Timing Your Spending to Get the Southwest Companion Pass for ~2 Years Instead of One!

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Million Mile Secrets reader Jill comments:

I just applied for the Southwest Premier card, and am reading about the 50,000 bonus points, and then applying towards the Companion Pass.  Since it’s November, did I do this at the wrong time?

How soon should I spend the minimum amount to get the bonus points, and will I have to earn another 50,000 points to qualify for the companion pass in 2 months (since it’s November now?).  HELP!!!!

Jill is referring to the Chase Southwest Premier card.  All 4 versions of the Southwest cards currently have an increased 50,000 point sign-up bonus after spending $2,000 in the 1st 3 months.

The good news is that Jill has applied for a Southwest card at the perfect time.  Because she can earn the Companion Pass in early 2015 and use it for nearly free flights through 2016!

Timing Your Spending To Get The Southwest Companion Pass For 2 Years Instead Of One

Two Can Fly for the Price of ONE With the Southwest Companion Pass!

If Jill times her spending right, and gets another Southwest card (like the Southwest Premier business card), she could earn the Companion Pass in the New Year and get almost 2 years of Big Travel with Small Money!

Companion Pass Timing

Link:   Chase Southwest Premier (Personal)

Link:   Chase Southwest Premier (Business)

Link:   Chase Southwest Plus (Personal)

Link:   Chase Southwest Plus (Business)

Link:   How to Fill Out a Chase Business Credit Card Application

The Southwest Companion Pass is by far the best deal for domestic travel.  That’s because when you fly on a paid or award ticket, your companion flies with you for almost free!

By signing-up for 2 Southwest cards with a 50,000 point bonus, and completing the minimum spending ($2,000 per card in the 1st 3 months), you’ll earn 104,000 of the 110,000 points needed for the Companion Pass.

Then, you’ll just need another 6,000 points to earn the Companion Pass.  There are lots of easy ways to do that!

I’ve written that timing the minimum spending on these cards is very important.  That’s because you want the 50,000 bonus points to post to your Southwest account as early in the New Year as possible.  Remember, you’ll get the Companion Pass after you earn 110,000 points in a calendar year.

Timing Your Spending To Get The Southwest Companion Pass For 2 Years Instead Of One

Timing Is Important If You Want to Earn the Companion Pass for Almost 2 Years!

So by earning these points as close to the beginning of the year as possible, you’ll get a Companion Pass which is valid for the remainder of the calendar year, and the entire year after.

If Jill earns the Companion Pass in early 2015, she’ll be able to use it for all of 2015 and 2016!

Jill should NOT try to earn the points for the Companion Pass in 2014, because if she does, it will only be valid until the end of 2015.

Don’t Mess up the Minimum Spending!

The key here is to make sure the bonus points post to your Southwest account in January 2015.  If they post to your Southwest account in December, you’ll be out of luck (and will only have until December 31, 2014 to earn the remaining points for the Companion Pass)!

In my experience, the sign-up bonus with these cards usually post to your account a few days after the statement in which you complete the minimum spending closes.

So Jill should not complete the minimum spending on these cards until after her December 2014 statement closes.  That way, the bonus points won’t post until after her January 2015 statement closes.

If her December statement closes on December 12th, she should complete the minimum spending AFTER December 12th.  That way, the bonus 50,000 Southwest points should post to her account in January 2015!

Timing Your Spending To Get The Southwest Companion Pass For 2 Years Instead Of One

Do NOT Complete the Minimum Spending on These Cards Until AFTER Your December 2014 Statement Closes!

She can then take her time (if she wants) to earn the remaining 6,000 points needed for the Companion Pass.  Here’s a post on easy ways to do that!

Because Jill applied for the card in November, she’ll have until February 2015 to complete the minimum spending (3 months after the date she was approved).

Note:   Jill must have the activated physical card in hand before she can start using it.  But in my experience, Chase is pretty quick about mailing new cards!  So she should have it a few days after being approved.

Bottom Line

Million Mile Secrets reader Jill wonders if she applied for the Chase Southwest card at the right time to earn the Companion Pass.

Because it’s late in the year, now is the perfect time to apply for these cards.  As long as you meet the minimum spending and the bonus points post to your account in early 2015, you’ll have the rest of the year to earn the remaining points required to earn the Companion Pass.

