as there is activity in the account. You don’t have to use all the miles within 18 mos., just make sure to either add or subtract from your miles in some way to keep the account active. Easy ways are logging in, then using AAdvantage or Dividend Miles shopping portals to make a purchase, eating out through mileage dining programs, and doing surveys through e-miles and e-rewards, then transferring those miles to your desired program. But check with your specific points and miles programs to confirm what their rules are.

  15. @Julie: You may want to look into Alaska Airlines for trips to Hawaii. Along with AA, I think they are a cheap option for the west coast. Bank of America has the Alaska Air card, and have read it is very churnable. Right now, the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card has a bonus of 25,000 miles with no purchase, just payment of the $75 fee. Additionally, it has one annual companion fare from $121 (coach only, must be on Alaska planes) when another ticket is purchased.
    British Airways Avios will also get you to Hawaii for fewer miles on short flights (LAX-HNL and other west coast routes are ideal). They are used on MileSAAver fares only, on AA or Alaska flights (search on AA website to find these, then must be booked by calling BA).
    Looks like you are off to a good start. There are a lot of blogs with helpful information; keep reading.

  16. @Noko: Wouldn’t suggest cancelling your present cards, then reapplying. Banks want to see that you have some accounts that have been open for a long time, so if you can keep your present cards open and wait awhile to reapply, it should be more favorable. If you don’t want to pay an annual fee, you could ask to have a card changed to a no-fee alternative before it is charged. Or try applying for a different card from the same bank, then ask to have your credit limit switched to the new card and close the old one. Those are better options than simply closing an account, IMHO.
    Our oldest credit card is a Citi Dividend we have had since 2003. We started getting cards for travel in 2011, all on one middle-class income and without owning a home, and we now have over 30 cards. My husband’s latest FICO score was 803 and mine is 811. Last year we got the 10 cards we applied for, usually applying for one or two at a time and waiting 2-3 months in between. I think our high credit scores are due to length of credit record, always paying on time and never carrying a balance.
    I just started reading scores of blogs to figure this out, and it’s pretty evident that if we are able to do this on one income, other people should not have a problem. (I am trying to say this to be encouraging, not to brag.) We are very thankful for the travel we have been able to do with points and miles; most of it would not have happened otherwise. So be patient and try again; it should work for you.

  17. One last thing: I remembered that I wasn’t immediately approved for my Citi AAdvantage Platinum in Jan, but the rep offered to transfer some credit from one of my other Citi cards, which were all the old ones I had hung on to. Likewise when my husband applied for his second US Air MC after he had closed the first in early 2014, he had to go through reconsideration. His only open Barclay cards are his Barclay Arrival Plus (favorite card!), and his Hawaiian Air card, which had morphed from the Bank of Am version. They split the credit limit of the HA MC and approved his US Airways MC.
    There aren’t too many other cards that we plan to apply for now. The high fee cards don’t fit our lifestyle, and many others aren’t churnable. He did just get the Chase BA, with a 50K bonus if it has been over 24 months since he got the bonus, which it has. So I say we are slowing down, but who knows…? 😉