Blog Giveaway: 2 Kindle Fire HD Tablets!

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Your comments and support throughout the years have been amazing!  We’d like to show a little gratitude this week by giving away 2 Kindle Fire HD tablets!

Blog Giveaway 2 Kindle Fire HD Tablets

You Could Win a Kindle Fire HD for Your Next Flight!

My favorite thing to do on vacation is lay on the beach and read a good book.  The great thing about the Kindle Fire is that you don’t have to make space in your luggage for a bunch of books.  You can load as many books as you need onto this little tablet.

The Kindle Fire is also great for folks traveling with children.  That’s because you can watch movies, play games, and more.

How to Enter

1.   Leave a Comment 

Please leave ONE comment telling me what you’ll be reading on your next vacation.

I’ll pick 1 commenter who will win a Kindle Fire HD tablet after the drawing closes at 9:00 pm Central Time on Saturday, December 27, 2014 (today).

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Follow Million Mile Secrets on twitter, and tweet ONCE to @MilMileSecrets telling me what you’ll be reading on your next vacation.  You have to follow @MilMileSecrets to be eligible.

Don’t forget to include the hashtag “MMSKindleFireGiveaway”

I’ll pick 1 tweeter who will win another Kindle Fire HD tablet after the drawing closes at 9:00 pm Central Time on December 27, 2014 (today).

Fine Print:  The maximum value of this giveaway is ~$240.  I make all the decisions regarding the giveaway and there is no appeal.  I’m not getting anything from Amazon and I’m giving away 2 Kindle Fire HD Tablets, so don’t make this hard for me!

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590 responses to “Blog Giveaway: 2 Kindle Fire HD Tablets!

  1. My wife made me promise that I would read one NYTimes bestseller a month… I bargained and read one per year, at best. It’s hard to carry books around, but a Kindle Fire would ameliorate that situation real fast!

  2. I would love to be able to read The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics on a new Kindle Fire HD, preferably on a beach somewhere yet to be determined. Aaaah….

  3. Taking my first overseas trip to Spain with my boyfriend in April– only using miles and points!! The first book on my list is “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand

  4. I will be reading “Into Thin Air” by John Krakauer on my next Vacation.

  5. I’ve been saving Amy Poehler’s “Yes, Please” to read on my next vacation. I read Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” on a long flight a couple of years ago, and it made the time fly by, and the plane noise was loud enough to cover the laugh out load moments.

    With a Kindle Fire HD, I might even download the audio version and have Amy read the book to me!

  6. Listen

    41: A Portrait of My Father

  7. I read a lot of professional teaching books while on vacation, but would like to read some fun books as well. I want to read All The Light We Can Not See, Unbroken, and George Martin’s newest book!

  8. A guide to Paris, France.

  9. I plan on reading “Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis on my next vacation.

  10. “Europe in 1938: The Entertaining Travel Annual” by Eugene Fodor. My husband read it and said it was interesting to see what travel was like back then; about places hes been and how they have changed but also stayed the same. “One should read travel books whilst traveling,” is my motto.

  11. I’ll be reading a travel book about Hawaii, as I will be traveling there soon!

  12. I’ll be reading a Hawaii guidebook.

  13. For my 6 year old to read the National Geographic series !!!

  14. Probably “Gone Girl”.

  15. I’ll probably read some book about algorithm.

  16. I’ll be reading Speaker for the Dead, the sequel for Ender’s Game!

  17. I’ll be reading Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys – interested in learning more about high frequency trading… Not all that exciting

  18. I’ll be reading lord of the rings

  19. Probably something by Stephen King

  20. I will be reading the Hungry Caterpillar to my 3 month old son!

  21. Definitely re-reading Lord of the Rings, been reading some heavier stuff lately so a fun one is up to bat!

  22. The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains. The author is Nicholas Carr.

  23. I’m going to be reading “The Third Man” by Graham Greene. It takes place in Vienna and that happens to be the destination of my next trip!

  24. Currently in Aruba but headed to England and Ireland for St Patty’s!

  25. Catching up on holocaust real live stories is my passion.. Will always pick our real stories out of the novels.

  26. I plan to read All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr. I have seen several articles that ranked it as either the best book of 2014 or one of the top ten. It is a selection of my book club and I look forward to our discussion. The Fire would make experiencing the book even better.

  27. My wife and I are going to the UK and Ireland in March for our Spring Break! Next trip I’ll be reading “Paramedico” by Benjamin Gilmore about working as a Paramedic across the world. Thanks to your suggestions we’ve been able to travel while both being in school full time.

  28. Will be reading Harrison’s Principals of Internal Medicine for an upcoming endocrinology exam. Broke student 😉

  29. I’ll be reading This Explains Everything by John Brockman!

  30. I will be reading a textbook on my flight next week. Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. history book about Cuba

  32. “Pride and Prejudice”. I don’t get tired of reading this book again……

  33. Looking forward to reading Martin Amis “The Second Plane”. A bit political and controversial.

  34. I am looking forward to reading Wild.

  35. I will be reading mystery books on my next vacation.

  36. After not having read anything by Stephen King in a very long time, I’m hoping to read his new book “Revival”

  37. I have several things in the queue, but I think I’ll start with Jack Campbell’s The Lost Fleet:Dauntless (first in the series).