But be careful to meet the minimum spending requirement only after your December 2014  statement closes!  That way you’ll be guaranteed that the bonus will post in 2015.

Thanks for the comment, Jill!

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16 responses to “Timing Your Spending to Get the Southwest Companion Pass for ~2 Years Instead of One!

  1. So, how quick is “quick”? My fiancee did both Biz and Personal (Biz cards usually come much faster for me) on Friday, Nov 21… and they still haven’t arrived! Maybe cuz of Thanksgiving?

    PS. See u next weekend!

  2. my comp pass expires dec 31 2014, i have 26100 miles credit, sw biz plus and rapid rewards visa sig,

    this is dec 1st, want to get the two yers comp pass wanted to drop the biz, good thru 10/16

    want to use your link to apply is now the time for me too after dec 2014 statement closes

  3. correction 261 thousand miles i have

  4. sorry correction i have to pay the sw biz renew fee by dec 14 2014, if i can cancel it before then would that cause me not to get the premier cards on your link have excellent fico i am very old prob your oldest member 75

  5. With the anniversary bonus points, do you get them after you pay for the annual fee again at the time of renewal? Or, do you get them regardless whether or not you decide to keep the card or not? Thanks.

    • @Journey4Happy – Should be within 7 to 10 days, but you can call and ask them to express ship it. See you later this week.

      @james – I can’t say for sure on the approvals, but best to get the points to your account after Jan 1, so that you can get the pass for the longest amount of time.

      @Sandy – If you don’t keep the card past 1 year, you don’t get the points. i.e. if you cancel your card within 1 year, you won’t get the anniversary bonus.

  6. I received my companion pass earlier this year through both premier cards and have the pass till the end of 2015. Can I open two plus cards, meet required spending by next year, and get the companion pass extended till 2016?

  7. Just applied for the $99 version of the southwest personal and business card (I got the $69 version of both in 2013 and used my companion pass for all of 2013 and 2014). Was approved for the personal version but for the business version they made me open up my tax returns and tell them my gross and net revenue for the last two years – than told me that they would send me and answer in about 5 days. What do you think that is all about?

  8. On the Southwest credit app. it says that if you’ve received a bonus within the last two years, you’re not eligible to receive it again. Is Southwest actually doing that??? I closed my $69 SW card in Jan 2014 and was planning on opening it again now or should I wait until Jan 2015? I closed my $99 SW card in July 2014, will that have any bearing on my getting the other card. I plan on applying for the $99 card again in July 2015. Hopefully they’re not enforcing that two year policy. What’s your knowledge on that issue?

  9. I received one of two cards already and am wondering if I canstart using them in December, but complete te minimum spend in january. What happens to the RR points earned from purchases made in December (under $2000)? Can they still be used the following year or do they vanish and do not “rollover”?

    Trying to strategize my Deecember ending between all the cards.

  10. I have the $99 SW personal card open. I don’t want to close it – it’s my oldest credit line. Can I open the $69 personal card? Will I receive the bonus?

  11. I just received my statement from my business card. Opened account in November, closing date is Dec 1st. So will my charges this month post in January?

  12. HI
    I applied for the personal and business southwest cards during the 50k signup bonus. Put in my RR# during the application on both, got the personal no problem, was denied the business and had to make the call. After a few minutes on the phone poof approved for the business. It showed up today and when I called they verified I was under the 50k promo bonus BUT they issued a different RR# to this account?!? Thats no good, I asked them to change it to my already exisiting RR#, they said they can make a note but not sure it can happen? HELP? How do I check to make sure BOTH cards are getting the 50k signup bonus to get my companion pass next month??

  13. Quick question. When applying for the Personal and Business Southwest card (wither one, plus or premier) DO YOU APPLY FOR BOTH ON THE SAME DAY or do you do them separately (if so, how much time apart from each application)? I’m thinking of getting these 2 to earn the pass but I’m not sure how to time the applications…

    • @SUSAN – I’d apply for the biz version if you had the personal card or vice versa.

      @ Ali – If your statement closes in December, the points will count towards 2014. Otherwise they will rollover to count in January.

      @Michael H – Folks have got different versions of the card!

      @Kim – Sounds like it!

      @leslie – Call back and ask to confirm your SW RR account number on the card. If it is incorrect, ask them to update it to your correct account.

      @Bill – You can do both at the same time or one at a time – which ever works for you!