Will AutoSlash Save You Money on Car Rentals?

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Last year, I wrote about the best ways to save money on car rentals.  At the time, 1 of the best tools to use was AutoSlash.  But they stopped working (properly) after a while.

But now, folks report that AutoSlash is back.  AutoSlash will track your car rental reservations for price drops, and re-book you at the lower rate if your rental becomes cheaper.

They’ll watch reservations made with most major car rental agencies.  And if you booked your car through AutoSlash, they’ll monitor your reservation automatically.

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

AutoSlash Says They’ll Monitor Your Car Rental Reservations and Rebook You If the Price Drops

I decided to experiment again (not like this) to see if AutoSlash could save you money.

How Does It Work?

Link:   AutoSlash

AutoSlash is a free service which tracks your car rental reservations for price drops.  They’ll re-book you at the lower price if they find one!

You can track existing reservations made with major car rental companies, or book your car through AutoSlash (and they’ll monitor the reservation automatically).

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

AutoSlash Does the Work of Checking Back for Cheaper Rates

I did some searches on AutoSlash to compare their prices.  And I made some dummy bookings with car rental companies for them to track.

What Are Their Rates Like?

You can search for car rentals on AutoSlash and they’ll try to find you the best current, published prices.

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

You Can Use AutoSlash to Search for Cheap Car Rentals

Some searches give you immediate results.  For example, I searched for a compact car in Seattle next May, and they returned rates from Sixt and Payless rental car agencies.

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

AutoSlash Returned Results From 2 Car Rental Companies

If you book through AutoSlash, they’ll automatically track your reservation for price drops and will re-book you with the same rental company if it does.

I made a (refundable) booking with Sixt (through AutoSlash).  The total price for the rental was ~$222.

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

A 5-Day Rental in Seattle, Booked Through Autoslash, Costs ~$222

This didn’t strike me as the best possible deal, but we’ll see if Autoslash finds lower rates as the rental date approaches!

Just to compare, I checked the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal for Seattle rental cars on the same dates.  The cheapest deal was for $260 with Alamo (also a refundable rate).

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel Portal Didn’t Find as Cheap a Rate as Autoslash

Note:   If you pay with Chase Ultimate Rewards points, they’re worth 1.25 cents each.  So this could be a better deal for some folks.

I also checked Hotwire.  You don’t find out the name of the rental company until after you book and pay, and the rate is non-refundable.  But they found the same type of car on the same dates for ~$187.

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

Hotwire Had the Cheapest Rate, but It’s Non-Refundable

Within an hour of making the Sixt booking with AutoSlash, they sent me an email:

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

AutoSlash Found a Cheaper Rate Within an Hour of Booking Through Their Site

I responded yes, and they’re re-booking me at the lower rate!

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

AutoSlash Is Certainly Quick at Replying!

We’ll wait and see if AutoSlash can find anything cheaper!

Note:   Remember to use a credit card that offers primary car rental insurance (CDW), like the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase United MileagePlus Explorer.

Even if you book your car through AutoSlash, the purchase is from an actual car rental agency, so you’ll get the credit card insurance coverage.

Tracking Current Reservations

I wanted to see if AutoSlash would truly monitor reservations, find lower rates, and re-book you.  So I made refundable bookings with different rental agencies in various cities, between 2 weeks and 8 months ahead of time.

1.   Washington, DC

I booked a 1-day rental in Washington, DC, with Budget car rental.

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

A 1-Day Rental in Washington, DC, Costs ~$82

After the reservation was confirmed, I entered the confirmation number and booking details on AutoSlash.  That included my name, email, rental dates, car rental company, reservation number, and total price.

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

AutoSlash Now Has the Booking Details for This Rental

I got a confirmation email shortly afterwards, saying that AutoSlash is now tracking this reservation.  They also offer to search for cheaper rates at other rental companies for you, if you wish.

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

AutoSlash Is Now Tracking the Reservation and Will Search for Cheaper Deals at Other Companies If You Want

I booked this reservation ~2 weeks prior to see how AutoSlash performs with short notice!

2.   Austin

I made a week-long booking with Thrifty in Austin.  It’s during a busy travel time, so the rate is expensive.

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

A Week-Long Booking With Thrifty Over the Holidays Costs ~$332

Again, I submitted the reservation details to AutoSlash.

3.   Kauai

A compact car in Kauai this April, booked with Hertz, costs ~$239 for 5 days.

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

A 5-Day Rental in Kauai With Hertz Costs ~$239

I submitted this reservation to AutoSlash, too.

4.   Toronto, Canada

I wanted to see if AutoSlash had different luck with reservations in other countries, so I booked a car in Toronto, Canada, next summer for 2 days with Avis.  It costs ~228 Canadian dollars (~$202).

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

Renting a Car in Toronto Next July for 2 Days Costs ~$202

AutoSlash is now tracking this reservation, too.

The Results!

1.   Washington, DC

I got an email from AutoSlash 3 days before my booking.  They found a rate ~$26 lower than my original reservation.