  38. I would love to catch up on your amazing travel blogs and also read something lusty and a wonderful LOVE story, full of happiness which I so desperately need in my life! Thanks

  39. I will be reading “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood” by Diana Gabaldon.

  40. Besides reading “Killing Patton” on Kindle Fire HD, I could check there too.

  41. I’ll be reading “Bossypants” by Tina Fey on my first ever cruise in January! I picked her book because I want to laugh and let my mind dwell on lighter subjects during my vacation. Thanks for your blog!

  42. Martin shorts new book

  43. Probably a Lonely Planet.

  44. Travel Guides will be my read.

  45. I’ll be reading the Secret History of Wonder Woman!

  46. Kindle Fire HD is good for reading travel guides and blogs.

  47. I will read Rick Steves Best of Europe 2015 as I need to prepare my summer family vacation in Europe.

  48. Dave Barry

  49. “The Wisdom of Insecurity” by Alan W. Watts… 2015 is going to be all about working hard to be my best self. (yay self-help books)

  50. Travel or city guides!

  51. I would be reading Into The Wood by Tana French. Thanks.

  52. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to read more and the Kindle should fire me up to reach that goal.

  53. Actually leaving tomorrow for a week at our timeshare in Escondido, California, and will be reading Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse!

  54. Reading Wheel of Time and will continue on the Fire while on my free vacations.

  55. I have a trip in three weeks with my son. He already has taken over my kindle and now uses it for free time. It would be great to get the kindle and be able to use it once again for reading my books. Would love to continue reading “The Passage” that I was reading before he took claim over my Kindle.

  56. Travel Guides to research where to go next. Reading various Points blogs, including Million Miles Secret to keep gathering points.

  57. I’ll be reading Feast of Crows on the way to CR (hopefully!).

  58. Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

  59. I’ll be reading All the Light We Cannot See

  60. The Goldfinch

  61. i will reading new neal stephenson – the command line

  62. First thank you for your MillionMileSecret Blog. (you are on my favorite links for a long time 🙂
    Second thank you for the KindleFire HD – (even if I don’t win).
    Third: Planing on Reading the “Son of Hamas” as I have seen some amazing interview about this amazing man, and I prefer true and real stories.
    Till then Happy 2015.
    PS: for sure the Kindle Fire HD will make reading your MillionMileSecret Blog much easier.

  63. Gone Girl.. Heard the book was fantastic and want to see it come to life on screen after I’m done reading!

  64. Electric engineering textbook, most likely

  65. You know I’ll definitely be reading every single Million Mile Secrets blog entry without exception.

  66. Will be read about my next vacation.

  67. I will be reading “The Keillor Reader” by Garrison Keillor and “Another Insane Devotion” by Peter Trachtenberg.

  68. In high school I read James Clavell Asia series. Now that I’m spending time there I’d like to read it again.

  69. I’ll be reading any type of travel story that interests me.

  70. I’ll be reading Gone Girl on my way back home from Taiwan to America this summer.

  71. i’ll be reading anything about the history of Barbados on my way there.

  72. I will be reading travel blogs on my next vacation!

  73. REVIVAL, by Stephen King

  74. Pamela Johnson

    The Book Thief

  75. I’ll be reading “Memory of a Marriage”

  76. I’ll be reading a number of books on my next vacation in Italy and Austria (free trip via points) including The Gospel of John, one of my favorite books.

  77. Nandan Dasgupta

    Kindle Fire is extremely helpful – Travel Guides!

  78. I intend to read a Fannie Flagg book that I haven’t read yet!

  79. Michael Riddle

    The Song Of Fire and Ice series.

  80. My name is Ben. My father reads your blog all the time and has taken us on a lot of vacations because of your homework. On our next vacation to Hawaii, I am going to read “The series of unfortunate events 2.”

  81. Almost embarrassed to say, but the books are amazing,light-hearted travel reading; I’ll be reading “Home of Our Hearts” by Robin Jones Gunn; Been following the author since I was a teen, and I love the stories. This one just came out!

  82. My name is Autumn and I am 12 years old. I’ll be reading “wild wood” on our next vacation to Hawaii.

  83. The Son of Hamas. An Amazing book of an amazing man, a True Story.

  84. I will be reading stock/option trading book

  85. I will be reading the latest book by Joel Rosenberg -they are all great!

  86. Working on ‘Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius’!

  87. Something by Hugh Howey.

  88. Whew! In the nick of time! I want to read Gone Girl.

  89. I’ll be reading “The Psychopath Test”.

  90. I will be reading MMS blog on my Tablet.