Today Only! Save $100 off an Orbitz Hotel Booking of $100 or More

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Today only, you’ll save $100 off an Orbitz hotel booking of $100 or more when you use promotion code “VISACHECKOUT” and use Visa Checkout as your payment method.

The deal is valid for stays between December 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015.

Today Only Save 100 Off An Orbitz Hotel Booking Of 100 Or More

Get a Free Hotel Stay From Orbitz Today Only

This means you can get your stay for free if you find a hotel for exactly $100!

What’s the Deal?

Link:   Orbitz

Link:   Orbitz Cyber Monday Terms & Conditions

You’ll get $100 off an Orbitz hotel booking of $100 more when you use promotion code “VISACHECKOUT” and use Visa Checkout as your method of payment.

You can get 1 discount per Orbitz account or email address.  Most major chains are excluded.

To find eligible hotels, enter the promo code “VISACHECKOUT” in your hotel search.

Today Only Save 100 Off An Orbitz Hotel Booking Of 100 Or More

Use Promotion Code “VISACHECKOUT” When Searching to Find Eligible Hotels

Hotels included in the deal will have the phrase “Promo Code Eligible” above the price.

Today Only Save 100 Off An Orbitz Hotel Booking Of 100 Or More

Look for Hotels That Say “Promo Code Eligible”

If you haven’t yet signed-up for Visa Checkout, you can do so when you book your room.  Don’t forget to use a credit card that earns bonus miles or points for travel, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Barclaycard Arrival Plus.

Bottom Line

Today only, Orbitz will take $100 off a qualifying hotel stay of $100 or more.  The deal is valid for stays between December 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015.

Use promotion code “VISACHECKOUTand pay with Visa Checkout to get the discount.

Most major hotel chains are excluded.  And you can only get 1 discount per Orbitz account or email address.

If you can find a room for ~$100, your whole stay is free!

Please share the deals you’ve gotten in the comments!

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44 responses to “Today Only! Save $100 off an Orbitz Hotel Booking of $100 or More

  1. It’s 10 cst per their android app.

  2. Ah, 10 CST, no wonder I gotthis message when I just tried booking:
    This promo code is valid for bookings made between Dec 1, 2014 and Dec 8, 2014. Please continue booking or try your promo code again later.

    But at least I now know this promo code is valid Dec 1 – Dec 8th, and not just Dec 1st.

  3. I’m seeing the error: This promo code is valid for bookings made between Dec 1, 2014 and Dec 8, 2014. Please continue booking, or try your promo code again later. Have you tried and checked the Jun 30, 2015 end date?

  4. it’s not today only. The promo is valid until Dec 8 00:00 CST

  5. The code is still not working. Any ideas what time we should be able to use it? Also, the app says you need the latest version in order to proceed, which I do.

  6. Just tried using this and got the error code: This promo code is valid for bookings made between Dec 1, 2014 and Dec 8, 2014. Please continue booking or try your promo code again later.

  7. I tried to make a reservation this morning (Dec. 1) and got an error message that the promo code is only valid Dec. 1-8, which makes no sense, since it is Dec. 1. I called their help line, and the agent said they’ve been having lots of problems with the promo code and they’ll call me back. Looks like a promo not quite ready for prime time, but I guess I’ll wait and see what happens.

  8. Got the error message too: “This promo code is valid for bookings made between Dec 1, 2014 and Dec 8, 2014. Please continue booking or try your promo code again later.”

  9. Not working for me, either. Getting the same error as Bill and DaveS.

  10. I am getting the same error message also. Hope they get this up and going, because it’s a good deal.

  11. Same ^^^ It says it’s only valid DEC 1st – 8th. Though if you click on the “Promo Code Rules” link it states: “Rules
    Offer is valid for a limited time only and is only available when displayed on Available on desktop, mobile web, and on Orbitz mobile apps that include Visa Checkout as a payment option. Book a qualifying standalone, pre-paid hotel for $100 or more for a stay occurring between December 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015 via Orbitz using Visa Checkout as the payment method and promo code VISACHECKOUT, and receive $100 off your booking.”

    So it’s a bug on their part and they need to fix it. Hopefully soon so we could use this!

  12. The terms and conditions state that “to find participating hotels look for the “PROMO CODE ELIGIBLE” message on hotel listings.” I have yet to find that message on a single hotel listing, and I’ve been staying away from all the major chains in my searches. Not sure if the code just isn’t working, or there are zero hotels participating in the promotion.

  13. This code sucks. I’ve tried 5 cities on different dates and not one hotel is eligible for this promo code.

    This is a gimmick by Orbitz to get ppl to their site. AARRGGHHH

  14. This is live as of 10am central time. I used it for 2 nights (wife and I each have an account) in Santa Fe. Hats off to you Darius. I was skeptical this was a legit deal but it’s real.