That’s not bad savings for a 1 day rental!

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

AutoSlash Would Save Me ~$26 on This Booking

2.   Austin

AutoSlash emailed ~2 weeks prior to my reservation with a lower rate.  First, they saved me ~$167!

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

AutoSlash Let Me Know When the Rate Dropped on My Reservation

They emailed again about a week later, and found an even better discount.

Will AutoSlash Save You Money On Car Rentals

Closer to My Reservation Date, AutoSlash Found an Even Better Deal, Saving Me ~$206

A savings of $~206 is substantial!

Because my last 2 bookings are months away, I’ll write an update post to let you know how much money AutoSlash saved me!

Bottom Line

AutoSlash is a free service which tracks your car rental reservations for price drops, and re-books you if the price goes down.

You can also book rentals directly through AutoSlash, and they’ll track them automatically.

And it actually works!  AutoSlash found significantly lower rates on my 1st 2 reservations, for a total savings of ~$232.

I’ll write an update post when I have information on my last 2 reservations.  So far, I’m definitely impressed!

Have you used AutoSlash?  What do you think?

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25 responses to “Will AutoSlash Save You Money on Car Rentals?

  1. I use AutoSlash all the time and it’s become my preferred mode of securing a car rental. However I have noticed that if I make a reservation months ahead of time, it only looks for lower prices for a limited amount of time, say the 2 weeks following the reservation. When I get 3-5 prior to the start of my trip, I will make a duplicate reservation just to check if I am really getting the lowest price. I find that second reservation is often much lower. I end up cancelling my original reservation and sticking with the newer one. It’s an annoying feature that their price-search algorithm seeming to shut down after a while.

    I have noticed that AutoSlash car rentals are cheapest at about the 48-hr mark and if you attempt to make a reservation within 24 hours to pick-up, the price sky rockets.

  2. Is there a website that does this same kind of thing with hotels?

  3. Yes there are a couple of sites that do something similar with hotels:

    Tingo.com – Owned by TripAdvisor. You book a prepaid hotel reservation and they track the price. If the price drops on the identical reservation by the time you check-in, they will send you a refund check in the mail a few weeks after you return from your trip. Cancellation policies vary by property.

    Tripbam.com – You can monitor a group of hotels in a specific area and with specific parameters for lower rates. They email you when they find a deal and you can book with them if they find a deal you like.

  4. I’ve been using AutoSlash for 3 or 4 years. Sometimes, when booking, their rates are the same as the search engines; but a day later, I get an e mail asking if I want a new lower price car.

    Some of my e mail updates reduced the car by 5 or 10% (multiple times!).

    About 14 months ago, I needed a car for a week in FLL. The ititial rate was $250. When I mentioned this to my wife, she told me to wait, and try again a few days later. I told her not to worry. 😉 Anyway, as the rate fell through the high $100 to mid $100’s, I was feeling pretty good.

    When the final weekly rate dropped to $105 all-in for an Avis full size car, I was a happy guy. Enough said. There’s a Flyertalk and Milepoint thread on Autoslash.

  5. The best part of Autoslash is that you can make multiple refundable reservations with companies of your choice (Hertz, National) and have it track both. I’ve had it save me hundreds in just a couple of bookings.

  6. Wow, cool service. It’s especially handy that they can track a reservation made elsewhere.

    I just tried it on a pre-existing reservation. Let’s see how this goes!

  7. I have 3 rentals in auto slash and so far theyve lowered all of them at least twice, one 3 times. Al in different Hawaiian islands and they rentals are cheap!

  8. I started using AutoSlash about 18 months ago. The first couple of times, it produced a significant savings. The last couple times, not so much. I also notice that AutoSlash will miss some rate changes.
    For my current trip, I booked an economy vehicle 2/27 3:30 PM – 3/3/15 11:00 AM in Las Vegas. My original price was $135 from E-Z car rental on 12/19/14, booked through http://www.carrentals.com. I then entered this rate on AutoSlash. On 12/22/14, AutoSlash found a rate of $127 with E-Z car rental. Well,
    $7 is $7. I could almost buy a beer on a Delta flight with that. What AutoSlash did not catch is the $92 rate I found through http://www.carrentals.com for Payless Car Rental. Carrentals.com won’t let you enter a payless Perks ID ( 5%) discount so once I saw the $92 fare on carrentals, I booked directly with payless for about $87. That is quite a savings and AutoSlash did not find it. I like AutoSlash but will need some more test cases before I use them as my only car rental site. Also, the initial rate some people are using is inflated. The first rate you grab is rarely the lowest.

  9. VERY helpful post, Daraius, thank you. First, glad to know a/s is back, and second, appreciate knowing just how it will work…. (with the emails, the option to take the new offers….)

    Among point bloggers, you “own” the car rental space. 🙂

  10. Tried looking for a rental at HNL in late February but received:

    “Hang on–we need to search a little deeper!

    Our automated system wasn’t able to find any instantly bookable options from our partner agencies. Don’t worry, though–we can still help! Click the link below to submit a request, and one of our analysts will get back to you shortly with discounted rates for your rental! ”

    looks like I’ll stick to the Costco Travel

  11. I started using Autoslash a couple of weeks back and they are great! I booked a car in Florida @ $174 for 5 days and they were able to bring it down to $126. Almost a $50 saving for me.

    Thanks for posting about them.

  12. The service is useless. They sent me links to Priceline.com. If I would book there I cannot cancel it anymore if a cheaper price comes along. I use Priceline 12 hours before I need a car to see if I can lower the price one more time, but it would be stupid to use it weeks in advance.

  13. @Christoph First off, we partner with Priceline for certain off-airport rentals that we can’t book direct through our booking system.

    Second, Priceline offers both traditional cancellable rentals as well as their Name Your Own Price (NYOP) rentals where you bid. On their traditional rentals (the only ones we ever offer), they are fully changeable/cancellable. If you click through on the booking link we sent, and actually go through the checkout process, you’ll see that you aren’t even prompted for your credit card, so there is nothing tying you to the reservation.

    Lastly, if you’re uncomfortable booking with Priceline or have any trouble seeing the discounted rates we offer, the email we sent says to feel free to email us, and we mean it. We’re always more than happy to assist, and even book it for you and email the confirmation if that works best for you. Our goal is to get you a great rate and give you the flexibility to keep shopping it right up until you pick up the car.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any further questions.

  14. I found that Costco and BJ Travel to both be cheaper. For a booking from 4/14 to 4/21 at PDX Costco was $247, BJ Travel $257 and Autoslash was initially $367 (over a $100 more) with Payless car rental. This morning I got a price reduction from Autoslash to $286 with Thrifty car rental but it still costs more than my other two options. I don’t like that the Autoslash website says the rates are the published rates and I have to book my reservation to lower the rate. If I tried to book the same dates today as I did yesterday it again shows the $367 with Payless when Autoslash should already know there is a lower $286 rate with Thrifty. The web site makes me feel I should be happy to get a lower rate when it seems the rates are inflated to begin with. Autoslash lists 15 different rental companies on its web page yet I read an article that Avis, Alamo, Budget, Enterprise and National won’t deal with Autoslash. I am unaware if this has changed but when I specified I wanted a rental from Alamo, Payless is all that came up

  15. Autoslash rented me a Top 2 car rental several months ago. I think this is a case of YMMV.

    @Kim, did you leep the Autoslash reservation just to see if it was reduced?

  16. I tried using Autoslash and rebooked for a savings of $160! My question is, does the rental process work the same way? For example, I’m Hertz Gold, so will my reservation be up on the board so I can skip going to the desk?

  17. Pingback: How to get the best car rental rates using Autoslash | Miles per Day

  18. Rennette Madill

    Final rate with Autoslash on a July 2015, 13 day rental in Canada was $163 less than Costco. Will use Autoslash every time and sing their praises to others.

  19. Had a reservation I I booked in May for mid-August 2015 through Autoslash at Boston Logan Airport. The reservation looked great until I got to the Advantage counter at 10:30PM last Wednesday where they had “run out of cars”. The attendant then proceeded to close the counter and walk away as 3 customers with confirmed reservations looked at each other in dismay. I called an Autoslash rep who said he would make note and try to contact Advantage and call me back. This didn’t happen, so we dashed over to Dollar and spent twice as much before the car rental agencies closed and/or ran out of cars. Currently trying to get some kind of resolution/answer to this dilemma before I try Autoslash again.

  20. G Hoffman,

    Autoslash has been responsive to any issues that arise. There’s an active thread on Flyertalk where you should post your question.

  21. Has anyone tried RELAY RIDE car rental share? It is almost like Uber but you rent a personal car near by you for half the price of a regular rental.I think this is how many cars will be rented in the future. I use to be able to rent a car for $20-25 bucks a day but know i am lucky to get a car rental for $40 a day. I think it is a great idea since the company is insured and has road side assistance if something happens.

  22. AutoSlash does not work – buyer beware. I made a reservation there and found the rates to be about what they were elsewhere. I did a quick check a month later on rates and found rental prices had gone down by almost 50%. Autoslash did not reduce my rate. In fact when I called them to urge them to do what they claim, I was told they had no control over their service. It is all generated by a computer system. The rep says they could do nothing at all – in fact she wouldn’t even look up my reservation to confirm. Asked for a supervisor and was put on permahold indefinitely. This feels scammish to me. Customer service just blames a computer they have no control over. Mistakes can happen, but their lack of action is inexcusable.

  23. I have attempted to pull up the site for Auto Slash, but it does not open. It sent me to their face book page. I wanted to find some info on rental in the NC area I would soon be going to. Oh, well!

  24. Website is working now. http://www.autoslash.com/

  25. Sorry folks, we were mentioned on ABC World New Tonight last evening as the best place to get a great deal on a car rental and it almost crashed our site. We added some capacity quickly though so thing are humming along smoothly again. Thanks for your understanding.