  15. Just booked a night in Austin, saving $100. Was hard to use the code as very few hotels were eligible, despite being over $100/night. Only 2 hotels in downtown austin were participating hotels.

  16. I just tried it again and is now working. I did a sample of San Francisco and found several hotels with the “Promo Code Eligible” on the listing. Good luck guys hope it works for you.

  17. Ok it is working for me now. I actually plan stay in Orlando in a few weeks and there are a good amount of promo code eligible results!

  18. Just used the code and booked a hotel room by the airport in Zurich.

    I used my Barclays Arrival MasterCard with the Visa Checkout. I got $100 knocked off the hotel price with the code, and now the remaining $45 will be redeemed as statement credit using my Barclay miles. Score!

  19. Just booked three nights in Santa Barbara, CA (using my account, my husband’s and my mom’s for $300 off) and got a great deal at a seaside boutique hotel for $68/night. Thanks for the tip!

  20. Ok this is a stretch and I’d really be working the system here but I want to try to get more than 2 nights. I found a $116 dollar hotel that is eligible. If I used the code with my email address and my girlfriend did as well (similar to Mark ^^^), then I want to try to use it with a few of my other email accounts ( I have 5). I wonder if that would work?

  21. Orbitz had just doubled the normal prices of these hotels and then applyign teh promo. Most of the hotel ratings are not good at all !! Still it might save few dollers if you have plans to visit those areas !!

  22. all crappy hotels

  23. Just booked 2 nights in Houston for a friends wedding (I booked one, husband booked other). With the discount each night is $26 which is mostly taxes. GREAT deal, thanks for sharing! It was very easy to use.

  24. Merry Christmas! Thank you Darius. Just booked a hotel so my daughter can be close to a big swim meet she needs to be at early, instead of having to get up at 4 30 am for a long drive.

  25. Working now.

  26. Found downtown Madrid hotels for $20 per night after promo code. Booked a full week.

  27. I was able to use this code twice, do you think they will cancel one of them…thx

  28. Deal Dead 1:33pm

    (not much of a deal anyway! boo orbitz)

  29. I get this message ” We’re sorry, the promo code has expired.”
    Considering this promo only went live a few hours ago, I think Orbitz pulled the plug on it early due to its overwhelming popularity or something.
    So very lame.

  30. Code has now expired !

  31. Dead now, I wasn’t quick enough! Congrats to everyone else!

  32. Went through a few cities and dates and it was kind of hit-or-miss as far as quality and value, Ended up with a smoking deal on a couple rooms on the Big Island over Spring Break. However, just went back to search some more and it looks as if the deal is dead.

  33. I was able to use in Cork, Ireland in May. Went back to look for another Ireland city but code expired. Happy to have gotten 1.

  34. Now I get a “sorry this promotion code has expired” message. Quite a bit of time wasted. Not your fault, Daraius, but this seems like a pointless exercise.

  35. Jojo – I also booked twice on the same account and it went through for back to back nights at the same hotel. I hope they don’t cancel my reservation.

  36. As of 6:20 it still tells me the Promo code has expired, although there is nothing in the ruloes anywhere to tell me why…I have spent about 1/2 hour on this—it sucks.

  37. I got the same “sorry this promotion code has expired” warning. I guess I missed it. 🙁

  38. I read on other sites that it was available to the first 10,000 bookings. I was able to get a penthouse in Chicago for less than $60.00 a night. Thanks Daraius

  39. Got on at 11:00 EST and booked a 4 star hotel in NYC near Grand Central, just after Christmas for $99!!
    Thanks for the post Darius, just wish the promo would have lasted longer.

  40. Thanks, Darius! With the $100 discount, I picked up a nice room in Silicon Valley for less than $33.

  41. Thank you so much for all the guidance Yoda! Been planning my trip to costa Rica for six months. Was going to stay at the Presidente hotel that I stayed at last time and liked very much. after seeing your post, I did my research, saw that the room I wanted cost $100.42 plus tax of $14 per night and was promo code eligible. Had my Game plan, had my ducks in a row and set my alarm for 8 AM. Woke up and booked six of my nine nights for the tax only, and then upgraded to the Jacuzzi suite the last 3 nights for a whopping total of $105 plus tax! Used my Barclays arrival and then capital one venture rewards card that I both learned about from you, to cover every penny of it. Used my Barclays US airways card that I got through you to make the flight completely free. Even going to use the free admirals club pass on my layover through Dallas. $2500 worth of Flights booked, rooms booked, 10 days and 9 nights free. Only one question for you my friend: where should I send your Christmas gift!

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